How to shop and not drop

I do not like shopping. I may have almost certainly written this at least once before.

Living in a warm, sunny, beautiful place does have its problems, sadly.

And one of these is shopping. What choice do you normally get in a town/city/country of 30,000 people?

Not very much. Gib happens to be a city and a country, but in terms of shopping, apart from fags, perfume and spirits, shopping is pretty limited.

Go to Spain? Don’t forget to declare your purchases on the way back in and pay import duty. We know someone who had their bags of food confiscated, and someone else who had to appear in court for non-declaration of goods – she could have lost her job for that.

I like to use mail order. It should be simple, it isn’t. Gib is a VAT (Value Added Tax at 20% in the UK) free zone. We do have to pay import duty however.

How many firms have told me a) they can’t deduct the VAT – why not?

and b) they can’t ship to Gib – why not?

Ethical Wares, on the other hand is not one of those firms. I have been using them well before the days of the internet when I used to get Ye Olde Fashionede Mail Order Catalogue through the post.

The service and the quality of the products is still exactly the same. Apparently Denise and Mike have been running the business for nearly 20 years, and as far as I can see, doing an extremely good job of it.

We have bought walking boots, safety boots, flat ‘fashion’ boots for me, training shoes, casual boots, – I have no idea how many pairs, although if they have a good computer they may know.

I still have the walking boots I bought in the UK and a pair of smart understated flat black ankle boots. I left the UK more than ten years ago, so these are not synthetic products that fall apart.

Yes, that’s right, they are synthetic. Non-leather. Synthetic doesn’t always mean poor quality. Ethical Wares source their products so that they are 1) ethical, ie fairly traded, no abuse of human workers 2) cruelty free ie no dead animals involved and 3) good quality.

I bought some fashion boots, which I really liked, from another good on-line store Bourgeois Boheme. (link is to my post)

Reasonably priced, flat boots and exactly what I wanted. Another ethical firm, delivered to Gib, and deducted VAT. But the boots are not the same quality as the products I have had from Ethical Wares. Not to slag off BB but to point out that although Ethical Wares charges seemingly higher prices, their products last for years. And I mean years.

How ethical is that? Anyone with half a business brain would be selling something that falls apart within a limited time so we all buy new. In these days of grab and get, that is something to be admired, and gets my custom. Every time.

I’ve quoted from their website (hope that’s ok Mike), as it says it all. They care about people and animals. Who wants to give their money to grasping corporate shareholders? Not me.

About ethical Wares

When we took over the running of ethical WARES back in 1993, there were just 2 styles of shoes on offer. One was imaginatively called the Green boot, if we remember correctly and one the Black boot! How times have changed, with ethical WARES now stocking well over 500 Vegan and Cruelty Free products.

In this time we have seen many other companies selling non leather footwear come and go, but today there is a much wider choice of such footwear and accessories available for the compassionate consumer to choose from. This is so important because as consumers we all have the chance to change the world for the better in our everyday purchases. There is a better world possible for all its inhabitants and it is up to us all to work for this positive change.

All our products are not only Vegan but have been carefully sourced to satisfy us to their worker friendly credentials. We’ve been dealing with some of the companies making footwear for us for many years now. Where we can we support the UK footwear industry as this has been hit so very hard by cheap imports from abroad, forcing much of the domestic industry to close down.

We believe that the struggle for a better deal for animals cannot be separated from that same struggle for human rights. To this end many of our accessories are covered by Fair Trade criteria and we are proud to be supporting the Tibetan refugee community by offering Tibetan incense, handicrafts and music in our Tibet Shop.

Another passion of ours is for music, whether this is just for enjoyment or to encourage social or political change. Good music can be very special but good music made by Vegan or Veggie musicians is better still! This led us to start up our Music for A Better World section on EW strictly for Vegan or Veggie musicians, and then onto a wider range of music in our Four Dogs Music site

The income from EW goes to fund the care of the 50 or so animals living here with us at Caegwyn. A motley crew if ever there were one; consisting of goats, sheep, pigs, 2 old horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and Aunt Dotty the cow.

