Hey hey we’re the Monkees

Here we come, walkin’
Down the street.

Just walking along the drainpipe. As you do
Just walking along the drainpipe. As you do

We get the funniest looks from
Ev’ry one we meet.

Big baby on the favourite corner spot next door
Big baby on the favourite corner spot next door

Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees
And people say we monkey around.
But we’re too busy singing eating
To put anybody down.

I heard there were rich pickings in these bins
I heard there were rich pickings in these bins

We go wherever we want to,
do what we like to do
We don’t have time to get restless,
There’s always something new.

Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees
And people say we monkey around.
But we’re too busy singing eating
To put anybody down.

Baby on the balcony next door
Baby on the balcony next door

We’re just tryin’ to be friendly,
Come and watch us sing eat and play,
We’re the young generation,
And we’ve got something to say eat.

Baby, baby (where did our love go?), just happily sitting on the street
Baby, baby (where did our love go?), just happily sitting on the street

I couldn’t resist it. It’s actually quite accurate for our local monkey population. I used to like The Monkees. Maybe not as much as Dave Clark Five or The Beatles, but I liked them enough to sing the above song, or I’m a Believer, on my way home from school.

Although an American band, one of the group was British, Davy Jones. The band was formed in 1965 and released music until 1971, with the TV show running from 66-68. Anyone my age will remember it. Over the years, the band has done reunions, and since their formation, sold more than 65 million records.

Jones was a good looking young lad, born in Manchester, in 1945. He appeared in Coronation Street as Ena Sharples’ grandson, (his TV début) and also in Z-Cars. (old Brit police series). Although he started training as a jockey at Newmarket, he ended up in the entertainment industry after starring as The Artful Dodger in Oliver in the West End. (The role played by Jack Wild in the film). Jones died aged 66, from a heart attack in 2012. The remaining three members have subsequently made two tours.

Gib monkeys

However, let’s get back to the real monkeys walkin’ down the street.

Gibraltarians are paranoid about these monkeys, without a doubt.

The other day I wandered out with little Snowy only to be confronted by my Jewish neighbour and a woman across the road with a dog telling me not to go to Main Street because there were monkeys. Oh for goodness sake! I’ve walked past loads of monkeys with Snowy, even the ones sitting on the bins outside the door. I tell him NO, not to bark, and NO, he can’t go and play with them :D

‘You must go up the back,’ they both insisted. Yawn. I couldn’t be bothered to argue, so off up the back I went.

I wasn’t well pleased when I recounted this tale to Partner, only to hear he had walked past the same couple on another occasion with Big Dog Pippa, for no-one to mention monkeys to him or tell him to go on another route.

Do I look like a wimp? Is Snowy a wimp? Podencos hunt bears in Andalucía, so I’m sure a monkey would be nothing if he got his nasty vicious teeth around a monkey’s neck. Not that I am advocating any of that. I just find the attitude irritating.

Yesterday, I got a ‘phone call. My neighbour opposite, warning me not to take out the dogs because – yes – the monkeys were in the street. Groan. After much neighbourly chat, I picked up the iPhone and took a few pix, seeing as it was clearly such an important event. By the time Partner came in from work ten minutes or so later they had all gone back up the Rock to their den.

There is no need for this ridiculous fear. People need to learn to live with monkeys and stupid tourists need to stop feeding them. More to the point, the grasping taxi drivers should know better and should also stop feeding them when they take tourists up the Rock. We also need more rubbish bins, so that the rubbish can be safely put away instead of overflowing onto the street. Hardly rocket fucking science is it?

And following on from my Holocaust post, what is it with Jewish people and animals? On the day that I had the rich neighbour next door warning me about monkeys, one of the daughters upstairs decided to stand in the middle of the road, rather than on the pavement with Snowy. The dog is tiny! Admittedly, Pippa may have a vague wolfy resemblance but we have lived here for so many years now that everyone knows he is a gentle giant.

I told the silly girl to go in the block in front of me. No, no, no!! She said, dancing in the street. Said girl is in her mid teens. Meanwhile her father was answering the buzzer to let her in the block. I went first and held the door open for her. No, no, no!

‘Just hold the door,’ I snarled wolfishly, ‘and you can follow in later’. And then what? ‘The light’s not working,’ she bleated. At which point I was heartily sick of Little Miss WhingeArse and cleared off upstairs.

