Monday, Monday (la la, la la la)

Courtesy of The Mamas and The Papas, except before pop experts correct me apparently it is ba-da ba-da. Oh well, I always sing la la to songs as I never listen to words.

But not just any Monday because today is also Birthday, Birthday. Glorious blaze of self-promotion there.

Every year it strikes me as bizarre to get greetings from people I’ve never met over the internet, and nothing from people I do know.

So thanks to the ones who have already sent good wishes to me (and my partner, whose birthday was yesterday), very much appreciated. In the FaceBook days, one would get amazing greetings from all over the world, which may seem pretty meaningless but it still took time for people to notice and type out a message. Despite our lack of presence, I thought I had better check on Partner’s page yesterday – and – more greetings from kind-hearted souls.

Not being friend, family or party orientated – what do two mid 50s do on their birthdays?

Take the dog for a walk up the side of the Alameda gardens past the huge olive trees.

Walking by the olive trees

Thought I better add that one for Pippafans as an interim pic until I post on his blog.

We watched a film, kindly lent to us by one of Partner’s workmates.

It was brilliant. I am not into any sort of violence, drugs, or gangland culture but this was one good film. It made Reservoir Dogs look soft.

One of the great things about good British films is that they are incredibly minimalist – which makes them all the harder hitting.

This was very hard hitting. Literally.

Plot: Well, it’s based on Carlton Leach who I’d not heard of, but I had heard of football violence.

There can’t be anyone who lived in the UK in the late 70s and 80s who wasn’t aware of football violence. And this was every week, not just the odd international.

I went to a local derby between Everton and Liverpool in the late 70s and there was nothing. Not that I could see the match very well with my poor eyesight and no contact lenses back then but still, it was a good event with no violence. Or maybe we didn’t see it.

Every weekend I would travel home from university and on the return journey I always met a group of Man Utd supporters – they were lovely. I was pretty wary at first, and this was in the days of closed compartments, but we just chatted away until they got out at St Helens. I became quite sad when there was an away match and there were no nice lads to brighten the journey. Who knows if they were thugs? I don’t.

Early 80s, I went to see Leeds United v Newcastle. Now this was the stuff violence was made of. There was a fair amount of antagonism between the supporters of the two teams anyway, and they didn’t keep it off pitch either.

Kevin Keegan, playing for Newcastle, was pelted first with tiny items, and then with cans. I think they stopped the game at one point. It was also the period when ‘hooligans’ used to chuck ball bearings under horses’ feet rendering mounted police totally useless, which, sadly we saw when we left the ground at the end of the match.

We beat a hasty retreat, especially when we noticed the fires that had been started on the grass area around the outside of Elland Road (Leeds Utd home ground). In fact it even merits a mention on Wiki – match of October 1982. Always good to attend historic events I find.

Back to the film. This was based on membership of the West Ham football firm (Inter City Firm).

I always thought Millwall were the hardest toughest ones. Either way, all the supporters of London clubs were ‘ard as nails – Chelsea, Arsenal, Millwall, West Ham – do hope I haven’t missed any out there as I would hate them to target my blog.

But looking at Wiki again, apparently the Leeds United Service Crew has a reputation for being the most notorious hooligan firm in the history of English football. Phew! That’s good, wouldn’t want to be outdone by all those London clubs.

More Wiki:

The first instance of football violence is unknown, but the phenomenon can be traced back to the 14th century England.

The first recorded instances of football hooliganism in the modern game allegedly occurred during the 1880s in England, a period when gangs of supporters would intimidate neighbourhoods, in addition to attacking referees, opposing supporters and players. In 1885, after Preston North End beat Aston Villa 5-0 in a friendly match, both teams were pelted with stones, attacked with sticks, punched, kicked and spat at. One Preston player was beaten so severely that he lost consciousness and press reports at the time described the fans as “howling roughs”.

It’s so good to be a world leader at something isn’t it? Well, in the past anyway.