Without the support of so many people all over the world who have shopped with us over the years we have been going, none of the above would have been possible. Our aim is to continue for another 15 years and our promise is to never waver from the principles on which EW was founded.

For peace, justice and for no more wars.

Denise and Mike

ethical WARES

So yesterday my partner collected my order that had been despatched immediately I ordered it and arrived in Gib within four days! And people say they can’t/won’t deliver to Gib? [It actually arrived here on Monday but I’ve been feeling a bit off colour so hadn’t been able to collect from the parcel depot]. A big well done to UK Parcel Force service there too.

Anyway, product review:

Safety boots

Made of black lorica. My partner works in construction and wears these steel toe cap boots all the time.

At his latest firm he was given a pair of standard issue ‘safety boots’. He uses those for dog walking because they don’t provide enough support when he is working on scaffolding. These boots from Ethical Wares do provide support and don’t even need breaking in.

Cost: £82.95

Probably the third or fourth pair we have had in nearly twenty years.

Safe, solid, supportive, superb.

Our order – safety boots and trainers

My present was a pair of trainers, or to be specific, an athletic shoe from New Balance.

I wear trainers most of the time, when I’m not wearing boots and these are supremely comfortable and supportive. As Ethical Wares has a lot of these on offer at the moment, a new pair was a must buy, especially as I haven’t got round to cleaning the current pair. I don’t have time to clean, I blog.

In terms of sizing I fluctuate between a 39 and a 40, but I took a 40 in these.

Cost: £ 49.96 (that’s a VAT free price). UK price, £59.95, normal price £79.96. Lucky UK people get free postage apparently.

Wiki has an interesting post about New Balance. I had no idea they were American, and more than a hundred years old, because my shoes come from, ie are made in, the UK. I’m not really interested in what the athletic claims are for the shoes, but as far as I am concerned, they are extremely comfortable, supportive, and like walking on air.

Because of the offer on at Ethical Wares I will be buying me some more. I’ve got models 758 and 759, so may try a couple of others as they are both great shoes.

Their walking boots are superb. Their less rugged casual and softer boots are equally good. I have not bought a product that I have been disappointed with. Personal service is excellent, queries are rapidly answered. Goodies are quickly despatched, with none of this ‘you should get it in 21 days’ drivel that you get on other sites.

Only one walking bootie on display here as I had to wash off the dogs hairs to take the pic …..

What more do I have to say? I’ve written about different aspects of ethical shopping before, so Ethical Wares is a top class example of a firm that ticks every box for me.

There are also stockists in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. So, check out the Ethical Ware website. They sell far more than footwear, that just happens to be my main purchase from them.

In the meantime, a bit of stress has invaded the roughseas life due to crap I can’t be bothered to recite.

But my partner bought me a couple of pairs of earrings for our wedding anniversary. We were too short of money for the silver wedding a couple of years ago to buy any presents so this was a lovely treat.

Still on the shopping theme, I braved the trip to Morrison’s today, early to avoid the heat. Sitting on the swing at the kiddies play park wondering if it was built to support a 55kg woman, I noticed my neighbour.

When I got off, he said ‘You were on the broken one, there’s a nut missing.’ !!

Swings (no roundabouts)

In fact when we both examined the two swings, I had luckily not been sitting on the broken one. So, if like me, you have a habit of using children’s swings, do check for missing nuts.

Then he pointed out a new commemorative stone, that I hadn’t seen before. Apparently it was built for the recent royal visit of the Wessexes. And before anyone asks, I have no interest in Harry scampering around in the nude.

Diamond Jubilee Foundation Stone

And then, a couple of early (ish) morning pix of the boats. While the supermarket is a chore, at least the walk there is fun and extremely scenic.

