Saturday summary

I was going to call this Saturday spooch but apparently this word has other meanings, I’ll leave you to look it up. When I was at university one of my friends used to refer to spooching around somewhat like mooching around. I think after today’s quick urban dictionary lesson, however, I will start to mooch and no longer spooch. {Or maybe she knew just what it meant]

Anyway, we spooched, mooched hiked up the hill to the Moorish Castle to find a new geocache. Only published a few days ago but it seems a few resident Gib geocachers are getting a bit keen on nabbing the First to Finds (FTF), so there was no hope of that, just an early morning walk uphill struggle.

I spotted the potential hidey-hole, but Gib Monkey Partner had hiked off ahead of me with the GPS, so I had to catch him up, grab the GPS, only to discover he had gone too far so back down the hill we went, to exactly the spot I had seen. Note, to any potential Gib geocachers – no GPS needed for this one!

A rare pic of roughseas. As usual most unflattering taken by Partner. Note the natural sunstreaks and the one grey hair. Or is it two?

On the way back down we visited a few tracks, back streets, shrines, steps, chicken sheds and former military quarters. More pix in a later post. Possibly.

Cristo, with the rather flattering bougainvillea surrounding him
Now where do these exciting looking steps lead?

In other news, the Daily Mirror (British paper) reported that the suspected al-Qaeda terrorists arrested in Spain were not only planning to bomb Gib from the air targeting open air bars, they were then going to shoot the shit out of everyone there. This has of course, been heavily denied by our leaders in both Gib and the UK.

Reading up on security threats against the two, apparently the UK is classified as serious and Gib is a mere moderate. These classifications are apparently done by our leaders in London. Oh, good. How reassuring. At some point, they might want to consider that publicising the intense security around the Olympic Games, and having a soft target like Gib does not make terrorism a moderate threat to us – or does it? Just my view. No doubt there are tick boxes to sort that one out though.

Olympics – congrats to Aus and NZ for taking golds in the sailing knocking us into second place twice (sadly). Deserved winners though.

In boxing – big shout to both Nicola Adams for her gold and the first woman to win an Olympic gold boxing medal, and also to Katie Taylor from Ireland. Britain and Ireland are fighting in the men’s bantamweight final today so that should be a fight to watch if you like to see people hitting each other about.

Commiserations to Keri-Anne Payne and Daniel Fogg who narrowly failed to get medals in the 10km swim around the Serpentine. Rather them than me. What an endurance test, and due credit to the winners from Hungary and Tunisia. In particular, Anderson from the USA did a class job getting silver in the women’s race.

And as for Jade Jones, wow! 19-year old Olympic Gold tkd champion. Great result there – and two years ago, she couldn’t afford to go to the Junior Olympics in Singapore, so the people from her home town of Flint, in Wales, raised the £1600. She won gold at that event. How wrong is it, that we don’t invest in a young person with such sporting talent, dedication, and promise?

Speaking of which, a huge congratulation to the first Gibraltarian to perform in the Olympics, Georgina Cassar, who appeared in the rhythmic gymnastics team. This has to be one of the most demanding sports ever. A mix of ballet, dancing, gymnastics, juggling and all to be co-ordinated with a) music and b) each other. If the individual event is impossible, the team events are beyond belief. Popular too, one of the first events to be sold out. The standards set by the former USSR countries are incredibly high, although other countries excel too eg Italy, so hopefully the appearance of the British team in these Olympics will spur on some enthusiasm for this demanding sport.

Apparently the team were initially rejected from the original selection, appealed against British Gymnastics’ decision, and were then allowed to represent GB. I seem to remember reading they were self-funded AKA, a lot of help from parents – around £80,000 – with no money from UK Sport.

And back in Gib. It is warm. Main Street is full of tourists, who don’t seem to realise I am trying to go about my daily business and insist in meandering across the street in front of me. Or holding hands with their partner and taking up all the street. Or……

On the heat theme, I snapped a pic of the temp as we came back across the frontier last week. Just to prove it is warm here. In case no-one believes me.

35 Celsius on La Linea’s eastern beach

Finally, what’s better in hot weather than a delicious curry? Here is eggs curried. OK, I suppose it is curried eggs, but when I lived on them in India, they were always called eggs curried (as distinct from eggs scrambled, eggs fried etc). Today, to be served with a freshly made pineapple chutney. Recipes may or may not follow later.

