Saturday sarcasm

Oh! Dearest Readers! You will not be able to contain yourselves with this tastiest of posts.

The long-awaited totally unoriginal recipe for fruit chutney with some brilliant unique photos is about to be revealed.

[For anyone who has no idea what this is about you may wish to check out my Clouds post about how to become Freshly Pressed and The Daily Post]

Firstly, take some fruit. But not just any fruit. I recommend, pineapple, peaches, mango. But not all of them.

Pineapple lends a slightly tarter flavour and a different texture, peaches and mango are sweeter and softer. In fact, I haven’t tried mango but that really doesn’t matter does it?

Anyway, I had two peaches in the fridge. Here is an outstanding photo of two peaches in case you don’t know what they look like.

Two peaches


Chop peaches.

Here is another super photo, this time of chopped peaches.

Two chopped peaches

Put chopped peaches in pan. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, cayenne, cumin and fennel.

Two chopped peaches and spices in pan

This recipe calls for cinnamon but I don’t have any because I am not keen on that – note the interesting personal touch I have added to this recipe?

I also don’t have any ground fennel in the roughseas spice cupboard but I do have seeds, so I riskily used some of those. Would that work? Was I taking my life in my hands by departing so much from the recipe?

While busy reading fascinating recipe blogs on the internet, don’t forget to occasionally get up and check chutney to make sure it is not sticking or burning. Oh, I forgot to tell you to turn on the heat, make sure it is low. I have electric which is pretty smooth, but if you have a fierce gas flame, eg bottled gas, then add a drop of water.

Another option is to put a lid on the pan to keep steam/fruit juice contained. It wasn’t an option for me as I have no lid for this pan. Another rather interesting personal touch I feel.

When you are happy with the consistency, turn off the heat.

Wow!! Wasn’t that the most unique and interesting recipe you have ever read?

To be serious, it’s actually adapted from a pineapple chutney recipe. I have used pineapple on its own, with peaches, and today was obviously peaches on their own.


One and a half teaspoons of –

Fennel (ground – but seeds work well, fenugreek or celery seeds would be good too)

Less than a teaspoon of –
Black pepper

Juice of one lemon

Courtesy of Julie Sahni and her brilliant Classic Indian Vegetarian Cookery book.

Served with curried potatoes – another amazing imaginative unique recipe which involves parboiling potatoes, draining them, chucking on some garam masala, and then crisping them up in the oven for 20 or 30 minutes, at 220/230 fan assisted. I take them out when they look ready.

Left over chard tarted up with cauliflower.

Salad of some greens from a bag at Morrisons, tomatoes, cucumber, bean sprouts, green chilli, lemon juice, salt and pepper, fresh coriander. I didn’t make enough of that.

Peach chutney with other curried goodies

And, here is the delicious peas pilao from the other day, but as this is not a cookery blog I’m not adding a recipe for that.

Peas pilao

Let’s cleverly segue onto something serious. Speaking of food I think I can neatly talk about the Spanish fishing dispute. According to the Gib Chron and El Pais, it seems Madrid is most annoyed with Gib. I couldn’t find anything on the Gib Gov website which presumably, like me is on summer hours.

Anyway, in a nutshell, Gib has announced no fishing with nets in our waters, ie the three mile limit, following the results of the environmental report commissioned earlier.

If you haven’t read my previous post on the fishing dispute, Spanish fishers want to fish in Gib waters, because apart from anything else Spain doesn’t recognise Gib/UK territorial waters.

The current – socialist – Gib government revoked the fishing agreement made by the previous – right of centre – Gib government, saying it was illegal. A nice process was agreed, lots of talks, and the commissioning of the environmental report.

Clearly Spain expected that report to say it would be OK to fish the hell out of Gib waters.

Let’s add another personal touch, aka an anecdote. My partner works with mostly Spaniards. One of these used to sell fish.

‘Spaniards have depleted Spanish waters, Moroccan waters, and now they want to decimate the Gibraltar waters too.

‘We live for today, we don’t look at the future. We want a big sack today, a bigger one tomorrow, and then, there is nothing left.’ [Sack can refer to anything, fish, money, crops, whatever].

And in terms of nothing left, unions and workers in Spain continue to demonstrate every Friday about the job cuts, public sector cuts, increase in indirect taxes, and reduction in labour rights. [Source: Revolting Europe]

But in sunny Gib, we are all still on summer hours, although the unemployment situation is increasingly kicking in here too, with more and more people struggling to find work, invariably on the black.

