August, and the heat is on

Holidaytime. Even this blog needs one, so we will be on the famous Gibraltar summer hours during August when there will be fewer posts on here and on Clouds. I will try and keep up to your blogs though and comment as and when I can.

I’ll be trying to finish off the manual import of the Land Rover posts from blogger to wordpress, and Pippa will be off to visit some of his pals (for those of you with dogblogs). I may even tidy up my pages on here. May.

In the meantime a quick thanks to Robin, of Bringing Europe Home who gave me an Illuminating Blogger Award. Judging by some of the comments where people say they have learned information about Gib and Spain, that seems an appropriate choice.

Robin’s blog is worth a visit, she lives in Georgia, USA, and has lived in Europe so writes about Europe from an American perspective. Always interesting to see our home through someone else’s eyes. She also writes about America too so there is a good variety of material in her posts.

If you are an awardy-type person, visit the link here for the rules and the candle pic. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, please consider yourself duly awarded.

In the meantime, a quick illuminating look at countries that visit this blog.

Regular readers and commenters are unsurprisingly from English speaking nations – Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK and USA. People from Gibraltar also visit, but being a small place, they never comment! Within Europe, Belgium, Italy and Spain come to mind and elsewhere Indian and Sri Lankan bloggers visit too. All have their own WP blogs.

The most visitors by far come from the UK, followed by the USA, and then Canada, Spain and Australia. For anyone interested in stats, this is interesting because it reflects a significant difference to my blogger figures which showed visitors were predominantly from the US. With blogger, a lot of my visitors came from the dogblog network – of whom the majority were American. On wordpress, I’ve more or less started from scratch with visitors, apart from a tiny handful of previous bloggers. Of course I’ve now forgotten how I found you all/you found me!

Looking at today (1 Aug to be pedantic as I started this yesterday), in the first twelve hours between midnight and noon, I’ve got:

    Maryland, USA
    Galicia, Spaiin
    Stirling, UK
    Ohio, USA
    Bristol, UK
    Veracruz, Mexico
    Virginia, USA
    Bath, UK
    Enfield, UK
    London, UK
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

Yesterday (ie 31 July), I had:

    Oppland, Norway
    Maine, USA
    Florida, USA
    Michigan, USA
    Quebec, Canada
    London, UK
    Izmir, Turkey
    Texas, USA
    California, USA
    Victoria, Australia
    British Columbia, Canada
    Queensland, Australia
    Tasmania, Australia
    New Brunswick, Canada
    Maryland, USA

Every day is different, and these are non-posting days. Days when a post is published, and the subsequent day obviously show a significant change.

The detail is taken from statcounter rather than wordpress, as it gives more of a breakdown on location. It actually gives cities but I left those out. Another interesting difference between blogger and wordpress is that statcounter can’t provide the same level of analysis on wp as it does on blogger for search engines and keyword activity. Sadly.

What about search terms? Well there are two categories at the top of the list and they are food and Gibraltar election results 2011.

Top posts and pages? Yesterday it was Me? You want to know about me? which goes to prove how important the about page is, but I’ve been pipped by one view today by Your questions about Gib. Those two pages are well ahead of the rest. But some other of my pages are also popular – Blogs I visit, My other blogs, and Places I have lived. Which suggests that the more information we write about ourselves, the more people will read!

As for posts – Gib territorial waters, Gib election result 2011 (unsurprising given the previous search engine result), 2011 – a review, Sofia the artist, Queen’s birthday parade, Lets hear it for Juan Carlos, and Summer hours in Gib received the most visits.

And although pages with high traffic don’t always attract comments – a lot of the ones mentioned above, also received the most comments. I’d put that down to regular readership whereas the passing trade via search engines rarely comments.

I’ve taken that info from the wp stats. While they are all interesting, I think they provide an interesting snapshot but not worth getting hung up about or shaping your blog around.

A couple of summery pix.

Summer salad of red chard, leaves out of the garden, radish, green onion.