After all, I am on summer hours……

Eggs curried, in sauce with onion, spices, tomato, lemon

55 comments on “Saturday summary

  1. There have certainly been some good performances and stories in the Olympics, and as you have pointed out about the double standard. Some have struggled to get there and others have had it on a plate… If you represent you country in whatever sport or event then it should be equal or relevant to the sport…
    So you are that it is official, that Gibraltarians are only moderates or now low..on the bright side you have the weather….. thanks again for a pleasant read. .. I dont like eggs curried….in an omelette, yes..


    • Speaking of double standards, I forgot to mention the alleged buying of boxing gold medals!

      It’s difficult to decide what to eat in warm weather (don’t forget we are vegetarian) so curry just lends itself nicely. What really lifted today’s meal was the pineapple chutney. Def a gold for that one :)


    • Well, I did write a long post over on Clouds which I seem to remember you read. You probably wouldn’t expect me to watch world championship football but I do that too. Couldn’t bear to watch the final in case I jinxed Spain though, so my partner went to watch it next door with the neighbours (Spanish).

      The curry was brill. I made extra for leftovers but we ate it all :( All the pineapple chutney went too so I’ve made some more of that.


  2. Well it’s 95 F here so not sure what that equates to in centigrade. never could keep that straight.. Of all the Olympic events i saw the one I will respect and remember the most was South African runner, Oscar Pistorius. Double amputee competed like a true champ..Love your picture and I’m envious, if not for my bottled sun kissed hair color my grays would outnumber the browns..
    Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


    • I think your temps usually beat ours. Isn’t the rough and ready one, double it and add 30? Whereas the technical one is 9/5 plus 32 (ie from C to F). But that looks like 35 and 95 are pretty similar. What’s a few degrees difference when it is hot?

      I didn’t see any of the Oscar stuff but how amazing.

      I used to have blonde highlights for years, but then realised that everyone else was blonde/red/dark because they were going grey, and as I wasn’t I just stopped. I thought it was time for a serious darker image anyway ;)

      Weekends are for lazing, sometimes, and this is one of those. Apart from the hike. Hope yours is going well too.


  3. Definitely a good idea to change the title, Can you imagine if you hadn’t looked up the urban dictionary LOL.
    Probably a very valid reason, but why are you sitting in the gutter?
    Mmmm, that curry look delish. :-)


    • I wondered if it was a proper word or not, as I had never heard it before (therefore it couldn’t be proper!), although A claims to know it, must be a Celtic thing.

      I am next to the gutter not in it. The short answer is there was nowhere else to sit down. The longer answer is my legs were aching and I needed to sign the geocache log.

      The curry was delicious. How come the male commentors on here don’t like it and the women do? Anyway, luckily my man thought it was delicious too and it was demolished.


  4. @roughseasinthemed – how do you stay so thin? Love the photos. What? The UK only considers Gib a moderate terrorist threat level? Are they smoking a ton of maryjane? Gib should be rated as a top threat right now, at the highest level. Especially, due to the empty containers that were found.

    Smooching means kissing right? Here in America, the word “mooch” is a negative word. It means a person who consistently borrows things from others. Example: “That guy is such a mooch.”

    I guess it may be a positive word in Europe.

    Have a great Saturday!



    • Hi L. I’ve always been pretty slim aka thin in my youth, and still a similar weight but with a middle aged figure now. My arms have always looked like chickens’ insteps (ie nothing on them). I think it is just a simple matter of either a) metabolic rate or b) genetics. There again, I’m vegetarian, avoid all refined sugar, and tend to live on salad/veg and legumes.

      It’s hard to say how terrorist threats are categorised. When I worked in London I think we had three, black, amber and red. Normally black but did occasionally go up to amber. It was a sign in the foyer of the civil service building where I worked.

      Spooching, not smooching. There is a significant difference.

      It was a good day, thanks. Hope your weekend is going well too.


  5. Eeew indeed! If you had any doubts if you were safe, you know now. (just heard on TV that Lashkar is planning aerial attacks on Indian cities) Was wondering why you were sitting by the gutter as well :-D


    • It’s great to find commonalities with people so far away courtesy of the internet. Not so great when the commonality is the threat of terrorism and murder. I should have said that the scare story about the planned massacre was ‘Mumbai style’ referring to the incident when 160/170 people were killed :(

      Nowhere else to sit!! And I needed to sit down.


