A brief hiatus

I don’t know if that is tautological or not. I suspect, although in common usage, that it is.

Anyway regardless of grammer, a pause, a gap, a breather to get on with life.

These include in no particular order:

A demanding puppy

Snowy seems to think that I should not be spending time tapping away on Hal and that my time is better spent on the sofa with him so that he can either lie on me and fall asleep, eat my pullover, or play tugging with his toys.

For example, all sofa throws currently on floor, and toys, and fleece jacket I wrapped him in earlier. He is, however, currently licking a toy which makes a change from chewing the sofa.

In order to tire out said demanding puppy, I wandered him up to Rosia to play on the beach. This was successful in that he fell asleep on return. So did I.

Rosia Bay
Rosia Bay
Trying to tire the pesky pup
Trying to tire the pesky pup

Land Rover parts

Water pump needed for the Santana, no idea what type it is, so trying to source an unidentifiable water pump off the internet is so not my idea of fun.

The water pump. But which water pump?
The water pump. But which water pump?

Dixon Bate drop down towing hitch (or something like that) is also needed. Given that I have no idea where to start, no idea what I am looking for, fruitless task doesn’t even come near my description of what will be a waste of time.


I am drowning in it, and after almost sorting it a couple of weeks ago, it is overflowing again. And I really really must right (while I probably meant write there, right is also correct in this context) my papers for our next board meeting, given that I seem to be the only one capable of writing a half decent sentence, providing recommendations, and generally herding cats.

First World War

In the meantime, as light relief, or maybe not, given the subject matter, here are a couple of pix from this year’s calendar from the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, which has sadly gone up to a whopping £6.50.

This year, unsurprisingly, the trust is commemorating the start of WW1. Somewhere recently I read we would hear a lot about WW1 this year, so I might as well get in there.

As ever the calendar has some excellent photos. While it’s not (as far as I am aware) printed on recycled paper or from sustainable sources or supports animal charities, the elderly or the homeless, it is a classy and interesting product and full of historical info.

Onto, as ever, the Gib history lesson, taken from the calendar, so all credits due to GHT as I’ve done no background research on this one.

There was no fighting on the Rock, but Gib contributed to the war in its own way. Gibraltarians signed up and the Gibraltar Volunteer Corps was formed (the forerunner of the Gibraltar Regiment).

Gib served as a refuge for steamers avoiding submarine attack, a coaling station (one of our piers is still called Coaling Island), a place to obtain fresh water and provisions, a repair harbour for damaged vehicles, and a naval station and dockyard for Britain and the Allied Forces.

Patrol boats continually monitored the Strait of Gibraltar and we have a memorial to those who lost their lives doing so.

Memorial to those who served in WW1 patrolling the Strait
Memorial to those who served in WW1 patrolling the Strait

Thousands of sailors, many of them crews from torpedoed vessels, were brought to Gib to recover.

A prisoner of war camp was also started at Windmill Hill.

The picture for January is of a Curtiss Atlantic. From 1915 to 1917 the Admiralty established a seaplane base in Gib, with five landplaces operated from the racecourse (ie before the runway was built) and three seaplanes that operated from land by Chatham Counterguard.

They were used to watch the Strait for enemy submarines and U-boats and to help the torpedo boat patrol.

Curtiss Atlantic Seaplane at the dockyard
Curtiss Atlantic Seaplane at the dockyard

February’s picture shows the first bank notes issued in Gibraltar – another centenary. They were issued under emergency wartime legislation with the intention of helping meet liabilities in case there was a run on either the Anglo-Egyptian Bank or the Government Savings Bank. Apparently there was indeed a run on the bank so emergency notes were issued.

Two shilling notes!!
Two shilling notes!!

With which I shall slink off to do all those things I don’t want to do. I may however, sneak onto Clouds or Pippa’s to write a couple of quick posts.


46 comments on “A brief hiatus

  1. I would not say “brief hiatus” was tautological, as indeterminate. As hiatus is a pause of indeterminate length, “brief” is just shorter than a longer hiatus. Like a “minute”.

    -When are you coming?
    -In a minute.

    So a long hiatus in one person’s view could be shorter than a short hiatus in another’s- depends who is measuring and why.


    • Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I figured someone might have a view on it, so thought I would throw the question out there.

      In this case, it means – in theory – no more posts this week, or for a week. Or something like that.


  2. Thanks for the very interesting history lesson. There is so much information about the World Wars that is little known. And this being the 100th anniversary of “the war to end all wars” many words will be inked (guess digitized now). Will be interesting and hopefully we learn something from it. Good luck with your Rover Rubik. As we know, pups can be very demanding in a joyful way. Enjoy the respite if you can.


