Queen’s birthday parade in Gibraltar

The alternative version.

Taking the dog out for his early evening walk (without camera of course), we noticed a couple of posh cars coming up Main Street. Being early evening it was peaceful and quiet.

A balding old guy in the first car waved at someone in the street, certainly wasn’t me.

In the next car an extremely distinguished man in white dress (or was it undress?) naval uniform nodded at Partner. Huh??

‘That was the Governor,’ said Partner, helpfully. Seems that after meeting each other in the street on early morning dog runs, they are now on nodding terms. Personally I doubt Gov Adrian recognised Partner at all, everyone knows that dog people are only recognised by their dogs. Just as well we had Pippa with us for ID.

The Governor walks a couple of boxers so as we only have one large dog, Partner dutifully crosses the road, or makes a quick detour to avoid any confrontation between three large dogs.

Anyway, at this point I had worked out that the waving balding guy – who in fact is younger than me – was no less than Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, on his royal visit to Gib. Sorry Ed, I’d have waved if I’d realised.

Seems they were attending the start of the Queen’s birthday parade in Casemates, billed for 8pm, and then the usual wander up Main Street. I decided to go. I went early in case it was busy. It wasn’t. When I got to Casemates it was empty. All finished. It had obviously been moved forward.

Casemates – think I missed it somehow

Just as well I got this lot wandering up Main Street in their best dress all set to attend the royal garden party.

As there are usually prizes for fancy dress parades I shall allocate them accordingly.

First prize: these two rather dashing naval officers. I do think men look so wonderful in naval uniforms, regardless of whether it is dark blue or white. And look, the darling on the left is smiling at me. How can every girl not love a sailor?

Deserving prize winners – even marching in step!

Second prize: these discretely dressed men (apart from the stylish hat of course), one of whom is ostentatiously brandishing his envelope containing the coveted invitation.

Third prize: This tastefully but smartly dressed older couple and the two young women behind them. Nice understatement.

I won’t give a worst dressed prize – too many contestants there among the women in their crazy heels (one had to stop in the middle of the streets as she was nearly falling off one of them) and whacky outfits. Still, no doubt they all had a good time and will boast about it for ages.

Silly hat
Waving or hiding their faces? Royal Gib Reg
No gate crashing this party at The Convent

Anyway, Ed and Sophs are off back today, so buen viaje, hope you enjoyed your trip, and sorry I didn’t get to see you apart from that fleeting wave.

The Royal Standard which has been flying above The Convent since our guests arrived

Note about the Royal Standard. This is flown when the Queen and selective members of the royal family are in residence. The Earl of Wessex has his own royal standard, which is the same as the Queen’s with a tiny variation. The flag of Gibraltar is normally flown at The Convent (the Governor’s residence).

A more serious post on Cloudsmovingin about the political issues surrounding the visit – and the Falklands too.

61 comments on “Queen’s birthday parade in Gibraltar

  1. Not quite as high profile as we have had to endure. there was more being said that Prince Philip was not at her ‘Majesty’s’ side. Lovely if one enjoys this sort of pomp. However nice post I enjoy your writings. ;)


    • Thanks :) I finally thought I would get round to trying (and failing) to snap the regal couple and couldn’t resist all this overdressed lot :D Fair enough for the mil because that’s what they have to wear, but really, I’m guessing virtually every woman will have travelled miles to buy a new frock that no-one else has or had one made up for her. Cost?? I’m waiting for the day when garden parties are casual trousers, a t-shirt or vest, and training shoes (my clothes right now). Then maybe I’ll get an invitation :D

      I’ve not read the British coverage, you’re right our Jubilee celebrations have been pretty low-key. Got to remember though, that whether or not people here support the monarchy, they do want to remain British, so there is a big PR message going on with all this. This was a lighthearted post so didn’t bother with that. Maybe later, or maybe on Clouds…


  2. Love the pics, and even more insight to Gib life :-)
    That sailor really is smiling straight at you ………… you lucky person you :-)
    What really sticks out to me, is, it’s 8pm and look at what everyone is wearing!!!! Not a warm coat or umbrella in sight………that is so not fair!!!………..Vic stomps away sulking :-(


  3. I will consider myself vicariously famous through your understated wave, on my behalf. :) Love the pics and comments about the folks enjoying their ‘walk-abouts’!


  4. I really enjoyed this post and the pictures are great. I agree with your choices of dress and the order you put them in. My hubby was in the navy but it was before we were married so I never got to see him in uniform outside of pictures. Hugs


    • Thanks Mumsy. The two naval officers really stood out, they were quite striking. I’m probably biased though as my father (who had long since left the RN) indoctrinated me about it being the best service. Regardless of that, I do think they wear the best uniforms. Hugs back. (But we can miss out on the nose kisses I think.. :D)


  5. Royal spotting, I’m so envious. The G.O. now tells me he & his Granny met the queen when he was a kid. I’m not surprised that Pippa is recognised by the “right” people. I did love the dressed up and out and about photos. No royal spotting or royal celebration reporting from me – I didn’t even see anything on the news… I only have royal by association news but which thrills me because he is really a great guy – one of my colleagues who I worked with before this job also, Martijn Wilder, has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours for “service to environmental law, particularly in the area of climate change through contributions to the development of law, global regulation, public policy and the promotion of public debate, and to the community”. A win for the good guys.


