Annual review 2012

Every year, some poor unfortunate in the newsroom got dropped with the round-up of the year.

The good thing was that you were left alone to plod on with ploughing through a year’s worth of newspapers.

Not so bad on a weekly, where you only had 52 editions, and usually just went for the front page headlines.

The bad news was on a daily, when there were more than 300 newspapers to go through.

Either way, I can’t resist an annual summary – it’s so easy to forget what has happened all year, and this is a neat reminder.

As I did a thematic review last year, I will stick to a monthly one this year:

January started off well in a somewhat strange festive mood for us as we went to the local Spanish Living Belen production, because our neighbour and two sons were in it, and she also wanted someone to walk her father up there.

Dusk, and the Roman legionaries (including two of our neighbours) on guard

Equally spectacular was the Three Kings Parade back in Gib on the evening of Jan 5th. Nothing ever happens on Jan 6th, they always do everything the night before over here.

Having been bitten by next door’s cat, I wrote an amazingly helpful post about cat bites – aloe vera is the key, I tell you.

January was a lonely blogging month as I’d just made the switch from blogger to WP.

However it was busy on the job hunting front. We both had interviews. He got his job (immediately), I didn’t get mine. Nothing new there. In fact he was offered another one a week later but they were too slow off the mark as he’d already started work.

Onto February, where nothing much happened, he worked and I blogged. WordPress visitors and commenters were slow but consistent. Thanks to those of you who were regular commenters (and some still are) in those early months. Then I wrote about walking to the shops – OK so it’s a nice walk – and the comments more than doubled! I mean a walk to the shops?

Followed by a post on our local historical city wall gates, whereupon the comments and visits dropped right down again.

On 29 Feb, I wrote about baked beans and had my busiest post yet. No wonder there are so many food blogs. Shopping and baked beans were my most popular posts. It doesn’t matter that people tell me they want to read about Gib history and see photos of the place, what they comment about is food and shopping!

About the only thing to say for March is that I got my first ‘First to Find’ geocache in Gibraltar. That means I was the first person to find a new cache. It was a multi-cache, which means you have to go from one spot to another (and another, and another) before you finally get to the eventual location. I ended up walking from one end of Gibraltar to the other so it was a good thing no other toe-rag had beaten me to it.

April and May saw the usual flurry of bank holidays and rain. It rained in Gib and it rained in Spain. Not only did we have an Easter break but the Gib Govt introduced a new Workers’ Memorial Day holiday to make a long weekend with the early May bank holiday.

May was a rather more lively month – certainly on the international scene with the start of the ongoing incursions into Gibraltar and British territorial waters by Spanish fishermen and Guardia Civil boats, and the defence of our waters by Gibraltar Police, Defence Police, and Royal Naval forces.

And in retaliation, the border queues lengthened as Guardia Civil officers delayed the passage through the frontier of all vehicles. We spent more than an hour in the queue at the end of May, turning a less than three hour journey to the finca into a four and a half one.

On a lighter note, at the beginning of the month, we arrived in time to watch the local Romería in our pueblo, and back in Gib we made our first visit to the cinema in more than ten years to watch Contraband with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale. An appropriate film to show in Gib given the amount of smuggling, but we had the cinema virtually to ourselves. An excellent cinema at King’s Bastion, my only gripe was that the sound was too loud.

June was another month with yet more holidays and events. Namely at the beginning of the month, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, which Gib enjoyed in glorious summer weather – unlike the UK ones which I gather were somewhat damp. As with National Day, we – and many others – wandered around wearing patriotic colours.

Although we didn’t get invited to the Royal Garden Party unlike this handsome pair.

Deserving prize winners – even marching in step!

Later in the month we met up with some internet contacts from Seattle, USA. Sofia, and her parents Jan and Amy, were over here for the summer holidays. We enjoyed their company and we met them again later a couple more times for Sunday morning walks and a coffee afterwards.

And June always ends with our birthdays on consecutive days. Luckily his was on a Sunday this year, so he didn’t have to take a day off work, and we had a lovely lazy sunny day en famille.

On a sadder note, June marked the first bush fire I have ever seen in Spain around the golf course at Duquesa. And the following month we would see the devastation repeated around Sotogrande.

In fact July was pretty much a repeat of the previous two months, with more incursions into Gib/British territorial waters, the Sotogrande bush fire which was bad enough for the Guardia Civil to turn traffic around and divert it via the toll road, and two good walks with our friends from Seattle.