It didn’t seem appropriate to write such trivia when I wrote about the Holocaust, but really, I can’t do with people moaning and wimping about nothing at all. Monkeys, dogs, lights, who really cares?

Note: just to prove how responsible I am:

• the lights in the block are now on permanently until the electrician comes to fix it,
• I can’t organise the monkey trips down the town which will soon stop anyway,
• my dogs don’t normally bite people, although they do like pats and strokes.

My dogs:

Different Gib monkeys.  My boys. Monkeys had all gone home by then
Different Gib monkeys. My boys. Monkeys had all gone home by then

A good Monkees song:

Last train to Clarksville

And for a different take on last train, by the British band ELO:

Last train to London


65 comments on “Hey hey we’re the Monkees

  1. OMG ( think that’s the appropriate abbreviation) I loved the Monkees at a certain time in my life. Had a scrapbook and everything. Watched the TV show addictively. Think Jackie magazine even ran a cartoon strip at one time. Bits and Pieces by the DC5 was the first 45 I ever owned and my sister and I would stamp around on our wooden floor in time (or not) to the beat, much to the annoyance of our parents.
    So, you have a monkey problem, Trafalgar Square has its pigeons. Vermin and a damn nuisance – but people keep on feeding them. I blame Mary Poppins.


    • I think it is too. I didn’t love them that much :D Don’t remember a cartoon strip in Jackie though. I couldn’t wait for Jackie to come out every week. Wasn’t it meant to be Thursday? but I think our newsagent often got it delivered on Wed, so I was in there Wed evening, hoping I could read it before getting to school on Thursday to discuss it and show off that I had read it already! Ah, the days of Jackie and Bunty.

      Think my first single was probably a Beatles one, but I still have Bits and Pieces. Luckily they played at Bridlington one summer so my parents took me to see them, and I got to stomp away in the floral pavilion/hall (or whereever the concert was) with my little pony tail swinging away in time to the music.

      Everyone needs a scapegoat, why not Mary Poppins. Bet it’s more than tuppence a bag now. We also apparently have a seagull problem. I have no idea why.


      • As I got older (into my teens…) I ditched The Monkees in favour of any band that looked degenerate and whose picture (courtesy of the aforementioned Jackie Mag) I could plaster on my wall and upset my mother. The hairier the better. Most of my early sex and relationships education was gleaned from the Cathy and Claire pages of Jackie, after which I moved onto Petticoat – Patricia Hewitt and Janet Street Porter were two of the journos on that one at the time. As the parents began to think the Beatles were ‘rather good’ I moved on from them too – the Stones were heartily disapproved of. Ended up with Pink Floyd and Wishbone Ash which infuriatingly, Dad seemed to enjoy. But he was clever at psychology.


        • My degeneracy only went as far as T Rex. My posters of Marc Bolan were only allowed inside my wardrobe. I never did Petticoat. My parents bought all my singles – Stones, Beatles, Manfred Mann, Dave Clark Five, Sandie Shaw, Susan Maugham …. oh and the Bachelors who were more to my grandma’s liking than mine.
          Never did do Pink Floyd and WA, although I managed Moody Blues. Later I enjoyed playing Relax and blasting it through the house. That was fun.


          • Hmm… Ride a White Swan?
            Husband had Marc Bolan hair when I first met him. Probably part of the attraction, come to think of it. Thankfully it’s short now, otherwise he would’ve ended up looking like Brian May.


          • Ah, I have Ride a White Swan too. Was before I had a crush, but I ordered it in from my local record shop. In their rather whacky wicci day that one. Partner allegedly had a perm at one point. Thought he was Bodie or Doyle. Just as well I didn’t meet him then.


  2. Great pictures and a good music selection too.I remember Davy Jones appearing as Vi Carson’s grandson in the front parlour by the old harmonium. Peter Noone also appeared on the show as Len Fairclough’s son if I remember rightly.
    xxx Hugs xxx


    • Thanks David. Couldn’t really do the Monkees without a song. Played ‘guess the band’ last night with Partner, and he got last train to Clarksville immediately. I was most annoyed, but luckily he didn’t get the ELO which made me feel much better as he likes ELO :)

      My memories of early Coronation Street are very vague. Mostly Ena, Albert and Minnie in the Snug, and Pat Phoenix’s amazing make-up and hairdo. And Len of course. Certainly don’t remember Davy Jones or Peter Noone in it (another pretty boy!)