Red and green salad

Gibraltar (and La Linea at Gib’s feet) rising out of the heat haze.

Gibraltar from El Higueron

Current temperature today forecast to be 35 degrees, the same in Málaga and 38 degrees in Marbella. At just after 9am it’s already 27 degrees here in sunny Gib.

Enjoy your summer wherever you are. And thanks once more for all your visits and interesting comments.

ETA I knew there was something else I wanted to write about.

Congratulations to rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning on winning Britain’s first gold at the Olympics. Well done. Aus and NZ came second and third and it is always difficult beating them at water sports.

And Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins took gold in the men’s cycling time trial. What a great year for you Bradley, and some well deserved wins.

An interesting link on the BBC website shows he now tops the list of British athletes with the most Olympic medals (seven), although not the most golds – Sir Steve Redgrave has five and a bronze for rowing.

What was interesting about the list was the events in which people won between four and seven medals (minimum of three golds) and they were cycling and water sports. Well, I thought it was interesting as they happen to be sports that interest me :D

BBC link here. [Thanks to V for alerting me to it]


37 comments on “August, and the heat is on

  1. Some interesting info there.
    I keep looking at my stats, and I’m quite amazed at where some readers are from, and how they ended up even looking at my blog.
    Enjoy your break in the heat, though I’ll miss the posts.


    • I think I waste spend too much time on the internet but I think other people must be plugged in 24 hours a day, even when they are asleep with little wires from their head transmitting searches and goodness knows what else.

      Had a quick look today – and there were some visits from Argentina, Netherlands and Philippines – but they were looking for Land Rover info :D (which I originally started off with on here before I started the Landy blog).

      I may do a few posts this month but at least it lets people know that I won’t be posting as much, and means I have less of an excuse to distract myself with posting. Well, that’s the theory.


  2. Love the look of that red and green salad. I don’t look at my stats, but now you’ve mentioned it, I’ll go and check. ;) I like the way you accepted your award and passed it on. No mess, no fuss. Have a wonderful summer.


    • I don’t usually go for designer type salads, but as I had the red chard and the radishes I thought it would look quite striking. It was extremely tasty if you like that sort of thing, the irony green leaves and the spicy radishes, very nice.

      I look at the stats infrequently, usually if there aren’t any new blog posts to read and I’m putting off doing something else! I do find the different countries fascinating, and also what people search for. Olive pate was the most popular food search and post as I remember.

      It’s nice when people give you awards so I do like to acknowledge them and it gives an opportunity to publicise their blog to others. I just never answer the questions or pass it on to specific blogs. I like all the blogs I read, or I wouldn’t read them, and I couldn’t really choose between them. I don’t think people visit blogs (or at least my blog) to read reams about awards, so that’s why I keep it short.


  3. Hi again. I am a liker of the stats, it is interesting as to who is visiting or reading your blog.Most of my visitors are American, followed by Australia and Philippines. On some days the UK come into the top five. Oh I do get one from Gibraltar. I haven’t actually them as you have, but by visiting others we can get a good idea as to what people seem to like most.
    I do agree with your naming of gold medallists, maybe it spur the rest on. So much expectation is got to be hard for most participants…. I think our ladies footballers are going to surprise us all and win Gold.. Have a good summer looking out my window, it very windy, heavy clouds and rainy…lovely summer.. ;)


    • Had to pull you out of the spam bin! Sorry about that. No idea why you got chucked in there. I think the stats are interesting, but to glance at rather than analyse. What fascinates me about blogs is that you can get two (or twenty two or whatever figure you choose) people writing about the same topic/s and yet one will have a million followers and comments, and the other will have a few, if that. I see some great blogs, well written, super photos, and no, or few comments. I seen some pretty crappy ones with a load. So it’s all down to style, and you can’t really analyse that. I do like it when people have the courtesy to reply to my comment. If I’ve taken the trouble to read and comment on their blog then a comment back would be thoughtful. That’s a bit tangential but I was thinking about your comment ‘what people seem to like most.’

