Recipe pages

I’ve been revamping the recipe page(s), so for those of you who are interested, it’s now organised in sections and you can see all the sections and recipes when you hover over it. I’ll try and add more as and when, but I need to find posts from the past first!

The headings are self-explanatory so browse where your interest lies, and I’ll try and post a note when I have added more sections/recipes.

In the meantime, for those interested in the Indian bread, I have included the recipe for that.

25 comments on “Recipe pages

  1. Mmmm, I’ve been browsing and mentally filing for very soon future reference… things that are simple, which I but but could/should make- olive pate (& the mushroom), green curry, dahl, and of course the Indian bread to name just a few, and stuff I already do – guacamole, stuffed eggs…mmm basil. I’m also in the process of compiling a foodie post, which is not my thing usually, but as they say “events overtook me”…


    • I think simple is good, so it’s not meant to be anything clever, but it is easy to overlook the obvious. And different ways of trying the same thing, eg the guacs and stuffed eggs (I also do a curried one from time to time).

      I’ll probably add an Italian section at some point as well. I was trying to keep it small but easy to negotiate. Anyway, saves cluttering up the main blog for people who aren’t interested, and is also helpful for me as a source of reference :)


    • Thanks L. It’s just some of what we eat, but it’s always good to get inspiration so if it helps others, that’s fine by me. Some are easy, some not so, depends on your taste as well. In my older years, I have realised that simple, local, and cheap can be great, so that’s mostly what will get posted.

      But there will be the odd faffy recipe from time to time.


    • This is so NOT a food blog. But when I post food up, why not share recipes I enjoy for people who may be interested?

      Some recipes could fall under more than one heading – but as they all show up, I’m not sure it’s a huge issue.

      And thanks, the holiday is well good :)


    • Lol! and good to see you back. Some people aren’t interested, but others are, so it makes sense to stick them on page format for people to look for their own tastes. I think it works better than trying to hunt back through categories or do an aimless search.


  2. Just heard about the impending hurricane about to hit Gib??!!!!…..hope it’s not to bad and that you all keep safe and well…lots of luv from the SGLT xxx


    • Hello Fee and SGLT – we were up the coast so your message was the first I heard about it :D Apparently it was a tail-ender and didn’t end up here anyway, as far as my cursory glance at the tinties showed. Thanks for your good wishes and love to the team too, hope everyone is well, happy, and you and S are planning your next holiday. xx


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