  3. They really are very cute but I can’t relate to how I would feel living with them on a day to day basis. They look as if they could be dangerous but I guess one becomes accustomed to their habits.


    • Touch wood, I’ve not had any problems. It’s a bit disconcerting walking out of the door to see one – or more – sitting on the rubbish bins immediately outside. If there’s no-one around, I’ll probably say ‘Hello monkey’ in my best nice dog voice, or if there is, I’ll slink unobtrusively past. They are more interested in finding tasty goodies to eat.

      The alpha males are big. I wouldn’t like one of them having a go at me. They are heavy. The females, the babies and the adolescents less so. It’s really a question of keeping your distance and not harassing them.


  4. I remember The Monkees TV show and the custom Monkee Mobile car they had. Ah, those wacky 60s!

    People just seem to lose their marbles over any animal that isn’t a cute puppy or kitten.


    • I don’t remember the car! I suspect I might have seen the show on a re-run to be honest.

      I think your gators are cute! I doubt I would think that close up though. The baby monkeys are pretty cute, or at least all the hordes of tourists seem to think so. Residents have a different perspective. As I’ve not lived here all my life, I tend to fall more into the tourist class. Luckily I don’t need to spend hours watching them, because I know I will always see them another day.


  5. I do recall watching the show with my sis and her friend. They enjoyed it more than me and, yes, I believe they found Mr. Jones cute too.
    Now we get Justin Bieber. He’s actually Canadian. Do you want him? Every person in Canada will give you $1 each if you take him.
    Now, as for the monkeys I’d like to tell you a story of an equivalent that we have here Unfortunately I cannot. We do have moose but it’s unlikely I’d be able to get any shots of them climbing walls or poles though. I can share a story of how a couple of guys rescued a 280 kg (or so) bull moose from a ditch, though. Here it is http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/snow-trapped-moose-rescued-in-piccadilly-1.2517009
    In the meantime, here’s my $0.02: people should get used to the little critters as it’s their planet too. Best thing to do for them is to suitably deal with their trash and recycling and to NOT feed them as it screws with what they’re good at, namely feeding themselves.


    • As with the later ‘boy bands’ I suppose most 60s bands were aimed at adolescent girls. i don’t remember anything about the shows, crass plots weren’t they? or no plots more likely. It was American so it was foreign and I probably didn’t understand it for that reason, a bit like the ghastly Partridge Family. But I did like the Monkees music.

      I’ll look up the population of Canada and let you have my answer after that. In fact I have read that he is a pain, but I have no idea why. Badly behaved at a guess, it’s usually the case. In the scheme of important world events, that is one story that I don’t think is high on my priority list to follow up.

      You’ve posted photos of moose wandering down your roads though haven’t you? I think that would be pretty impressive. They look so cute too, although even bigger than monkeys. That one in the story weighs four or five times as much as me. There were some interesting comments too. As one commenter said, the irony of the situation is that one of the people who rescued the moose might well go on to shoot it later. The perversity of human nature.

      The monkeys do get fed by the government at their den. Last time I was up there it was oranges, cabbage and carrots I think. I’m actually not sure what they find so rewarding in our rubbish bins, there’s certainly never any food chucked out from our flat. But yes, I agree with you 100%.


    • They are pretty intelligent and rubbish bins are easy pickings. Having said that, we used to see bins overturned in the UK with feral cats and dogs scavenging for food, so no difference.

      Dave Clark Five was so good, admittedly I only know Bits and Pieces and All of the Time, but I still loved them.

      Hey, that was before my time! I wasn’t even born. Having said that I do know the song.


    • I was going to write – easy. But before I got chance to reply, I was putting the bread away and found myself singing (aloud) ‘Last train ….’ and quickly shut up :D Even worse, I’ve just sing the whole phrase now :( I love the bit where ‘last train’ goes up slightly. I shall def have to find something else to get stuck in my head!


    • I was carrying a six pack of beer home yesterday, dog in the other hand. I’d walked past the monkeys on the way up, and took a different route back, because I was not planning on giving up my beer lightly. Doubt they drink beer though, but who knows? they might develop a taste for it. Little Snowy certainly tries his best to steal our beer.