Walkway looking towards St John Ambulance

Where is the food picture, I hear some of you ask? Well, there is one, but it can wait for another day……

To UK readers, have a great bank holiday weekend. By which I mean, I hope you get at least one rain-free day.


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    • Thank you J. It is lovely, I have to say I think that every time I walk out of the door or look out of the window.

      I’ve actually made conscious choices in life to try and live somewhere that I consider to be nice, within budget obviously. I would rather have a small place somewhere beautiful than a large place that is somewhere soulless.

      I love the marinas, and walking past on the shopping run makes it far less of a chore. We used to live pretty near the water in Sydney too, so ever since, we’ve always tried to move/live coastal.

      As for me, I like reading about places I have been :D eg Australia, India, Philippines, countries in Europe etc


  1. I have little time… so will quickly say, and be back in a day or so, you make great points re ethical shopping, (2nd) most importantly I love the ear-ings esp. the leaf design, and most importantly, be well :)


    • No rush. Don’t forget I am on summer hours ;) so maybe you should take winter hours? In fact, I quoted ethical wares in full, because I thought they made the best points. Everyone has heard my views before :D But, to buy something that lasts for a long time, is a) more cost effective, b) better for the environment, c) better for people d) better for animals and e) worse for greeding grasping corporate businesses. All round win :)

      Totally different earrings. My partner luckily has decent taste in them. I like the prettiness and delicacy of the leaf one, I saw something similar around the time of the Silver Wed, and just couldn’t justify the money at the time. (It was a necklace and earring set, very nice, and somewhat dearer than these.)

      The other ones are more striking, and also happen to have a stud, so are safer for wearing out. How many earrings have I lost out? :(

      Thanks, feeling a bit better, some things need to be put behind you and on with what needs doing. Or something like that.


  2. Pretty fair assessment, it seems Sunday will be dry for some, with Sat and Mon being wet pretty much for everyone; well thats what the BBC says. Is it a holiday in Gib this weekend ?

    I don’t like shopping either :(


    • I didn’t bother looking at the weather when I wrote it, given how wet the UK has been this year, and the wet bank hol tradition, I figured it would be a given for at least one or two days rain.

      Yes!! We follow UK bank hols – although I understand they are no longer called that, public holidays? – and we have a few of our own. National Day coming up on 10 September. The biggie :) You know it’s big because even Morrisons closes!

      I don’t dislike shopping, I loathe it. I have no idea where the idea of women being shopaholics came from but no-one ever asked me. Most of my non-food shopping in the UK was always mail order. I could just be doing something far more interesting than standing in a queue in a supermarket (or wherever). Just boring. Time consuming. I probably need to buy new clothes, and I have no interest. I need a virtual fairy to deliver what I am thinking of. Unlikely I guess, seeing as even Morries doesn’t deliver here. (I think I said that before).


      • Perhaps you need a personal shopper :)

        I noted Morries don’t deliver, they don’t even deliver in London. Its quite useful getting the bottles, jars, tins and frozen stuff brought to your door, especially if you don’t have a car. I wouldn’t have anything else delivered, as Tesco have a reputation for choosing items with a sell by date of the delivery day or the day after.

        I did find a wine merchant who delivers, so that’s half the problem solved!!


        • I can’t imagine a personal shopper getting exactly what I want. I thought I married one but he doesn’t seem too keen on shopping these days either.

          I used to get wine delivered from Vinceremos which was good. And compost. And flour. Life was good in the UK for mail order.

          Bit of a naughty policy there with the sell by date. Gotta laugh in Spain – and Gib – where they sell stuff past the date, and don’t even reduce it! (not morries, I add quickly before they sue me).


    • Well, ethical Wares does deliver world wide. As I say, they may seem dear, but for me, the quality is excellent.

      I’m laughing, buying good shoes in India is a nightmare? I thought you had loads of leather shoes (I won’t go into the detail about the stats and using up the skins to make shoes for more profit etc).

