Hung from a tree ~ happy birthday Snows

Snowy Snowy, how are we?

Little One, Little One

Cute as can be

Alternative version:

Snowy Snowy, how are we?

Little One, Little One

Hung from a tree

It’s a sad fact of life that the Spanish hunting breed of Podencos doesn’t have the best life expectancy.

Brought to the Iberian peninsula, first by the Carthaginians, later by the Moors, Podencos are an ancient breed descended from North African greyhounds. Among hunting dogs they are rare, as they hunt by sight, smell and sound. Think of an alert dog working on all three senses. You can probably add the other two, he barks and he is very touchy-feely, pawing like a cat, and happily lying all over you. This morning he rested his head on my face for his post-breakfast snooze.

Podenco checks out rain erosion in the river bed, the actual water course is currently running to the left where the greenery is
Podenco checks out rain erosion in the river bed, the actual water course is currently running to the left where the greenery is

Podencos come in three sizes: toy, medium, and grande. Snows is medium. Given his energy I dread to think what large ones are like but they do hunt bears in Andalucía.

And this is the problem. They are used as a hunting dog in their prime early years, say for one or two when they are fit, energetic and raring to go.

But because many Spaniards view dogs as past their sell-by date when they stop being useful, they then get rid of them. Hence, hung from a tree. It’s no joke. It happens. Gallegos suffer a similar fate.

Snowy was lucky. Chucked out, maybe because he was albino? at a day or two old. Picked up from the rubbish bin by a kind Spaniard and given a permanent home by us a few weeks later.

Some time this week he is a year old. He didn’t come with a birth certificate in the rubbish bin, so it’s a best guess from my vet Pedro, Rocío who found him, and us.

A birthday message from Snowy (approved by Pippa):

Thank you to everyone who gives a home to an unwanted or rescue animal. You are the best.

And one from me:

To those of you who continue to buy the perfect pedigree pup or kitten. You are condemning some animals to a life in a shelter, or worse, to be killed at a shelter when their time is up, or hit on the head, drowned – or – hung from a tree.

You don’t need to adopt a hyper, energetic, excitable Podenco, often the unwanted dogs are the older, quiet ones, just needing a home and some love in their later years. A bit like most of us.

Anyway, from this, last year:

(All photos captioned)

To this:

And from the big boy, to authorise approval:


116 comments on “Hung from a tree ~ happy birthday Snows

  1. I cannot fathom a mind that has so little regard for animals. Just reading what is done to some of these dogs makes me distraught and I sit grinding my stone teeth.
    Anyhow, c’est la vie.

    Do you have to be wary of skin cancer with him?


    • If you can’t respect them, don’t get involved with them. But using and abusing gets so up my nose. Sadly we see it all the time in Spain. It’s getting slightly better but the old views and behaviours are still there. Not just dogs, overladen donkeys and mules, beaten and whipped, emaciated horses. The list goes on.

      We’re aware of it and I suspect he is too. He likes to lie outside in the morning before the heat hits, and then, comes in. Sometimes he comes inside anyway to be with me. He is very much a pack animal and is never far away. Not a prob in Gibflat as we have no outside space, so it’s walks, mostly in the shade for him.

      Lucky also (or maybe not in my case) that his senses are so acute. Albinos are prone to sensory deficiency (like Dalmatians) but his are sky high. He is one healthy cast off little pup :) I’m training him to go for Peter Sellars’ throat ;)


      • I mention the cancer aspect as we lot two cats because of it.
        One even underwent a ‘new fangled’ ( so we were told) radiation treatment by a vet who was the only practitioner in SA.
        To no avail and I am sure Harpo suffered because of it.
        When Chinga developed the same symptoms we did not put him through the same ‘hell’.
        We had friends who lost an albino Bull Terrier the same way.
        Be careful, that’s all.


        • Sorry to hear that. Intervention for animals is a difficult road to go down. We hope Pippa’s arthritis is less painful on cox2s. He seems perkier right now, so that’s good.

          We’re careful about the sun. Years in Aus and years in Spain, I’ve no interest in looking like a wrinkled prune, summer is largely for inside. Pippa has always come in when it’s too warm, Snows seems to be doing the same. I’ve considered cream, but we honestly aren’t out that much in summer. But he’s my first albino, so I’m happy for all advice. He may not live long, albinos have a mixed expectancy. A former internet friend had an albino boxer who died young :( so we’ll take it as it goes. He’s got a life and a home. That’s more than he was destined for.

