Unexpectedly. In Spain. En España.

No, not a frontier problem but a puppy delay.

For those of you who don´t back read the comments, which is silly as I have some rather intelligent commenters who always have something pertinent, and sometimes impertinent, to say.

So the puppy arrived nearly four weeks ago, via a woman who rescued him from a rubbish bin when he was a few days old. He´s started his jabs but they won´t be complete until next month when he will also get chipped.

So I won´t have access to my computer until November and no I am not faffing around to try and blog from my ´phone. Bad enough writing comments from it and roaming is EXPENSIVE.

Pippa has graciously agreed to allow excerpts from Snowy´s Diary on his blog, so those of you who like soppy dog pix, large dog and tiny puppy pix, and consider anthropomorphism perfectly natural will be able to read more detail over there when I am back on line.

I will also publish a post on here about bastards who dump puppies, dogs, cats and other animals in rubbish bins, on the side of roads, on motorways or whereever.

Those of you who think rescued unwanted dogs are indeed life´s rubbish may not want to read this future post.

Being stuck in Spain, and not very mobile limits the options. Reading is the first choice of entertainment as it doesn´t require ankle use.

Except, I´ve gone through the unread books that I´d brought with me and am now re-reading from my vast library. If four bookshelves can be called vast.

Reviews to follow will include Tolkien, Rowling, various crime books, some soppy trash and a few classics from above vast library.

And a few gardening books as I have managed to plant/sow beetroot, lettuce, onion sets/seeds, carrots, tomatoes and aubergine. Courtesy of my ever-generous neighbours I have peppers and chillies too.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes regarding my ankle and for all the advice and info. Having a rescued puppy thrown out to die puts a sprained ankle into perspective somewhat. For the dog/animal people out there he´s a Podenco albino with the most beautiful green eyes.

Apols for any spelling errors as this is being typed from a cafe so no time for endless proofing.

I´ll try and log on once a week and get round to visiting some blogs but I won´t be able to back track through posts. Sorry about that.

Hasta luego



48 comments on “Encerrado

      • UK shelters are bad enough. I’d hate going to a Spanish one. I always want every dog and end up in tears.

        I looked at one rescue place, localish in La Axarquia. It was full. Some dogs were being temp homed because it was full. And, they had a separate page where people could add details of yet other dogs needing homes.


    • Hi Clare. I tried to reply from cafe and couldn’t! So pesky Pinky beat me (my phone was then on low batt) It’s not like the UK. Three of our dogs came from local Brit shelters and our two Spanish ones were both dumped on the street.

      There are quite a few people who will home street dogs either permanently or temp. And there is a strange informal network of dog people.

      I did look at Span rescues on the net. A lot are homed with people ie fostered so it’s not like going to the local Blue Cross.

      We told our vet we wanted a pal for Pippa so that’s how we ended up with Snowy.


  1. The Podenco Andaluz breed is new to me. My quick research indicates this is a remarkable dog that would make a good friend and companion. It is unbelievable that anyone would treat it as rubbish.


    • Hi TA.

      I’m using 50 year old books for my research but they all agree it is a very old breed brought to Spain and Portugal from North Africa. I’ll write more about them when I’m on line properly.

      As for Snowy, whether he was unwanted just because or whether he was dumped because he is albino – we’ll never know. He is tough, feisty and very alert. He didn’t deserve to be thrown out to die.


  2. What a great reason to be ‘out of touch’. Was wondering. Sad situation but lucky pup to have folk like you in the world. Looking forward to further insight when you are back on your feet. Enjoy the puppy time.


    • Thanks. That’s a nice way to put it although I do miss people which is why I whacked this out today and next week hope to make some visits.

      There are plenty of good people who rescue/home unwanted animals. I’m just one of many. All I want to do is point out that the dogs aren’t rubbish or rejects or full of problems. That description is for the people who dump them.


    • He’s all right at the mo. Crashed under Pippa’s tableden on a blanket surrounded by makeshift toys.

      Thank goodness for the woman who took him in. I’ve mailed her to say she can come see him whenever she wants.

      Must be the same in CR. It happens, all you can do is help to the best of your extent.

      Does sound a good idea though. Did you see the Bond film (Daniel whatsit) where he dumped the baddie in the desert with motor oil? :)


      • No….but it sounds good to me…

        It happens in CR…but less as they start campaigns in the schools and also support more spay and neuter clinics at low – or nil – cost.

        Not the government, obviously, something useful would never be done by them, but by animal welfare groups.

        My four are around me as I type…but only because the laptop is in the kitchen and i’m cooking up chicken carcasses.

        One alsatian with hip problems, skin problems, you name it problems….dumped by his breeder when his ear wouldn’t rise.
        One small long haired elderly dog put out as no longer wanted.
        One medium sized hairy cattle dog dumped when the chap gave up work. (Works wonders with out bullocks).
        One medium sized short haired black bitch given to us when full of mange as a pup.


  3. Puppy rescues take priority over all! Take al the time to romp necessary.
    Welcome Snowy. Safe and home at last! (Molly sends wild paw waves.)
    Old old dog breeds have much to offer.
    Going to unplug for a few days shortly – will try to read, but internet may be limited.
    YEA you and Snowy!


    • Any dog on the street is a priority for us. If only I had a few acres.