There are fewer available jobs in the job centre. People’s wages have been cut here in Gib, and desperate cross-border workers continue to push down the rate for the job in order to find food, pay rent and mortgage in Spain. Meanwhile other workers are content to merrily take the Spanish dole at 80% of their Gib wages for the first six months of their two year benefit. Sadly it decreases slightly after that. Is anyone still in any doubt why Spain has a problema economica?

A few more pix of sunny Gib on the slideshow from last weeks spooch mooch around the back of town.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Revolting Europe

El Pais

Gib Chron

65 comments on “Saturday sarcasm

  1. Sarcasm becomes you. Thank God you chose to post the pics of the peaches – I was lost up to that point, and the whole chutney thing would have been dismal. That meal looks yummy, by the way…


    • Lol! I am afraid it is an intrinsic characteristic. In case you didn’t read the link, it was about how to get freshly pressed by posting a nothing-in-particular recipe with a few more or less in focus photos. I should have made mine look more pretentious but I’m afraid that is beyond my skills.

      It was really helpful to post up the peaches, was it not? I thought that too.

      The meal was scranissimo, and not only did I not do enough salad, I didn’t do enough potatoes for tomorrow’s breakfast so I am in the bad books :D There is a tiny bit of a peachy curry left however. And tomorrow, the pineapple hunt will be on!


      • I don’t even have to read about being ‘freshly pressed’ to feel a sarcastic fit coming on. I have given up on those exalted ones and instead take great comfort in finding and following the rather more witty (and often sarcastic) writers and poets and photographers whose work I can admire and aspire to. Here’s to the unpretentious peach, and the pineapple hunt to come! :)


        • I’m sure there are some good blogs on FP except I have never found ones that suit my taste and that is all it is down to – personal taste.

          I read, what I consider to be, some great blogs, and like you do, of lots of different types, none of whom have been pressed, that I know of. I consider them to be equally as good as some of the trite stuff that gets pressed, but maybe it is the individuality and the older confidence that doesn’t get them pressed? I actually wonder if there is a bit of an ageist policy with FP. I also think it is a shame that it is made to be something to aspire for/to.

          I have totally lost track of how I have found my favourite blogs now, and even the ones I read but don’t comment on. I certainly admire someone like you who can daily post more than one superb photo and equally superb accompanying words – I can’t keep up with you to even comment all the time!


          • I am in a writing fit knowing that when I start back to work in a few weeks I wont have the same time or energy soon! I have come across some great blogs – many through just following a link from a blog I like – and none that I know of have ever made the FP list. So it is a conundrum…


          • Just make sure you don’t disappear off the blogosphere as I will miss your muses. Checking out other links sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’ve yet to check out your list so that will be fun to see if there is something that clicks for me :)


          • I’ve found some really great photographers – I love an image that makes you think or challenges your perceptions or ideas. I like poets, too, and there’s one really REALLY funny gal from the east coast of Canada who does stories illustrated with clay figures – priceless sense of humour! She isn’t on my list because she hasn’t been posting much lately – but I love a laugh now and then! I’ve really enjoyed bantering with you as well – and feel as though my horizons have been altered from my learning about different places, one of them being Gibraltar. My kids don’t deal well with conversations in which I begin ‘My friend from Romania’ or ‘my friend from Honduras’ . I get a lot of eye rolling… :)


          • I like * some * photoblogs, but I do like a few words with them. I’m not too into manipulation, so I think a variety on a photoblog is good. And I like some poetry blogs, or bloggers who sometimes have a go at poetry (into which category I fit). I’m usually up for fun, although I do have a serious side. I love the fact that my blogroll – and those who visit mine regularly – come from all over the world. I do the geography thing too with my partner, but try to not overdose on people who mean something to me, and zilch to him!


  2. Thank goodness we can count on you for a good dose of sarcasm, Roughseas, and thank you for being woman enough to provide it. I always like a side of sarcasm with my peas and chutney, anyway. And then a solid helping of news is a fine accompaniment.