          To be practical, what to look for? Lesions? And what to avoid is presumably sun. Did you use cream?


          • I have no idea what to look for either, but as Dottie is so fair skinned I try to be extra careful. She stays in the shade for the most part when she’s outside, but we try to keep her in during the heat of the day.

            I honestly hadn’t considered it, but the first day she was out she took a nap in the sun, legs in the air, belly exposed. Needless to say, sunburn!

            She absolutely hates it, but if she’s going to be in the sun for very long I put cream on her.


          • Yes, I especially apply it to her snout area. She’s got a black nose, but she’s got a lot of very fair, pink skin around it. I apply it pretty liberally there, which is where she hates it being put. Too bad, so sad. She’s gettin’ it anyway. I use a 50 SPF for babies.


          • Thanks Ruth, that’s helpful. Snowy’s is a mole surrounded by pink :D how much does Dottie go out and in what hours? Start a new comment if you want as this is getting tight. Still haven’t sorted a better theme.


          • We tried, but the cats licked them off even after we rubbed them in. We were unaware of the danger until it was pointed out to us – as none of the ( many) other cats ever developed any form of melanoma.
            But we believe it was already too late by then.
            Both developed cancer on or around the nose.


          • His nose area is very pink. That’s a really useful pointer. I’ll keep an eye on that. I think summer is the main problem, and cos he is so pack orientated he is unlikely to stay out in his own. I was gardening – from a flipping chair – last week, and he just cruised inside to a kitchen chair. I’m relying on his instinct but keeping an eye and now a nose out as well. Ta your stoniness.


          • Chinga’s nose was also pink and he developed a black mark. By then it was too late and it spread very quickly.
            Don’t want to cause any alarm, Just being prudent.

            Maybe talk to a vet? They should give you more professional ( accurate) advice?
            Or spend a few minutes on Google.


          • No, thanks for the alert.

            It was our vet, when he identified hi as Podenco albino (he’d never seen one before) who originally mentioned the sun, once he’d checked him for all other health issues.

            Why google, when I have good mates with experience :) I hate googling. I lose patience. Far better to listen to you and Ruth.


          • Prevention – get inside NOW. Protection – get inside NOW.

            Seriously I will look, just that personal experiences often add more value. Anyway. I’m now on nose alert. It’s still pinky brown. No change. Hell I have a load of moles too.


          • Well, I have lived in Jo’burg for 30 odd years and got seriously burned the first month and that was the first and last time.
            Tanning is for those who deal in leather goods whcih will not include my skin thanks all the same.

            I think if one is sensible the danger is minimal, but your dog, as with our cat, Chinga ,is albino so one has to extend the sensible a bit more.


          • A was in Aus 30 + years ago, me only 30 years. I think the only time I got too much sun was in Pattaya (Thailand) but I did find a nice Thai boy to massage me. Of which said the less.

            Fair enough. Am grateful for all alerts. An albino is a new one for me.


  2. So glad Snowy bears you no hard feelings for falling over him and then leaving him for a while. Apart from being a very beautiful animal he’s obviously very forgiving.
    I hope the attitude towards animals in Spain is getting better as younger people become more aware.
    Huge Hugs.


    • It wasn’t his fault he was so enthusiastic. Instead of walking and looking where I was going, I should have stopped and waited for him to catch up. Easily said. A painful lesson, but one learned.

      The culture is slowly changing in as much as more people are walking their dogs on leads, and in our village we are no longer the only ones picking up after our dogs. As you know, having an animal – or evil albino fish – involves a lot of responsibility.


    • Although pharaoh dogs are Maltese, Snows is the epitomy of a pharoah dog. He was doing his arrogant stance on the sofa, and partner took one look, ‘Egyptian tomb dog of the pharoahs’. He looks like all the artwork does he not? Plus his albino colouring makes him stand out. He would look good at the other end of your sofa from Rudy :D


  3. Dottie is out quite a bit. Usually mornings, though. TheBrit lets her out and then has her back in at lunchtime. That’s still quite a long time. She’s pretty intuitive, too. Especially now that it’s so hot she’ll find a place in the shade to lie. She has various holes dug following the shade. At first I was dismayed at the holes, but then I decided “screw it” it’s hot out there and if that’s how she keeps cool I’m okay with that.