  6. You’ve got the Monkees and we’ve got Rocky Raccoon(s). Many residents in our community are afraid of them. Our wildlife committee has advised people how to exclude them but few are willing to do something themselves. Would rather have them trapped and destroyed. Raccoons can not be relocated. It is the law.


    • I think I remember you mentioning your local committee and the raccoons. I’ve read about them on other blogs too. Is it the same problem – raiding rubbish bins? Or just that they are generally ‘there’. A bit like urban foxes I suppose.

      Natural law or by statute?


  7. I’m a believer in monkey. :)

    Why are “foreigners” so frightened of wildlife? Here in France, in our village, the first sign of a snake is greeted with a rake or spade to kill it, and once, some years ago, a shotgun. Snakes are bad and must be killed. Coypus are bad and must be killed. In Kenya, the natives were terrified of chameleons. What harm could a chameleon do?

    Anyway, lovely photos of the monkeys.


    • Neat.

      I did a similar post about the reactions in Spain to snakes. Poor innocent thing.

      First part of post: http://wp.me/p1XwsS-1mE

      Chameleons are protected in my part of Spain, yet my neighbour cringes if there is one in my garden. Geckos as well, I mean who, who? can be frightened of a nice coackroach-eating gecko?

      Thank you. I love the monkeys :)


  8. Believer is one of my favorite songs. I’m not a huge Monkees fan in general, but that one has always resonated with me.
    I think it would fascinating to live someplace where wildlife can roam around from time to time. Yes, it does seem like it would make sense for the people to do a better job of making sure there wasn’t an abundance of trash for them to dig through for food, but people do seem to be lacking in common sense most days. Sadly, I think that is just going to get worse as the newer generations rise to power. And, to be fair, I do have wildlife loose in my area. But, there is a world of difference between monkeys and coyotes.


    • Thanks for the visit. Interesting exchange on DP.
      I’m not a huge fan either, just like some of their songs. But it was contrived to fit with my monkeys :D
      Ironically it is older people here who freak about monkeys, thereby passing on the fear. Should teach something in schools yes?
      I read the coyote blog once or twice. Not sure there is that much difference. Wild animals are wild animals.
      Catch you around, hopefully. (off to bed time here in monkeyland)


  9. I wonder what the stupid girl would make of living here: encounters of the unwelcome kind so far

    1 poisonous snake disturbed in the veg garden – yes I do know it was poisonous
    1 rattlesnake on the porch – visitor from London wishful to go out and make its acquaintance
    1 miniature jaguar trying to steal a duck
    The vultures on the tree up the road where I take the dogs for their morning stroll
    The coyotes howling on the river bank

    and she’s making a fuss about a small dog!
    And as for people frightened of geckos! I can’t encourage them enough and when the new house is built up the hill I shall have to try to persuade them to come with us.


    • She’s a city girl without a doubt. And she’s not the only one. On a dog walk the other evening, a Moroccan jumped into the road to avoid walking anywhere both dogs. I don’t know enough about Islam or Judaism to know what they teach about animals (apart from the fact that some are unclean, especially nasty dirty horrible pigs which I personally love) but the truth is, they are the two identifiable groups who are most likely to veer away, commit suicide by jumping in the road rather than walk next to a dog. On the other hand an Irish woman (for once I could tell the accent, most unlike me) walked up to Pippa straightaway, stroked him and said what a beautiful dog he was – that tends to be the usual reaction.

      Poisonous snakes and rattlers might phase me a bit. But there is a reason for wearing boots, trousers, long sleeves living in the country. Well, there are two, the other one is avoiding melanoma.

      If there are gecko friendly ways of entering the new house and no nasty chemicals/pesticides, and lots of cockroaches for them to eat, I’m sure they will follow you.


      • We had a team of Turkish builders when in France – great guys, the lot of them – and the boss told us that when they did military service in his day those from ‘backward islamic areas’ – his phrase – used to be made to train as dog handlers to ‘unislamise’ them.
        Being used to dogs – looking after the family’s sheep from when he was young – he volunteered as a dog handler and had a great time teasing the unwilling.


