Caged, docked, and vamped

The men in the street were erecting a metal cage. Perhaps it was an official feeding station for feral cats for my neighbours?

Perhaps it was to punish people caught feeding monkeys?

I walked out of the block with Little Rat. The pavement was blocked with wheelie bins and the large cardboard boxes that the cigarette shops dump in our street when they have sold far above the legal limit to naughty smugglers.

I asked how I was supposed to get past. One of them pointed to the road and said they would only be five minutes. Roughseas did not want to walk in the road thank you very much so I suggested they move the offending cartons. One of them sighed and told his colleague to move them. I thanked them very much and we continued on our imperious way.

On our return after more than five minutes, they were still hard at work. Well, one of them was hard at work and three of them were standing around as is the usual practice here.

Light dawned. ‘Oh, it’s for the monkeys,’ I said. ‘Everything is done for a reason,’ said one of them. Not a cage for the monkeys, but to prevent them raiding the bins.

One of the neighbours seemed to think it was for stag nights. Should I wake up one morning to find a naked man imprisoned in there I will do my best to take a photo for you all.

No naked men.  Sadly.  Yet.
No naked men. Sadly. Yet.

I felt sorry for a) the bin men as it makes their job harder and longer and b) for the man who cleans the bins and outside our block every Saturday as it makes his job harder and longer too.

It turns out my feral cat-feeding neighbour had rung up and complained because he couldn’t take his aging disabled wife out when the monkeys were there. Being a true Gibraltarian, although she likes to claim her British ancestry, she’s frightened of them. I have never seen a monkey go for an old fat disabled woman. They are more interested in plastic bags full of food, rubbish bins, and my dogs. This is invariably dealt with by saying ‘hello nice monkey, please go away,’ and ‘NO’ in an assertive tone to both dogs and monkeys. I am in charge of this pack and that includes monkeys. If there is any doubt, they then get an Arthur Scargill style finger pointed at them, and ‘FUERA!’. (Go away).

The iPhone saga

So there will be no more pictures of monkeys taken out of my bedroom window, or of excited spectators watching the performance. I had some good ones to share with the world, but they were lost on my iPhone, Hal 5.

Hal 5 was refusing to charge, so I reluctantly took him and his lead into the Apple shop. I had an annoying conversation with a so-called technician in which he rudely told me if I wanted a modern iPhone I should be prepared to upgrade my computer so iTunes would recognise it. So I spend £500 plus quid on a ‘phone and then have to upgrade my software or buy another computer? I don’t think so, but he was lucky. I figured he was so thick a lecture on wasteful consumerism would have been met with a robotic stare.

As Hal’s charging lead (lightning to USB cable in techie Apple speak) was working for his ‘phone and a different lead wasn’t working to mine, my unfriendly robot diagnosed the culprit as a malfunctioning docking station.

‘You can take it to La Cañada if you want.’ La Cañada is a large shopping centre in Marbella which I have never visited and had no intention of visiting with my iPhone. Why would I drive 80 odd kms, or get the bus from La Linea and then another bus or a tedious walk, when I bought the ‘phone from the Apple shop five minutes walk down the town?

I said I didn’t want. Robot looked disappointed. Two weeks later I got a ‘phone call, luckily not from surly robot, but a pleasant real life person. I needed to disable find my ‘phone. It needed to go to La Cañada (ha!!) to the other Apple shop as the Gib staff aren’t authorised to open them. ‘They’ll probably swap it for a new one,’ he added. They didn’t, he rang the next day, it was ready for collection. The superstars at La Cañada had obviously fixed it immediately.

When I got it back all my photos had gone and it was on factory settings so I needed to spend ages faffing around with it. Then when I took some photos Hal the laptop wouldn’t recognise Hal 5 on iPhoto. Great. I have a mobile ‘phone with a decent camera and I can’t load it directly to the computer. So now I have to email my photos to myself. I went out and bought some new batteries and a new charger for the Canon digicamera.

Yesterday I connected the two Hals to charge Hal 5. The iPhoto suddenly decided it did know Hal 5 after all.