    Up until the last month or so, though, TheBrit couldn’t get her to come back inside. She has been abused so she had a real aversion to coming into enclosed areas with him alone. As I said, though, she has lots of shady areas and she takes full advantage of them.


    • Sounds like ours. Pippa has always sought the shade on the floor. Snowy less so, seeks a chair, sometimes in the sun, hence the need to watch him. But, in the morning we don’t really get full sun, I think we face south east.

      Little one, and big dog will both come in when called so we are lucky there. There are both very pack orientated, so if we avoid the sun, they will too.

      It’s only Snowy’s second summer, so hopefully we can keep him sun-free for the most part. But high SPF is a good tip. Ta very much. Hoping Dottie has a good summer and she makes another appearance on your blog :)


      • Yes, high SPF, but also make sure it’s one for babies or specifically for dogs as adult versions can contain ingredients toxic to animals. :)

        She’s having a good one so far and I’m planning an appearance soon.


        • Didn’t even know there were dog ones! Doubt they exist in my part of Andalucía. I’ve got some vile stuff which is very white so that may serve in the interim. Maybe just buy baby or doggy version. Of course I want vegan not tested on animals etc which doesn’t help. Hmmm. Keep snowy out of sun may work better?

          Good, go Dottie, take over that blog :)


  4. Adorable.
    My opinion of Spaniards has just taken a further plunge after having been influenced by an impression that bullfighting is/was widely supported. (At least foxhunting in the UK was not an occupation of the masses.). Where have their proud centuries of civilization and progress taken them?


    • Why thank you Col, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s called me for ages :)

      Catalunya voted against it at one point, I think it was under the previous socialist government. Last I read, there were moves to bring it back. Andalucía, sadly is the home of bullfighting. Not that I have ever been. The most cruel exhibition of machismo glory that I can think of. Totally needs banning. Uncivilised bastards. Or send matador into ring without weapons.


        • Aw sweetheart. Why do you think I have long hair covering my ears?

          Portuguese do it slightly differently. Still uncivilised. It’s basically torturing noble animals for what? I mean for what? Even football is slightly better.


  5. For all the love I have for animals, I have never kept a pet but I find it abhorrent that people often mistreat said animals. It is sadder to hear they are just hanged after the owners have no more use for them.


    • Having an animal is a big commitment. It’s important to realise what is involved. But you can love animals withou homing them, many ways to support them.

      What is so sad is that Podencos are very affectionate dogs. They are loyal and good guard dogs, but they are treated as mere hunting dogs and not permitted to be part of the familial pack.


    • Really? That’s interesting. But I’m not the only one, others would say the same about rescues and do far more than I have ever done.

      Rescue animals are like any other animals. They get a bad deal in life, like kids and adults. They just need a hand up. Then they are as polished as anything else.


      • I am aware now of the whole thing, but before blogging it was just not something I have ever thought about – not ever being in the position of considering dog ownership. I had a ‘rescue’ cat but that sort of ‘just happened’. Now, I would not consider any other option. I guess after your posts I just started noticing the whole idea more when it came up in social media, etc. My friend Lou has adopted 2 dogs recently ( she blogged about the first which appeared on the rubbish dump at Mvezo where she was involved in catering for Nelson Mandela’s funeral -(Loubag -Wordpress)Young Nelson added plenty of energy and atmosphere to our village during his formative months….and still continues too! So now we are all pretty well imbedded in the concept.


        • Thanks for that. I’ll be honest, I do hope to influence people, or at least give them something to consider that they may be unaware of. Not just rescues, but consumerism, reusing things and not wasting them, environmentalism, racism, feminism, LGBTQ rights, the homeless, the elderly, the list goes on. But not in a particularly overt way, because I don’t think that works. Although I can be shirty with people who defend the purchase of pedigrees while leaving animals on death row.

          I was brought up with three pedigree dogs, but – and I have no idea why – when we first decided to get a dog, my first and only thought was rescue. We ended up with a pedigree from the rescue but rejected the papers. I wanted a dog not papers.

          I’ll have a look at your pal’s blog :)


  6. Happy birthday snowy snowsy munchkins!!! Wish I was there! We’d have PArrR Tee! :D
    Look at little baby snows… grabby, grabby grab grabs! lmao!

    Btw your poem kinda sucks :D

    It should be something like this:

    Snowy little podenco
    Vibrant as can be
    We would be mourning for you
    By the hanging tree.