In the film, Mr Leach moves from bashing the shit out of people at football matches, to bouncing (bashing the shit out of more people) to the drugs industry, crime protection (uh? contradiction in terms) to involvement with torture and murder, I think, as I did get a bit lost with the amount of rather sad bodies that appeared in this film and who was doing what to who. I’m not very good on keeping up with films. Women (blonde of course) take their clothes off, are ‘gagging for it’, and wives/partners get slapped around.

The film ends with the 1995 Rettendon Murders which I only vaguely remember. (Rettendon is in Essex – which was probably why I couldn’t understand the accents half the time).

Good points about the film? There were lots of Land Rovers in it. British films should always have Land Rovers in and this did well, spotted – 1) Range Rover (the murder vehicle), 2) Defender (driver discovered the bodies in the RR), and 3) a Series earlier.

What else? Realistic (sadly). Succinct. Gripping – ie I didn’t fall asleep. Well filmed.

Directed by Julian Gilbey and running time is 114 minutes.

It’s based on the book by Carlton Leach called Muscle which he wrote in 2003. Should a former crim receive money from a book and film rights? Who is to say? I’m not arguing with him. Either way, a great film despite my criticism of the subject matter. You don’t have to agree with a film to acknowledge it is good.

Oh and today, well just another manic – birthday – Monday. (courtesy of The Bangles).

Opened up the sandwich and salad bar, read all your lovely blogs, and now have a pile of stuff to do……

The salad pots get more exotic!

Grilled and marinated pimientos, stuffed curried egg, tomato, cucumber, olives, potato salad – capers and onion marinated in red wine vinegar.

ETA a cheerful party song after Phil’s comment:


45 comments on “Monday, Monday (la la, la la la)

  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – to you and belated to partner! Bookend birthdays – now there’s an excuse for a party. ( the salad looks very festive)
    Hooligans – that’s a great word – it even sounds meaningful. That’s taking fanship to the extreme. We have a new football/soccer stadium (not the American football stadium…we have to have 2…not enough room for the soccer fans during the big meets). So far the soccer games have been very loud but no out of control fighting.
    Vote for the Bangles “Monday” – Mama and Papa’s is too sleepy. (We went to a Bangles concert on a freeway overpass- grand opening of a new road – it was insane – the roadway was bouncing great sound system though….it was about 100 degrees that day, too. (Yes the sun does make people crazy)
    Once again Happy Birthday


    • We do try and do birthweeks, or birthweekends, depending on how the days fall. Sunday and Monday is NOT good :D

      I couldn’t believe Brits had been football fighting for more than 500 years!! Must come with the territory, or the turf. You may have to wait a few hundred years for your violence to start at footie, let’s hope so.

      Bangles are cool, Monday Monday just came to mind. I like it. Best of all I loved, loved Walk like an Egyptian. The Bangles were seriously brill at that.

      And thank you :) [shops, I will get to you eventually]


  2. Well, firstly Hi I am Gerry, Happy birthday, not a stranger now.By the way Mine is on Saturday. Just in case…Nice read and I certainly can remember those football hooligans/riots, lucky enough to not get caught up in any. A good birthday treat would a nice meal followed by a good band. maybe the Bangles or Mama’s and Papa’s Teehee! (Silly expression of joke). Okay Mama’s and Papa’s would be difficult..Anyway nice post and memory jerker, but have a good rest of the day.’til the next one..


    • I know who you are, silly!! And just sneaked into the June birthdays too :)

      A nice birthday treat is doing stuff all, decent food, and bands are far too exciting for oldies like me. Do like the Bangles though :D

      Thanks and will be looking out for yours :)


  3. What a great day you had! It is so refreshing to know someone else doesn’t listen to the words in a song and goes la la la, as well! ha… That’s sorta my style ..


    • That was his birthday, this is mine. So strange to have them together. I have done no washing up and have bought a new DVD for tonight.

      I always sing la la to songs. I like the music not the words. They may be ok words but the music is what grabs me.

      Off to la la to the Bangles :D


  4. Happy Birthday to you both, and thank you for a post song title, to replace “Only For Sheep” still in my head… I am now humming Monday, Monday ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da even though it’s Tuesday… The G.O. had his birthday last Saturday – he even stayed home from work – and we celebrated similarly with a walk to visit the swans, a nanna nap, a dvd and not much else. Thnx for the review of Rise of a Foot Soldier, I’ll look for it on Quickflix.