Today it didn’t. Back to sending myself emails of photos. And back to the Apple shop tomorrow.

The Vamps

Meanwhile the Vamps in the flat above us are in fine fettle this weekend. On Friday the Chief Vamp started throwing the coffins around and screaming at the top of her husky cigarette infected voice. ‘Te odio,’ she yelled time and time again. (I hate you). More coffins thrown around and huge torrents of tears that I thought might leak through into our flat.

Last night however was party night. Apparently they went in and out of the block half a dozen times after midnight, none of which I heard but Partner did.

‘They’ve got to be on coke,’ he surmised. ‘They go out but come back home to snort a line so they don’t get caught doing it.’

What a mundane explanation. They are clearly vampires as I have always maintained. They go out, find some unsuspecting prey, and either eat it in the street or bring it home under the pretext of a party. They were still at it when I took Little Rat out at 6.30 this morning, but they must have fallen into their coffins around 8am. The neighbour next door to them told us today that he didn’t sleep last night.

It’s not just werewolves who get excited at full moon. Vamps do too. Full moon today, Sunday 16 March.

Food (vegan)

Here, for no particular reason is a pic of last night’s tea. Cauliflower not cheese. Recipe here. Served with organic jacket potatoes, sadly not mine as they were ganneted immediately I’d picked them from the finca. I like the crispy skins so will only bake jacket pots when I can use organic ones.

Cauliflower with a generous topping of tomatoes, olives and parsley
Cauliflower with a generous topping of tomatoes, olives and parsley

Seeing red – follow-up

And for those of you who didn’t wade through the comments, WordPress disabled my stolen photo on Mr Caswell’s site, leaving him with a large empty box containing a tiny question mark in the centre. He then took down the empty box stating that the photo had been copyrighted. Um, yes. See that © ?

For some reason, after stealing my photo, he decided to follow my blog. I mention this merely to point out that I was aware of it, and it didn’t alter what I wrote.

Phil wrote an interesting comment about how someone let him know that his photos were for sale on someone else’s site. Whether you are a professional photographer or not, for someone to take your work and then try to make money out of it is despicable and deplorable behaviour.

Interestingly, when I wrote on the WP support forum, one of the commenters said perhaps people didn’t understand about copyright. That may be the case. If you don’t understand why copyright is important I wrote about it here. With the internet and the rise of self-publishing, the issue of copyright is ever more important when people are trying to make money out of their writing and/or their photography.

Copyrighting your work and photos won’t stop determined thieves, but you are at least asserting your right to your intellectual property/material and have a good case should your work appear elsewhere. If that does happen, you need to take out a notice under the Millennium Digital Copyright Act (MDCA) – raincoaster (who posts regularly on the support forum, I’ll try and add the link later) has some great information about it. If it’s a WordPress blog, as it was in my case, you click to the left of the main header bar and hit report content and follow the easy peasy steps.

To those of you who don’t care two hoots about copyright – I wish you did.

88 comments on “Caged, docked, and vamped

  1. Blimey, those cages are a bit of an eyesore, aren’t they? Perhaps you could grow some ivy or other rambler up and through them, but then I suppose the bin men would need a machete. Clearly I haven’t thought that through.
    As for Hal5 – join the club – I have spent all morning today in the phone shop because mine refused to update my e mail account and instead was sending repeat messages to everyone I’d ever messaged. Nightmare. Not quickly sorted which meant I wandered off and spent unnecessary money elsewhere while tech-boy looked into the problem. All sorted now – with much charm, I might add.


    • Yup, they are pretty ugly. Jasmine would be prettier, perhaps around the non-door side? Our neighbours asked why the doors were on the street side. He clearly hadn’t thought that one through as you can’t open the doors against the kerb.

      I loathe so-called techy advances. I am quite happy with all my old equipment that works perfectly well. Trouble is, I do like the quality of the camera on Hal 5. And it saves taking a camera and a mobile when I am wandering around looking for naked men monkeys.