    • Thank you Robin. I thought it would bring a little humour to a recipe post that people had expressed interest in. And variety being the curried spice of life, that’s why I threw in a few other items into the post – something for everyone hopefully. Now I’m just awaiting my freshly pressed announcement ;)


  3. Ok I was a little slow on the draw at first because I thought, “Hey, this is an awesome recipe and she is so witty in her directions too”..then i read on and said “Uh-oh, RSITM is tightening up her pony tail :-)

    In reading one of your responses, I do think the FP crew may be under 30 (which is not bad) but there are many of us bloggers over 40 and as we age our tastes and such do shift.. I vote you for the Over 40 FP selection crew :-)


    • I did consider tagging it humour, but that is not one of my strong points (although others say it is in some of my writing). However it was dripping in sarc for anyone who has read about the freshly pressed decisions, or read some of the simplistic recipes. In fact simple recipes are what they look for, or something so overly complicated (eg 52 stages to a recipe) that you would fall asleep before finishing reading it.

      Still, I suppose it makes take fruit, chop it up and throw in pan, a bit more interesting ;)

      I don’t have an issue with them being young either. Trouble is, you can’t put old heads and all that sort of crap… And when you don’t realise it is actually true and that you will change your views more than you imagine as you age.

      Thanks for the vote, which I will politely decline and leave with you. But I will take the over 50s selection slot :)


    • Pomegranates would be interesting – very tart. But I’m not sure about the texture, although if you like a less chunky chutney they would do. Maybe passion fruit? In fact one of the recipes I have is star fruit which I haven’t seen in the supermarket recently but I’m tempted to buy and try next time I see.

      Interesting question. Overall, for us it is higher in Gib. So food, and day to day products are mostly cheaper in Spain (especially when our neighbours give us food), but cigarettes (we don’t smoke), fuel (we don’t drive in Gib), spirits (we don’t drink those) are all cheaper here. Our rates and community charges are cheaper here, and so is the telephone (I chucked the ‘phone in Spain). But the bus is free here and you can walk everywhere. TV is free in Spain but all ours died of inhalation of dust.

      But most of our expenditure goes on food and drink, which basically costs more here, plus I have salad crops in the garden in Spain which I can’t really grow in a flat, need to look into though…..


      • Container gardening? Our yard is very sandy, so we grow tomatoes and basil in pots. Its enough to feed our tomato and basil addiction through the summer. And even a little extra to freeze for sauce through the winter.

        Not considering flavor so much — does FP care about flavor? — but the attractiveness (for the pictures) and the pretentiousness of the fruit. Peach are pretty, but not pretentious. Star fruit is a good one.


  4. Thanks for another fun read. Chutney looks delic. Did you have a look at or have any details on the commissioned enviromental report relating to the fishing? Just wondering. Would be interested to know the results.


    • Thanks for that. I am afraid after reading a couple of totally banal recipes on FP I couldn’t resist the temptation to make far more of this than necessary. It actually is a great recipe though, even my non-fruit eating partner happily scoffs it. (it’s curry so it must be good)

      As I said, I couldn’t even find the press release, hopefully there will be something on the government web site next week, otherwise I guess I could ask for it, or at least a summary. There are three aspects to this as I see it: 1) the politics of not recognising Gib/UK waters, ie the Spanish consider all the water right up to the shoreline and further! to be theirs, 2) a genuine concern about the environmental marine life, and linked with that 3) Spanish overfishing in their own waters so needing to fish elsewhere.

      If I find out anything, I’ll post, maybe next weekend as I’m trying to stick to my summer hours schedule this month.


  5. You had me laughing and Like-ing at the first sentence. A post far too good for FP. Peach chutney looks delicious – I’ll be making it come Summer. I admire the imaginative things you do with veges. Your partner isn’t a fruit eater, and mine prefers not to eat greens… but will happily eat tofu, from which many men would run in fright. The eclectic format of your Saturday post is entertaining… Economies are tightening up everywhere, and how it affects individual countries depends on their economic situation going into the downturn. Australia was doing ok but we are seeing the effects now, fortunately for me personally, anecdotally, although my secondment was a relief as it means my job is safe for the moment. Oh, and I wasn’t quite as envious of the images of sunny Gib as I have been as Sydney did turn on a sunny Sunday :)