      I don’t know why I mentioned the golds to start with. Probably because of the cycling. And as I said, so many of the medals we have won are in water sports and cycling, which do like. Such a shame that Murray and Robson missed out after their excellent start, but great that Murray got gold against Federer. I’m thinking about an olympic post but it will probably be over on Clouds.


      • I agree about certain blogs,and topics, I try to be different and professional, not always working, but I do see alot that are not very good, and have 100’s likes and comments. I have now got three sites to do different topics ‘CyKlopps rides Again’ it is about experiences and stories of the Hippie era, well actually any era if people want to participate… There is a reblog on Gerry’ Space if yo want check. I do get a little despondent about comments and likes… So I just do them for me and hope.. I get annoyed with, like you, commenting etc, but I got followers who do not even visit my blog yet I visit them regular. might re think my ways…approach. thanks for your reply..;)


        • I have a few pet dislikes, one is slow loading, and another is clutter. But I’ll still read a slow cluttered blog if it is interesting before a boring, fast and well designed blog. It’s very hard to make a blog stand out amidst literally millions, so you just have to go with whatever you personally are happy with, IMO.

          The likes can be meaningless, as people don’t even need to visit your blog to do that, so I take those with a bucket of salt. But I value the people who comment and consider I am fortunate to have found an interesting and friendly group of people who choose to read my blog (for whatever reason!).

          I’ll have a look at CyKlopps. Must have missed it, but that’s easily done the way WP messes around at the moment.


  4. Nice info-filled post.. I need to learn how to read those stats and such.. I did notice everyday I have someone from Russia.As for the other stuff, top posts, etc no clue..
    I need WP behind the scenes class 101!!


    • Thanks, I was gazing at them the other day and thought it would make one of those quirky posts. I think they are interesting, but not significant if that makes any sense ie with the exception of regular readers and commenters, the rest isn’t that relevant. Don’t think I get a lot of Russians although the odd one has cropped up.

      Here’s your WP 101 – click on the stats image on the top bar, at the top of the page is a bar chart showing numbers of visitors over the recent period, first column on the right is top posts and pages. All the stats show info for today and yesterday, but if you click on summaries (top right of each section) – you can get breakdowns for different periods of time. Very neat and very simple.


  5. Enjoy your hols. :-) With those kinds of temperatures a slowdown seems essential to me, though the summer hours wold drive me mad too.

    Stats can be fun, though I don’t get too hung up on them. Being on StatCounter with Blogger, i can see what search terms have been used, which can be very interesting. …..


    • Thanks, we were planning to spend some time in Spain, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen now. Still, less blogging will give me time to catch up with other things.

      Statcounter does work better on blogger. When blogger first introduced their own stats I thought they were terrible. Don’t know if they ever improved as I just stuck with SC. But the wordpress in house ones are actually pretty good, although I do wish all the SC functions worked on here. Hey ho.


  6. That salad is a masterpiece – a bit like my boat. The statistics are interesting – I get more from the US than from GB but that’s according to Flag Counter rather than WP and they seem to count differently. I’ll miss your posts and will look forward to your return in September!


    • I don’t think it’s quite like your boat but there again it didn’t take as long to complete. I think all the stats count differently which goes to show you shouldn’t put too much store by them. The Turkish visitor recorded on Statcounter didn’t show on WP. I didn’t say no posts, I said fewer ;) In fact I’ve got a post I want to write, but after my holiday pronouncement I shall have to leave it a decent interval. I think. Unless I post it today :D


  7. I’m enjoying your writing so much and appreciate the research that goes in to each post. Wish I were there to eat that salad with you and to toast our good health with a glass of wine.


    • Thanks TT. The research is because I think it is essential to look at anything from more than one perspective, and to use more than one source. Incidentally I thought about you when I was writing about the stats, because I remembered reading your post about the one hit wonder traffic that isn’t important. I should have looked for it on your blog and added the link.

      We do tend to live on salads here (whatever time of year it is). My partner takes it to work, I have it lunchtime and then we have another one in the evening. And I just tend to use what I have in – you can always make a salad out of something :) What a nice thought for a toast – cheers!


