No, no not cleaners. Although we did have one once.

My Partner did exactly the same as my mother and went round cleaning the house the day before so it was nice for when she arrived. I ask you. The Roughseas foot went firmly down and we managed not to get her back after we took a holiday. We slipped back into happy slovenliness, rather like now.

Firstly, domestics on the blog. Both thehistorytourist and canoe & communications have recently given me The Versatile Blogger Award. I shan’t bother with the silly rules but I will mention the two blogs which are both well worth a visit.

In their own words:

canoe & communications

Imagine yourself walking up a wooded path to a place where you can talk with others about ideas, nature, travel, literature and events–Canoe Communications Blog.   It’s a blog where you can learn a little about Midwestern culture and life and more.


This is a travel diary about trips to my favorite destination – historic sites.   I’m not a historian but a lover of history, especially early American history.   And I’m lucky enough to live in the Washington DC area, where there’s an endless supply to feed my addiction.  I write this blog with the hope that you’ll be entertained and find some useful information for your travels.

I’ve learned more about American history in the last few weeks than in my entire life!! Great photos too.

And I should add a special thanks to thehistorytourist for including Pippa in the awards as well, but I’m not letting him near the keyboard at the moment. Dogblogging to resume, later. Ish. With photos of Pippa’s encounter with the lovely vampire dog upstairs.

Melody has given me the One Lovely Blog Award. I was extremely flattered to be the odd person out on her list of seven nominees, which apart from mine were all photography blogs. As she said:

Okay, this is the odd man out today – er, woman, actually – because it isn’t strictly a photography blog, although there are great snaps here too.  It is stories from everyday life in Gibraltar, which I am finding to be very informative and interesting!  Check it out!

Thanks Melody. What I liked about that, was that my blog about life in a tiny place, thousands of miles away from most of you, is interesting enough to make it onto a list, when all the others are stunning visual photoblogs. It’s nice to know that in a different way, people enjoy visiting mine. In this case, I definitely liked being odd one out.

Here is the link to Melody’s page where she lists the photoblogs, so if you like photography, you may want to have a peek.

Melody herself has two blogs, one about the garden, and the other has beautiful photos – usually of her gorgeous flowers – and with a poem. The link above is to the poetry/photoblog, so if you like either photography or poetry or both, well worth a visit.

And I’ll end with The Commentator Award which I received from Rahul who is an engineering student from Kerala and I love his photos of India.

This is a slightly different award in that it is based on the most frequent commenters from your stats. I shan’t embarrass the six of you who appear on my stats by naming you and I’m sure you can work out who you are.

I think that’s it for awards, thank you for the nominations. I’m not writing boring stuff about me, and I’m not listing a zillion blogs. What I will do is start a new ‘blogs I visit’ page as I’ve found some other interesting ones since I first set up the initial page. And there is nothing worse than a long list.

And, I’ve also altered settings so that the blog shows one post only. I hope that improves loading time, please let me know if you have any views. There’s a balance between faster loading and being able to read quickly by scrolling.

Next. A quick nip to Spain.

‘We were expecting you yesterday,’ said our neighbours (in Spanish, obviously) when we arrived on the Sunday for a long weekend due to Queen’s birthday holiday.

‘I’ve watered the garden, but I ran out of water from your containers so I used mine.’

Well that’s very sweet, but I don’t think an 85 year-old pensioner should be using his metered water for my garden. So I suggested we install the water butt. We’ve had this for years. We never installed it in the UK, and we’ve never put it up in Spain either, partly because there is no guttering. Its most useful role has been storing fake Christmas trees.

Up it went, balanced on a crate. José came round to inspect and promptly put the wheelbarrow in front to shade the butt from the sun. We had to prove it was high enough off the ground to get the watering can underneath, and with that he was satisfied. Good old boy.

Safely installed

On the way back there was a bush fire. It was a biggy. Other photos will be on the Landy blog.


