Let’s feed him to the lions

I don’t normally reblog, (I asked permission first), but I couldn’t ignore this story.

You’ve probably all read it.

Baby giraffe killed with bolt gun because he is a pleb. Common genes make him not worth breeding from. Ripped apart in front of audience including kids, and fed to lions in the guise of education.

The only education to be gained from that is:

1) Zoos are not a good thing

2) People are sick

3) Children will grow up thinking it is ok to kill animals, disrespect them and treat them as meaningless objects whose lives have no value. Killing a giraffe, publicly cutting it up and feeding it to lions in a Copenhagen zoo hardly mimics life on the African savanna.

There were offers to rehome Marius that were rejected. Even my tough native Yorkshire offered to take him. An individual offered €500 to home him.

It seems that only offers from people who abided by the strict breeding code would be considered. Why not neuter him? Oh wait, if he can’t make money we need to kill him.

Not only do we have pedigree breeding of dogs and cats to crazy rules, now we have pedigree giraffes. FFS.

It’s called eugenics, made popular by those nice men in Germany in the 1930s.

Would I be here today if these crazy principles were practised? Would you? No.


• Do not go to zoos. Do not take your children or grandchildren to zoos. I am sure there are good zoos out there, but that doesn’t outweigh the bad ones, better no zoos. Would you like to be caged up or in a small compound out of your natural habitat for people or animals to gawk at you?

• Sign the petitions for the director of the zoo to be sacked (links on the reblog).

• Don’t go to animal circuses, and don’t go to animal rescue homes at the weekend to look at all the cute doggies and kitties as an entertaining day out.

• Take some responsibility for your life on this earth and respect those who we share it with, however badly we do that.

• If you want a domestic animal, please rescue one instead of buying from a pedigree breeder. If your heart is set on a certain breed of animal, there are always pedigrees available in either breed-specific shelters or in your average common rescue shelter.

OK, off back to my hiatus.

In the meantime, there are a couple of posts here:

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and for those of you who haven’t read it

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A Pippa Snowy post to follow at some point.

My Vegan Heart Blog


I know I said no ugly pictures would be on this blog but I’m sorry we can not just turn our heads to what was done to this innocent baby giraffe.

To say that I am incensed does not even begin to convey the anger and rage I am feeling at the moment.  If I lived in Copenhagen the asshole c.e.o. that allowed an innocent baby giraffe to be slaughter would have no rest because I would be heading the biggest boycott/protest.  Actually the only thing that would make me feel better would be if I could personally torture this pathetic excuse for a human being.

Yep I am one angry and pissed off vegan right now.

For those of you who have been distracted by the Olympics and are wondering what the heck is Ivonne talking about?  Oh and the Russian Olympics–well that’s a whole another rant right there.

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47 comments on “Let’s feed him to the lions

    • As I said, I’m not a big reblogger, but I thought this was horrific. Hello, little baby person, you’re nothing special and you won’t earn money so we’ll shoot you. It’s the same scenario just a little bit further on.

      What can we all do apart from moan about it? I don’t know. I’ve done what I can, which is to post on my blog and sign the petitions to get the bastard sacked. I’ve no idea if petitions work, but it doesn’t cost me anything apart from time to do it, so why not try?

      At least the people who didn’t want my dog just chucked him in the rubbish bin. ‘Hey, albino. Rubbish bin dog.’ But 18 months old and then shooting it? Just hideous indeed. Where is the education in that?


  1. These zoo folks can dress it up however they want, i.e., this animal was killed as part of an educational experience, but the bottom line was they wanted to get rid of an animal in the quickest and most economical way possible. And they succeeded. What they also managed to do was brew up a witch’s caldron of bad publicity, which ultimately will cost them far more than the expense that would have been involved with shipping this animal to another zoo or to someone else who would have taken it.

    I will never be one of those individuals who will be classified as an animal rights activist, but I do believe we owe most all living things a measure of respect (not keen on mosquitos and fire ants, however). I have an increasingly hard time understanding how zoos manage this. Circuses, of course, fail completely.


    • That’s normally how most animals are got rid of ie quickly and economically, and nothing goes to waste. The BSE disaster must have been a real pain for the meat industry given the ban on selling certain parts of the animal for food.

      People have short memories. Next week it will have been forgotten about when some celeb falls out with their partner.

