Until later

As with Clouds, Roughseas will also be taking a sabbatical, ie in my case an indeterminate length of time away from blogging.

If, I feel like blogging, I may update the poor dog’s abandoned blog, post on my Landy blog, or maybe a pic on my not-a-photo blog.

Thank you to everyone who has passed by this blog and read and/or commented on my posts There have been some excellent observations, and some extremely thoughtful and interesting discussions.

I’ll try and drop by the blogs of my regular readers from time to time, but for now, other priorities call.

Hasta luego.


59 comments on “Until later

  1. A shame roughseas, you will be missed, and dont even know your name,,’riding into the sunset – what was her name??’ the town stood watching…sad moment…chow for now..;)


  2. Oh I don’t like this post :-(.. I do hope your sabattical is for fun reasons and nothing negative.
    If/when you decide to return don’t forget you band of faithful readers.
    Going to miss you Ms. Gib!


    • Well there’s only five years to plough through :D

      Start at the very beginning.. it’s a very good place to start. ;)

      And always interesting to see how people’s blogs evolve. Although a drag to catch up on five years and keep up to present news – but now you can take your time.


  3. Have enjoyed and learnt so much from your posts, and appreciated your encouraging commentary on mine. Hope all is good your side. and sending you lots of warm wishes. If you are ever in my area PLEASE look me up or better still come stay for a while.


    • Thanks mbl – and I always enjoy your posts too. Love the images visual and in words that your paint of your part of the world. Thanks for such a wonderful and generous offer, one day, ojala, we might be able to get there. It’s on our must-do list of places to visit. :)


  4. Arrrgh! ( pirate talk) I’ve been wondering about you.
    Ya gotta do what you gotta do – real life intrudes.
    But we’ll miss you – one of the best blogs out there. Insightful and well researched – not to mention the outstanding pictures
    The German and Molly the Mauler will be checking in on Pippa ( paw waves)
    Vaya con dios (sorry about the loss of accent: word and pronunciation)


    • Thanks PMOTH. What a lovely compliment.

      Pippa snores back to them both.

      Gracias. I don’t know why spanish speakers bother with accents, it is all so phonetic anyway. I tend to do hit and miss with it as I can be bothered.

      I’ll be over to view the impressionist paintings and walk the trails with Molly though.


    • Thank you robin. I guess as much as anyone, you would do. It’s always a nuisance when blogs we enjoy disappear for a while, but like you, I preferred to tell people that I’m taking a break rather than just fading off. Not my style really – to fade off – :D

      So pleased that your sabb is turning out well. Hope the writing is going well, and that you will be posting something, at some point in the future.


  5. I can’t possibly let you lake your leave without subjecting you to [yet] another quotation to mark the occasion… “That perfect tranquillity of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library” ~ Aphra Behn.


  6. Sorry to hear this. I haven’t been following you for very long, but have always found your posts interesting and though-provoking. Enjoy the other things and hope to see you back before too long.


  7. I hope nothing serious has brought this about and that you just feel it’s time for a break, I can’t pretend that I won’t be sad not to be able to read your entries for a while though!

    You (in part) legitimately planted the seed that has changed the course my life was on all that time ago and I’m much better off for it, so thanks for that.

    On a selfish note, I do hope you come back when you’re ready and I also hope that you’ll make a post if something grabs you in a way that you want to share with us!

    Best of luck!


    • Thanks J. If anything I have written or posted has helped then it makes it worthwhile. I originally started the predecessor to this blog (itchy feet) to talk about moving to Spain and then it all evolved to Gib too.

      Good luck with whatever your life is now, and hope it continues to improve.

      I’m sure I won’t be quiet for too long ;)


  8. I know I have become intermittent, but have been reading you, which I will miss. Thanks for your help, advice and interesting posts. You cannot know how your contact helped me in those dark days when I started.

    All best wishes to you and yours and hope to hear more from rough seas when you have time.



  9. Sorry to hear that – I’ve enjoyed our friendly banter! I know that life gets in the way of living – and understand when it throws a spanner in the works, there are things to be dealt with that must take priority! Take care of you, keep your eyes open to possibilities – and drop by when you get a chance!


    • Well, I am still around, just not as prolific on each of my blogs. I relented and started on Clouds again and am faffing with pix on Everypic, as I said above to Melody. Some of the posts on here need quite a bit of work because of what I am writing about, so it all adds to the time, plus I usually like to add some pix.

      I did post here on 11 Nov for Remembrance/Armistice Day. I figured that was worth my effort. And I do vote on your Friday pic thing :)


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