On the Gib front? A new bus service has started, a number seven to Mount Alvernia, which is an old peoples’ home. Some of the older residents are fit enough to travel into town, and it will also provide a service for relatives, friends, charity workers, and staff who work there (depending on their hours of course). There is a trial period of three months. Nice move there.

Samantha Sacramento Minster for Equality and Social Services noted that she is delighted that this service has been commenced in response to requests made by visitors to Mount Alvernia, as well as representations made by the charity Friends of Mount Alvernia and that this was long overdue given the location of Mount Alvernia and the access difficulties that it entails.

Commenting on the above, the Minister noted: “We must be mindful of the fact that given that the majority of the residents at Mount Alvernia are in their 80s and 90s, their visitors will mainly be their spouses and children, most of whom will be elderly themselves. Historically, access to Mount Alvernia has always been a struggle to the extent that it has been a deterrent for elderly relatives who would otherwise visit more frequently.

As it’s Saturday, it’s reenactment day. At noon, there is a march up and down Main Street which is always colourful and interesting.

Having a chat

Like the last post, I’ll finish with food. If you’ve read my Quorn post on Clouds, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of the stuff (ie Quorn, I like food).

Due to the bush fire the other day, we had a rather extended journey as the road was closed off, and we had to go back on ourselves and detour. Arriving at Morrisons, I grabbed a bag of ready made pasta off the shelf for a fast, easy and hopefully tasty meal. Making pasta is not my strong point, which I wrote about on Ravioli unravelled.


I’d bought some setas (oyster mushrooms) in Spain and had some left, so thought a complementary sauce would be better than the usual tomato. I also thought there weren’t many ravioli in the bag, so a sauce was needed. And an extremely large green salad. They were yum.


They were so yum that I went to look for the spinach and ricotta version the other day but obviously everyone else thought that was yum and there were none left. I bought tomato and basil or something tortellini, which I did serve with a tomato sauce. More yum. And – I made two meals out of that lot.

No recipes, you all know how to buy pasta from the supermarket and make mushroom or tomato sauce. It’s not vegan, but at least the egg is free-range. In summer when inspiration is lacking, it makes a great meal with a good salad.

Makes a brunch too. Buen provecho.

Last of the tortellini and salad for brunch

28 comments on “Domestics

    • Thank you for the award and your lovely comments. I can live on salad :) but the tortellini was a tasty addition. Poor old Pippa, guess I better make his blog the next priority. And we have so many dogblogs to catch up on, love Ralph’s too.


  1. Congrats on your awards, may said well deserved, and also love the pictures, especially the two soldiers, asking each other for light or whats happening tonight. Altogether enjoyed your post…:)
    PS, checked your nominees, just to let you know the links are worthwhile,,, heehee! ;)


    • Cheers G. I like to acknowledge the awards and those who made them, because it’s nice of people to nominate my blogs, but there is no point adding all the links and everything else because people fall asleep.

      I liked the soldier pic, could have maybe cropped it but was feeling lazy. Bit better if clicked on to blow up.

      Thanks for checking links, I’m too lazy to do that all the time too ;)


  2. You express things so well. You make everything you do into a delicious adventure, even if it did NOT involve tortellini! Thanks for the Melody Promo too – you make quite the PR spokeswoman! :)


  3. Sorry, posted this on the ravioli linked post, meant to post it here.

    The only pasta I ever make at home is Orecchiette. Its only made from flour and water, so its easy to get the consistency right, as you can add more water or more flour as required. Once made you don’t have to roll it out with one of those infernal pasta making devices; someone should have told the designers humans don’t have three arms.

    Instead you cut it into pieces and roll it up into worms or snakes, then slice off pieces of worm a quarter of an inch thick, and press them out with your thumb into ear shapes. At this point you can either use them all immediately, or put some into the freezer for another day. There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to make Orecchiette.