    • Thanks ED. A little weekend sarcasm/humour is always fun. I think Robin said the same thing differently. Either way, I still haven’t heard from them even though I thought I fulfilled all the criteria. I wonder if I should have mentioned dining out in Gib’s xx restaurants, or when I was in India eating chutney?
      We do like curry in this home, and the book I use is far from some of the slop that gets dished up in some Indian take-aways and restaurants and far more a clever infusion of spices to give the flavouring (do you think that phrase would get me FPed?). We had tofu for supper the other night, marinated in tamari, with a rice, ginger, bean sprout mix, and a dipping sauce. Should have taken pix ;)

      Although I enjoy reading mixed posts, the reason for the current format is needs must, due to my summer hour schedule. And as it is basically a Gib/Spain blog and not a pretentious foody blog, the newsy items continue. Missed one out, so that will have to wait for the next summary – it was on the weather topic, so may appeal to you. Anyways, pleased you had a sunny Sydney Sunday. I expect a post on ED images :)


  6. That really bought a smile to my face, I knew exactly where it was heading, as soon as I started reading :-D
    The ‘curried goods’ look REALLY appetising :-)
    More good pics of Gib too, though I don’t think I’d wanting to be standing below those chicken sheds, the look rather precariously balanced.


    • That’s good, I’m happy to bring about smiles, even if they are predictable. It was a post waiting to happen :D

      I think the trick with curries, seriously is to spend time on the accompaniments (spl?).

      Chicken sheds were cool, vertical whotsits there, and mostly looked like appropriated ground. Very clever. If only I could grab a bit of space for a few chicks here in Gib.


  7. I dont like chutney but I like your way of measures, a little less than teaspoon> Can I asume you are going to into cookery and recipe writing. Send it to Spanish fisheries, they might give up on trying to fish Gib waters… ;)


    • Oh :( My partner claims he doesn’t like fruit but manages to eat an awful lot of it when it is curried. Which part of chutney do you not like?

      I only included the really specific measures for people who can’t work it out for themselves. I stopped measuring a long time ago ;)

      Spanish don’t like hot food. Sadly.


      • my mother use to make chutneys years ago, I dont really know what it is, but I did not like it then and have not tried since. Maybe all these new ones it might be worth a try. I do a lot of cooking and when it comes to flavouring and spices herbs etc, it is usually a bit here, a drop and squirt there, and taste,,,,
        Chili con carne, spag bol, and various chicken concoctions, good word that. ;0


    • Thanks. You aren’t meant to laugh at your own jokes, so I suppose by extension, I shouldn’t laugh at my own post, but each time I get to the photo of two extremely unremarkable looking peaches, I start sniggering. And while I did poke fun at the need to put up basic photos, I do think they make the post look better ironically.


  8. OH, more giggles! (It really should get a “humor” tags – funnier than a lot there)
    Spain has to make an issue out of everything? The fish things stinks.
    We like to use mangos in place of the peaches – funny how salsa or chutney can prod the most anti-fruit/anti-verggie crowd into grabbing large quantities of the stuff.
    (We had something that closely resembled that peas pilao over the weekend)
    Container gardening might be possible – if Pippa didn’t doesn’t decide to sample the crop – our bouviers like to nibble the garden
    You always have great pictures – the shiny lock on the rusty gate gets a gold star.
    And smilie face sticker for this post!


    • I overtagged anyway. One minute WP tells you to do up to 15, the next they are telling people ten. How annoyingly inconsistent. I must admit peaches were cheaper, although I did lustfully pick up a mango the other day (and put it back).

      Pippa leaves the crops alone in Spain. Our GSD before would help himself to salad and strawberries however. ‘No Prince.’ Being an obedient GSD, he would stop, roll his eyes, wait for me to turn round and start eating again.

      I loved the contrast of the big shiny new lock on the old gates. It would be easier to hack through the rust!

      Thanks for your tasty comments.


      • WP is totally inconsistent. One day they say, “Oh, do this – use this number of tags, use really pictures, don’t make it too long, short paragraphs – all justified on the left…blah, blah” The look at Fresh to see NONE of those suggestions applied/utilized.
        They need to stop: better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
        I know they hired a bunch of new people a couple of months ago…maybe still a work in progress.
        But that Fresh Pressed? Frequently lots of dull bland stuff there.
        Think I’ll just write rather than aspire to being “famous”


        • I have to confess to wasting far too much time this past week on FP in the search for a good blog. I haven’t found one I would want to follow, or that I consider to be as good as the blogs I do read (and follow).