  6. Great Summery Saturday Summary post. Even with Australia’s wins, I still cool about the Olympics, and cool in general… of the 35 degree sign I am cooly envious. Love the pics, esp the shrine. Why is Partner taking pics of you… in the gutter… where is Pippa?


    • Oh that would have been a much better alliterative post. Damn. I’ll use it next week and credit you with it :)

      I think it is great for the athletes who have worked so hard, particularly the ones who have given up jobs or education and are partly self-funded. And winning in front of your home country must be a class feeling.

      Must take some pix of the local cable car station as they have a temperature thing too. Spain is invariably a few degrees hotter than Gib, not that I think it is noticeable once it is over 25 degrees.

      The shrines were such a surprise. I must add a slideshow, I was too idle yesterday.

      Pix were because I needed to sign the geocache and we usually add a photo to our log on the website. Except I didn’t use me sitting next to the gutter, I used a castle one :D

      Pippa was not there because a) asleep in the flat b) too hot c) too far and uphill d) he’s got arthritis so is on short walk detail at the mo e) there were far too many CATZ!


  7. Only in Gib would you have egg curry, terrorists, and full Olympic coverage between geocaches. :) Or perhaps, that should be only wherever YOU were, gutter or no? I have covered my tricky gray hair issues by expressly forbidding anyone to view (or allow me to view) the top of my head without written permission. Solved nicely, yes?


    • Lol!! No, I think it is only in Gib actually. Can you believe I cook differently in Spain to the way I cook in Gib, despite the proximity of the two? I tend to cook English in Gib and Spanish in Spain :D

      I learned a long time ago, that if you want to sit down, you sit down right where you are, regardless of whether it is tarmac, grass, a railway carriage or whatever. Clothes can always be washed.

      I have a dilemma with the grey, but not the usual one! I don’t think going grey, or signs of aging should be regarded as a problem, or covered up. But that’s easy to say when the number of grey hairs in my head rarely reach double figures and I sometimes entertain myself my plucking out a few (I do get annoyed when I pick one that isn’t grey right the way up!). So I feel duplicitous saying they aren’t an issue when – basically, I don’t have them. Quite frankly I don’t know what I’m talking about :D I doubt I would be sporting long messy hair if it was all grey, doesn’t look quite the same (although some women carry off long grey hair well). Even my partner cut his hair when he decided long grey hair wasn’t exactly his best look!


      • Going grey is okay – most of the time I wear the things with something akin to dignity. Some days I recant – like the day I coloured it a while back. *sigh* Vanity, thy name is Melody… :)


          • :) I was determined to grey gracefully and honestly – and got talked into an update by a smooth new hairdresser whose work ended up a disaster and needed a touch-up just to keep the folks from the circus away… Ah, the slippery slope! lol


          • Ah, that’s the mistake though. You visit a hairdresser! I suddenly decided I didn’t like what they were doing so cut my visits down to one or two trips a year on Spanish holidays, and when I moved here, I stopped altogether. When it looks out of shape/has split ends, I get out some nail scissors and have a quick trim. I am sure a trained hairdresser would faint at my hair but they aren’t getting their fast-acting scissors anywhere near me any more.


  8. I smiled at the photo of you and your caption. “As usual most unflattering taken by Partner.” I have the same thing going on here. Guess who has a collection of images taken by her partner that aren’t are attractive enough to be placed in a photo album. Yes, it’s me. I do confess that I’m that vain. lol :D

    Like you I’ve always been slender and I’m mobility challenged now so I sit or perch whenever and wherever I need to.

    Unlike you, I dislike curry.

    As for going gray I quit coloring my hair several years ago. I have a silver patch over my right eye and I’m okay with it. After years of wearing my hair short I’m growing it long and I’m at the stage where I resemble a Shih Tzu who needs to see a groomer. I’m avaoiding mirrors and wearing sunhats every day while preventing myself from booking an appointment with a hair stylist.

    Our weekend was a blissfully peaceful break from the renovation. We simply collapsed at home. We did nothing and did it very well. Some friends breezed through with news of the Olympics results and their opinions re: the overblown expensive extravaganza. We listened poltiely to their enthusiasm, wondering where it came from. yawn

    Next year we will be taking summer day trips again but not this summer. There’s only half of August left and we intend to complete this reno while the sun still shines brightly.


    • I could worry that he doesn’t seem capable of taking a decent pic of me. Does that reflect his view of me? Or me being self-conscious posing? Just as well I can manage one of me in front of the computer where I can click and click until it is right.