      I’m not an activist, ie I don’t go on protest marches. I’m probably half way there, I don’t eat or wear dead animals, and I do fund animal charities, and in the past in the UK I funded hunt saboteurs. I figured my money was more use to them than active involvement. They needed people to pay to bail them out of jail etc. [Hunt sabs is a UK organisation that was aimed at stopping hunting foxes with hounds, typically enjoyed by the rich and aristocracy in the UK who all had a jolly good ride on their horses at the expense of some terrified fox. It was eventually made illegal, although it still goes on apparently]

      I can live with mosquitoes although they are a nuisance. More for that irritating buzzing in the middle of the night around your head. Ants? Hmmm. One obviously found its way into my bed a few months back. I’ve just about got rid of the bites now. My arms, and chest to thighs were covered. I’ve got some disgusting pix somewhere of the bites!

      But to return to the subject. To kill something because it isn’t worth breeding from is unbelieveable. Although sadly, in today’s times, it is believable. It was young, healthy, just why? And to publicly dissect it and feed it to lions as ‘education’ is farcical. I’m glad I’m not the PR manager for that zoo. If they had any sense they would have done it behind the scenes.


      • If the zoo had any sense, it would have publicly transferred the young giraffe to another site, where there was at least the hope it would lead a decent, albeit captive, life. And you’re right, what a nightmare for the PR manager.


        • Yes. As for PR, I once had an informal chat with someone about a potential job and said that PR people shouldn’t make decisions, they were just there to do what they could with policy. I changed my mind later. PR people should have a role to play in taking decisions. Having said all that, at least this story has exposed the fact that zoos gaily kill animals who they don’t need for breeding purposes. Although what good the exposure does I don’t know.

          Anyway, I wouldn’t take a PR job with a zoo.


          • PR people, if they know what they’re doing, are supposed to be able to examine the pros and cons of decisions, and help executives to better understand the ramifications of actions.

            Unfortunately, too many PR people have no understanding of the media and serve as nothing more than corporate shills, rather than as a legitimate conduit of information. If the zoo in question had a PR person and they thought this was an OK idea, they should have been canned.


          • The point is that mostly, executives want to tell PR people what to do, and to gloss up crap decisions that are impossible to prettify.

            I’ve only worked in public sector PR, ie civil service – UK govt, and NHS – UK health service. Both very political.

            PR is treated as something sort of junior and inferior. Those of us who do it are sort of regarded as not really very clever people who can’t understand the complexities of very important decision-making. That’s why I moved out of it – and for more money doing important decision-making.

            Too many people end up in PR because they think it is a cushy number. Quite frankly I think it should be limited entry to journalists only (my trade).

            They may well have thought it was a good idea. Classic quote: ‘There is no bad publiciity’.


  2. I just could make myself read the entire post.I think I got the gist of it and it made me feel ill. I have a better names than A– holes for those responsibe for the killing. But I don’t think I am going to be that bold and write the words.I’ve always said that A— Holes will get their due one day and generally they do, believe me, THEY DO. I’ve seen where pay back is a bitch.


    • Sorry about that. But, to try and prevent this sort of slaughter being repeated we have to share it and speak out about it. It’s ok to write arsehole on my blog! or asshole in your case. I’ve got stronger words too. Although they probably don’t involve swearing. More like despicable disgusting detritus.

      Partner loves the phrase ‘What goes around comes around.’ I do hope he gets his come-uppance, the nasty piece of work.


  3. This is horrendous. Thanks for the reblog (hopped over there first) – I kept getting snatches of info last night, but hadn’t run it down.
    So much for reverence for life – that’s what kids need to be learning now – not “no practical use, so kill it”
    Inmates are running the asylum. And say things we’re supposed to accept whatever is said without question. Dangerous times


    • It’s a very nasty and very sad story. Like my vegan heart, I don’t like putting distressing animal pix on my blog, but neither can I stick my head in the sand. These things are happening and they won’t go away if I ignore the nasty pictures.

      I think the problem is the whole relationship people have with animals, increasingly if they don’t make money they are of no use. You only have to look at ‘legal’ game hunting, or how to maximise the profit from any animal carcass.

      I think we would be better off with the zoo inhabitants running the asylum.

      Dangerous indeed.


      • Perhaps the problem even goes deeper – starts with not valuing what you have – too easy/acceptable to discard items that are perfectly fine just because a newer one or another one is desired. Disposable society encouraged for consumption of products.
        Serial killers usually start with small mean things, move to small animals, then to humans. Is it possible encouraging people to toss things away develops a mindset that if it’s old/lacks immediate use – time to get rid of it? Now that’s a sad thought.


        • The idea of disposability and consumerism came to me too. I thought there were two key strands to this one. That was one of them, and the other was the idea of the pedigree breeding for the sake of it. It’s a very valuable example of values shot to shit, but who will learn from it?

          In this case Marius wasn’t even old. Just not part of the eugenics programme.