    • No worries either way. If anyone looks at my appalling ravioli at least they will read your rather more encouraging post about making pasta.

      I don’t think I will be venturing down the pasta road for some time again though.


  4. Congrats on the awards, certainly well deserved.
    More good pics, do you really need a new camera? ;-)
    The tortellini and salad looks scrummy, I usually end up with the spinach and ricotta one, it’s been a regular purchase for our recent trips, as it’s quick and easy.


    • Cheers V. I do appreciate people nominating me, and taking the time to do so. Even if I don’t play by the rules.

      I don’t know about the camera (see mail!!!) but thanks anyway.

      I used to buy pasta, ie stuffed, occasionally from Safeway and hadn’t really thought about it but it seemed the best deal for fast, easy and tasty meal. I really wanted something to accompany a salad. :D

      Must get the spinach and ricotta one next time, although the tortellini stuff was better value (Yks Kate again).


  5. Do you think the soldiers are saying “did you hear about that roughseasinthemed blogger, everyone’s talking about her – she got more awards, we’d better pop over and have a look…”? :) TG we’re already having for dinner the just-in-case pasta I bought for our last trip to TA – yours with the salad looks divine – or I’d be on my way to the shops.


    • Lol!! I’ve no idea what they were saying, which was stupid as I was hanging out of the window so could probably have heard, but I was too busy concentrating on the photo.

      Just-in-case pasta is a good one methinks. Better with a sauce, and salad is a def must. None in the fridge now :( No salad in the shops when Partner went today either, usual Sunday shortage in Gib!


  6. Well deserved award as your blog is many things (informative, funny, educational, thought provoking, pictorial, etc).. and if I may add, that Ravioli looks delish!!!


    • Thanks L. I’d probably say the same about your blog!! Both the ravioli and the tortellini were delicious, unlike the terrible disaster that was my miserable attempt – if you click on the Ravioli unravelled link you will see how bad it was :D


      • Ha.. sorry, did not mean to laugh but I can relate..I tried making pasta/ravioli once and need I say it was a horrible disaster..Now the lasagna looks awesome (I know, store bought pasta :-)


        • Cooking disasters are always worth a laugh :D Especially when they are really bad, and ravioli was extremely bad!! The lasagna pasta was store bought, but the rest of it was home done, veg sauce and white sauce and hardly technical, just time-consuming. I don’t like to be beaten, but I’m thinking life’s too short to grapple with home-made pasta.


  7. Oh, that tortellini salad looks so good. I’m beginning to think it’s not the best idea for me to sit down and catch up on my favourite blog reading as I always get the urge to snack.
    Congrats on your well deserved awards! I feel much better now that I have come upon someone else who also shirks some of the award rules now and then. I’m behind in a few awards myself and it’s because there are so many “to-do’s” in order to accept them :)


    • Yes the salad was lovely have to say. More pasta tonight but more putanesca or whatever it is called. Bit of a shortage of salad in the fridge sadly :(

      One of my friends was cute enough to put up a ‘no blog awards thank you’ note, which is really clever. I think readers get bored with reading award posts which is why I just say thank you, and who it is from, because at least that way it acknowledges the thought and publicises a couple of other blogs. But no-one ever clicks on a long list of 10 or 15 other blogs that you are meant to nominate. If people want to look at blogs I visit, they can visit my page and – I still haven’t added a page 2!! For a quiet day, one day.

      And as for the boring old twenty points about me? Unnecessary. Some people are good about the way they accept awards. I am not. :D I am bad minimalist. :)


      • Sometimes (oftentimes!) less is more :) In that vein of things, please know that if awards were medals (and without all of the cumbersome pass-alongs and rules), I would give you a bunch of gold ones.


        • Thank you so much, what a lovely comment. And that is my satisfaction. The thoughtful, funny, generous, interesting, wonderful comments that I receive on my blog, that’s enough of an award – or a reward – for me. You probably think the same.


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