    • I started off writing about these calendars ages ago. Hopefully I’ll keep up to a most every month or two with the info on the calendar and the pix, as I think they are quite fascinating and worth a wider audience.

      Hmm, I have a lot of internet searching to do and forum requests for info, most of it in Spanish, although last time we asked on the Spanish ones, people were very helpful, so it’s worth a punt.

      Pup is currently running around the flat with his little boot that is one of his favourite toys, which I shall write about at some point. Hopefully that will wear him out and he will then crash for an hour or two. He is very affectionate though. Hmm, I’m not sure I will. It’s easier blogging than tracking down unknown parts or writing board papers and making sure I have got the accounts right.


  3. Reassuring your hiatus is intended to be brief… as I’m hoping my own unintentional, reluctant hiatus is… who knew the start of 2014 would be so busy. Madness.
    Time well spent with Snowy :) but as for paperwork and landy parts… duty calls in many guises.
    The heritage calendar is unusual, and interesting. Although paper calendars are no longer as popular as once they were due to the e-versions on phones etc, I still have an affection for them and buy a Leung calendar – http://www.smhshop.com.au/leunig2014 – for my office desk, and TA simply for the pictures.


    • Hey stranger, hope you are well, missed you even yet again!

      I’m turning into one of those retired people except without a pension, who say, how did I manage to get anything done when I went to work? Was hoping for another walk today but windy (40 kph) and drizzly, but may venture out anyway.

      I love paper calendars and paper diaries. I am still a paper person. I like the fact that they are in front of me all the time and don’t go away when I choose another app. That’s why I can’t use an email based reminder system either.

      That calendar looks really colourful. I often thing about framing the ones from the calendar but they aren’t really good enough quality. I noticed when I bought the calendar that they had sets of prints though very reasonably priced. Trouble is my flat will look like an art gallery! I would like some though ….


    • Aw thanks. Not sure about teens yet but I think he is in the terrible twos or threes or whatever they are. Until he falls asleep of course when he is perfect.

      I hope so too. Towing hitch not a problem but the water pump could be. We’ll see. For UK LRs life is relatively easy because you can buy manuals and parts catalogues. But for the Santana Spanish Land Rover it’s a different story. Not helped by the fact that ours isn’t a common version.


  4. I hope you manage to get things sorted for the vehicle and with your paperwork. Perhaps manage a slight rest in there too. Rest assured your audience will be waiting for you to return.
    xx Hugs xx


    • My partner’s choice of name, I was still running with something beginning with P, our last three dogs have been Paddy, Prince, and Pippa who we still have. His Spanish name is Copito de Nieve (Snowflake) so my vet and my neighbours tend to call him that, but as I forget to use that very often he usually ignores them :D

      The repairs are the easy part (she says). It’s sourcing the bits that’s tough. Thanks.


    • He’s very elegant, and is a typical hound type of dog with a slight body yet powerful muscles. Very sleek. I do think about you when I take him out in the city with my little bags and pick up after him :D

      He’s albino, so I expect so. He’s got what look like freckles or markings under his short white fur, and we expected them to come through but they haven’t done. According to my vet, he’s a pure bred Podenco (Andaluz), and because he is albino he’s pretty rare. Well, my vet hadn’t seen one before, put it that way. We’re guessing that because he is albino that’s why he was chucked in the rubbish bin at a few days old.


    • Thanks cw. Yes, good thing we don’t have colder weather here, if it snowed we’d never find him!

      I’m fast learning there is always something new to discover about Gib history, it is so rich, and luckily lots of documentation, photos, paintings and prints.


  5. What a gorgeous pic of Snowy, he looks a really solid boy now, a far cry from the poor little fella that first arrived at your door.
    I love PPandL’s comment about a teenager, that is a perfect description :-)
    Good luck with the landy part searching, if I can help at all let me know.
    Those old Gib notes are amazing, 2/- just think what that would have bought in those days ;-)


    • He feels pretty solid when he walks on me or jumps on my chest/stomach :D

      I’m not sure he’s old enough to be a teenager. Dread to think what that will bring. Nice walk in rain and he is now savaging Pippa. Doubt he will win though. Size, bigger teeth, larger jaw, and larger paws come into play, even with age.

      Dixon bate should be sortable. It’s the water pump that’s ****ing with my head. Just been up to try and get better photos than A did so I can post on spanish forums. I see an afternoon on the internet in sheer frustration when I would rather be out in the wet and the rain with Little Rat.

      2s note eh? I’d only ever heard of a five bob one.


  6. Sounds like a lot of busy going on for you. Hope you can find some time to rest and spend time doing something you enjoy now and then between all you will be doing. See you when you return. Hugs for you and nose kisses for the sweeties!