Two agile monkeys – note the Levanter grey cloud

Along with the threatening and bellicose attitude of Spain regarding Gibraltar’s status, the other major news event of the year happened in August. This was the arrest of a suspected Al-Quaeda Turk, who just happened to have worked as contracts manager for three years on the same construction firm as partner. Brrr – shivers down spine stuff.

As far as blogging goes, I went onto summer hours in August, which didn’t seem to deter people from visiting so thank you very much for that. Partner was made redundant due to lack of work at the end of the month. At least they paid up square which was more than the previous firms did – although I did manage to extricate the owing money from the second one after some five months.

September was marked by even more summer hours on the blogs on my part, the always wonderful National Day celebrations on September 10 – and the second visit to the cinema. Twice in one year. This was to see The Bourne Legacy. No Matt Damon as Jason Bourne but Aaron Cross as Jeremy Renner. He was good and we enjoyed our evening out.

The following month Skyfall (James Bond) was due to be released so I made sure to check the programme for King’s Bastion every week. In fact, we never did go, even though it was extended for one week, and then brought back for another week. I figured if it was that popular I wouldn’t get the cinema to myself.

Back in July I’d taken on chair of the block management committee. Having chaired meetings, written board papers, acted as company secretary, and also managed rented properties in previous lives, it wasn’t exactly new territory.

In October, a nice man from Environmental Health knocked on our door and asked us to unblock the sewage or he would serve a notice on us, ie me as chair of the management committee. Have useful Partner, avoid shit happening. Although he didn’t exactly avoid the shit.

And the following month, ie November, we woke up one Sunday morning to the sound of running water. A pipe had burst underneath the hallway and was gushing gallons of fresh water down the street. We called AquaGib to cut it off, and set about getting quotes the following day. Because water pipes always go on a Sunday, yes?

It was a nightmare getting quotes. Someone came out and didn’t give us a price. Others wouldn’t quote unless they could charge emergency fees. One came out, quoted, went to price materials and nearly doubled the price (and no – the materials did not cost that much). In the end I gave up and called a Spanish general tradesman we knew and asked him to do the work. He’s good, reliable, and I knew he wouldn’t double the price at the end.

Meanwhile, some of the block residents kept asking when the water would be back on. ‘When it’s fixed,’ was the obvious answer. And I put regular updates on the noticeboard. It wasn’t as though we were without water. AquaGib had provided us with a bowser right outside the door full of fresh drinking water. But maybe I’m the only one in the block who doesn’t mind skipping outside to get a bucket of cold water and boil any hot water in the kettle. So it didn’t come through a tap. So what?

I really wonder how precious people are sometimes.

Of course, needless to state after that, the salt water pipes decide they wanted some attention too. Call back Spanish mate and fix salt water pipes. Not so much of a disruption to the block as salt water is only used for flushing toilets.

Water, water everywhere
Water, water everywhere

As for December …

And as things all come in threes, not only our neighbour’s water heater decided to pack up but so did ours. Hey ho. Talk about a baptism of fire water.

My sheers (aka nets) did not survive the wash :( and we ventured on a social engagement with local geocachers which was good fun. Even better we went to find a couple of caches just before Christmas and I found them both. Clever me.

And, as you will have recently read, the Christmas holidays were devoted to laziness and cleaning and decorating. Not a bad combination as they were all productive.

Speaking of productive, here is today’s brunch. Served sometime after ten o’clock as we had been up for around four hours.

Burger, chips and salad
Burger, chips and salad

Toasted burger sandwiches, salad and oven ready chips. Readers may be surprised to see that I eat oven ready chips. Simple really. Buy potatoes, peel, slice in chip form, and then they are ready for the oven. Cook in fan-assisted oven on 180ish and crisp on higher heat for last ten or so. Or you could cook them on a higher heat to start with, but I was waiting for the burgers to defrost somewhat. (And writing this blog post).

But no I didn’t make the burgers. Morrison’s veggie meat free burgers, basically textured soya and wheat protein. I suppose you wouldn’t want to call them veggie burgers, even if that’s what they are, as meat free is so much more acceptable and healthy than veggie .. semantics semantics.

To finish on a serious note. Here in Gib we have a Christmas speech by the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Adrian Johns, Vice Admiral etc etc etc, presumably as the Queen’s representative in our overseas territory.