      I love the earrings too. Yesterday was a leaf day, today is the dangly day :D


      • Was talking about trainers :-) Leather is bountiful here but well designed women’s shoes, especially walking shoes, are hard to find. Even brands like Nike and Adidas stock outdated styles.


        • I wouldn’t touch Nike or Adidas (note the ethical slant to the post ;) ), but I seriously recommend the NB shoes. You may find them elsewhere on the intersphere but like me, you may be penalised with postage. Still, if they are good and serve for years, that suits me.


  3. Lovely post – rambling and gloriously eccentric – loved this especially “I don’t have time to clean, I blog”. I hate shopping except ALDI, I like ALDI! If I need clothes I go to Springfields Outlet Shopping Centre and I challenge myself to get everything done within 20 minutes so I don’t have to pay for car parking!


    • Thank you.

      Excuse me but I thought it was a rather focused post all about shopping! More or less. I suppose the boots are suitable for rambling however :)

      I don’t have time to wash up either, but I need to do it, as my iPhone photos were a pain to get the right way up on the blog :(

      You would like ALDI. I can imagine. I don’t think you win the prize for ethical shopper of the year, but I daresay you aren’t in the contest.

      To be fair, clothes shopping here is a few minutes walk down Main Street, but I just Don’t. Like. Shopping. You have to remember, I look at where the clothes are made and what they are made of. That’s just clothes. Life is hard being ethical ya know.


        • For who? You or the world? Long term, I think it is cheaper. Depend whether you are an instant fix person.

          I saw something today that in UK, Spain and Ireland the overall unit cost of products has decreased over the last four years. No doubt accounts for poor wages and imported goods.


          • Actually I’m not as shallow as you might think (I hope). I don’t do save the tiger or worry about CO2 emissions because the way I see it is that there has been alternative life here before and there will be alternative life after our temporary occupation of the planet. Hundreds of thousands of years sounds like a long time but it isn’t really! My philosophy is ‘let’s just get on with it and shit happens’. I know that doesn’t deal with social injustices whilst we are here but… I am with Voltaire on this one.


          • I wouldn’t dream of calling you – or anyone else – shallow. My days of judging people for their opinions are long gone, so you can sleep well tonight.

            My philosophy is, I’m here, and where I can make a difference, and contribute, I will.

            I do want to save tigers, rhinos, elephants, and far more animals under the sun that don’t asked to be killed by obnoxious poachers. Or animals that are tortured by plain sadists.

            Turn a blind eye, play golf and the world will go round for at least as long as we are around. As you say, we are temporarily here, no doubt to be frozen out, or whatever in another million years.

            And anyone who has a history degree knows that


            those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

            I would rather think I have contributed positively to the world I live in, and left something for the future. Idealistic? Yes. Want to contribute something? Yes.

            We all make choices in life.


  4. Roughseas,
    It’s off topic, but I appreciate that you have not added the LIKE button on your blog. It does encourage the reader to write a comment and interact with the author, unless of course, it’s an off-topic comment like mine, although there is room for a conversation around the subject.
    Le Clown


    • Lol! And I was just writing on yours at the same time. I have taken the LIKE button off because to me, it adds no value. Either say something, or read and clear off.

      Ok, you saw through the ruse….. I prefer comments.

      Intelligent, witty, thinking, wonderful ones.

      Off topic is always welcome – more than enough off topic comments and discussions on all my blogs. And I have just written about toilet paper on yours :)

      Thought you had abandoned roughseas for clouds? No matter. Flit around where you want. Me da igual.


      • Roughseas,
        I often talk out of my ass. Why would I limit myself to one blog of yours… Seems like such a limitation. I think we’re off to a new and improved relationship, you and I.
        Le Clown


  5. Hearing bout life in sunny Gib always manages to brighten up my day here in drab damp Ireland. Could we have more pics please of everyday life there?
    Regards Brian


    • Hello Brian

      Thanks for your comment. There are plenty of sunny everyday Gib pix if you care to browse in the categories and tire yourself out wandering up, down and around Gib.

