Hello :)

I do have other blogs you know.

Which also need my loving attention.

Here are some piccies of bush fires on JustLandRovers

I am a very nice liberal trendy right-on person, and I do think anyone starting bush fires should be banged up straightaway for years on end. Or something like that.

Firefighters lose their lives. Animals often lose their lives. Sometime people living on the land die too.

Because someone thinks it is fun? Or wants to gain something from it? Or is just careless?

Hey, I’m sorry your house burned down, you lost everything you had, oh, and you died as well, but I really didn’t intend that to happen?

For Pippafans, his is the next blog post, linky will be posted on here too.

Pippa’s post

And – one hell of a shout out and congratulations to both Bradley Wiggins and Christopher Froome. Tour de France for those of you who don’t know.

First British win ever (why ever didn’t Sean Kelly win it? oh well), and not only that, we took second place as well. Go British cyclists. Great achievement.

A BBC link here about why Wiggins won.


34 comments on “Hello :)

    • Just such great news isn’t it? Probably of less interest to non-cyclists I guess. Not that I am classing myself in the same league, I might add quickly, just that we have in common the fact we all sometimes get on a bike. Having said that, it is often said there is no snobbery in cycling – I’m sure there must be somewhere – but as the aforementioned Sean and his team from Ireland were gracious enough to cycle and chat with us, then I guess there isn’t.

      My second thought was how we never win at football, and yet we can take first and second in the premier cycle race. Does that mean we are a nation of individuals rather than team players?????


    • He’s my boy :) I have two boys – the one is the man, the other is the dog. At one point I had four boys (three dogs plus the man) – that was very nice. A woman can never have too many boys ;) Thanks. He’s disgustingly vain because everyone tells him how gorgeous he is and gives him hugs and strokes. And he just loves women!!


        • SNOL! (snorts on line/out loud) It has to be said that women do dash over to kiss Adrian though :D and he does like them, but that’s probably about his job – he’s mostly dealt with women regarding decorating their homes. And because of that he tends to have the same relationship with women socially – if that makes any sense. Or maybe he just thinks they are all potential clients!

          Pippa is just so full of himself. He stands there preening himself while he is being admired. He’ll often ignore the men depending on his mood at the time :D


          • Oops, I hope you weren’t drinking your morning Assam.
            I can just picture Pippa “hey look at me, aren’t I gorgeous” ……….but he has every right too, cos he is :-)


          • No not yet, waiting until I do my yeast extract on toast which can only be eaten with tea. Awful with coffee but tea is perfect. Or I may go for breakfast tea. Don’t know.

            Yes, he is a bit like that. He occasionally looks disappointed if he sees someone he likes the look of and they walk past without acknowledging him :D


  1. …how many ways to be sidetracked… Pippa, Landy’s. But, the biggest help you were to me today was via idle beginning of client meeting chit chat… with an Englishman… who’d been following TdF. Thnx for doing the research for me :)


    • Not much chance of being side-tracked with my blog very often, I have to bark. However this is a typical Misery post, she has grasshopper mind syndrome. I on the other hand, like to stick to a nice short succinct post about one topic (well mostly) with some exceedingly handsome pictures of myself.

      Anyway, we’re always happy to help. Although I think our friend Vicky did most of the detailed research, all Misery did was find out the Brits came first and second. Don’t know where Cavendish (world champion, also in Team Sky) came. The cycling at the Olympics will be interesting I must bark.

      I wish they would get me a trailer for when they go out cycling. I think that would be so stylish.


  2. You have other blogs ? Gosh!!!
    I follow the antics of Pippa with baited breath ofcourse, so nice to see he’s got up off his sofa to post about Tia the pup.
    Might I point out though, the right hand side link on this page (the roughseas home page) goes to Just Landrovers as hosted on blogspot, thus shows no updates since 2011 so I just assumed there weren’t any.
    As for the bush fires, I think in the main smokers are responsible, either through the discarding of lighted matches or not putting their cigarettes out properly before throwing them away.