  2. Your days sound infinitely more interesting than mine. I have an i-phone (inherited from Yvonne) which I’ve never been able to use yet since there seems to be a problem with i-tunes and my provider. I’m sticking with my old phone rather than upgrading.
    The bins look much safer from the monkeys but even safer from the owners of the bins themselves whose access looks quite limited.
    A pity people don’t have the courtesy to ask permission about using other people’s photoraphs. A simple yea or nay would make things so much easier.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


    • Ha! Your days sound full of social engagements though. Which I wouldn’t like so we are both happy.

      My problem with this iPhone is that my laptop (Apple) is so old that the new iPhone won’t acknowledge iTunes on it, I have no idea why it *sometimes* recognises iPhoto. You probably need to do what I should do, and do a free wifi thingy somewhere. Or maybe you have wifi. I don’t.

      It’s a bit of a nuisance. I used to be able to wander out onto the step and chuck the rubbish in without even leaving the block. Depending on where the bins are placed, unless you have long arms you can’t reach in now. Silly solution.

      Indeed. Would I steal your card table without asking?


  3. You certainly have a way to make subjects interesting and wanting…My daughter has just got an Iphone and loves it, I have her old Blackberry’s but cannot seem to get on with it so I stick my old fashioned Samsung. We had a problem with her Blackberry and took it to the doctors and all they could say ‘we’ll send it off, you will lose all data’ I ended up connecting it to my laptop and repairing it myself. [Made my day]
    I still cannot understand people going onto peoples blogs and thinking they can help themselves to the persons postings.. I dont know about Vamps [smiling at the thought of them flying out of the windows] we have experienced prostitutes and druggies, a right pain in the ass.. ;)


    • Thanks Gerry. I was going to write about Spain but this fell out of my fingers instead :D I’m impressed with your blackberry repair, not that I would know what to do with one anyway. Clever you.

      I am thinking the person on the forum could have been right, some people just literally don’t understand the issue. Others choose not to.

      Our vamps don’t fly out of windows, they clomp downstairs very noisily and slam the door. They haven’t surfaced all day after their marathon vampathon last night.


  4. Like you said, there’s a reason for everything. The bins don’t look like they have lids, maybe lids with catches would have been a better idea and much easier for all concerned. Depends on how clever the little monkeys are, I suppose.

    I’d rather not see any photos of naked men, thanks anyway. Women? Maybe. It depends. I’m picky. Size, age, looks and all that. :) Any famous models with do.

    The food looks great! I could eat that right now. Can almost taste it…better stop.

    Well, at least Hal is living up to his name. I’m sure they could have fixed it without losing your photos. There are ways around these things. I always state that I need my things.

    My laptop once got a virus, my own fault for not keeping up to date on my antivirus program. I couldn’t access any of my files and even though I have external backups, I still told them at the shop that I had very important documents that need to be retrieved. They fixed my laptop and managed to save all my stuff in an archived folder. I was very happy with them and they said if I had any other problems to let them know.

    Phil’s photos were for sale on someone else’s site? That’s downright audacious! Cabron! I hope he got things sorted and the site owner was punished in some way. To me it is no different to someone breaking into your home, stealing your gold and selling it at a pawnshop!

    Anyway, enough of that. Hope everything else is good, Kate. :)


  5. There’s a genius computer-boy we use in Gib. He does ALL our technology related issues. And I work on an “I don’t care how you do it, just do it” basis. If you want the address… And he’s cheap too.


  6. We could have done with one of those wheelie bin cages at the last place where I lived, they were always getting robbed! Nice idea, and I look forward to seeing any photos of naked men you might catch in there! :)


    • Oddly enough, although it is ugly, there is less rubbish thrown around or on the streets, so maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. Especially if there are naked men inside. Don’t worry, I’ll have my camera/iPhone camera at the ready. I’ll blur out the embarassing bits though ie faces so no-one can recognise them ;)


  7. When I first started reading the post, I thought there was a plan to trap the monkeys and take them away to who knows where and what. I’m glad that wasn’t it.

    Vamp reminds me: how is the vampire puppy? Must be a large dog and making her share of clomping noises by now.