    • Thanks, I’m still thinking Monday Monday – on Tuesday – in my head too.

      I can’t believe our birthdays have come and gone so quickly. Like life does. I’m sure they used to last longer when we were younger.

      The film is violent, so health warning there. It got a low rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but a high one from viewers. I’d have watched it again but it’s not ours so its gone back to its owner as we don’t like hanging onto other peoples’ loans.


    • What a lovely positive way to put it. Luckily a lot of our days are like that. The idea of going out to ‘do’ something (aka spend lots of money) has had no appeal for ages. More than anything else I love to sit and enjoy on special days. No more is needed.


  5. I was going to send you a birthday song yesterday, but Virgin put a stop to that :-(
    I used to go and watch Leeds United religiously in the 60’s, being a teenager and having a crush on some of the lovely legs running about lol. I’ve got autographs too. How things change eh? I hate football now!


    • Naughty Virgin. You can send the song later, it will still be welcome.

      I can feel a list of eleven names coming up – Peter Lorimer, Allan Clarke, Billy Bremner, etc

      Good site here:
      It was a bold and astute move and with it Revie delivered the classic Leeds United line up, one which could be recited by fans the length and breadth of the land: Sprake, Reaney, Cooper, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, Gray, sub. Madeley – it was the stuff of legend…

      Me, I could recite that too :D do you remember when nasty Chelsea beat them for something? I was gutted!


  6. Belated Happy Birthday to you both. Also nice to see Pippa, I was worried his paws might have been cut off.!!

    Football violence is of course not only a UK phenonmena. Only time it has affected me was when some football thugs set fire to a train in rural Germany, which I happened to be travelling on at the time :(


    • Thank you. His paws have been temporarily disabled from the keyboard ;)

      I know it’s pretty universal but I thought the UK origins were interesting and wanted to add a bit of a personal perspective.


  7. [belated] Happy Birthday to you both … from someone you’ve never met :D

    Sounds like a good day! I’ll watch out for that movie. I’ve seen Reservoir Dogs.

    I noticed you mentioned Billy Bremner in a comment here. I think Rockpile was a great constellation of musicians ..

    I never cared all that much for football, but I do remember an English football player named Dalgliesh. I think he ended up coaching Liverpool eventually, or if he played there ..I don’t know.


    • Thanks Reb, it was nice but far too short :( I like to try and extend our birthdays into birthweekends, or better still, birthweeks.

      The film was good, but I’m a big fan of British films.

      Never heard of Rockpile, the Bremner I mentioned – also Scottish – was a famous footballer. Kenny Dalglish? Also Scottish (!) played for and then managed Liverpool. He was playing when I was at university there which is probably why I know a bit about him.


      • Ha ha! Same name then .. Billy Bremner played with Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe …they formed a group named Rockpile []. They were so damned good together, but Lowe and Edmunds fought too much so they split. I used to own the one album that was released under the Rockpile label but I lost it [vinyl]. Very nice rock..

        Yes, Kenny D. There was also a detective with the same family name in some movies based on books by P.D. James, I think. Adam Dalgliesh.


        • OK, I’d never heard of Rockpile until you mentioned them! But I did see them when I was looking up footballing Billy B who sadly died aged 54 :( that was a bit of a shock to read that. I might look up RP on YT.

          Yes, you are right on the detective novels too. Not sure if I have ever read any. There are too many crime writers out there!


  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!:) Sounds like you’ve had a nice, sort of anti-social day!;) That’s how i like it.. The thought of football hooligans targeting your blog cracks me up. Lucky you’re at a safe distance. And funny how You can’t even understand the accent half of the time, imagine me. That’s the funniest thing about british gangster/football violence movies, the accent. And the attitude!


    • Thanks for that. Good wishes are always welcome and happily received. Accents are not my strong point. When I met my – Welsh – partner, I thought he was Scottish. But what with not understanding accents and not keeping up with plots I am the world’s worst film viewer. I need to see films at least 10 times to work out what is happening :D


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