    • Only a few other blogs (and the ones that I have mothballed, and the fiction ones and ….) Poor old Pippa, I do feel guilty. While he doesn’t have as many pals as he did on blogspot (40 comments and none of those were mine!!) he has made some fine new friends, so I should really make more effort, trouble is I have too much to say elsewhere :D Pippa will reply to you in due course. He’s rather hot at the moment.

      I left the link to the blogspot one because I haven’t finished importing all the posts to wordpress as the automatic import failed fifty thousand times (I think I tried at least three separate urls for a landy blog but every time blogger refused to export it – it gets a lot of hits, few comments but a load of hits). I’ll change it just for you, because I am trying to simultaneously update and backpost.

      I agree about the smokers, but apparently burning off for agriculture, and claiming land that has been burned for development reasons are also causes in Spain. As I said though, best not to smoke in the first place. Our Spanish neighbour decided to burn off some scrub next to our workshop/garage/store etc in the height of summer when there was a ban on. Did she ever get a blasting from my partner.


  3. The Tour had so many bad crashes this year! Ouchie! It’s always interesting how the bike teams work in the race…it all looks like an individual sports event. Really rugged event.
    (Oh and RC Cat does recommend getting a trailer behind the bike for Pippa….reminds RC of that red wagon she used to see us pull…the Westie got really old and had limited endurance ( but always had that stiff upper lip – fight through adversity attitude and refused to give up). Couldnt bear to leave him behind, so we’d let him walk until tired, then plop him into the wagon where he majestically rode the rest of the way. RC admired that attitude. Sherman the Westie lived to see 18 years. Not that you are old, Pippa! )


    • Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but that wagon sounds just the thing I’ve been looking at for Jasper. I’m in two minds as to get one, good to read you found it helpful, that’s a plus point in its favour.
      My one concern is a Jasper sized one weighs 16kg + 33kg of Jasper, makes it quite a heavy thing to pull/push. It would be a good workout though LOL


        • Butting into your convo here too! A westie isn’t quite as big as Vicky’s Jasp (cross Pyrenean collie) and Pippa. I tell ya, I have enough problems cycling me around the place let alone dragging another 30 or 40 kgs :(

          Could be why no-one wants big dogs.

          This year’s tour looked to be different to me (all my info virtually courtesy of vicky). I always thought it was individual, but the Team Sky really pulled out the stops. Amazing and impressive.


    • I switch the header photos. If there is one relevant to the post then each post gets it own, but I like to change the main one every month or so. That one is quite old now, but I like it too :) Thank you.


      • Did youWere the firefighters or police officers out of work and bored? Were they trying to create work, so they would not be laid off from work? Sounds like it is either that reason or they are just mentally insane.

        If you get a chance check out my post on my neighbors house fire that was started by arson? It is in my blogging categories under, “Neighbor House Fire.” I could not believe the smoke. I could feel the heat from far away. The news used my blog videos and photos for their news stories – they did not get to the fire quick enough to take photos or video. I gave them mine for free. Should have charged them.



  4. I hopped over and saw the fire scenes you captured. What horrible devastation left behind so sad. I have three blogs and they do keep me pretty busy. I didn’t know about your Just Land Rovers blog until now…I am now following it. Hugs and give Pippa some nose kisses for us.


    • I have five that I keep up to with some regularity – I’ve had to import the land rover posts manually because the import from blogger didn’t work, so I’ve not posted new ones for a while. It’s mainly Land Rovers, but I add some travel posts in from time to time. I thought given the dry weather we are all having that it was a timely post to be aware.

      Pippa says thank you :)


  5. @RoughSeas – I idid it again. Wrote a blog after too many drinks. I woke up this morning had to rush to delete that post. Couldn’t beleive I published that. It seemed great after many drinks last night. :)
    Apparently, I cannot blog and drink at the same time. Cannot believe I wrote that idiotic post! :)


    • Would that be the ‘how to get your man post?’ :D and my ‘is this real’ comment?

      I was waiting for your answer and was all set to give you my alternative version….

      I think many people have discovered that to internet/tweet/facebook/blog etc after a couple of drinks is not the wisest idea. Me, I’m crap when I’m tired, so I leave it alone in (my) evening/nightime – which is rapidly approaching. I am a morning person and my brain slows down at night. Drink and internet and tiredness would be lethal for me!!


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