      Romping wildly. Tugging blankets and rugs and clothes and biting those oh so desirable toes. Romp romp.

      A quick jump up at Molly and then a naughty puppy dart off.

      We’re offering sleep now, but the odd growl and barks at interlopers in OUR street have also been heard. Got to look after Pippas gate.

      There will be no more posts on here for a while. Hope all well your way. Will try catch up next week. Puppy snuffles to Molly. ( Pippa says, stay away, I’ve got first paws on Molly )


  4. Well I was about to write to you to find out if you are okay. But i figured that you are still in Spain. I am so glad that you have given Snowy a home. We are like minded in the animal abuse/cruelty/rescue situation, but you already know that. Snowy is and will be a wonderful pet. I bet he is growing by leaps and bounds.

    And now back to you and your ankle. I hope that you are mending okay. Good healing karma is sent your way from Cen-Texas. :-) Take good care. Regards, Yvonne


    • Y, I will mail you when I have finished this. If I can find your address on my ‘phone.

      Snowy is growing in only a few weeks. Also determined to be a tough little guard dog. I am in love :D

      Ankle not bad, so appreciated comments, info and advice from you and others :)


  5. If you had the chance to check your stats during your brief connection you may have noticed quite a few ‘reads’ from Canada yesterday. Most of them were likely me as it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen any posts from you in some time. Sometimes wordpress does weird things and sometimes my clumsy stupid fingers click the wrong things so I was wondering if I’d disconnected from the ‘follows’ for your blogs. Nope–that wasn’t it. Then I remembered that you’d been laid up with an injury and was wondering if that had something to do with it–but hoping not At any rate it’s good to hear that things are relatively okay even if you’ve adopted a small mini-satan. Of course they do grow out of it and become perfectly wonderful in time–well worth the effort.
    ***Are you people who give up on your critters reading this? Please re-read the last sentence in the previous paragraph. Do it again.Have it tattooed to the inside of your eyelids if you think you might forget***
    In the meantime, good luck with the latest adventure and I look forward to hearing more once your connection resumes.
    Oh, and by the way, your home continues to make the news here from time to time. I feel your pain; I really do as we go through much the same crap here in Newfoundland Labrador.


    • Ha ti ha. Barely had time to write up the blog that I had written up in ye olde fashioned pencil. And write one brief comment. And then dash for bus.

      So no to stats perusal which I don’t really do anyway. Either you read and comment or you don’t. You’re on the list of ones to visit. Next time at the caff. No cafe though :(

      Pup is fine. Hugely active and then falls asleep. You give young people a start in life, I try to do it with dogs.


    • Anyone who homes rescues is a Good Person. Unlike the Bad People who throw them out. My Gib neighbour is a real cat woman. Took in a beautiful brown Siamese and offered him to us. But didn’t really fit with pippa the cat chasing monster:(

      We didn’t literally rescue him. Just agreed to home him. We did take Pipps off the street though. Rescues eh?


  6. Welcome Snowy.

    Pippa wanted to check you aren’t being fed toast though, only one pup gets the toast in that household.

    I’m glad your ankle is getting better. Is Master Partner in Spain with you or is he back in Gib during the week working. If the latter, maybe he could upload some pics of said Snowy, if you provide him with full instructions.


    • Snowy sends a quick tail wag and a naughty puppy nip with razor teeth.

      I’m glad too :D had a full day without a bandage and no worse. Hoping for a little more flexibility although my stiff leg limp is doing wonders for my left calf muscle.

      We’re temporarily estranged due to incompatibility between work and puppy jabs.

      But I got a good laugh at 5am after puppy duty on terrace at the thought. I would be back in Gib by the time I had given instructions and logged in and out of Internet cafe to sort out errors.

      He does have pix though. Some on his ‘phone which he could Bluetooth (all his workmates wanted to see puppypix! Tough guys in construction eh?) and I have mailed him some.

      I need to work out the simplest way to do this. Download from emails, save on desktop (remembering name :D) log into roughseas, add media. Leave to me to publish. Hmmmm. I’ll suggest it. Don’t hold your breath :D


      • Oops forgot the all important toast issue. He has had a few burnt offerings. It’s the primitive type done over a gas flame due to lack of grill or toaster. Served with salt, rubbed with crushed garlic, and lashings of olive oil. Yum. He also likes fruit and was heard to bark for tomato today when I was preparing tomato sauce. Didn’t get him anywhere.


  7. no long comment, just me saying being able to do this for animals is a great thing and i look forward to your future post/s on the low life that treats cats and dogs, or any creature this way should hung drawn and quartered.. and would love to do it… ;)


  8. Welcome Snowy:-D

    A beautiful heartwarming post and some lovely comment too.
    If it’s at all possible I can upload some of the pics you sent me, and add a link here if you want.


  9. Ah so that’s where you are :) Wonderful that you are able to provide a home to Snowy and a buddy for Pippa. Actions speak loudly, and a taking a dog in who was left to die, actually SHOUTS. Your break, although with good reason and recuperating ankle sounds refreshing, re-reading books, growing veges and playing with puppies – wouldn’t hurt any of us to do it. I’m looking forward to a flurry or news and reviews when you’re back online. Meanwhile, enjoy :)


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