Second blogroll

The latest revamp involves an updated blogroll, but rather than have an extremely tediously long list on the original one, I have just made a new page. Simple huh?

If you weren’t included in the last list, from about nine months ago, feel free to head over to More Blogs I Visit, see if you are there and then complain at what I have written about you. I will probably ignore any comments anyway.

If you aren’t on there, and would expect to be, then do let me know. I may well have forgotten a few blogs, for which I apologise in advance. I’ve tended to go for the ones who comment regularly who weren’t on the original roll, the ones who complained about not being on the original list, and in particular, some newer ones, who may or may not stay on there ;)

To be serious, this was long overdue, and if you thought I didn’t love you, it’s just not true. Honestly.

And now that bit of housekeeping is out of the way, I may find time to write a blog post.


11 comments on “Second blogroll

  1. Thank you for mentioning my languishing blogs in your list of visited blogs. I am using this inclusion as a challenge to myself to get off my butt(s) and occasionally produce something worthwhile on my blogs. I have a list of topics but am not focused. I suffer the same malady with my so called art. Thanks for the push and keep up the good work.


    • You were always on my list (sounds like a song – you are always on my mind!) and one of my favourites from so many years ago. We all take a break, or a rest or change direction or whatever, and in our years of blogging, I’ve learned that people come back and start up again as though they had never stopped. Even on blogger I didn’t delete people because they often reappeared.

      I have a list of topics as long as my arm, but what I write happens to be what I feel like on the day ie when I am sick of thinking about it in my head and MUST publish immediately! Life is about being distracted. I too have a load of other work to do and don’t get around to it. I like the structure of blogging, just need to apply it to a few other aspects of life.


  2. Thank you for listing elladee_places. I’ve been clicking on a few of the others I don’t follow already, and I feel like I’m in good company. I like My Friend Rainy, Just Saying, Chintsa People, Free Penny Press… I’ll get to more when I have time :)


    • I’ve just updated the entry to mention Words and Images (too lazy to add the links but said they were on yours so that should serve). It was so long ago when I wrote the list that I had only read Places at the time! Interesting to look back and see who was on that first list. It was much easier to make a new list than mess about with the original one.

      If you read My Friend Rainy (the story), do start at the beginning, it’s well worth it. I’m behind on a few episodes after my bloghol, so need to catch up. There are lots of other interesting posts between the story episodes too. I like the story because it evokes so many pictures in my head which to me is the sign of a good tale.

      You’ll have worked out I guess that Jillian (Just Saying) is not too far away from you ie in Australian terms! as she’s in NSW. I love the two South African ones, even though she doesn’t post too often, always worth a read though. I don’t know how FPP found me but she writes on a diverse range of topics and has some interesting thoughts. If you find blogs you like from the new list, that’s great :) Makes it worthwhile spending hours on yesterday!


  3. Hey, you have been very busy. Thanks for including my blog.
    Lots of new-to-me blogs to explore – and I am ready for some. Some of the ones I’ve followed are ending, and I’ve some of the new ones just haven’t hit the target, yet. (Like there’s a lot of spare time right now..the sick of being indoors…supposed to he fall weather now) So really glad to see your list – it’s like having a review and pre-screening. Very much appreciate the effort.


    • it’s odd that all the people who have commented on this post were all included on the first blogroll! Not all the ones I visit post frequently, which in a way is good. I really need to organise the bloggers I like to post at appropriate intervals so there is always something interesting for me to read ;)

      Three reasons, one to make it easier for me to check out fave blogs, two to acknowledge people who regularly visit and comment on my blogs and three, to share a range of totally different blogs without having to do a blog award thing. At least pages are permanent and don’t disappear into the mists of time.


  4. First, I didn’t even look at your blogroll yet, but laughing out-loud, because of this, “you can visit the new ones I put on there and see my complaints about you, but I don’t care, probably won’t even read the comment.” Paraphrasing of course, but now I really have to go over to your other blog and check it out. Your opinions are just really funny, well the way you head straight to the point.

    This post made me laugh, thanks for that, need it and I didn’t look yet but if I am on the blogroll thank you, but if not thank you for all of your funny comments lately on my site.

    Since we have no forums, guess you and I just have to wonder around the blogosphere dishing out our opinions and trying to overcome boredom.

    Hopefully, the blogosphere is ready for our opinions and advice that we used to give out on the forums, ha ha lol. I used to read your blunt statements on the forums and just laugh hysterically. That was fun, now I need to go read your comments on other blogs to grab a smile and laugh.



    • You are on the new list. I think you complained about not being on the original one (for the simple reason we hadn’t ‘met’ when I compiled it) so I didn’t dare leave you off this one :D

      I do like to make people smile, although I don’t set out to do so deliberately and I certainly don’t aim to be funny. I am the world’s worst teller of jokes. In fact I just don’t tell them.

      I liked the forums they have got rid of. Plus, because the people on there were interesting (and opinionated), it was a good way to find interesting blogs. But still, people seem to keep appearing from somewhere, so it’s always good to find new readers and new blogs to read.

      If people find any of the blogs I visit interesting, then it’s time well spent :)

      It’s not been up a week and I need to add a couple of others to it. I think a third page of blogs I visit is not called for just yet!


      • Oh, I most likely had been drinking way too much when I had complained, I tend to get a bit bold with too much wine. Your sense of humor is funny on the page, I know that, well it’s funny to me, it could be offensive to others, but everything offensive is always hysterical to me. Even if it is offensive to myself, which doesn’t make any sense, but oh well. Three pages of blogroll lists, wow, I thought I read alot of blogs until seen your lists. :)


        • Luckily they don’t all write every day. Or even every week. And I don’t comment on all of them all the time, just as and when.

          If people find anything offensive then there are plenty of other blogs out there :)


          • That’s true, bloggers really shouldn’t be so easily offended anyway, takes tough skin to write anything worth reading.



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