      Otherwise check in from time to time as most posts have pix of Gib, somewhere.

      Any particular requests of places, I’ll try and hunt them down.


  6. That was excellent delivery service for your goodies, I must go and have a look at the website, Deb swears by New Balance for the gym, so she could be interested too.
    I like both pairs of earrings, but prefer the leaf ones, mainly because they don’t have a clip on the back (nightmare story with a clip style pair in my youth).
    The harbour pics have a lovely effect to them, quite grainy, which makes them look really arty. Have you been playing? ;-)


  7. Thanks for the wonderful post and the Ethical Ware’s link. Just a quick note about online “stores”. Next month the big A, Amazon, will finally begin charging sales tax for purchases made in California. Amazon fought this tooth, nail and pocket for several years. The new arrangement will bring at least two distribution centers, a 1000+ jobs in the next several
     months and $200,000,000 to the state’s coffers each year. Unfortunately far too many of the products Amazon offers do not come close to Ethical Ware’s socially responsible items. Now that Jeff Bezos has more than enough money he might just have an aha moment become less of a bozo and follow EW’s and others’ example. But this is USerland and the bottom line comes first and last in most cases. By the way, we have purchased NB footwear in the past and they have proven to be a good value.


    • Thanks J. I’ve never yet used Amazon although I have looked at a couple of items. It’s a bit complicated for my aging brain cells, whereas ethical Wares is nice and easy to use. As was the article! Does that mean that when they invest in California though that they don’t have to charge the tax because they will then become ‘in-state’? Huge investment planned there.
      I don’t think Amazon has any concept of ethical shopping or social responsibility.
      I like that NB has a factory in the UK, and that ethical Wares tries to source local footwear manufacturers. Shop local and all that. Something that isn’t made using slave labour from China for once.


  8. I do admire any woman who can purchase shoes via mail order. I’ll order anything from the comfort of my laptop, but when it comes to my OWN apparel, I need to try it on first! Glad you found such a good fit (sorry) with Ethical Ware.


    • It originally started with the need to get vegetarian boots, I’d found some reasonable synthetic shoes for work in the city in the UK, but walking boots, safety boots were another matter. And wanting decent quality too, so I turned to mail order. My partner is a perfect size 44, but as I said I am borderline. These days I tend to go for the 40. Can always add an extra pair of socks.

      With clothes, I used to use a mail order company in the UK that did free postage and packing, I think if it didn’t fit, I had to pay the return, but the exchange delivery from them was also free. It didn’t work out at more than a bus trip into town without the hassle.

      As my options in Gib really are limited, the fact that I know a reliable, helpful and quality firm really helps.


    • I’m sure they would be great for running, but as my running achievements have only ever been for a bus, and I doubt I could do that these days, I can only talk about walking. But to me, they are ethical – no sweatshop, no dead animals – as well as being good quality and locally made.

      Earrings are brill :)

      I’m on summer hours;) that’s reduced posting, ie once a week as it’s worked out, but trying to visit and comment on others. Summer hours in Gib (the bizarre shopping office hours) extends into September so I will probably extend mine too :D


  9. I will definitely check out the Ethicalwares website.. sounds like my kind of place to online shop.. and you lucky lass..Those earrings are beautiful..I prefer silver to gold any day!!


    • As there is a US distributor it may not work out too costly. But I’m sure you have a lot of ethical companies in the US too, it’s just that for me this is a small business so no unethical parent company, is vegan friendly, people friendly, animal friendly, and great to deal with.

      Thanks, I do have some gold, and did think about some gold sleepers, but these days, I like silver because it is less obtrusive. It is there, but subtle, I think. My partner usually buys silver for me – it is cheaper after all :D – and luckily he has decent taste and can spot what will suit me.