  8. Have a terrific holiday, including a well-deserved rest. Went to your Clouds blog, found lots to be interested in (I bike, so I’ll have something to say about the safety issue) and may use this time to catch up on those.


    • Thank you – I won’t be resting though, just occupied in other ways! Clouds is a bit more opinionated, which is why I keep it separate from this, and I want to do a cycling follow-up post as the comments generated were interesting too. Sounds a bit like me using this time off to catch up on Ralph’s :)


  9. Enjoy your break… we’re having a little Winter break ourselves – going to check what’s happening at TA & make sure the fire still works ;) I’ve been gazing longingly at the photo of the Gib heat haze, and the salad. Interesting times after that as I’ve got a secondment role 2 days a week (ie will actually be working), so my posts & responses may have to adapt to accommodate…


  10. Enjoy your posts muchly, but am so locked into ‘movies’ this side at the moment that I am not getting to the blogs that I follow in the way that I would like and yours challenge me in a way that most others don’t – this is of course a good thing – so am relieved to hear that you will be having a little rest for the moment. Also good to hear that you are taking a break in the sun – enjoy!


    • I had to laugh at your comment. One of the reasons I don’t write on here every day is because I find it a nuisance keeping up to people who blog daily, especially when I am away and have to catch up on return. I certainly wouldn’t write on all my blogs every day. I don’t follow all the silly rules that say you need to post daily/two/three times a week so your readers know when to look for something and expect something regular.

      They aren’t meant to be challenging! The challenging ones are over on Clouds. This is just the news blog, the reporting blog of life in Gib and Spain, with a personal spin chucked in as well. Trouble is, there is actually always something to write about, and if you miss the moment, then it’s gone. Like the terrorist arrests. That is big news, and blog holiday or no, I could not ignore that one. Even my partner said, you gotta write about that.

      I’d offer to write some nice easy-reading posts, but I know I wouldn’t be able to stick to it! I do try and stick a local pic and/or some food in for bit of light relief :D

      Thanks. There is no real holiday, just the idea of taking a blog holiday (that hasn’t been too successful so far!).


  11. Toronto where I was visiting family 2 wks. ago, had 35 to 40 degrees C summer days. Also has returned again.

    We cycled 77 km. today homeward from near the Rockies area. Returning from a 4 day bike trip in Banff National Park (and town of Banff), etc. It was 30 degrees C. Mornings start off with 10 degrees C. That’s how drastic the temperature changes are in 1 day in our area. It’s because we are not far from high mountains (which has snow up to early summer).

    Nevertheless, I’m sure it hilly /mountainous enough on Gibralter.


    • I read something today about summer having finally arrived in Canada. I took a piccy (mainly for the English readers on here!) of the temperature sign when we came back across the frontier on Sunday, it was 35. It was literally by the sea, so that usually keeps it a couple of degrees cooler.

      Sounds a great trip. Banff is one of the few places I have heard of!! Mainly because we stayed at Banff in Scotland and the hotel (I was with my parents hence no tent) had pictures of Banff in Canada. Looked beautiful.

      In Spain at the weekend I noticed it was cooler in the morning. By which I mean just below 20, def not 10. It felt like autumn was on its way though, and lots of dew too. (good for the garden).

      I think the Rock is probably technically a hill. I’ve forgotten how high it is! It certainly doesn’t get snow, but does have a big impact on our micro-climate.


  12. Congratulations! The country stats never fail to amaze and tickle me! Yesterday, for the first time since i started blogging, I had 2 views from Russia!


    • I should say I picked on the most recent two days, for a random snapshot. other days are different/busier/quieter/whatever. Tbh what I really enjoy are the comments, rather than lots of ‘likes’ or ‘hits’. I enjoy reading other peoples’ takes on what I have written, and often, the discussions that go in another direction totally :)

      I always seem to have had the odd Russian one. Probably since I started writing reviews of James Bond books ;)


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