  10. I’ve never been much of an animal person, myself but I find that the older I get the more accepting (though I was never really un-accepting, as it were) I get of all creatures. When in India the monkeys roamed the streets like anyone else. They minded their own business if you did yours. I know they can be snarly and are strong but if you don’t poke with a stick ?! We’re all animals to them, aren’t we?
    “Clarksville ” was my favourite. Good choice :)


    • Got to be honest, I am very animal orientated. I was in the WWF at five years old. OK maybe a bit older, but you get the idea. Don’t remember as many monkeys in the streets in India as we get here – but cows? Couldn’t move for them D My neighbour in Spain once poked a donkey through a fence, I mean why? just why? And donkeys are so adorable. Soppy sigh.

      I like Clarksville, thanks.


  11. I remember all the groups you mentioned. I love seeing the pictures you post of the monkeys. I would love watching them if I lived near them. Nice picture of your boys too. Hugs sweet friend and give Pippa and Snowy some hugs and nose kisses for us!


    • Doesn’t remembering certain pop groups define you within a particular age group?

      We saw a couple of babies yesterday evening when we took P&S out for a walk. So cute. Running along the drainpipes, then leaping to a lamp-post, and then down the post and scampering across the road.

      Thanks for the hugs and kisses, we send them back to you and Chancy.


  12. I have to say that they look to be a real nuisance. Do they get into peoples’ houses?
    My favourite Monkees story is about Mike Nesmith (you probably know this). The reason he didn’t need to be part of the band for such a long time was that his mother was a multi-millionaire on account of the fact that she invented typewriter correction fluid later known commercially as Liquid Paper!


    • Something told me they wouldn’t be quite your thing :D
      They do if you are stupid enough to leave open your windows. A bit like people do if you leave your house unsecured.

      I didn’t know the story. Good one though.


  13. “There is no need for this ridiculous fear. People need to learn to live with monkeys and stupid tourists need to stop feeding them.”

    This post was hilarious! Sorta makes me wish there were feral (though harmless) monkeys jaunting about in the states.


  14. Haha – I used to love “The Monkeys!” Davy Jones was dreamy to my 5th grade eyes. Interesting about the Gib monkeys too. I’ve never been anywhere that had monkeys roaming free. I have to admit that I’d be one of those monkey feeding tourists, so I better never visit! Then again, now that I’ve read this post I’d think twice. Celeste :)


    • He wasn’t that dreamy to me. Pretty but not my type. Looked sort of schoolboyish, but I wasn’t a cassidy or osmond fan either, unlike a load of my schoolpals.

      People feed the monkeys mainly so they can take photos, but as they are around and don’t rush off, you can usually get some sort of a half-way decent pic. Even I can!


    • Hi BotR

      Oddly enough when I was discussing it with Partner that was exactly what he said. Where we are, half the shops on Main Street use the our domestic bins that cater for all the flats in our streets and the ones in Main Street as well. I appreciate rubbish bins aren’t a big tourist attraction, but neither is litter scattered all over the place. Nothing wrong with placing a big bin in one of the Main Street Bays. Or they could do what happens in Spain in the main street in our pueblo and have underground bins in places that can take them. Anyway, the bottom line is more bins would be a good idea in areas of dense population (most of Gib) and where shops are, certainly Main Street area..


  15. They do seem like a menace, but not sure I’d be terrified of them either. Miles and I used to hate the geese in Boston. They hiss, spit, and would charge us. But we continued going for walks. I would just run past the geese.


    • Little ones are fine, medium ones are fine, even not too big ones are ok. Just big monkey meets big dog is not quite so good. And little dog (Snowy) thinking he is a big dog doesn’t help, hence very sharp and fast education for the little ratter. Podencos hunt bears in Andalucía so I think he has delusions of grandeur.

      No geese here. Snows does think chasing seagulls could be fun though.


  16. Finally an appropriate use of those songs! (although cheery, might run your monkeys if played loudly and often enough.)
    They are cute, but monkeys have reputation. If left alone , they probably leave you alone? The situation reminds me of the bears in Yellowstone – once they found humans would feed them, they lost normals shyness and got aggressive. Once again tourists upsetting natural order?
    Meant to comment earlier, but constant interruptions from one thing or the other.
    Love the pictures of the area – great balcony shot.


    • Hi Phil

      Where does the time go? Taking out that Little Snowy and playing ball and and and…

      Nearly a close encounter of the monkey kind the other day. Pippa is so tranquil, but Little Snowy is a typical little dog and decided to stand his ground and BARK!! LOUDLY!! I ended up telling monkey NO!! (nearly as loudly as Snowy) and watched him go up a drainpipe before we left safely.