          I even went back to check out the supah sprout recipe and the traffic was straight back down to nothing. Where is the advantage of that? 24 hours where you want to be courteous, reply to a load of comments, visit their blogs and shazzam! Gone. Nothing like as many regular commenters as yours, or even mine.

          I found yet another cookery one with a recipe for gazpacho, which needless to state I did years ago on here. Yeah, the FP one was yet another one taken straight from a recipe book. Mine might have not been original, but it was pretty authentic because it came straight from my (at the time) 70 odd year old Spanish neighbour, she just showed me how to make it. It made being featured on BlogHer which was good, increased visits, and then – just like FP – nada. Sadly I’d written about the peaches so couldn’t revamp that gazpacho one into another snipe at FP.

          I do agree with short pars (you might have noticed) and left justification. But that’s my style. I don’t think everyone should write like that, although I did switch off today to a couple of long par blogs I saw, as I was risking falling asleep/off the chair.

          You returned the giggle, had to laugh at the quote about being a fool. Anyway, I told them to stop on the forum. I suggested they get rid of FP :) And they say, tell us what you don’t like about FP posts, so I do, if slightly obliquely – I gave a helpful link over on the daily post to my clouds post, and I actually got a reply . On the lines of, don’t care what you think, it’s our decision and we’re standing by the crap posts that we choose.

          As I said over on Clouds to someone else (a good write, interesting blog) what’s the point of getting a prize that lumps you with all the mediocrity? I would worry. I would rather rebel, keep my interesting and regular readers, than get 100 fatuous comments in a day.


          • Seems like there’s a bunch of new blogs cluttering up the place – some are businesses – some fishing for emails – many pretty boring. I, too gave up finding something interesting and just sticking to ones I follow now.
            WP is only concerned about increasing traffic so they can profit – (so all the “contests”, “awards”, and “helpful hints”) it seems to have changed a lot in the past year. Some of it so formatting more suited to smart phones and tablets – and those viewers?


          • Found myself logged out of this post. Spooky.
            I still find a few new ones (and after all some of the others fall off the end, or off their own blog), but it’s largely through, a) them finding me b) reading an interesting comment and taking a wander over.
            I would not blog from my iPhone. I only use my MBPro because I bought the biggest screen at the time. Interesting theory point tablets and ‘phones – younger people without failing reading eyesight? But if you like good clean design, you need a big screen, but I spent too many years in graphic design and newspapers.


  9. Gib is georgeous. I love the recipes, wow you can cook. Noticed how you stated “unoriginal recipe.” Thought that was funny. I also will often change a recipe with whatever spices may have in the cupboard, sometimes it works and there are times that it isn’t edible and have to throw the food out to feed the rabbits in the woods.
    The photos of that military quarters or old military quarters are interesing. I love the architecture of the buildings. Old architecture has always been an interest of mine. Take a million photos of old buildings and farmhouses, my next post will be of an old historic farmhouse and how the “footer” of the farm was actuallly made by mud and just rocks from the creek. Anyway, getting off the subject, the architecture of the buildings in Gib seems very old. Do you know the approx. dates of the buildings? Odd question, but I should have went into engineering or architecture, old buildings fascinate me…
    It’s odd how the older buildings tend to hold up better, than some of the ones built today. The old churches etc, still seem to hold up and were well built…Sorry, Liz the history nerd here. :) Getting off the subject.
    Can’t imagine what it would be like to step outside and just live in such a beautiful place like Gib. That looks nothing like here. Here is dull and boring compared to Gib, well my state is anyway.
    Liz dreaming of living in Gib… Thanks for showing the wonderful photos and recipes.


    • I love the old buildings here in Gib and think it is a huge part of the attraction of the place, for me anyway. The military quarters were built in 1904, there are a lot of turn of the century buildings around here, as well as older of course. My partner is currently working on former police barracks which were a similar period, now government housing for people. A photo will no doubt appear when the scaffolding has come down.

      Thanks for your cooking comments. My mother was a great cook and hers before her, so I guess I was just brought up in a cooking family.


  10. Hey … this was so good, I read your comment in the Daily Post before I came over here, so I got it in the ‘right order’, so to speak :D Wonderful.
    I’ve been MIA for a while here in the blogosphere, and I might be for another while. I’ve felt so miserable with the heat and humidity here so I haven’t been able to write anything at all. Each time I’ve tried, I’ve started to question why I do it in the first place.That was a parenthesis.