  10. “I don’t have time to clean – I blog.’ My new all-time favourite quote EVER. :) I know what you mean when you get giddy at good delivery service – I live in a rural area and everyone always freaks out that I only have a postal box and not a physical address. They swear the courier won’t be able to find me. But the joke is on them – their couriers know enough to deliver to a central location and then send then through Canada Post – right to my PO Box. If I had a dollar for every conversation I’ve had which ended up with my having an aneurism out of sheer annoyance and aggravation, I could send you a duty-free package from Ethical Wares!! :)


    • It wasn’t just the shoes of course, I looked around the flat and thought if I didn’t blog – how clean it might would be!

      Even in the UK I always found the UK Parcel Force (part of the old royal mail service) to be excellent and better than most of the commercial courier services.

      Here in Gib because a) there is import duty and b) most people live in flats and the postie can’t always get in the blocks, many things have to be collected from the depot. But considering this parcel had to be despatched, went to one location in the UK, then London, then a plane, then here, four days – including a weekend struck me as pretty good. I like to say when things are good because most of us moan all the time :D

      Quite a few people in Spain have PO Boxes too because they live in the campo (countryside).


  11. I’ve had a chance to look at Ethical Ware’s site. I will favourite it and browse further when I’m next online shopping – Christmas & Summer is coming up. The prices and postage rates are very good, as well as their stock. I like the photos of your morning walk to the supermarket. Also the advice re the swing, given I love to swing – usually I just have to remember not to have coffee/food beforehand. I never thought about the safety aspect.


    • I did wonder about weight – swings were much sturdier when I was younger – but I never thought to check for missing nuts and bolts :(

      The pricing of EW is obv UK based so may be expensive compared with elsewhere. But they have what I want and provide a great service. Currently waiting for some chainsaw boots, which I knew partner wouldn’t be able to resist.


    • Jebal Tariq? Yes, that’s the most popularly touted story for the name, although I’m sure I have read another one somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it. And of course it was part of the Muslim empire from 711 until 1462, although there were a few swings backwards and forwards in the later years. Gib has been Arabic far longer than it has been either Spanish or British.


  12. Life must be pretty TUF, for you and shopping, TUF an old work boot, have idea what they are made of, but I just thought of them. I suppose Morrison’s make a good visit because of your walk and scenery you get. All I get is traffic lights and dual carriageways… Again thanks for your read. enjoyed,,;)


    • I vaguely remember TUF. You would have thought a steel toe cap boot was a steel toe cap boot but after wearing them for 40 years, my partner apparently can tell the difference. The only problem with going to Morrisons is the bit in the middle where I have to buy things and avoid people standing in aisles with shopping trollies and kids running riot. Thanks G.


  13. NB shoes are great. (love your shoe choices!) We’re doing most of shopping on-line, too. There are some good honest companies out there – will have to check out Ethical Wares.
    We have a long weekend coming up. After this one, our area will go back to normal with few tourists. Must risk the mosquitoes and get a couple of marina shots from here to share.
    Always enjoy you walks! (Pippa, the German just said tonight that she’s getting more used to walking in the dark..even past outdoor restaurants and shops with cars along side….and it’s really fun when person isn’t paying attention and she can lunge at that cat that’s always sitting in one yard! HA! Got a good bark in at that one tonight! Big nose bump!)


    • Thanks, you can see I buy a lot of delicate high heel shoes can’t you?

      Our on-line shopping problems are firms that a) won’t deliver to Gib, just won’t deliver and b) won’t deduct the sales/VAT tax from the price. And on top of that we have to pay import duty. So that’s one reason why I love ethical Wares, apart from the products.

      We’ve just had our long weekend which will get an outing on here in a couple of days. Looking forward to your marina shots. You’re in Texas, your marinas will be bigger and so will your boats!

