My dears. I have an apology to make.

My Reader thing or whatever it is called just is not working. Some of you appear and the rest of you have vaporised.

Either you are not writing, or Reader does not consider your blogs are of acceptable quality.

But wait, I will indeed, eventually, ie in a million years time, get around to visiting you all.

Although lazy sleepy roughseas invariably hits on the easy option of clicking on commenters because at least I guess they are on line.

To be serious, I have been annoyed that a load of posts have just floated by me, out of sight, so I will try to catch up. In the meantime, I vented my annoyance at – yes – WordPress yet again.

Edited to add

I forgot to mention that new posts appear on Reader and then disappear. I end up having to scroll down to find a previous post, to click on a blog and then find the new one from there. Aaaaagh!!


70 comments on “Sorry

    • It’s got so bad that I thought I ought to put up a post. I can’t believe that the only recent posts of the blogs I follow are a couple of days old, and that no-one is writing. I wanted to tell people that I’m not ignoring them, I don’t even know they are posting FFS!


  1. It happens to me too. Most of my trusted and regular bloggers have just vanished as WP stops sending their posts to my Reader anymore. I’ve tried unsubscribe, then subscribe to them again to see if it will work. I’ve written to my blogger friends to tell them so. I’ve been visiting some of the bloggers individually these days, instead of trusting my Reader. It’s frustrating. If you get an answer from WordPress, please let us know.


    • Hi Janet. I just don’t understand it. Like you, I’ve done the same, unsubscribe, subscribe but still, what changes?

      I haven’t even gone to the forums yet, but I guess I should do. This post was really to tell people that I’m not being rude. It’s good to know as with paradise above, that I’m not the only one though. I’ll chase it up. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Well at least on WP I’m not subjected to various banner ads and such all over my screen.
    I was visiting a photography site yesterday and up pops an ad for women who DO NOT want to meet young guys, they want to meet ME! Wait?! What?!? So now I’m an old guy?!? :-( :lol:


    • Haha! Actually yours is one of the ones that doesn’t usually appear, I’ve totally missed a few of your posts so need to check back and read through. That’s one of the reasons I use current comments as a guide.


      • Hmm. After reading your “slagging” post I’ve just realised I haven’t seen any posts from you either until you commented today. Mind you, I have only been looking at WP via my mobile the past few weeks, reader only. :(


        • If I’m not going to be around for more than a week, or reduce posting significantly, I’ll usually say so on a sticky. Otherwise I post two to three times a week on here and/or on Clouds. The others as and when. (ie dog, land rover, photos, none of which I’ve touched for a while now) If you don’t see anything from me in more than a week then it is a WordPress Reader issue and not a slient roughseas issue.


          • No idea. I am still trying to digest the Slagging Off WP post and the dozens of comments. I could ghost write a post on Fur seals if you like instead of oil seals.


          • Don’t exaggerate, there are only two dozen, it hasn’t got to three yet. That sort of lack of attention to detail won’t get 10/10. If fur seals lurking on the axle will pass the MOT, that would be welcome. Otherwise ….


  3. I usually rely on email notifications – I enjoyed Clouds’ ”Wankers, seriously…’ post” ;) – to keep track of what I’ve not read. Also, the edit functionality was a little clunky on the Blogs I Follow but since WP modifed it I culled, reducing the volume going through my Reader, so it will be handy to browse… when I get a new phone.
    I noted one commenter to the DP: Staying Regular post also mentioned issues with Reader.


    • Haha – you managed to read the unexpurgated version, unlike the other complaining souls who weren’t fast enough before I took it down. One of the advantages of email notifications I guess. I don’t know how many blogs you follow, but I just couldn’t handle a load of emails every day. It would drive me up the wall. I like as few emails as possible and then I know I want to read them. I’m still getting Pippa’s pesky weekly Twitter updates though.

      I’ve just remembered I’ve broken another WordPress cardinal rule (and one with which I agree surprisingly) and that’s don’t start a post with an apology. At least mine is not of the ‘I’ve been too busy doing nothing remotely exciting’ variety, and it just seemed to be the easiest way to tell readers that I’m not ignoring them per se, I just don’t know when/if they are posting.


      • I think you raised a good issue re Reader, one that other’s seem to be experiencing… and there’s no point not saying if you believe something is amiss… I mean it’s not like there hasn’t been WP bugs before.
        I follow only a few more bloggers than I nominated for awards in the recent post, and some despite the DP advice on the benefits of routine, aren’t regular or prolific posters.
        I have 3 email accounts: work, yahoo – mostly full of spam :( – and gmail which I use for WP in the main so I’m not wading through WP emails for everyday emails.


        • I’ve got three emails too, and for similar uses. One for managing the block and Gib business, a yahoo one that I rarely use, and gmail for personal. But I don’t want any of them full of blog notifications. I do follow more than you, and some are daily bloggers which is the real killer. One of the many reasons I don’t blog daily – although thinking about a post today ….

          I really should get my finger out and raise the Reader issue on the support forum. May even do it now after your gentle nudge.


  4. That’s too bad, about the reader. I used to have tonnes of trouble with it — there were times when I lost all I was subscribed to. However … after the last change or whatever they did … it has worked flawlessly for me. I was actually saying that yesterday, that I’m so up to date now with the ones I follow and it’s all going good. I took away all the email notifications, so now I only use the reader.