  4. I hadn’t heard of this and it makes me sick. We aren’t zoo people and Att is a rescue. I’ve always been an animal person, but after visiting Africa and seeing so many beautiful animals in the wild and knowing that they are highly endangered has made me even more of an animal lover and I respect this earth. I want people two hundred years from now to enjoy it as much as I do. Not sure that will happen, but I hope.


    • I don’t read the news – apart from Gib news – unless I am seriously procrastinating. Or feeling guilty that I am not up on world events. So the ‘news’ I do learn about tends to be from blogs! The links on the original are to the Daily Mail (which I also wouldn’t read) so it obviously has been covered in England.

      I really can’t remember the last time I went to a zoo. Forty or forty five years ago? At some point it clicked that it wasn’t nice to house animals in cages/compounds whatever.

      A zoo story from the past:

      I don’t really care whether people enjoy our earth 200 years from now. I just wish they would stop destroying everything they touch.


  5. Zoos are crap aren’t they? I used to like going to London Zoo when I was a kid and I liked Johnny Morris on ‘Animal Magic’ but as you get older you get to realise what sad places they are. I have no desire to see African wildlife even in Africa and certainly not at a zoo but then I am not that keen on animals per se. It has never crossed my mind to take my grandchildren to visit a zoo. Wild Life safari parks are bad as well. I once went to the West Midlands Animal Safari Park and just got a load of monkeys climbing over my car and that probably explains my reluctance to visit Gibraltar.


    • Only you would mention Johnny Morris! As for London zoo, check out the link I have just added to the comment above from TBM. Nah, I’ll make it easy, here it is again;

      I did like Animal Magic though, one of my fave programmes. Wasn’t it around Blue Peter time? Five to five or twenty past or something?

      I got out of animal staring some years back. I was in NZ and there were lots of dolphin safaris and swim with dolphins (you get the safaris in Gib as well), and it suddenly struck me, how invasive it was. Sure I love dolphins, sure I would like to swim with them – but do they want to swim with me? A bit like consensual sex. Just leave them be, and if luckily you see animals without commercialisation, enjoy them and respect them, and preferably don’t eat them.

      I went to Longleat, but they aren’t any better are they? Same story there. Genetic inbreeding so we’ll kill them. And really, what are lions doing in England?
      Monkeys are ok if you don’t have a dog or a plastic bag full of food.

      Something told me that you weren’t too keen on animals. :D Apart from feral cats. Joke of the week. Our neighbour is going into hospital for an op in a week or two. He’s only asked us to put cat food under his car for the wretched street cats. Great. I don’t agree with feral feeding and encouraging them outside our block for Pippa to pull for is just such a good idea. Aaaagh!!


      • I almost forgot that I don’t mind feral cats. Cats I can get on with, I can make a connection.
        I remember going to Windsor Safari Park once, it always had a bad reputation for letting animals escape – a bit like Jurassic Park! It also featured in that film ‘Mutiny on the Buses’ with Reg Varney (1972 – 17th top grossing UK film!). It isn’t there now, it is Lego land instead. We used to have the cleaning contract there when I worked for Onyx UK.
        I have never fancied swimming with dolphins if I am completely honest!


        • Cats are ok. Just not as soppy as dogs. Dogs feed the ego more. I didn’t see MotB. I didn’t really like on the buses anyway or whatever it was called. Southern humour I suppose. Give me Brassed Off or Full Monty any day.

          No, I can’t imagine you swimming with dolphins either. Me, I would do it in a flash. Big smiley faces, more intelligent than most people, and gentle with it. Like you say, you aren’t an animal person, I am. But even you can’t condone killing a giraffe that was born because the zoo keepers didn’t prevent sex, and then decided to kill it because it was worthless. Hey why not kill Cameron? for example.


          • A bolt in the head – no I wouldn’t like that I’m sure – Take your point – I wasn’t being trivial or glib – I wouldn’t have agreed with it – they decided to do it – que sera, sera, as Doris Day said – it’s done! I don’t understand why they weren’t more discreet about it?


          • Neither do I. PR disaster. If they thought it was a good idea feeding Marius to the Lions they were barking up the wrong tree. Apparently it goes on all the time in European zoos. Just most of them don’t actually publicise it. Sure it’s done. But does it really need to keep being done? And that to me, is the issue.


  6. I am still appalled by the brutal actions of the zoo. Disgusts me that this was behavior by a so called human being.
    I applaud your check list- signed the petition two days ago…never have attended a circus…advocate for wildlife refuges and not zoo’s..with key word being refugee…It’s my belief..It’s part of my lifestyle.


    • Hello BB. I am afraid my anger about this is not going away when I learn that this is common practice in zoos as they carry out animal eugenics.