Earlier this year, he spoke about the Spanish invasions into Gib/Brit waters and said this was no time for gunboats and it should all be solved by diplomacy. At the end of the Christmas speech, he’s changed his tune a bit. Presumably he can’t say what he thinks at all, only what the FCO says. (Foreign and Commonwealth Office for non Brits).

In fact, his speech isn’t a lot different to mine. Nice Jubilee year, Gib is a great place to live, and perhaps Spain could possibly leave Gib alone as it is a sovereign part of the UK and the Queen of Gibraltar is Elizabeth II. If you can’t be bothered with the soft words at the front, the last bit of his speech is worth a listen.

Link to GBC

For 2013 I too hope that Spain addresses its own problems, there are more than enough, – for example, in La Linea across the border, the local town council has only just paid employes their MAY wages – instead of trying to distract attention by carping on about Gibraltar.

Vain hopes I suspect. Since 1703 when the Anglo Dutch forces took Gibraltar, the Spanish have been trying to claim it back ever since, regardless of signing the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

I think we need a few commemorations next year. Tricentennial anniversary of Spain ceding Gib to the British.

My new year message then? Spain, I love you to bits, you are a gorgeous country with lovely people, but politicians, sort out your economy, your corruption, and please fuck off with your asinine claims to Gibraltar.

As for everyone else on the internet who I have come to know – happiness, health and prosperity, inasmuch as you can have prosperity in a global recession. Perhaps in these days, sufficiency would be a better aspiration.

Either way, thanks for participating not just in roughseas, but all my other blogs, and looking forward to seeing everyone next year. So to old friends and new ones, enjoy your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (as it’s already New Year’s Eve in Auckland and approaching in eastern Aus).


PS 1 – I added links for the early posts, but after a couple of months, many of you had started reading. If you missed any of the posts I have mentioned, and you want to read them, they are in the archive for the relevant month. A woman can only add so many links.

PS 2 – Thought I would add this …

And as for the most popular posts, or rather the ones with the most comments as I am dubious about page hits/views, they were:

In first place, gold medal – Me! – people want to know about me.

Followed by two of the top news stories I identified – Spanish invasions of Gib/Brit waters and the suspected terrorist working in Gib.

Then, the next popular couple of posts were a shopping post (!), and a food post (!).

From the serious to the frivolous in one easy click of the mouse.

Then next were: my post about Earth Day in Gib, Juan Carlos (king of Spain) shooting elephants on a private safari while Spain is suffering financial cuts right left and centre, and questions about Gib. (All had the same number of comments there – 64).

As for most hits – food of course – olive paté.

Pictorial review of the year is over on my picblog


50 comments on “Annual review 2012

  1. I’m guessing there is some financial gain in claiming Gib, or else they wouldn’t bother now. I do hope Spain gets its act together. And I hope 2013 is the best year ever for you.


  2. Thanks for an enjoyable and informative blog…always delighted when Rough Seas appears on the e mail page!
    Best wishes for 2013….and that it pulls up its socks rather better than 2012 managed to do.


  3. Great review. Some of it I remembered. Love your blog and I am looking forward to what all you will post in 2013. Happy New Year. Hugs


    • Thanks Mumsy. All in all it was not a bad year for us, no major events, which can be good, but some big issues locally, so therefore it always impacts on everyone’s lives.

      Catch you in the new year too, thanks, and hugs back.


    • That is too funny. I like history, but I appreciate people can only get so much of it. The good thing about your posts is that they are interesting, personal, good pix, and not too much tedious text (says she who writes very long posts!).

      But I think too much history can switch people off, hence it gets mixed with everything else, people can take out of my posts what they want. Like I rarely do straight history posts, I rarely do straight food posts – if people want the detail they can click on the recipe pages.

      The odd meal at the end of the post ends on a light note, or gives inspiration or whatever. It’s fresh peas, carrots, garlic, fresh onion, some salad greens, with pasta for lunch. In case you are interested :D I also think it is interesting to show different ways of eating.

      Really though, my blog isn’t specific. So there is news, food, history, politics, geocaching, whatever comes up. And often a mixture. Thanks for your comment, really brought a smile to my face.


  4. Reading your review of the year, makes me realise I have been reading your blog now for just over a year.

    My review of the year is simple. Retired 31st March, actually finished work 29th June and sold house on, erm oooops haven’t achieved that this year; indeed potential buyer has just dropped out and I’m back sitting on square one. Roll on April house auctions.