    But snowy little podenco
    fate has been kind you see
    The rough seas, they have spared you
    And now you live so free.

    So snowy little podenco
    who lives beside the sea
    Let the waves of birthday joys
    Keep your life free and happy


    • Er Snowy munchkins is asleep! He was very cute as a baby. Must find the other pix Rocío sent me, smaller than a coke can!

      It’s not a poem, it’s just a chat line.

      But we loves your poem Kevitses. So did A when I read it out. Snowy would say a big TY were he not asleep on the sofa arm :D

      Thanks for that precious, want some nice chips?


      • Actually, it wasn’t too bad. I like the way it tied into your last post about what people did to podencos. That was the post I didn’t really like due to the subject matter, if you remember… (I’m a bit sensitive like that) But your poem inspired my poem.

        Snowy is allowed his baby sleep… big day for little dogses! :D

        No, Kevitses has had enough chips for this week, but thanks anyway. :) I’d be all por una cerveza, though. :D


        • Neither gibetses nor Kevitses can stick their heads and skinny necks in the sand. It happens. People need to know it happens and possibly get their idle arses off the sofa and Do Something. Like homing an abandoned animal instead of buying pretentious posh dogs. It’s hardly bloody difficult. There are more pedigree rescues out there than you can poke a Podenco at.

          It was not a poem. I keep telling you. Yours however was. Snowy will send Kevitses a fine piece of feta but will keep the beer for himself.


          • True.

            Whatever it was… it worked, alright! (Geez!)
            Since it’s podenco, I can live with that… I’ll pour a glass of wine to go with that feta when it comes. :D


          • Pippa gets his tablet, well half a one, in a piece of feta. Little One just gets the cheese. Can’t give one dog cheese and not the other. Snows gets very excited about tablets. He’s learned tablets = cheese :D even though they aren’t his tablets!


          • Doesn’t work with my two, unfortunately. Tried it with worming tablets. (not a chance… looked at me like I was an evil b****rd… both of them) Tried grans… same fate. totally wasted food. (and they don’t like the cheap stuff either) So we went to pet store and got them the drops instead… a lot more expensive, but effective. I figured with the wasted food and the wasted tablet and grans… yip, ended up costing us more than double than if we’d just got the drops to begin with. Live and learn,hey? :D


          • That’s mouths darling. :D

            Are you kidding? Rico would have a panic attack and it would be clawing time even though he would still try very hard not too. The scratches wouldn’t bother me; I just can’t put him through it.

            Aragorn… I just can’t force anything on either of them… even the thought of it makes me cringe. It’s bad enough when I have to hold them firm at the vets while they get their shots!


    • I know, Pippa has his fans out there. And I haven forgotten my promise to update his blog, just a few logistical problems involved in using the clap top. Er lap top.

      I love my big dog, and having learned about how badly abused Podencos are, I really need to share that too. Big dogs, little dogs, all treated badly. It’s no good, there is no need.

      Miss reading about BDR. It’s shit tough isn’t it?


  7. Snowy! Snowy! Snowy! CHEERS and paw wavies!
    The pictures remind how far he has come. The middle “grown-up” one shows how elegantly handsome he has become.
    As active as Snowy is, I’m not sure a larger one would be manageable in a house – and you’d need a bigger couch.
    So hard to believe people toss live things away like old unwanted furniture. It’s not just there. Snowy was very lucky.
    Maybe with that pink skin he’ll need a hat and a cape? I can see him on a run with it flying behind now. I would check for dog sunscreen before using people kind – different chemical tolerance? (I’ll see what I can find out here)
    Good dog Snowy! ( and Pippa!)


    • Mollllllyyyyyyy!!!!!! Bounding around in excitement. A Podenco charge around the flat is called for. Down to the door, on the sofa, onto the chair, quick vuelta and off again.

      It will be interesting to see him lose his youth, and become more adult, but what a change in 12 months. We weren’t bothered about a pup, but that was what turned up, so that was what we took. Could have had a cross shar-pei but we’d committed to Snows by then. But puppydom again has been interesting. We knew people in the UK who took pups and had to give them back :( and they weren’t as young as Snows either. It’s all about taking them out, being prepared for house accidents and cleaning up, and keeping an eye on them, and keeping attractive shreddable items out of reach.