      At one point I had really bad sciatica and couldn’t sit on a chair for more than five minutes. I would be the one at a meeting/conference sitting on the floor at the back of the room with my back against the wall. Or lying on the sitting room floor at home.

      A silver patch sounds most trendy. Although I’m not in a rush for one. I started growing my hair long a few months before I left work and had taken sick leave. When I went back in my secretary was speechless at the long shaggy look :D

      I like it. I read in one of those ghastly beauty advice books that it drags your face down. Maybe, but if I’m happy with it who cares? And I can always put it up which I probably will when I go out shortly.

      I enjoyed some of the Olympics, but the expense is just :( A little simplicity wouldn’t go amiss. If there is that much money to spend on ceremonies, donate it elsewhere, say where and why, and have a typical local performance. I was impressed by the volunteers though – no expenses, no accommodation, nothing. Glad you enjoyed your weekend break though.

      Waiting for my partner to be laid off work before we get the remains of the reno and the holiday under way. Maybe September.


    • I don’t eat much bread, says she who has just made toasted sandwiches.

      Hard boil eggs. Split in half. Meanwhile cook sauce – chopped onion in olive oil (or whatever you prefer eg butter). Then add curry powder. Small amount of flour for roux. Add some stock (I use veg, surprise surprise), and then add some sliced tomatoes. Pour over hard boiled eggs (now in separate dish, don’t forget to grease it, er olive oil again here) and reheat gently in oven. Addition of a fresh fruit chutney moves it from tasty to sublime. Need to post about that I guess. I don’t do quantities because I have got out of it and for curry, people’s taste varies so much. This is pretty mild as it is Anglo Asian based.

      I can mail you the original if you want or I may in some future years update the recipe page :D


  9. am on the run, and am looking forward to reading this in detail later. however one item caught my eye and i would like to share just one alternate word suggestion: silver. the colour of that hair is silver.
    grey is for overcast skies :)


      • have done my running and am safely back, thanks :)
        terrorists – i quite regularly pass by a local motel where a few years ago a would-be terrorist was staying until he began his trip south of the border where he was fortunately caught. apparently planned some bombing for Seattle. lots of changes and construction happening nearby the said motel, but so far it is still a landmark. to think someone like that was so close to so many people in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood. odd how the danger levels are selected and compartmentalized like that at your end, though.
        olympics – i enjoyed watching the bits of the olympics i could fit in. one of my favourites was the Flying Dutchman. Will attach the link, although this will likely put me in your spam box. Unbelievable, I think, and a deserving gold:

        curry – that looks so delish! and how do you make a fresh fruit chutney? that sounds doubly delish :)
        and hi ho, silver! :D


        • The terrorism aspect is quite spooky and unnerving. Here we all are going about our business while someone is under surveillance, and they hope to catch them before the damage is done. To be fair to security forces, they tread a fine line between keeping the public safe, gathering information, watching suspects and trying to get enough proof to convict them, all before they have actually bombed anywhere.

          I actually saw that performance. Impressive isn’t the word is it?

          The fruit chutney is pretty basic. Chop up fruit of choice, (not too many different ones, one or two is enough – it’s not a salad!), add to pan with spices and simmer gently. But next time I make it, I’ll take some pix and write up which spices as a few people have commented on it.


  10. Hello love, I published your comment – as it is very well written, and provides much information on my front page. Let me know if you like or dislike the way it is presented. You write wonderfully on such subjects. Your blogging and writing experience is valuable and wish to read posts on such things from your blog, as it gives a better prospective, than I have read on others. It is more direct and concise and easier to understand, the way your writing style is…makes more sense in my mind, than on some other blogging tips sites.



    • No worries. Looks fine to me. And the point I was trying to make was that the discussion was on your site, so although the words in the comment are ‘mine’ the discussion belongs on your site. Hope that makes sense.