    • Thanks, I do appreciate readers who stick with me, although I tend to do the same with favourite blogs.

      Yup, I don’t think your review of the year makes a blog post :D I could probably summarise mine as briefly if I needed to, but I would prefer to think the year held a little more in it! I am sure you could pad it out slightly, eg the Olympics got in the way of everything, or something similar – which is actually quite interesting.

      Going backwards in house sales is such a pain. Is an auction def the best way to go? Either way, wishing you luck with the sale.


    • They are in oil! Everything I do is in olive oil. I eat, breathe and sleep it :D

      In fact they were quite soft which was why I needed to crisp them up.

      We all have our lives to lead, with whatever interests occupy us. I could be better occupied, or employed too, but right now, I’m ok with the mix. Until the money runs out …


    • Thanks Phil. I certainly forgot what I did earlier in the year, so I’m sure my readers will too! And I do enjoy the exercise of putting it together, although it is time consuming. Mentally it puts the year into perspective.


  5. This is like “your life flashes before you in 60 seconds” post. Excellent review – enjoyed sampling episodes of your life and Gib.( and still laughing over some of it)
    Love the way you write.
    Can’t wait to see what adventures arrive in the new year. Molly sends kangaroo bounces…carefully in order not to jostle Pippa.


    • Thanks PMOTH. Wouldn’t like to try a lifetime summary, this took long enough for 12 months :D

      I do get a kick when people smile or laugh at my posts so that’s good to know.

      As for the way I write, um, although a so-called professional, and can adapt style to suit, I tend to be lazy on here and just churn it out. The time of course is in the proofing, the photouploads, any links – and any research too. I’m not sure I could maintain your style so consistently, but I guess it comes naturally to you now! Which reminds me, thinking of RC cat and Molly, I had better do a last 2012 long overdue Pippa post today.

      Pippa saw a couple of young pups recently, one 2 years old and the other seven months and he was very good with them. But they weren’t very boisterous or perhaps the PippaPaw may have been flung out. He sends a sedate and elderly snose rub back to Molly and a wicked glint in his eye to RC.


      • Molly loves the PippaPaw! (and what’s attached) She practicing her dog greeting manners and has become much more calm when greeting dogs on leash – off the leash it’s still fast and furious – she’s just the party party girl.
        Appreciate our kind words about writing, I worked in academic/research/trainings for various ages and groups for so long it’s nice to relax a bit ( but can’t get away from the revisions and proofs and fretting…hard to leave that behind, right?)
        Happy new year! Hasta later


        • That’s good to hear, I think they would have a nice polite street greeting by the sound of it. Of course, if he spends too long around the girls, he starts to get frisky, even at his age … I’m sure Molly would flirt outrageously.

          I think one of the reasons many people enjoy dogblogging is the opportunity to relax and write in a different style with a little escapism. Pretty much like RC really.

          Felix Año Nuevo – hasta la próxima


  6. Whew, you had a busy year!!! I have not even begun to write mine down ( and probably won’t because I’m sure to miss something).. Loved yours though!! Thank you for sharing your world with us all and I have enjoyed getting to know more about you and your life in Gib!!

    Have a very Happy New Year and here’s to a wonderful 2013 for us all!!


    • Actually it wasn’t that busy. And it was a sort of an ordinary year which I would like more of! Ordinary on the personal level anyway, some work, some time off (I’m talking him here not me), no major disasters, and no major highs. I’ve reached the age where just moving along suits nicely.

      Have you decided on your outfit for tonight? Have a lovely evening and a great 2013.


  7. i revamped things over at my end, including the use of a new email address, amongst other administrative attempts at being organized, and lost my ‘crow’ avatar despite re-uploading it at least half a dozen times. :(
    and the changes have meant that my posts no longer come up on notifications unless readers ‘unfollow’ my blog, and then elect to ‘follow’ it again.
    but there is no point pouting, and it really, truly is me. :)
    i have said it elsewhere, and i’ll say it once more here – it was a brilliant moment when someone decided to suggest ‘that that’ as an acceptable usage in a sentence, and your protest of it resonated with my own thoughts, that i actually had to agree, even though i normally would probably never have done so. it has been a real joy sparring over DT, bantering and sharing moments from our respective corners of the planet ever since. so i for one am very glad you moved over from Blogger, and your meals always look so yummy. they even look inspiring, and i hope in future to inspire others to cook them for me, since the kitchen and i are not the best of friends. you may remember my mushroom soup disaster discussed elsewhere.
    my theory is history and geography are fascinating, but it is a beautiful meal that stills the hunger pangs :)
    hope your water/heater/sewage issues have now been duly repaired to last a long time. my last leaking pipe under the kitchen sink was also finally repaired yesterday morning. all is well here, too.
    new year’s eve still lies ahead in this corner. wishing you and yours – and yours includes Pippa of course – all the very best for 2013! blog on! cheers & blessings – and it really, truly is me, crow or not! :D