      Both Pippa and Snowy have always adapted to the two different lives. I think dogs are far more adaptable than people. Pippa is snoozing on the cool floor, S is on the sofa, although I can’t move my good foot as his head is on it.

      I think the doggie sunscreen will be an internet thing. Can’t see it being a big seller in gib or Spain. Mind you it will soon be autumn.


  8. You’ll both be missing your walks I’m guessing at the mo?! He’s about the size of my daughters dog (another hunting breed, the Bull Arab) but what an unusual face, and those alert ears! Our non-pedigree Border Collie has a big pink patch on her nose and we have an animal only suncream from the vets for her (can’t remember what it’s called or if you’d be able to get in Gib) because a farmer once told me she’d have been shot if she’d been a working dog being more prone to tumours under a QLD sun and not worth the training and the trouble. I covered her ears when he said that!! On a completely separate note, I have totally lost the Gib Gib email from you……I’ve checked deleted boxes, all my folders and the sent one because I’m sure I replied to it. Would you mind awfully re-sending? so sorry and hope you’re getting some progress with physio Kate xx


    • He’s getting his with Partner who claims to be run ragged, although when I was doing it that didn’t seem to be the case…

      As a couple of others have said, he really looks like the Egyptian tomb dogs. The ears are huge aren’t they? Goes without saying his hearing is irritatingly good. It’s fascinating how much sooner he can hear/detect the Land Rover than I can.

      I’m going to look into the cream. I doubt our vet will have any, so sounds like an internet job, but too many of you have mentioned the nose area. Luckily he isn’t outside a lot :) but better safe than sorry.

      I don’t remember a reply but that means nothing. I’ll resend though. Thanks. xx


  9. Happy Birthday Snowy, and Hi to Pippa :) Cute dog pictures and a happy dog birthday post are just the good news ticket for rescue dogs. Carrot rather than stick. Excellent work.


    • Too tiny and cute. And because he was dumped we homed him before you would normally be able to take a puppy. Interesting it made no difference, he just settled in good as gold. I’ve got some other puppy pix on the dog blog, so I’ll prob do a photo compilation on there with some early unused pix. Got a great one where he looks smaller than a coke can! Thanks ad2p.


  10. Please give Snowy lots of birthday hugs and kisses from me. He is such a darling and the one that can’t love him, can’t be called human at all. What a fortunate and blessed little cutie he is.


    • Thank you Sonel. Although he is a feisty little rat, he is very affectionate and adores attention and company and touching (lying next to me right now) so he will love your hugs and kisses.

      As for what to call the people who dump them? Well, slightly better than the ones who kill them. At least Snows had a chance however unwitting it was.

      They would have their just desserts if he went for their throats. He has an evil set of teeth with a hunting dog interlocking jaw. The sort that clamps down and won’t let go.

      Anyway we won’t get into that. More to the point, good to see you around and posting again.


      • Feisty or not, he is adorable and I can imagine him lying there by you. Such a sweetheart. Him .. not you. LOL!

        Nothing better in both those cases Kate. I really hate those things that call themselves humans and do that to defenseless, innocent animals. I have no sympathy for them at all and will kill them with a smile and don’t call them humans at all. They’re just ‘things’.

        I can only imagine and good that he didn’t, because he would only end up getting the bad deal. I would however, love to get my hands around their throats for sure.

        Yes, let’s not talk about that because it puts me in a murderous mood. LOL! Thanks and yes, I have lots of catching up to do and feeling better by the day. :D


        • He is a funny little dog. He wakes up in the morning, and comes trotting in from the bedroom (I’m on the sofa with the bad leg) to say hello to the rest of his pack. A cold nose check for me (which makes me jump) and then off to greet the big dog under the table. He’s bored with me now and gone to lie on the chair. Oh no, back on here again. Silly dog. Hey! Of course I’m a sweetheart. Not sure whose. Not Ark’s :D

          I’ve always adored animals. Your description is so accurate, defenceless and innocent sums them up. Why should they be used and abused and treated without respect? My dogs cost little. They want to go out, eat, drink water (although Snowy is partial to beer for some reason) and sleep. Hardly demanding. In my case I am pleased I can give unwanted dogs a home. My time on this planet is not totally useless or selfish.

          Until we change the way we think about animals they will always be exploited. They are sentient beings. They do not deserve to be chained up, starved or fed on mouldy bread. They don’t seek to harm us so why should we inflict cruelty upon them? I need to jump off the soapbox 😀

          Good. You were missed.