      Always good to hear about the German. Pippa sends a sleepy sigh back, and a gentle nose rub, too warm for anything else. But probably not as warm as your temps, we’ve noticed after the weekend in Spain that Gib is noticeably cooler. (by all of three or so degrees :D )


  14. Saw a snarky comment you left elsewhere :D Loved it, hence I ended up here and was of course surprised to find we live in the same part of the world; Although, on opposite sides of the same annoying customs people who now put one’s name and passport number on the computer every time you buy cigarettes. The limit is one carton every thirty days.

    Anyway… what annoyed you is what I’ve coined The Blogzi-Scheme. It works in very much the same way as Mr. Ponzi’s financial version. People promote people who then promote more people in a never ending circle-jerk of links and nothing of value ever being written. It’s somewhat amusing to watch. A reflection of modern society, notoriety for notoriety’s sake.


    • Only one snarky comment? Most unlike me. I’m seriously hot in the popularity stakes right now (not) but I can live with it. Nothing new there. Oh, I’m guessing I know where you saw it. And I’m writing about it elsewhere :)

      Oh dear. I never remember the customs details because I don’t smoke, and before you ask, I definitely don’t transport. You do know smoking ruins those good looks don’t you? (I live in Spain too ….)

      I’ve just read your second par. It’s brilliant.

      Bit anti-christian aren’t you? :D You need to write about sex Spain and post pretty pictures and sex and bland recipes and swear and sex. I do hope you entered the contest ;) [sorry about that description, it just seems to be what gets more comments].

      But to be very serious, I don’t like contests and challenges. I may do one as a one-off but increasingly less. So there are wordpress challenges and every single blogger under the sun starts their own contests and challenges and give aways – and for what value? Where is the creativity in that?

      I have my summer hours right now (previous post about reduced blogging) so I’m only commenting and posting less frequently. It is not because I don’t have anything to write about and I am not going to be told what to write. /rant

      And thanks for the visit and the great comment.


      • Anti-Christian? Well, I’ll go after Muslims and Mormons next so they don’t feel left out :D I might even include a Mohammed cartoon just to check if the Sotogrande security guards are on their toes.

        So if you hear about a suicide bombing here in the next few weeks, you can explain to the media what happened.


        • I figured it was the Christian anti-gay stance that might have racked you off. Jesus – prophet of tolerance?

          Not every Christian is so bigoted, but me da igual as I’m not religious.

          Did you back click to any of my very non-snarky posts where I wrote about Islamic terrorist suspects? You might have done ;) But if you didn’t …. However, appreciate the potential newscoop.

          Mormons. Hmmm. Not very feminist in my opinion.


          • Their anti-gay stance does annoy me, but only as a symptom. My big issue is with the patriarchal power structures within monotheism. It’s the perpetuation of aristocracy and assigning value to things (and people) according to dogma rather than merit or evidence.

            That sort of thinking is closely married to totalitarianism, as we, around this part of the world, can still see first hand. Half of Spain still yearns for the Generalisimo.
            Have you noticed how in any single phrase that has the word “fascist” in it, you can substitute it for right-wing-catholic, and it still holds true?

            I had back clicked to your terrorism story. Shocking; But having driven around La Linea a lot, I can see how living in certain areas could drive someone to want to blow something up. Few parts of the developed world have such natural beauty littered with such hideous architecture.


          • A neat summary of the ‘big three’ in religion with which I would agree.

            One of Spain’s – many – problems, is the amount of societal and economic change that it underwent in the last 100 years. Yes, so did most countries in Europe in the period of the two WWs, but to differing degrees. Spain’s bloody civil war, the dictatorship and the legacy it left are still in recent memory. Certainly the poorer people in Andalucía would not like to see a return to fascism.

            But with democracy came that heady sense of freedom, no fear of the Guardia Civil knocking on the door to haul someone off. And corrupt councils able to do whatever they wanted. I see part of Spain’s current problems being due to the inexperience of being able to govern at both local and central level.