    • That’s great. I’d forgotten about birthday honours. One of my university colleagues got an OBE a few years ago for services to architecture, which I was really pleased about. So many people in the UK get them because they have sucked up to the right people in the public sector for 30 or 40 years and they’ve done nothing for anyone except themselves. Your mate sounds to have made a significant contribution to positive change :)

      Pippa is recognised by everyone!! There are a few unique-looking dogs here in Gib and he is one of them.

      Must find my pic of Princess Royal (Princess Anne at the time) and try and scan it in.


  6. Disagree about the Navy, nothing smarter than a soldier in his No 1’s, not that I am in any way biased you understand. And another thing, the Navy don’t march, they sort of shuffle in step but I musn’t be picky. ;)

    Had to comment on this because you have solved a conundrum. The One and I did watch bits of the Jubilee events which seem to go on, and on, and on like the Ariston ad. Eddie was apparently not there and both wondered whether they had locked him away for his own good.

    Perhaps they sent him to Gib hoping that a fanatical Spaniard would take him out!


    • Haha!! I don’t like the gaudy colours of the different regiments. There is far too much red and stuff like that. The navy blue is just, nice. Still, if you want to prove me wrong you can always post some photos of you in your No 1s :)

      Perhaps they shuffle so they don’t lose their footing on a sloping deck?

      Poor old Edward. If nothing else he’s the only one not divorced! (yet). If nothing else, they packed an awful lot in and made the effort to come, although it wasn’t jubilee weekend it was the week after. But he may have been elsewhere for that weekend as I notice they have all been visiting everywhere still under the commonwealth sun for this event, which for once, I think is commendable. I mean, how boring are half the things they have to do?

      I must post about one of their trips here in Gib which I thought was interesting (doubt they did), but I need to wander half way up the Rock to get a pic first :D


      • Ed was busy, Phil the Greek was rushed to hospital and they sent Eddie boy to make sure he was OK. Secretly I think they were hoping the old Duke would have a pair of Purdy’s secreted about his person and take a pot shot at the whimpering imbecile. Failed Marine Failed It’s a Knockout manager, failed theatre director what else can he cock up. Truth is I don’t seem to hear anything about him. That must make him the luckiest of Royals, even the media don’t care so he gets left alone. Perhaps that is his amazing talent …


        • I still think the most successful one was Anne. OK at horses (not that I agree with that), good at driving too fast, a hard worker, and er, relatively blunt-speaking like us commoners.

          The marine fiasco didn’t do him any good at all, especially with Randy Andy zapping around the Falklands. And from marines to arty farty theatre?!!!!

          But yes, being left alone is seriously clever! Not so dull after all?


          • You are so quick I can’t keep up. Years of typing copy for deadlines I suppose. Makes my two finger efforts look positively pedestrian.

            I think Anne’s Ok too. Andy did well but frankly are any of that generation up to much?


          • You keep up pretty well. And you have done a post with pix and slideshow. And mown the lawn.

            I don’t know. We only see snippets of their lives. I don’t think Andy has done anything since re my snarky post on royalty on Clouds. Their role is odd, and whatever they do they get criticised by all of us. Rather them than me.


          • Now I’ve mown the lawn, hung the wash out and showered cooking lunch drinking beer (oops that an admission I shouldn’t make) ooh, that’s almost multi tasking!

            I have spoken to HM a couple of times and given the constraints she seems pleasant enough. The rest of the family must be in a hard place, no real job, no real prospects. Even Chas is still hanging on and he is the only one who could have had some expectation.All in all bit of a crap family to be born into I think. I wouldn’t be them for all the tea in china.


          • Show off. My competitive instinct was aroused (not re the washing – that’s a man’s job) but another blog post….
            I really dislike Chas. Even in spite of his plant chats.


          • He is funny, organic and outspoken on architecture. If only he could follow through. Can’t remember the name of the development that was ‘inspired’ or funded whatever by him, its hideous. I made a special trip to see it after he criticised architects. Shouldn’t have bothered should have gone to New Mexico and seen something really interesting but the carbon footprint wouldn’t allow. Poundbury that’s it I think.


  7. Can’t help thinking Prince Edward was a bit of a booby prize in the royal stakes, the Falklands got both Prince William a few weeks before as well as that nice shiny new boat.


  8. Thanks for the great coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee and Birthday celebrations. That pizza looks wonderful. I think the gun salutes need to occur more often with the current saber rattling by your neighbors.


    • Thanks Iquitoz. There have been a lot of gun salutes this month :) Her accession, Duke of Ed’s birthday and as Monday is yet another bank hol, for her birthday, I’m guessing there will be yet another. Do hope so :)


    • Lol!! Yes, they do. The men all have the same face too. I saw a photo of Charles in a newspaper the other day and thought it was one of his father.

      Anyway, Edward looked quite a smiley chappy considering he had spent the day being carted around and displayed to all and sundry and had to make inane comments to total strangers. (The aspect of the job that would totally depress me).


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