    I’ve read the comments here above, and it’s interesting to see the different experiences with it… I really wouldn’t want to go back to email subscriptions because that was when I fell behind, got overwhelmed, and quite often just … gave up :)


    • It used to work all right for me. It just seems to be totally unpredictable right now. When a new post suddenly pops up, I head over there to discover half a dozen people have already commented! and that it has been up for some time. But that’s not all blogs, just some. Time differential shouldn’t make any difference either.

      I would find email notifications extremely annoying, and as you say, overwhelming. I know people who used to have a load of blogs in Google Reader, and all they did was clear them out instead of reading the blogs because there were too many. So what’s the point I ask?


      • oh, and just for the record – some blogs i follow via the Reader, however i had subscribed to some blogs via email. i have not received an email notification for a long time, so those have also been affected by this most recent change.
        once i have a chance, i guess i will need to go to the blogs one by one and see if there are new posts. hmmm…. very odd.
        and now i must run once again. my coffee break is almost over :)


        • No way would I do the email thing. When I first signed up for following blogs I had to disable the email notification. A bit like when emailing comment responses became the norm until it was reversed. I want my emails to be from people emailing me and no more. /rant

          Must be lunchtime your way right now. I can handle time zones ahead of me but the ones behind do my head in. A mental form of jetlag?


    • Actually, I had it on here a while ago and got rid of it. I added it back for some reason to test something out (can’t remember what) and haven’t got around to getting rid of it again. Silly like buttons. Totally meaningless.


    • Horses for courses in terms of blogs. In my head, I do at least have a vague theme for each blog. Some people read all of them, or some of them, or just one. It’s sort of Pick and Mix (used to be a description of help yourself to sweets at a now defunct Brit store).

      It’s rather late in Dubai isn’t it? Another blogger has just told me it’s after midnight there (Dubai is now the epicentre of the blogging universe). Happy pigs were lovely, thank you.


      • I wrote about my workouts and food in my old blog, and at one point I got obsessed with mushroom harvesting (true story), so I had a poll to see if people wanted to read about fitness, food and shrooming, or separate them into fitness & food and shrooming & food – became the latter. And since I haven’t actually de-activated any, I have three blogs… hmmmm.

        Yes it is close to 1 am here now. See, this is what the blog world does to me, suck me in and before I know it it’s morning! :O

        PS: Plukk og Miks = Pick and Mix, we have the same expression in Norwegian. ;)

        Regards from the Norwegian Vegan in Dubai.


        • I tried growing mushrooms once. Total failure!

          I read something recently about how people do NOT want to read about fitness. Doesn’t stop people writing about it. But endless posts about, I ran 75 miles today, cycled 2000 miles, my calorie intake was this etc is just totally soporific.

          I don’t (mostly) like single topic blogs. Too boring. Was discussing elsewhere about variety of topics on a blog being important.

          Norwegian?!! Your English is absolutely perfect. I’ve read other blogs by people whose first language isn’t English, but I would never have guessed it wasn’t yours. I shall of course, endlessly use Plukk og Miks now. Thanks for that.


          • Believe me, mushroom growing is definitely on my list! I tend to get so passionate about what I do (before getting utterly bored by the very same thing), so when I discovered the world of fungi I harvested 37 kgs that season (6 weeks I think it was)… Amazingly the interest stuck and I have a whole library with fungi related books, including one by the fantastic author Eugenia Bone; Mycophilia: Revelations from the weird world of mushrooms – I think you will find this amusing, her writing style is brilliant and makes me really laugh out loud, much as yours when I think about it. :)

            Fitness, yes, it has lost its ‘charm’ over the last few years. Scary trend with all the self claimed experts out there. I am bored as well.

            And thank you for the kind words re my English. :D


          • I suppose they could be an option here as you grow them indoors don’t you? I just ended up with a box of mouldy soil. Something lacking in my technique there I feel. I did find a couple of unappetising fungi in the garden, which I have resisted harvesting.


          • I will look for one of the indoors kit yes, don’t think any of these will survive the heat here. Will have to do some research online, but I think I will go for oyster mushroom. It’s a very unpredictable business, mushroom growing at home, so I wouldn’t give up after your first try. Gosh, I miss my hunting grounds back home so much sometimes!


          • I got mine from Chase Organics (I think they were called – at the time it was a UK mail order catalogue, obviously online now). Nothing wrong with the product, I suspect it was my ignorance and the distractions of work.


  5. So happy ms to know that I am not dealing with this alone. Between email alerts that have noting to do with me.. or you.. and the reader issue I have penned a post about this conumndrum called blogging. I wonder when anyone finds time to actually post on with any regularity?
    I am using reader when it sees fit, my email alerts are in the high triple digits a couple times a day so I know your inbox is crowded even more so.
    There has to be a better way, yes?

    This is a wonderful vaildation for each of us ms, thank you. I so appreciate it. ~.


    • Oh no. My inbox is not full at all. I have no intention of going onto email alert when someone posts, I keep my emails extremely limited. Which is why I am complaining about Reader. I did get a bizarre one from an Unhappiness Engineer which I totally failed to understand so I am afraid he didn’t get a reply.

      But still, some readers still manage to find me so that’s a good result.


  6. Reader is so annoying. It keep dropping blogs I like and I have to scramble around and try to find them. Hope you get an answer …but not holding my breath. The “answers” I got from Happiness Engineers on a couple of issues were odd…like” it must be your computer” or “clear your history and maybe…” or “just don’t know”
    Going to have to stop the email thing – too many notifications – will have to just catch as catch can, I guess.


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