      • on second thought, you can read it after all. looks like the crow is a bit ambivalent. not sure if this will result in a crow or a green something-or-other again. but enough of me.
        oh – and in the new year, will try to keep comments a bit shorter. how is that for a plan! :D


        • haha, i just have to laugh. i hit the ‘like’ option, and look at the avatar i got now – i pink round blob with sealed lips. how funny is that, lol. but for this comment, it looks like i may back to the green thingy again. c’est la vie.


          • OK, you win the prize for the most comments on the end of year post!

            I always think your crow avatar looks like an umbrella actually so I wondered what you were referring to. But you’ll be aware by now that I always see things that aren’t there. comes of being short-sighted I guess.

            I unfollowed and followed, but as WP never puts up your posts on my reader straightaway I doubt it will make much difference, I just tend to look at your blog with my early morning digest of interesting/fave blogs.

            I haven’t commented on the DP for a while. Mainly because whenever I do I am invariably criticising something, (‘great post that I couldn’t have lived without dahling,’ isn’t quite my style) so I like to give them a break from time to time.

            But you are right, ‘that that’ is such a stupid and clumsy construction. There is ALWAYS a different way to reword something.

            I do get annoyed with WP, but there is a limit as to how many free platforms I can storm off from in a huff. And while I have lost some interesting blogger people (and a lot of others had stopped anyway, too busy on FB) I have found some excellent ones on here.

            As for the meals, it’s just a bit of light-heartedness, because whatever people may have said on my poll months ago, they are interested in food. Not in recipe blogs, or food all the time, but the odd pic added in from time to time usually provokes a comment or two. And while I’m not on the missionary route, I think it does help to point out that (some) vegetarians do eat a varied and healthy diet, it isn’t all lentils – although I like them – and it isn’t all cheese omelettes either. Plus, I like to show how simple cooking can be using fresh ingredients because half the world seems to exist on ready-made food.

            In terms of the block pipework, it’s sixty years old and needs replacing, but poco a poco. Our water heater will last the standard three or four years, or maybe longer as it is glass-lined so may not rust as quickly.

            Ein gesundes neues Jahr, or Ein frohes neues Jahr. Either of those any good?

            I was going to say you had turned out green on the like thing too, but now you and everyone else has turned into a question mark!


    • Pix; I did exactly the same thing as you [changed URL and email addy] and now, after countless attempts, my new avatar has finally stuck. I seem to have all my followers still, but I’m not sure.


    • Ta. Dunno. I’ll need to check the bills – but I would have thought so – one reason to get it cut off in spite of the whingers in the block.

      The only problem with the salt water is the amazing deposit of salts you get in the toilet, plus the rust from the old metal pipework, and as cleaning isn’t my strength .. But it is a good and sensible idea. One all Med or seaside places should use IMO given how there is such a world shortage of water. I assume drought warnings will be coming on soon in the UK? :D Usually seem to go hand in hand with downpours.

      What happened to your FP post – I was going to read it again this morning but it had gone. Guilty conscience?


      • Too many comments – not what I want to blog about really and complaining is not what I want people to read it for! Also making comments that I don’t want to be associated with. Still annoys me though!


        • You must be the first blogger to say they had too many comments!

          It does highlight that either a) people aren’t happy with the choices and/or b) they haven’t been chosen. With your post in mind, I went to look at their weekly justification of FP posts and noticed they hadn’t managed to keep up to that. Hardly surprising.

          I think if they changed the tagline from ‘the best’ to ‘a round-up of some interesting blogs we’ve read this week’ it would be a lot more sensible. Best is so subjective.