    • Two children were asking partner about it this morning as he went to work. I called out of the window, ‘it’s for naughty children. Hehe.

      Vamp puppy is all grown up and quiet now. Not too big considering her doberdog breed. Chief Vamp bought her a collar and every time she barked (the dog not the vamp) she got a mild shock. There is NO way I would do that with my dogs. But vamp dog seems very timid now – unsurprisingly.

      Little Dog decided to bark last night at 1.30 am because a car alarm went off, which I didn’t even hear. So I had to keep jumping out of bed and diving around to catch him and drag him back (Partner couldn’t hold onto him!). Eventually Partner decided that Little Dog thought we were at risk from marauders, and some dog/person needed to guard the flat entrance. So I was despatched to the sofa to guard the door and LD went happily back to sleep with Partner :D

      But I would rather that than inflicting electric shocks on him. Poor dog, he’s a hunting/guard dog anyway. He’s going to bark, unlike Pippa. Oops chewing the ‘phone directory, must dash!


      • lol, for naughty children…nice!
        Doing that to a dog…it’s cruel. I can’t believe they have collars like that! Hey maybe you can do an electric cable thingymejob to the vamps door so that every time they make a noise going in and out…nasty grin.

        You go pippa! :D


        • naughty children, naughty people, just anyone I don’t like :)

          My dog is a live wire. He’s a three sense hunting dog ie hearing, sight and smell, which is pretty are, most are just one. On top of that he’s a guard dog. To us, he was just an abandoned puppy who needed a home. He needs a lot of attention, but when he barks, he gets reassured that he has been heard and that everything is OK, not a nasty collar that punishes him when he is trying to do the right thing and alert us to potential problems.

          I spend a lot of time playing with him. Our decision to take in abandoned dogs (Pippa was too) so that means a commitment to time for them.

          So long as the Vamps pay their block charges and don’t play loud music, I really don’t care. The vamp dog doesn’t get the nasty collar any more, and I’m actually not one to interfere in someone else’s life.

          Poor Pipps is poorly today. I washed his rug and he slept on the floor and his arthritis has flared up :(


          • Everyone does. The internet friend I mentioned earlier said he was the dog he knew the most about after his own dog. Even though he’d never met him.

            To be serious, depending on how people write, it’s very easy to become fond of peoples’ animals over the internet. I acted as News Editor (no surprise there :D) for Dogs with Blogs at one point and writing up the deaths was actually very draining. Even when I chucked it, it’s still sad even now to visit a site with animals and read that one has died.

            At one point Pippa had a lot of girlfriends via the internet and I mean A LOT. Twenty odd. Someone passed by his blog the other day and told me Sophie had died, I haven’t worked out what to say even yet. Sounds silly but when you build up a blogging relationship like that it is hard to read about deaths of loved animals because you know exactly what the person is going through. The down side of blogging.


          • I can see that happening. It’s easy to get attached.

            I’ll be doing more articles on my cats as I go along. There is so much they get into. They both have fans. lol


          • I am more dog than cat. But I would have taken one of the ferals over the roads took in had Pippa not been chat chasing monster par excellence. Topsy is abs beautiful. Looks like a Burmese to me, but they reckon he is Siamese. Totally dark brown. Nasty piece of work, bit the hell out of Laura to begin with. Wanders on the guttering, cries for attention, doesn’t get any so turns around and walks back home. Too funny.


  8. As a writer I occasionally get the collywobbles about posting stuff, for this very reason.
    Catch 22. If one does not promote, how is anyone going to read what I write?


    • Indeed. I think most writers (and photographers) have the same dilemma.

      Phil was lucky in that someone recognised his work. So was I in that Mr C told me he had taken his photo.

      But normally, how would we ever find out our work had been taken? You can’t keep endlessly checking your photos for example, to find out if they have been used elsewhere. And I’ve no idea how you would check to find if your writing had been nicked apart from a google search.

      Self-promotion is a nightmare. As well as journalism, I worked in PR. Promoting someone or something else is easy, promoting yourself is a whole different kettle of fish.


        • It’s finding the right balance thought isn’t it? between hard sell and boring the pants off people with endless promo plugs.