          • They sure do have their own funny quirks that makes them so special. It’s the same with Simba here. :D

            LOL! I am sure he will never admit it, but between you and me, I think you are. hehehe

            I totally agree with you there. Why take a pet in if you don’t want to take care of it. Most folks do it to impress others and then the pet must suffer because of it. Others just don’t think and doesn’t realise what a huge responsibility it is taking care of a pet. It’s not a lot of work really, but it is a responsbility. It’s like taking a little child in that is totally dependable on you. They won’t leave a little child to take care of itself, so how they hell can they do that to a little dog?

            Awwww, how sweet. Well, he knows what’s good for him. LOL!

            I am glad you can as well. The vet I used to work for had 43 dogs and cats by the time we left and they were all loved and taken care of so well.

            Well said indeed Kate. But some won’t even bother to change their way of thinking about nature, so why would they care about animals? But let’s not go there. I can go on and on about these ignorant creeps. Yeah, no soapboxes today. LOL!

            Thanks hon. Glad to hear that. Missed the lot of you as well. :D ♥ Hugs ♥


          • We were playing earlier, and he plays rough. He grazed my finger when we were tugging his little boot toy (kids drop them all over in Gib and Snows just picks them up and carries them home) and he stopped immediately and looked so apologetic. ‘I’m story, I didn’t mean to do that,’ was written all over his little face.

            I think not. I know my limitations :D

            If we had ground and more money, that animal sanctuary sign would go up so fast…

            You know you are missed when people start talking about you in your absence. In a nice way luckily! 💕


          • Those sharp little teeth, but he will be adorable forever. :D

            Hahahaha! Awwww shame. I can see that cute face. :D

            I bet and they would be the luckiest ever. :D

            LOL! Didn’t know that I had something to talk about and glad to hear that. ♥


          • They are rather large big teeth now :D😬

            There was a specific one over on Ark’s about identifying something. Flower maybe? Big collective sigh. We need Sonel.



          • I love large big teeth. They bite better. I want teeth like that as well. :D

            Pffftttt. You need google. Leave me out of it. LOL!


          • Snowy was running with puppy and adult incisors at one point. Amazing. He’s lost all his teeth. Mine have started falling out too :D top two wisdom teeth gone. Last to come and first to go. Probably like my (lack of) wisdom.

            Nowt to do with me. Not my fault if he doesn’t know what he’s got in his own garden. I can identify all my veg 😀 including the baby lettuces that had appeared out of nowhere planted by my neighbour in my absence.


          • hahahaha! Sounds like me. That’s why I say I want teeth like Snowy’s. Then if I want to bite someone, I can do it with more fun. :D

            Same here. If I want to know something, I go and google it. If I can’t find it on google, I will go and ask. Made the mistake one day and subscribed to a forum where you can post your photo’s of animals and plants you can’t indentify. Normally I do like forums but thought this could help me with identifying the ones I can’t find on google.

            HUGE mistake! The one administrator or whatever they like calling themselves was such an asshole! Kept on grinding me on how I was supposed to post, and kept on showing me how ‘wrong’ I am on doing everything, while some of the other people that posted, did exactly the same.

            For some or other reason he kept singling me out and then I let him have it and left the forum. Since then I’ll rather stick to google and ask someone if I don’t know. No forums ever again.


          • Hey! I had to haul you – carefully – out of the spam bin.

            I have Snowy. He can do the biting on my behalf. So can Pippa, not that he does and his teeth are pretty old too, but he has one powerful jaw and is still a strong dog.

            Actually I did post a photo on everypic (I think) and Kris from pix&kards identified it immediately :)

            I chucked forums a while ago. Too time consuming, too argumentative, too many egos, and I would rather spend time blogging. The only forum I frequent occasionally is a Land Rover one where we used to be busy posters, and some of the older peeps remember me and answer my questions when I need help :)

            Blogging is like foruming anyway. Lots of mini forums that we all join. But it’s more selective as you can ignore the dross. Best of both worlds. And if you want to argue, you can usually find someone :). Well I can. But there’s also a lot of warmth, take Ark and Ruth’s comments earlier about potential sun cancer risk for little Snowy. Kind and helpful.


    • Thanks Madhu. Indeed he is. It was my partner who first said it when he looked at him elegantly – and arrogantly – sitting/lying on the sofa arm. And being albino makes him even more distinctive.