    • Some things I can control, it’s the others that are harder to sort. I’ll probably cheat and read a few blogs, even though I’m not planning on writing too many. Reading blogs is always a nice break. Thanks, the sweeties are happy after evening meal and walk, just another one now to go before bed.


  7. The calendar would interest me too…though the price would have me fanning myself.

    Fully sympathise with your burdens…we have changed cars and one of the reasons was having to source parts in a region where use of the internet by businesses is, to say the least, patchy!

    I have a mound of paperwork as we have to take my husband’s brother to court to force him to pay out on their mother’s estate three years after her death – or what remains of the estate after he has looted it – and another mound on the great water reorganisation programme here – made easier by the decision of the man over whose land the main pipe had to run that he will, after all co operate….
    And I have a lamb to bottle feed…..

    So I’m not blogging a lot either!


    • I think the calendar started off at a fiver, but I was a member back then, so it was only four quid. It’s only gone up recently, probably since they employed a chief executive. I’m not sure I notice any difference since they did apart from the increase in calendar cost.

      There are quite a few Santanas in Central America, one of the ones we used to read a lot about was in Panama. Older ones, although easier to fix, can be difficult because of sourcing parts. New ones are a nightmare with all that electrickery.

      I’ll stick with my paperwork, yours sounds far worse. I’ll bottle feed the lamb for you though.


  8. Snowy has transformed into Super Dog. He’s gorgeous. How lucky to have a beach to run and water to daydream along. (I know what you mean about “one of those retired who have more than they can do” (without a pension) – I used to think my mom was daft when she said that.
    Gib’s location has/will always make it valuable and in the thick of things.
    I barely remember an elderly great uncle, Archie, who fought in WW I…he came back a bit scattered and wild according to my dad – wish I had been older and had talked with him. Neither World Wars were covered very well in my history classes when I was in school (but parents filled the gap). Now I doubt there’s much mention …although they will spend 4-6 weeks on slavery in the South (Which we also studied, but not 4-6 weeks worth….there is a world out there, people…one we should know about…)
    Will ask if gearhead husband knows anything about the LR part. There are quite a few of LR devotees here and in Dallas.
    Enjoy some time away. It’s getting difficult for me, too.
    And it’s sunny today – so Molly is ready to go – me, tambien. Hasta later


    • Superbrat more like, but he can be good, he’s very good at asking to go out, which in a flat is pretty helpful. Not much running at the beach as very tiny, but safe to let him off which was the point. Daren’t daydream with him though, got to stay awake and alert. Luckily nothing around when we went.

      Gib’s location is interesting. You can see why Spain has always wanted it. Gib at one point of the Strait and Ceuta at the other in North Africa – big power there, even in these days of different warfare, controlling the entrance/exit to the Med is no mean achievement.

      We did do the WWs, both of them. But I suppose in British history of the 20th century you would. Learned nothing about American history.

      If the part was LR it wouldn’t be a problem, it’s a Santana locally sourced one I suspect, but if he can work it out from the piccy that would be way cool.

      Wet and wind, our proposed walk didn’t happen :( my trousers were soaked less than half way there. Ten or twenty minute quickies in this weather ;)


  9. A really beautiful memorial, and interesting history. Snowy looks like such a lively little fellow. Rosia is such a lovely playground for him, and I’m sure you love taking out to play. :) Hope you manage to source the correct water pump. Good luck.


    • We have some nice memorials in Gib, there are three I think at the main British steps, so-called because the big memorial is a British one, we also have an American memorial at the – yes – American steps.

      Lively, hmm, that could describe him. I like Rosia, especially when we are the only ones there.

      The water pump, the water pump, gotta find something. Ty.


  10. aw, look how Snowy is growing! what a big little boy he is getting to be. all the best with the land rover and the writing and the righting and all the other things you need to do. life happens.
    no pressure to blog – yet always good to hear from you when you do! lots of hugs to Snowy and Pippa too!


    • We don’t think he will grow much more, although he seems to be getting heavier every time I pick him up. He’s still determined he’s part cat. He picks his paw up to paw at things in a very cattish manner. Trying to sort the LR on the internet yesterday (in spanish and in english) did my head in, so day off today. Weekend off in fact. The writing/righting may call though :( and the washing up!

      May do a quick pic if the challenge is interesting. I also need to update Pippa’s but not until next week now.


  11. I took a closer look at the photo of the World War I memorial and noticed the interesting dedication: “This Tablet is Dedicated by the Association of Gibraltarian Residents in the Argentine Republic.”

    Is this from a group of Spaniards who relocated to Argentina?


    • Don’t know. The only reasons Spaniards would describe themselves as Gib residents is because the area in Spain outside Gib is know as the campo de Gibraltar, donde reside la gente de Gibraltar. I would guess they were actual gibbos though. If I get time I’ll ask around how they ended up there.


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