          You need to pitch your blog/s right, attract people to your style of writing/soh/whatever it is that you are selling, visit other blogs genuinely and not as a sales pitch. I find some of the writing blogs a bit heavy going and prefer a mix where a writer will put up some of their own work, or write about books, but also add something totally different. But each to our own.

          I do/did have a fiction blog at one point. It spun out of an email from a friend at the time, and I couldn’t resist making it into a series of silly posts. I doubt it would have wide appeal, but I did enjoy writing it. I was quite fond of it.

          I said to someone else earlier that writing is the easy part and proofing and editing are harder. Marketing your product is even harder still. You do give aways, and then what? Who will buy the books after that? ‘ve got four PDF versions lined up to review at the moment and have read one so far. I’m happy to accept a freebie in return for a review – bit difficult if I don’t like it though! At least you have some good reviews for Suburbia though :)


  9. So much fodder for comment this time :-)
    First, the bins. Just this past year the city installed robot arms on the garbage trucks. The truck stops alongside the bin at the end of my driveway and the arm very accurately grabs it, and dumps in in the truck then replaces it. Very efficient. The one thing, though, is that nobody checks the contents of the bins anymore and I’ve seen quite a few things–short of murdered corpses–placed in the bins for disposal; things that would not have found there way there if the bins were emptied by hand. (Electronics, Paper, Metals, aluminum cans and plastic containers have to be recycled. You are only allowed to dump things that cannot be recycled). As we have no monkeys, the bins work very well here. They stand pretty well against the wind and keep the crows and seagulls away until the stuff is at the landfill–at which time they can feast, I suppose.
    Next, iPhones. While they are well designed it is frightfully hard to circumvent the “apple way of doing things” and that way is quite obviously designed to keep you spending money on all content, regardless of ownership and on expensive accessories. Josephine and Alan (eldest) both have 4S models. Alan is replacing his later this fall and has decided he will go for an android as he, too, is fed up with iTunes and such. Josephine’s contract is ip next November but she’s not sure if she will change models as the phone is still working just fine. When she does, though, it’s likely that she will go android too–same reason.
    I already mentioned copyright. I didn’t mention, though, that the amount of money I lost over it was in the tens of thousands of dollars, did I?
    I do have one thing to add. Just this week I came across some Internet memes based on some of the pictures I have from when the airplanes landed at Gander during the Sep. 11/2001 event. While I did not take them myself, I did get permission from the person who took them–a co-worker (I was with him when we took them, too). The person who visited my story, took the pictures and then built some “Internet Memes” from them, though, did not. Fact is, I would have just sent that person to Frank (the guy who owns them) who, in all likelihood, would have said yes, but that’s not the point. The point is–oh, never mind, you know the point.


    • Our bins in Spain have the arm, here in Gib they are dragged to the truck to be tipped. Probably because our streets are too narrow.

      Mostly the rubbish in the bins is domestic, the Roccies do a good job of sifting through anything decent, and big stuff just gets put to the side for the vans to collect. It’s a good service. Gib goes big on street cleaning to make it look pretty for tourists.

      Apple is annoying but, I just can’t see me not using it. The software is so much better. I have been an apple woman for more than 20 years so I’m unlikely to use anything else in spite of their faults.

      No you didn’t. I felt for you when I first read it. I’m shivering now reading how much it involved. Bastards.

      Yes. I know the point. And the world is full of ever more rude, discourteous and greedy people too.


  10. You should do a countdown timer until you’re able to post photos of the monkeys having figured out a way around the cages. I’m guessing…hmmm…less than a fortnight. I have great faith in the monkeys! :-)


    • LOL that’s a good one except I try and keep my sidebar clean from crap.
      I’d have given them less than a fortnight but they aren’t in there. Yet :) Maybe they have decided my flat looks more interesting after I found one gazing in my window yesterday :D


  11. The cages aren’t pretty, but not sure I’ve seen a pretty cage. I’m thinking the monkeys will figure a way around them soon, if they haven’t yet. I didn’t know a photo was stolen–that’s horrible. So many people don’t even bother to think about copyrights.