      I like them, but they need to leave my tiny dog alone, even if bigger Podencos do hunt bears in Andalucía, and Snows has evil teeth, but so do monkeys. Difficult match there so best to avoid it.

      People upsetting natural order. As ever. Get rid of people – no problem in the world :)

      Meant to reply earlier, but too much on like you.

      Next door’s balcony is an easy shot :D


  17. Fabulous post, I used to love watching the Monkees on TV, Davy Jones was my favourite.
    I can’t remember him on Corrie, though have seen episodes since.
    Great pic of your three boys :-)


    • Ta Vic

      I just thought why have I not linked this music and these monkeys before? :D

      I think DJ was the best looking no idea why anyone liked MD but no accounting for taste.

      All before my time really.

      Felt like a few other Gib monkeys were in order hence boys pic. Get Snowy peeping thru’ A’s legs!


  18. okay — I’ve now spent much longer online than intended because of your links. Not sure whether to thank you or not. Well, OK, thank you! I too was a Monkees fan (ask my siblings; they thought it was hilarious). Peter was my fave,, although by the time the Monkees came to town for a concert he’d left the group :( Shades of Grey gets my vote as best song.
    Did you know you can find youtube videos of the Monkees? Including their initial screen tests. I spent one long enjoyable evening watching a few, and marvelling at how bad my taste apparently was in my youth (although if you ever meet any of my siblings, please don’t mention this detail). Didn’t know about Mike’s connection to the whiteout inventor — always thought his claim to fame was his interest in music videos. I had never heard of these amazing things` until he was interviewed after he left the group, and talked about his involvement with these,
    Also can claim a Dave Clark concert, although what I remember best is how LOUD it was. Don’t recognize most of the other groups mentioned above though (except of course the Beatles and the Stones (never ever ever have figured out the appeal of the latter group).
    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It seemed to cover a variety of things — all of them entertaining.


    • Sorry :D You do even later nights than Chris. I don’t even want to think what time it is over there. In a few hours I would be getting up!

      You didn’t have to read it all though. It was just the bit about the monkey ‘attacking’ my bag. How was I to know you were a fan of the Monkees?!!

      I tend to go over the top when I visit YouTube so I limit my excursions there and try not to do Pop Quiz with Partner. Failed miserably the other night and we spent a good few hours playing guess the band/title with each other.

      Dave Clark Five was loud. Good though. I still love Bits and Pieces. I saw the Stones too in an open air concert. I thought they were good, or maybe it was just the atmosphere. I like some of their music.

      Thanks. I tend to cover a few things here on roughseas within one post. Different style/format to Everypic, although in my tiny head, there is a tenuous link usually with what I write about. I don’t like to post daily because I find keeping up with daily blogs difficult, so I imagine others think the same. But it means when I do post on here, I tend to write a longer post, rather than say three shorter daily ones. So where is your blog? :D


  19. it is 1:39 am here. As for my potential blog(s?): Chris asked the same thing in response to a comment I made on her piano across america post tonight. I told her it was your fault that I don’t have one yet. Spent too much time reading (and enjoying) your posts…..
    But I am thinking, and considering, and wondering how I can possibly avoid boring people (meaning me boring, not eliminating boring people from reading)….I’ll have a lot to live up to. (but am so glad you don’t keep posts to one specific theme. Maybe a blog is possible for my sometimes scattered mind.)


    • Not my fault at all. Get the URL and then a title and write something. You’ve got two readers straightaway. If you want photos and like playing with DT like Chris, me and Vicky, go for that theme. Or, go for one like mine 2011 which is easy to read, or whatever Vicky’s VicsPics one is, because that is easy too.

      Whatever you do, keep your theme simple, apart from capricious DT of course, which is part of the attraction.

      Why would you bore people any more than anyone else does? There are some seriously bad blogs out there, yours has to be better! :D

      You find your niche, settle into it, visit other like-minded people, and up and running. Now get on with it instead of answering me. If you want more examples of different blogs, you can look at my Cloudsmovingin blog, Pippadogblog and Justlandrovers. All at wp.com obv. ust for ideas. Pippa’s is Quintus, Clouds is 2010, Landies is 2011 to give you an idea of different layouts. And C and I are always around to help with any questions.


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