          They started something about featured blogs, not sure what happened to that. You can imagine that scenario can’t you? Oh please best blogging mates, please nominate me as the most brilliant blog you have ever read. Talk about a beauty contest. Sometimes I really think they have their heads screwed on backwards. Or elsewhere.


  8. Presented like a pro. It has been great learning a bit about Gib this year along with other bits and pieces – through your engagingly dry wit. I remember having to put on my big girl panties when I first started commenting – wanted to engage but wasn’t sure that I was quite on track. But you were very kind. have enjoyed the ride.


    • Thank you very much. At a personal level it wasn’t a hugely exciting year, but just discussing it this morning, we both agreed it wasn’t a bad year, ie no major deaths, disasters or catastrophes. I’ll settle for ‘not bad’ years quite happily! I don’t know if the Jubilee celebrations helped towards that overall OK feeling for the year or not, plus Gibraltar’s rhythmic dance athlete competing in the Olympics, and another Gibraltarian took part as a hockey umpire.

      Someone else has said they nearly always read, but don’t always feel up to commenting! I don’t intend to come across as intimidating – not to readers, maybe to politicians and royal kings of Spain who like to shoot elephants – but I appreciate all my readers and their wonderful comments, some of which can be quite long, so have clearly taken time and thought. I’m usually polite on here, although I can be a bit sharp over on Clouds blog, which is more about opinions than events.

      I particularly enjoy your insight from your part of the world. Not sure how many readers I have from SA, I’d have to look up statcounter rather than WP stats, but according to WP, SA just makes the top ten countries that visit. Must be you!


  9. Cool review, and certainly more interesting than the generic ones the “wordpress monkeys” churned out :-) I always wonder what makes a post tick. In my case it is the photo challenges rather than those I spend considerable time over. Even the FP was my response to the weekly photo challenge! I promise to catch up when I find a little more time.
    Hope the coming year is good to you in every way :-)


    • Aaaaghhhh! Those blue ones are driving me up the wall these last two days! They are too meaningless for words :( I shall probably gripe about them over on my whingey Clouds blog :D

      In six years of blogging I have never worked it out either. Trivia is often popular, and yet, I’ve written some serious posts in the past 12 months and people have responded really thoughtfully. Trivia for ease and light-heartedness? and serious content for issues that affect everyone?

      I do read a number of blogs that have been FPd. Not because of that, I read them before and then they were (hey roughseas reads your blog – you too can become freshly pressed!). They are all good blogs – but perhaps to echo your point, never sure they hit on the best post when they award the accolade. As others say, perhaps the blog in its entirety should be taken into account.

      Wishing you a lovely 2013 as well.


  10. I cannot believe I have been following your blog for almost a year, but reading your review, it’s jogged my memories of your posts.
    I love the look of your burger and chips, mmm, I’m hungry now!


    • How fast the years go eh? This one seems to have gone particularly fast for me, for whatever reason.

      Burger and chips has suddenly become the must-have brunch. Except we only had one left today, so he got it for breakfast and then I did a stir fry lunch. All gone and no pix :D


  11. What a great review of 2012! I don’t remember exactly when I started following this blog, but I do remember how it came about. Was reading a comment you’d made in the WP blog, that really resonated with me ;)
    Either way … I recognized a great deal of this post, so it must be close to a year. We have an almost constant water problem in this building — in the morning you can never be sure if there will be any water coming out of the tap.

    Are both of you vegetarians?

    All the best for 2013!!!


  12. Having given 2013 plenty of time to settle, I thought I’d comment now… No, wait, it’s really taken me almost a month and a half since to get this far back in catching up. Reading your annual review it struck me that’s what I like about your blogs… it’s a life, but you share it generously and with talent not only in your writing style but immediacy – it’s like you are a [distant] next door neighbour! I think I came in around Feb… I missed the cat bite post but will remember now about the aloe vera and try it on scratches – I love cats but they are unpredictable. I enjoy your particular mix both within the posts and between the blogs. Bonne année et bonne santé :)


    • I must have had a busy writing spell. Ah, I was in Gib over Christmas New Year, which would explain all. The annual review is a mix of my life – as you say – and what happens locally and nationally, and sometimes internationally, but always with a local take on it, because why else bother? You can all read SMH, BBC or whatever otherwise. Not that they cover Gib or Spain that much.

      We’ve extended aloe vera to dog treatment too, no not bites from dogs, Pippa sometimes aggravates his skin so we’re using the gel on that.

      Gracias y feliz año nuevo.


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