    • I think more or bigger rubbish bins would have been a better solution. The monkeys can’t open the large bins, only the small ones. I’m more annoyed about the reason, that someone is frightened of them. There is no need for fear of monkeys.

      Not thinking is one thing, but thinking and then disregarding it is totally different. One of my pet gripes!


  12. I give the monkeys about a fortnight to sort out the cages…

    How horrible to give a dog electric shocks for barking….our Alsatian – before we had him – was given them for over running the boundaries when he was a puppy…but as we don’t have the same boundaries he doesn’t have to worry any more.

    If our lot start up in the night, then something is happening. On go the lights and out I go to investigate…I’d hate to deter them from warning me.


    • I’m surprised they haven’t sorted it yet. The one on my windowsill looked so forlorn yesterday. “Please let me in, I can’t get into the rubbish bins’ was written all over his face.

      If you haven’t got time and patience you shouldn’t have animals. They aren’t toys. They are a full-time commitment. They bark for a reason and in a block of flats you need to work out what that is, and work through it with your dog. On top of that, because it is a flat your dog can’t go out much, so you need to spend more time with them inside, especially as puppies. Not exactly rocket science.

      Dogs bark for a reason. I’m the one who gets up too in the night.


  13. Those cages are rather a drastic measure. We have hoards of monkeys around here, but they don’t seem to go for the wheelie bins, only plastic rubbish bags. I think it’s rather strange that Mr Caswell has followed your blog. Let’s see if he comments at all. :) I was shocked to read about someone pinching Phil’s photos. What a damn cheek!!. I don’t think I could eat cauliflower unless it was drowning in cheese sauce. :)


    • In the short time the cage has been up it seems to have diminished the rubbish thrown around, so not totally bad. The monkeys open the bins and then open the plastic bags. Plastic bags = food, according to monkey logic.

      Mr C did comment on my recent post where I slagged off Brit princes for hunting. Who knows. Maybe he likes it? :D

      I was horrified to read about Phil’s too. Actually trying to sell someone else’s photos is just beyond belief. Well sadly it’s not, but still, I’m struggling to find words to describe it. Phil makes it perfectly clear on his blog that he is a pro photog and will sell his photos. What part of that can someone not understand?

      As for the caul, throw a load of cheese sauce at it, but the additions make it even better.


  14. Sorry about the loss of your pictures and your phone problems. I’ve not been brave enough to get one of the newer phones. As of yet I have not needed one I rarely use my celI phone. I am going to miss seeing pictures of the monkeys and hope that you will still somehow be able to get pictures to post now and then. I have to say there is never a dull moment around your place. Your neighbors sound pretty wild, how can you sleep with them making so much noise? Hugs for you and nose kisses for the sweeties from me and mine!


    • I really don’t use mine much either. The camera quality on the iPhone 5 is very good though. Otherwise I use it for text messages to my partner and emails to a very small group of people (less than a handful). I download no apps. But I like the ‘phone. Oh I use the weather forecast too :D

      We, or rather Snowy, spotted some monkeys yesterday. I thought he’d seen a cat until Iooked up into the trees. There may yet be monkey pix!

      I don’t mind talking. Or laughing. Or quiet music. But if they ever start with loud music they will hear about it.

      Pippa sends you a sleepy snose and Snowy sends you a lively feisty jump and a lick.


  15. That’s pretty funny how you use stern language on the offending monkeys.
    I’ll have to try that on the next alligator that gets out of line.
    You got any pics of the Vamps? :D


    • I should imagine it will work well.

      Hello gator. I’m taking a photo of you and then I’ll be gone – so no nasty business from you and keep your teeth to yourself.

      That should do it I think?

      There might be a pic of Chief Vamp a couple of posts back when she was chucking out the MDF.


  16. I read about your copyright spat with interest and it got me to thinking. I have now put a Creative Commons Licence on my site. Some people like what I have done in the past so I guess I’d better protect myself. Thanks for the “nagging” . :)


  17. “I have never seen a monkey go for an old fat disabled woman.” LOL.

