Classic fuck up

OK I admit I am watching the funeral. Well, Brits do ceremony rather nicely.

But Dimbleby, introducing ‘Love Divine’ as one of her favourite films – er hymns – was class.

Bit of a cock up there!

More later. Just wanted to share this .. and catch up with some rather good entertainment. Even in death, you are worth a watch.

Link later to the bbc one if you haven’t seen it.

ETA – link to BBC footage. Long, but worth a watch. Very good.


40 comments on “Classic fuck up

  1. Nice one. My favourite has always been Brian Johnson (Radio 4 cricket – Test Match Commentary) commentating on Princess Margaret’s wedding. He allegedly said – “here come the married couple leaving the pavilion now” – it could be true, I hope it is.


    • I thought BJ did rather a lot :D As did the other sports one.

      As did Charles at his investiture as I remember. I don’t remember MR’s wedding though and I’m surprised you do! You must be older than I thought.

      DD had us in hysterics today though. We looked at each other and said – what did he just say?!!!


  2. I feel blessed to be living far away, without a TV. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve just read your post (and yes, that comment was indeed a wonderful cock up) I’d have got through the whole of today without having to give her a second thought!


    • I’ve been TV less for many years of my life. Still am. But, by one of those odd decisions, those who live elsewhere for once, were allowed to watch this one live. Normally we aren’t. We don’t have a British TV licence. Well no, we don’t need one in Gibraltar (or Spain). Anyway, having written for Britain about it, I decided to watch it on the internet because surprise, surprise for once I could.

      Apart from the ceremony, extremely well done, the favourite films just made the moment. Brilliant.


  3. Unfortunately, this is how fucked up and cocky these thgs can be…Ive decided to avoid such drama on TV and Im like what the hell.


    • I think it is a shame her death has been so politicised, but it would ever be thus I suppose. But for me, if I can’t do respect, then I certainly wouldn’t celebrate. I think the Attlee comparisons are pretty simplistic and mean nothing to me. I wasn’t alive then and I doubt you were. I can only look back at Attlee from a historical perspective and he was leading a very different country.


  4. In the States, we got a brief notice that she’d died, and nothing since. I’m surprised I didn’t see any new coverage of the funeral at all. You’d think at least BBC America. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. I remember, when I was very young, Winston Churchill’s funeral being televised in full over here.


    • Perhaps that’s as it should be though, or maybe it just reflects the American view of the UK and the rest of the world? Although you probably did get coverage of the royal (Middleton) wedding? I think the American attendance was pretty disrespectful actually.


    • It was extremely good. I was impressed. And that doesn’t happen easily. There’s probably a better link, because that one has a lot of talk in first, which I found interesting, but it was very Brit orientated. You might want to look for one that goes straight into the funeral, ie leaving St Clement Danes and going to St Pauls, plus the footage inside St Pauls.


      • Why do Americans like British ceremonies? Possible because the pomp and all is so dignified – has an elegance, form, and order.
        Then we turn and look at what’s sullenly walking down the streets in saggy pants and gold teeth – and attitude which wasn’t earned by anything admirable. Casual speech, casual behavior, little understanding of anything.
        Sorry, know there’s ugly everywhere, but it helps to have something “dignified,proper and well done” occasionally.
        Bad explosion in a very small town (which has one of the best bakery around – people traveled miles for it). It did create a mushroom cloud from the fertilizer plant – 15 dead, 120+ injured – still burning – one apt complex missing the top floor and most of back wall, and 4 blocks of houses leveled.(Plant had been there forever – houses built after the 60’s)
        But what saddens me it the ignorant and political comments about the explosion appearing on national sites.
        So I will definitely check out the other ceremony views


        • I’m not sure Americans do like Brit ceremonies any more. Not enough to turn up at the funeral of the Baroness. Only the old and right-wing school.

          It was however truly well done (just written a little about it on my new post) and the somewhat uncouth refusals of any of your current or even recent (eg Clinton) politicians struck me as grossly rude.

          But perhaps that’s why we do it well. Every successive prime minister turned up regardless of politics, and so did the surviving members of her previous cabinets. Plus queenie. That is a big one. She don’t go to funerals very often. A little respect does not go amiss. Oh wait. We have had this conversation before.

          I did read about your explosion, and the Boston incident too. So sorry to hear about both. Sad times.

          The internet is a wealth of information. And disinformation. And spreads prejudice and ignorance. I often think we would be better without it.


          • Some of us have roots there and do look back
            Noticed the Queen attended. That’s class
            This president listens closely to the Unions wishes and seems to hate anything English. Arrogant and immature (remember he gave the Queen an iPod with his speeches on it – as if – we all cringed. Surprised it didn’t get accidentally dropped – but the Queen has lived this game a long time) Clinton? No class there. No fun? No go. Thought Hillary might go – she’s the one with the brains. The men that went are old school. They knew her – so maybe it’s best they went – not hypocrites. Know what is respectful and appropriate. Will check your new post.
            Life goes on here as it does all around the world


          • Roots are odd. My partner has Cornish and Yorkshire ancestry and yet he identifies with Wales. I have some Lancashire ancestry but I consider myself totally Yorkshire.

            The attendance of the queen was significant. The first political funeral she has attended since Churchill? That is important. And interesting given that when Thatcher was in power there was a lot of claptrap about how the two women disliked each other. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe they disagreed on politics but you’d never know because neither would say.

            Immature is a good word. I had no idea he gave the queen an ipod with his speeches on. What a kind gesture. I am sure she treasured it. How lovely. What more could you want?

            I don’t know whether Bill got asked but it was Hill that was pointed out as not going. Rude. Don’t know what her excuse reason was. I think we all know where Bill’s brains live and they aren’t in his head.

            I’ve been offline for a few days so Pippa and I will be bounding over to yours for a few snose rubs and paws with the delectable Molly.


    • The short answer, IMO, was no. I was a bit thrown by the American accent, because I don’t follow the family life of a former prime minister, but basically her mother was American and after her divorce from Mark Thatcher, she and the two kids went back to USA.

      On the other hand, her diction and composure were excellent. Pretty good managing a perfect performance in front of more than 2000 people in such an amazing venue and not missing a beat.

      Maybe I just don’t like the word captivating. Would a perfect performance by a 19-year-old man have been described as ‘captivating’? I doubt it.


  5. I liked the bit on BBC News 24.

    News just in, Margaret Thatcher has died after a strike this morning …. cough cough embarrassed looks all round …. sorry stroke this morning.

    The clip was played on Have I got News for you, Friday 12th April for those of you with BBC iPlayer access.


  6. I passed on the video link or whatever. Don’t have the time. Loved reading all the comments and replies. I live about 20–30 miles from the West, Texas explosion. That and the Boston thing are so tragic.


    • The link was long, so really only for people who were particularly interested and had missed it. I don’t usually watch long vids either. My commenters are very good – I think I should write extremely short posts and let them do all the work for me in the comments section :D

      I did hear about both incidents, and another Texan friend has specifically mentioned the explosion too. Sad times.


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