    Every now and then, I’ve checked out these Freshly Pressed blog posts … the times any one of them have been even remotely interesting to me, I’ve gone back afterwards to see how much activity they’ve received in the following post; ‘more or less none’.

    As I’m typing this comment, I’m unable to view Clouds Moving In. I get some weird kind of error page. Must be a temporary glitch..


    • Thanks Reb. I wondered where you had been. I was on the point of checking you out because I hadn’t seen any posts come up on my Reader, which means nothing as it often bypasses blogs I follow :(

      As for why do it? creative, informative, interesting? If you mean what purpose does it serve, that’s a bit like saying, why read a book? Anyway, hope the weather cools down a bit for you, it’s been warm here too but we seem to be getting a few coastal breezes as well.

      Isn’t it a shame that people get 100 comments on one day – and nothing afterwards? Really defeats the ostensible purpose.

      Thanks for pointing out about Clouds. My fault and poor html, there were two https and I didn’t notice when I did a quick link check. Fixed now, so in that respect it was temporary ;)


  11. I’m torn between laughing hysterically and worrying about the calibre of my own blog, though fortunately I too have no desire to be Freshly Pressed. Chutney looks delicious, and thanks for the “before” and “after” peach photos: immensely helpful! ;)


    • Thanks. Stick to laughing hysterically.

      If the other blogs were what I considered to be decent, I might aspire to be FPed. But as I consider they are no better than a poor average and in some cases, downright dire, it is not on my agenda.

      I was rather proud of those peach photos. I realised that people would not know what two peaches looked like, or even more exciting, how they looked chopped, and then – the ultimate – in a pan with spices. Why such helpful info did not get me freshly pressed is quite beyond me. Nevertheless, I’m pleased they helped you.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment, I’ll wander over to Blackpool (?) tomorrow.


    • Missing posts is all too easy especially with the unpredictable way WordPress is currently behaving. I was tired of seeing bland, boring, nothing-in-particular being touted as ‘the best of WordPress’ so it wrote itself really …….


  12. @Roughseasinthemed – hope I did offend you in anyway, if there is anything at all you wish for me to delete on my blog, please let me know. I shall delete right away. You are one of my favorite readers and writers. Noticed you have not commented latley, if I ticked you off please let me know, I will delete anything of offense….
    That being said, just started my own blogging contest, as I love history, thought you might be interested. I can no longer read the boring blog posts of the “weekly challenges.”
    Here is the challenge:

    If I have offended you in some way, very sorry, as an American do not understand all things that offend people of Gib. Very sorry. Feel free to email me anytime.


  13. Mother had her leg amputated and the other leg is blocked 70%. Grandfather had a serious stroke and cannot remember me (was the one person that understood me). Grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia as of late, has no short term memory. Apologies for negative posts, just with the husband going to Turkey, alot to take in….so, all apologies. Sorry, if I offended thee in any way shape or form.



  14. Your wisdom and writing is beyond that of America, if you ever travel to the U.S. please contact me,as we have much to discuss and your writing is as I long to be: Your writing is the best ever read, it is truth, wisdom, journalism, and et all.

    We shall walk barefoot on the beach and discuss world politics someday….we shall….



    • The peach chutney is very good. In fact I have a jar in the fridge right now. Half a jar actually. I wrote the post around the time WP was featuring incredibly pretentious recipe blogs on Freshly Pressed so I was convinced one of those coveted (although not by me) blue badges would be winging its merry way to me;) It didn’t :D

      But two places as far apart as we are? It would be interesting to find out how many fishing disputes they are/have been involved in with other countries.


    • Actually a few of the ones I follow have been. No idea for which posts. One of them has since deleted her blog, it wasn’t her best post IMO, nor was the writing that good anyway, buy hey who is to judge?

      Another friend actually took down his FP post, but sent me it to read anyway.

      Yet another has two badges, she has a good blog, like all of us, some posts catch the attention or attract more than others.

      I read so many different blogs of so many different types. (I don’t read cookery blogs – well, only vegan ones!). I do prefer personal ones, with a variety of posts and subjects. I also like ones that have good discussion.

      FP is very Americo-centric. I think the ones I have seen FP’d have all been American. British (or even worse, Yorkshire) humour and style isn’t quite in their cognosphere.


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