    I have and to be honest it was pretty funny. But she was waving a carrier bag around and therefore asking for it! ;-)


    • Only you!! But as this one doesn’t wave carrier bags around then they shouldn’t be a problem. And anyone who has lived in Gib for more than a week with an iota o sense should be able to work that one out.


  18. Holy moley, i just finished reading 71 comments. Quite enjoyable. About the bins. I can’t say yea or nay re: the caged trash can/bins. I suppose the city came up with that idea and figured it was the best one. I can not I can not imagine having to deal with a thieving animal. Here dogs as rule are generally not running loose at least not in my neighborhood. My garbage cans are huge and made of heavy duty looking plastic. These are picked up from the curb by a robotic contraption that is operated by a driver. There is seldom a need to have another person assisting with garbage pickup. My recycycle bin is as large as the garbage containers. These are picked up every 2 weeks. Mine is always full since I recycle everything that is allowed.

    Next on to the phone part. I have not spent that kind of money on a phone. My daughter has and hers takes very nice photos and she uses it for checking email, etc. My phone is a LG by Verizon and I like its simple features. It does what I need it to do.

    Computers. Mine is a HP vista that is soon to be 6 years old as I knock on wood. Its been in the shop a few times and I wish that it would out last me. A Mac would be wonderful but don’t know that I could put up with learning the system besides the expense of one. I admire anyone that has a Mac.

    The vegan dish made my mouth water. It looks delicious. The tomatoes dressed the dish ;perfectly and really made it appealing. I just wish that I could go back to eating gluten but I don’t know if that will happen. I could at least eat whole wheat which I love but oh well. That’s life.

    The vamps upstairs must be a nightmare when they are partying. The e-collar is a very bad and can cause a dog to develop some awful behavior. Too bad he belongs to nitwits.

    Last but not least. I have no idea how to copright anything. If I could add it to the bottom of my blog that would help a great deal. Maybe you can tell me how to do that or direct me to what I need to know. Don’t know that anyone would steal my pics but then some of then are kinda good and unusual.

    I hope I’ve convered all bases. This is an interesting post but them all of them are. What pic did the low down rat steal or can you reveal that? ~yvonne


    • I do try and write a new post when it starts to get to 30 or 40 so that those people who do read comments don’t have to wade through so many. I usually read all the comments on other blogs so I know what it’s like having to read a lot. But even when I have put up a new post, people may often come back and make other comments, or continue a discussion.

      We don’t have individual bins here because there is no space. They get emptied every night apart from Sat. That’s also why we don’t have enough recyclers. People are lazy and won’t walk to recycle their goods though :( Partner drops off any bottles on his way to work.

      I don’t need my ‘phone to do a lot either. I think it is a silly price, but I do like to be able to use a touch screen. And look at the weather :D We have a couple of cheap Nokias as back-ups. It’s partly because I can end up being in Spain on my own and it’s the only way of keeping in touch.

      There’s nothing to learn with a Mac. You switch it on and it’s actually very basic. I remember being disappointed that there wasn’t anything to learn!

      I’ve been making a bit more effort with food, I was feeling very uninspired/stressed. This is an old favourite, but I thought it was one worth sharing. You can add a cheese sauce, but I think it takes away from the clean taste of the toms, olives and parsley. Plus I’m not that keen on cheese and try to avoid it.

      I’m such a sound sleeper that they rarely bother me. A few neighbours have banged on their door or called out at them to shut up though. The vamp dog no longer wears the collar, but she is very submissive, too much so IMO. Little Snowy barks sometimes, unlike Pippa, but there is no way I am using something like that. He’s doing it for a reason ie to alert me, so I acknowledge that, and sit with him until he has calmed down. At the finca in Spain, everyones’ dogs bark so it doesn’t matter, but in a city centre block of flats it’s not too clever.