            Town planning is a classic example. Sort of pile it high and sell it high too. As long as the developers were paying big bucks for land and permission to develop, plus a few pesetas/euros in someone’s pocket, then the building continued. That’s the only sort of town planning I’ve ever seen here. And La Linea is a great example. Two beautiful bays, and it is like one extensive slum. It never fails to amaze us every time we drive out.

            It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out about the terrorism. I doubt the rough parts of La Linea would be the motivation for bomb making, rather just a convenient place to blend in and bide time.


  15. Hello love, I myself HATE shopping, have to capitalize that, my husband says he is tired of my 7 year old wardrobe. Never thought about how hard it would be to shop in such a small place as Gib….A few questions – no rush. Do you ever shop on the internet? Found my shoes for much cheaper on the net. Another issue, does the word “fag” as I saw in this post have a different meaning in Europe? If so, what does the word mean in Gib? In America, the word is a very racist and negative connotation, we are never really supposed to use the word. I was just wondering what it means across the world in Gib.
    Nonetheless, love the shoes. I have an addiction to shoes. My husband once cleaned out my garage and threw out a whole bin full of my shoes, still makes me angry to this day. Keep my shoes from years ago in boxes for all occasions such as parties, special events, hiking, boots, winter etc.
    My shoe size never changes, oh still can’t get over he threw out about 20 pair of my shoes. He responded with this, “you never wear them.”
    OK- cannot get started on shoes, I have high heels, low heals and about 20 pair of gym shoes from about 5 years ago, they all look brand new….Sorry, Liz cannot discuss shoes. It is one of those topics that just gets me going. Love the adivce though, and pictures, beautiful!


  16. This is proof that I shall avoid all posts that involve shoes as they bring back horrible memories of the husband throwing out my shoes, then I cannot comment on the post effectively.

    Apologies, Roughseasinthemed – just my shoes cost alot and the hubby makes this almost a very hot topic for me. Ugh.


    • That’s such a shame about chucking your stuff. I have a rule here, I throw my stuff out, he throws his out and we leave each other’s alone. I stick to that rule, he sometimes doesn’t. The joys of living with someone else and our different perceptions of ‘unnecessary junk’. It’s a bit like one of the discussions on your blog though. Best not to dwell on the past, but to learn from it and set some parameters for the future.


  17. Well, at least you won’t fall into too much of a consumerist lifestyle with limited Gib shopping choices. But I know, for quality practical stuff, like boots, it’s pain. I don’t even shop anything online. I have alot of problems fitting clothing because of my petite size. Also as a Canadian we may end up paying customs brokerage fees if ie. I shopped online for stuff in the U.S.


    • Lol. There is an Apple shop ! And indeed the laptop I am using came from there. I would have considered buying a television from Bang and Olufsen but it closed before I had persuaded myself to part with the money.

      I guess it depends on your definition of consumerism. Mine is, buying tat repeatedly because it doesn’t last, that you don’t need in the first place. I would rather save up, buy something decent that lasts. I do not want to keep shopping. I loathe shopping. I probably need some new clothes but I sure as hell am not inclined to buy any until absolutely necessary.

      My partners feet are a perfect size 44 regardless of what he buys. Mine have always been bordeline :( Can be difficult in terms of sending boots/shoes back, or rather, costly. But still, when we have no choice.

      I used to have problems finding clothes that were small enough as in sizing not height) because I was so slim. Middle age brings advantages in an all round larger figures, although not in the clothes I have had to discard :(

      Feel for you with the customs fees, that is exactly my issue too.


  18. I do believe I have that same pair of New Balance running shoes! Though I always enjoy hearing about your adventures (and opinions!), it always gives me a special kick seeing pics of your part of the world :)


    • A new club. New Balance people around the world? Sadly while they are ethical shoes and don’t use sweathshop labour it gripes me that those of us who can afford to buy them are not doing anything to help people out of a miserable life. Ethical dilemmas.

      And thanks.


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