      I just can’t get over the attitude of ‘hey you, we didn’t notice your mum and dad having sex (because we are really responsible zoo people? yes?) so we will just kill you and give the lions a free meal’ Ugh.

      Quite honestly I think we should leave animals alone. I have rescue dogs because otherwise they would die/be killed. I could live without them. But whilever people dump animals I will try and home what I can.


  7. heartbreaking, sad, shocking and disgusting. i may sound like a wuss, but i won’t be reading the reblogged post even though from what you have said, it is obviously an important one. i have read similar ones elsewhere, so it is not like i am sticking my head in the sand. it is just too heartbreaking.
    lots of valid points made here, and i hope my support for the message made in your post expressed here in this comment will add to the voices of globally expressed displeasure and complete opposition to this heinous and completely unnecessary act. the only education that is being provided here is that it is not important to respect life nor necessary to show kindness to animals. what a terrible lie in the guise of a learning experience.
    good on you for sharing this important info.


    • Yes it’s all of those. The reblog isn’t any worse than you all ready know, but as that was where I heard the story from, I thought it was polite to reblog, and it saved me writing out the full story, so that I could concentrate on what messages/lessons to take from the horrific incident.

      Like myveganheartblog I do try and avoid graphic pictures of cruelty on here, not because I’m trying to protect people, but because sadly, I know it doesn’t do any good, so better to write about the issues. The only other one I posted was when the Spanish king went hunting elephants in Africa. It would be easy to post a picture a day. The last one I saw on a blog was of two dogs painted with glue ??!! so they couldn’t move. Sick or what?

      It is indeed a lie, a poor and feeble excuse for what seems to be nothing more than a financial decision.

      What I want is for people to actively do something to prevent all this mindless cruelty. People don’t need to protest on the streets, but taking up even one of my suggestions would help – it’s ok you’ve managed at least one by giving Timmy a loving home :) to end on a positive note.


  8. Surely, akin to to appropriately using language for the times, in this day and age, people know better than this. The story hit the news here Big Time. Backed up against the shaemful shark cull in Western Australia. Much deserved outrage but who knows what happens behind the scenes at other zoo’s. These fools were stupid enough to think they good get away with it openly. Idiots. But now, at least, questions are being asked.
    Years ago I stopped pausing at pet stores, and never repeated the few zoo & circus visits I ever made.
    Your coment to Andrew re feeding the neighbour’s feral cats made me laugh. I’ll be there with you in spirit :)


    • Our attitude towards animals is hypocritical at best. At its worst ….. we use them as objects for entertainment, to eat, to kill, to torture, to make money etc etc etc As for the shark cull, I think I read somewhere that the logic would be to cull people given how many deaths we carry out a year compared with sharks.

      I just can’t understand why they did it all so publicly. Some sort of honesty? Feeding dead giraffe to lions because that’s what happens in the wild? But this isn’t the world, this is an artificial situation, a zoo in a northern european capital, and Marius wasn’t killed by the lions who caught their prey, he was killed by people with a bolt gun because he was too common.

      Lion 1 in Africa: Oh look there’s Marius. He’s a pretty common looking giraffe. Shall we catch and eat him today?

      Lion 2 in Africa: Yes that’s a good idea. It will help with evolution of rare giraffe species. Just pass me my bolt gun.

      Lion 1 in Africa: And there’s a bus load of schoolkids on safari. They will be able to see how we things out here in the wilds.

      Lion 2 in Africa: Shall we just eat the schoolkids instead?

      Sorry, couldn’t resist that last one!

      Yes, I’m a pet shop passer-by too. Apart from when I have to go to buy chicken food when it is a bit difficult to avoid one.

      Our neighbour collared Partner again yesterday about feeding the flipping feral cats. I wonder if Snowy will eat cat food?


  9. I wrote about this myself at my blog. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I still can’t believe they continue to defend themselves with their “meat” argument like that’s the only problem we have with them. If you watch the interviews with the guy it’s clear, he seriously just DOES NOT get it. Him and those associated with those breeding programs are like children who are too young to understand why what they are doing is wrong. I’m glad everyone has kept this story alive because it deserves the spotlight.


    • Thanks for the visit and the comment Jon. The only good thing to come out of this is the exposure of the breeding game. Hey you don’t have blue eyes and blond hair? Off to the gas chambers darling. I’m leaving it up for another week or so in order than all my readers get chance to see it and because I am allegedly on a blog break (ha!)


  10. I had no idea that they did this. I can’t believe it and yes, you’re right, I never thought about it before, but there should not be zoos. We wouldn’t create a human zoo so people can see different races in the guise of education would we?


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