  11. Where to start;
    Hair: I don’t have an issue with a silvery nut, mine all went about the same time, hairdressers, nah. I charge myself £15 everytime I cut my own hair and feel miffed that I didn’t get a tip.
    Curried Eggs: The first time I had them I thought Ugh, but felt yum. Don’t know what the mother in law does with them, but she taught ‘the one’ well. I will be drawing your version to her attention. Sounds so simple I may even try to cook myself.
    Olympics: Yes it’s all fantastic but I confess to being fed up with the 24 x 7 coverage. I only selected events online to watch. Womens hockey was brilliant, fast skillful and flowing. Football (boring) could learn a lot. The fencing was cool. Shot and discus barely covered. I also had to endure the endless hours of rehashing at the pen by colleagues who seem to spend every waking hour watching everything.
    Spooch: Had something similar, a friend (bit weird) keeps talking about how he is searching for his wookie stick. When researched it was discovered to be as unpleasant as the ‘bunty men’ who he thought had taken it.
    Photo: No photo of oneself is flattering as they do not live up to self image. I still think I look as good as I did at 18, the damn camera lies!


    • Hair: doesn’t look that silver. Looks like my partners, dark grey on top light grey silver on the sides. Aren’t those machines wonderful? What a saving. These days, he does most of it, and I tidy it up, originally I was barbaress suprema.

      Curried eggs are so Anglo Asian. I normally like hot curries, but it doesn’t fit with this. What is it with men who don’t like the idea of them? :D (re Andrew and Gerry’s comments above). Anyway, luckily if it’s curried my partner will eat anything – as long as it isn’t dead of course. Oh, the original version includes some jelly or something but a) I don’t have any b) too sweet c) the fresh fruit chutney more than makes up for that. Pineapple was extremely good because of the texture. I could write a food blog!

      No TV here so no 24 hour coverage. Just my selective viewing of preferred sports.

      Oh dear, I see I will have to have another search of urban dictionary. How come pigs in the pen always know all the current disgusting slang words?

      Maybe you do look as good. Just …. older?


  12. Oh, great post – but short comment due to the eggs making me so hungry ( curry, Pineapple chutney …must write faster…)
    Always wanted to geocache – Gib sounds like the perfect place for it. (Hey, you are hiking – you can sit anywhere)
    Very cool about Georgina Cassar. It’s a difficult sport.
    Oh, the hair. There’s silver, there’s grey, there’s yucky sickly yellow grey. My grandmother had the beautiful silver cap of fine hair – my mother that last one. Maybe lucky enough to get the silver – oddly the bottom layers went first so it wan’t a problem (like I can see the back anyway) but an easy to manage longer layered cut reveals the oddest chunks…so finally broke down with a few highlights on top layer for summer – and it all looks much better – (talented young stylist who works wonders a couple time of year for me)
    Sorry would praise and compliment the post more…but really hungry….


    • Yup, I need to make more chutney. In fact if I had more fruit in the fridge I would have done a mixed fruit veg salad to go with supper.
      GC is fun when it gets you out for a walk, and sometimes to new places. Been to some great spots in Spain. Pippa particularly liked the Geocatz in Comares (he still hasn’t worked out it does not mean hunting for catz).
      Hiking is one thing. This is the woman who commuted into London on a 40 min train journey and thought what the hell, so sat down on the floor, and brushed off my suit afterwards.
      I actually think RG must be one of the most difficult sports there is. Sheer strength and power and practice in some events is one thing – but the combo for RG? Amazing.
      Silver medal in the hair stakes for you? I guess mine is deep dark bronze.


      • All I can say is the stylist that manages my hair must be magic – the “sun streaks” make hair look like it used to when I spent all summer on a surf board. Sooner or later the mottled hair will probably be uniform ….but not chopping into that old lady haircut…simply refuse…it is what it is. Big wave to Pippa!


        • I was looking through old photos and what I thought was – originally – meant to be sunstreaked blonde highlights had turned to an all over bright blonde :( Yuk. There is a belief that older women should not have long hair. Some older women look very chic with short or bobbed hair. I would not as I have never looked chic in my life. Pippa happily snores back at you :)


    • I know a little about Argentinian history as I started taking quite an interest in Latin politics when I first moved to Spain. I think one of the most famous incidents is the one where people where just dropped out of planes to their death.

      The current president is Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, from reading Mila’s post I think she is talking about the governor of Buenas Aires, who is politically opposite to Kirchner. And by the sound of it the governor is pro military dictatorships. Or that was my interpretation on a quick read. Mila does write some good posts, very thinking.


  13. Had no idea – Wow, I love bloggers that have to be their own source, and journalist. If you see anything that is a faux pas in my latest please let me know, as sometimes cultural differences limit my ability not to tick off people from England – don’t mean too, just not from the country, so sometimes make faux pas. I try to research such things, but still isn’t the same as living there and knowing what ticks people off. :)

    Thank you.


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