      You can do a widget, ie add some basic text such as All photos and text on this blog are copyright of Yvonne Daniels, I think there is some suggested wording somewhere on WordPress as I know Vicky was looking into it. Quite a few people have since I posted about my photo being used – it’s on the previous post btw. The irony is that the link has gone from the original post I wrote, presumably when WP disabled the link to his. Very good of them to do that, not so clever to disable it to my blog, I’m hardly stealing my own photo. And if you want to copyright your photos with either © or the words, I’m sure there is some free software you can download, but didn’t you say you have photoshop? I use the package that came with my canon, just go into text and type whatever you want, either © and initials like I do, or copyright and full name like Andrew does or Phil (the one who wrote about finding his work on someone’s site for sale!). Vicky can tell you more about photoshop as I don’t have it.

      I never thought anyone would take one of mine either. It suited his post so he did. That’s life, and luckily he told me :D Sorry for the long reply.


  19. Gosh where to start! you always give us so much to respond to! I’ve started discreetly watermarking all my photos …. tedious for me and can still be screen grabbed and cropped but if I stick a watermark across the middle then I might as well not bother with a photo at all. I used to grab photos from Wikipedia for general stuff and copy across any photo credits, but to be safe (and lots of bloggers are raising copyright issues so there can’t really be any doubt) I’m just going to stick to my own photos from now on. If only we had an army of Arthur Scargills to deal with thieving urchins! As for the cauli, I’ve found a recipe for a ‘cheesy tasting’ cauli but I’m not sold on the ingredients…..there is an item called I think, nutritional yeast…or yeast extract? to mimic the cheesiness. Mmmm, it’s not sounding promising is it?! I think I’m going to stick to herbs, oil and garlic for my vegan flavourings!


    • Sorry. I write too much too fast. It’s either that or daily posts and I’m not a fan of either reading or writing daily blogs.
      As I downsize the pix, it takes little time to slap a © on them. I try and make it discrete but put it where it can’t be cropped out. Could be removed if someone really wanted of course. But if you look at the offending photo on previous post, it looks like a tattoo on the neck :D

      My gripe is as much with people who are happy to share their ‘work’ or rather material as they don’t consider it work. I do.

      I think nut yeast is some American thingy that comes in powder or flake form. Yeast extract is the pure form of vegemite or marmite. I use that a lot but it doesn’t taste remotely cheesy! I use it for stronger-flavour dishes but not for cauliflower, that gets a mild veg stock cube.


      • That’s good to know before I buy any! I looked into cashew ‘cheese’ but that looks more like a ricotta and apparently isn’t cheese tasting but just cheese looking??! what is the point of that!! Just cooking up a tomato and basil soup with lentils and beans for tea :) It’s been a really humid day again and this afternoon I had coconut ice cream and tried finger limes as a topping for the first time. They’re kind of like a citrus caviar… taste like citrus look like caviar so beat the cashew cheese hands down!! Incidentally I’ve just dumped wordAds from my blog, you’re right they look terrible and in 18 months they have earnt just over ten dollars……I’d kept them there more for the principle of earning ‘something’ but it’s just not worth it! I don’t know what my next move is, hopefully not going back to a mind numbing admin job!


        • Don’t talk to me about work. :( I was happily doing some editing work for someone (current version of book is full of errors) and we’ve ground to a halt over method of payment. Not cost (i was cheap :D) but method. Aaaagh.


          • eurgggghhh! I don’t like the sound of that, don’t accept payment in cauliflowers!! Now I realise why everyone kept asking me if I was going to be a teacher over the last four years of doing an Honours degree in English…..but even that profession never seems to pay what it’s worth! Do you draw up contracts when you do editing jobs?


          • The decorating is easier actually, probably because it is more specific. But as I say, mail me if you have any queries and we can discuss it via email rather than in public.


          • Thanks, I’m in the very, very early stages of working towards (hopefully) getting paid writing and photography work as a freelancer eventually, so this year is just about improving my skills to a point where I feel justified to actually charge :)


          • It’s very competitive out there. Even for those that have spent years doing it and getting paid. Freelancing is ideal, it’s just hard to get into. I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy my photos but there again, I didn’t expect anyone to take one of my blog pix for their blog, not credit me, and then tell me they’d used it! I did tell him he could keep it up if he paid me :)


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