  11. Happy Birthday Snowy. He is fortunate and I can’t believe the history. Turns my stomach to think people could do that. So happy that Snowy found a loving home and he is such a handsome character.


    • Thanks TBM. One of the sadder aspects of living in the countryside where animals are often treated merely as an expendable commodity. But still, not everyone is like that, and people with dogs for pets (rather than hunting or guard dogs) are becoming more responsible and attitudes slowly change.


  12. I do rescue work for Westies here in Virginia – sometimes fostering for months until the right home can be found, sometimes just providing transport from one location to another. The worst experience we’ve had to date is being involved in the rescue of the Tennessee 7, rescued from a puppy mill. The unbelievable cruelty with which some people can treat a vulnerable and helpless animal leaves me near-homicidal. Really. There is a sub-species of human that behaves as you describe.


    • I did read a few posts and read about your westie work.

      My vet loves small dogs, someone came in with a westie, ‘un westie’ in Spanish :D and he was positively drooling.

      Aren’t all the small hunting dogs the same though? Digging, hyper, active, totally affectionate, loyal, and great guard dogs too. They pack an awful lot of punch into a small body.

      I couldn’t do the rescue or fostering. I admire everyone who does. My contribution is to home one or more unwanted dogs dep on circs. It’s not a lot, but it’s five dogs so far that have had happy – I hope – lives. And apart from young Snowy, who’s obviously only one, they’ve lived into double figures.

      You can find sub-species anywhere. Not country specific or anything. Just, those people exist. Sadly. But there are some good people out there who redress the balance.


      • Well, that’s the thing, we do what we can, when we can. As to the terrier breed, yes the attributes you describe are accurate and yet all who meet my boys remark how calm they are. Very well-behaved little gents. My secret is to keep them good and exercised. A tired Westie is a good Westie. And here’s to many more years of living the good life to your dear Snowy.


        • Snowy is still just a pup so he still gets excited. The big dog (also from the streets in Spain) expects attention in Gib because he’s always had it. When Little One recognises someone he can hardly contain himself to say hello. But it’s in fits and starts. A charge out first thing, and then he’ll crash for hours :) Gibraltar is more restrictive for them, although there have been talks about a dog park. But when we go to Spain, we live in the country and the top pic of him in the river bed is five mins walk from our house. And we’re near the beach too, so he does get chance to run when we go back there. Thank you.


  13. Although I like Spain and the Spanish people, their sometimes cruel side in the case of animals is something that baffles me. In April I visited a town called Medinaceli where they have a wierd annual festival. At the Toro Jubilo a baying crowd drag a terrified bull into an arena, tie it to a post and attach balls of pitch to its horns and set them alight. How do you get any sort of entertainment or pleasure from that? You can even buy a postcard of the event! I didn’t.


    • Damn, just lost my reply :(

      Anyway, to rewrite. I think the Spanish have just hung onto their bizarre behaviour regarding animals longer than some of us. But look at the fox hunting debate in the UK, the pro hunters (or should I call them anti-life?) continue to lobby for the new law to be repealed, yet the majority of British people oppose fox hunting, and even more oppose deer hunting. (See my last post on clouds if you haven’t already read it – not doing link as not losing this again).
      And we just to have dancing bears and cock fighting. And probably other abusive ‘sports’ ‘entertainment’.

      I nearly added a health warning especially for cynophobes but I figured you’d not bother reading a dog post :D


      • Fox hunting does of course continue to be banned despite the lobbying. I would say that the law is unlikely to be repealed because most people are anti-hunting and anyway, it is a law that is widely ignored by the huntin’ shootin’ set. Hare coursing is illegal but almost impossible to stop because gypsies generally live outside the law.

        I don’t mind reading about dogs I just don’t like meeting them! I don’t like cruelty and I admire you for saving that dog!


        • Yes sadly it does get ignored although nice to see some successful prosecutions. Interesting the hunting (shooting and fishing) set consider themselves above the law.

          Taking an unwanted/rescue animal, whether directly from the street, from a foster home, or from a rescue shelter is pretty much the same as taking any other animal. I just think it makes more sense to give a home to an animal that has drawn a short straw in life and might get killed at some point.

