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    • I really do try to spread some decent blogs. It’s a small blogging world, but if there are some good ones out there that people haven’t seen, I like to share them. Simple :) I read a variety of blogs, so hopefully some of them will attract some peoples’ interest. The ones I recommend, do tend to be the ones who have at least commented at one point on mine though ;)


  1. Nicely done Thanks! Been wandering around looking for good stuff to read – it helps to find some recommended ones. Like the way you’ve grouped them and give comments. (oh, so need to update blog rolls and create some pages…maybe after a nap…not quite up to speed yet )


    • After WP changed Reader/Topics I just stopped using it and fell back to looking at blogs who had commented on others. It does feel slightly incestuous however as the same names seem to crop up all the time, so it is always good to find a few new names and blogs to visit. Although a short list of new blogs, I happen to think it is pretty good quality, hope you find one or two to your liking. The commentary is because I hate to click on a link and find it is a parenting blog with 25 pix of junior per post, or crocheting (which I can’t do) or knitting (which I can do so therefore don’t need to read about) or spaghetti bolognaise blog (which I have been making for 30 years) etc.


    • Gosh! Years ago, I’d just graduated then and was on my first proper jobs. Pleased you enjoy it, my first visit was in the 90s and it has changed hugely since then. Even moreso since you were here without a doubt.


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