          It’s one reason I like homing dogs that have been chucked on the street. It’s nice and simple. The dog doesn’t have a home, it’s been chucked out, so you take it in. Easy peasy. Then you take it to the vet, hope it isn’t chipped (unlikely) and then get it jabbed and chipped. Sorted. No having to choose from hundreds of sad unwanted dogs at a shelter, no questionnaires or social dogworker home visits, no waiting around. I would never have chosen a Podenco, apart from anything else I don’t think I’d even heard of them! Nor was I bothered about having a pure-bred dog or a rare albino. He was just the first dog that turned up when we asked our vet if he knew of any dogs needing a home.


          • I’d forgotten about fishing (or angling). I have never seen the point of it. I used to go fishing down the canal when I was a boy but I never really liked catching anything because I always felt sorry for the poor thing, yanked out of the water on a hook and then lying there gasping for breath while it was admired and weighed. It’s cruel but there is no chance of getting it classified as hunting and getting it banned because the fishing lobby is so strong and allegedly the most popular pastime in the UK. Personally I’d rather watch the grass grow!


          • Funnily your description is virtually identical to the one I read that made me give up eating fish. I left the plaice I’d bought for tea and became a real vegetarian instead of just a non-meateater. Fish is invariably the last one to go for aspiring veggies. I liked fish too. Until then.

            Yes, it’s interesting it’s not classified as a cruel sport. It’s probably the so-called justification of eating them. Or the ones who don’t kill them but throw them back which sounds like sheer sadism. There will masses of fish suffering from PTSD I should think.


  14. Happys belated birthday, Snowy. You have the sames bday as my Pops. It is a greats day. Hope your mum’s ankle bone is fixing ups okay. Nuzzles and licks to you, Pippas and your peeps. Suzy 🐶😋 P.S. Best wishes from Pops. He doesn’t do licks and stuffs.


    • Suzys! Suzys! How yous? And your Pops? And all your family? Thank you so much for your good wishes.

      Her ankle bone is slow like her. I think she needs to do more exercises and then she will get more fleibilities as it is very stiffs right now. But who listens to a Podenco?

      Her and Pippa send their best wishes though and big hugs for you.


  15. We are so sorry to be late for sweet Snowy’s birthday. He has grown from a cute little pup to a very handsome dog. We hope he had a good birthday and enjoyed his special day. Hugs and nose kisses


      • Oh my… Just did it. Rotten coincidence. Anything can happen. In Ireland right now, first time in 37 Years. Nice to see the things I didn’t like have changed for the better and the things I do like have not.


        • That was tooooo funny. Great you are enjoying it. And where are yer ter be sure?

          (At least I may have a chance now to catch up with the iceberg posts which blew me out of the water, so to speak)


          • Lol! Actually my Newfoundland accent throws the crowd here right off. Its a blend of Waterford and Dorset (yes, it possible; imagine Hagrid from Harry Potter trying to talk like a leprechaun). They exclaim with more than a little doubt, “no way you’re from Canada!” Its true we don’t sound anything like the rest of the country… And we like it that way. Carlow at the moment. Already been to Dublin and Kilkenny. Cork tomorrow via Waterford. Galway Thursday then Dublin again Saturday. Home Monday and back to work Tuesday. How’s the ankle?


          • I like Waterford, and Dublin of course, I really loved the west coast, north west, Sligo, Connemara etc

            Ankle moving one millimetre more than before :D

            Enjoy the rest of your hol. Do make the most of it, beautiful place :) great people :)


  16. Happy Birthday ‘not so little’ Snowy. I cannot believe he’s a year old, give or take a week or two.
    He definitely looks like he should be standing by an Egyptian tomb….very Pharaoh Hound.
    Message to Big Furry Dog Pippa ………… Don’t tell little Snows, but you’re still my favourite. :-)


    • He still curls up so small, but he doesn’t fit in the dustpan anymore :D and he has developed a certain elegance. And a VERY loud bark.

      Pippa knows. He knows everyone in Gib loves the BFD too :)


  17. aw, happy birthday Snowy! you are looking great. you were so very little, and then you look so grown up in your new photos. but then, next to Pippa, you seem so very small again. so happy for you for your fur-ever home! and Timmy sends purrs to all of you!


    • Thanks kris, he looks very tiny right now too, curled up on the sofa next to my pillow. He sends Timmy a loud bark. A cat was waking up the street earlier and snows was doing his best to scare it off, and waking anyone up who the cat hadn’t woken!


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