Racism and feminism

Two sides of the same coin? No. Discrimination, well, discriminates differently.

With which we move from Islam to one of the other big three sexist/misogynist religions, in this case, Judaism.

Yup, the one about Jewish men refusing to sit next to women.

Did they think they were all menstruating or what?

If anyone complains about sitting next to fat people, we are labelled fattist. As a skinny person, I can say quite happily, that sitting next to Fatty on the bus, train or ‘plane, does not make for a pleasant journey.

And as for sitting anywhere near screaming obnoxious kids… And the ones who kick the back of your seat?

But I’m not going to stand up and kick up an almighty fuss about it. Luck of the draw.

In this case, ultra orthodox Jewish men, it was your bad luck to get allocated seats within a stone’s throw of a woman.

And, given that Judaism goes down the female line according to halakha rules (which are followed by Orthodox Jews) where would all these men be without women? ie, their mothers and their wives. They and their children would not be regarded as Jewish from birth. They would have to convert.

A while back, Dead Wild Roses linked to an interesting video where a white woman complains about sitting next to a black man. There was an available seat in first class. The black man was upgraded. Imagine half a ‘plane’s passengers complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race. It’s impossible. But women? Sure, that’s valid. Did El Al upgrade any of the offensive women whose mere problem was to be female? Of course not.

Tolerating this behaviour is sexist in the extreme and deplorable. It easily borders onto misogyny. Do not tell me sexism is not still alive and kicking. It is.

Top tip. Don’t fly El Al if you are a woman.

116 comments on “Racism and feminism

  1. I know that “it takes all kinds” but sometimes people just won’t drop their so-called beliefs. Small wonder the world can be such a messed up place. And small wonder that we have to choose our battles and just give ourselves a bad day–rising from the precious bit of contentment we always seek–from time to time because it’s often worth it.
    On a different note, is that a new theme I see today?

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  2. Am I being racist if I state that I would find it extremely distasteful to sit next to any of those men?
    Do the airline realise that with their fear of being seen as anti-semitic, they are offending a far greater majority – namely the entire feminine gender?
    I love the plastic bag solution.


    • I don’t know Col. I don’t know whether you would be racist, sexist, misandryst (?!!), religionist, or anti-Semitic.

      It was El Al after all, so maybe the women don’t count, although it clearly racked off one female passenger.

      Oh, I think I’d complain about the plastic bag if it was seated next to me. I’m sure I could find something wrong with it :)

      I live within an orthodox Jewish community. I was brought up working with not-so-orthodox ones (they worked on Shabbat, allegedly with dispensation from the rabbi). But this is out and out discrimination against women, however you look at it. You and I may disagree re PC issues, but refusing to sit next to a woman is white religious male supremacy.


      • The ‘male supremacy’ myth is by no means confined to whites or religions. It is unwritten (because formulated before they had any idea what writing was) custom in numerous black ‘cultures’ – the Zulus being a case in point.
        On this score I have a feeling you would approve one of the underlying themes in my ‘Darx Circle’ fantasy, where I beat that particular drum rather loudly.


      • Oh, I think I’d complain about the plastic bag if it was seated next to me.

        I think that plastic bag is a brilliant solution provided it’s a greenhouse quality plastic. Seal it up nice and tight and don’t poke any holes in it


  3. I heard about that story but I must admit I wondered if it was even true…after all, if the seats were pre booked then why would those men not book seats next to each other thus ensuring they were sat where they wanted? Anyway, how crazy….


  4. OK, first of all, I am half-German and LAUGHED out loud at your annexation joke. The half of me that is American has the sense of humor. Whoops, is that a biased remark? How tedious this all this. I live in the American South and it never ceases to amaze me how riled up people still can get, once prodded, about race. Stay tuned, Kate, I’m writing a post about it as we speak…. I like your new theme!


  5. Oh sexism is very much still alive and kicking, Kate. Damn, society condones it. We still see people writing prominently with male protagonists and heroes. We’ve yet to see the female save the male (I’ll be sorting that out in one of the Geo books later) Female stars still use semi-nakedness to raise their ratings and are praised for doing so. There are still very very few women in seats of influence in our governments and in major institutions/businesses. I could go on and on. We have a hell of a long way to go before we put a proper damper on sexism.

    As for racism. Sure we all have our moments and usually with good cause. But it is more prominent in syria, iraq and india to name a few places than within western society. At least we are progressing and not stuck in the bloody dark ages. We are striving to make an effort. But for people to behead others in the name of religion, god, or whatever fucking lame excuse they can come up with… that kind of shit cannot be tolerated by the rest of the world and needs to be extinguished. This isn’t just about racism, religion, sexism, it’s about power and control in the hands of mad men. It’s murder by psycho/sociopaths that want to annihilate anyone who doesn’t believe and do what they want.


  6. Because of doubt expressed, I googled- the story is reported in the Independent, which would check it.

    Indeed, if you can’t sit next to a woman, why not ensure you can sit next to a man? Don’t they use Facebook? Actually, they don’t- there is a facebook page Haredi, but it just has a Wikipedia quote, it is automatically generated.

    Rather makes me think of football fans getting drunk on a train- shouting, taking over, making ridiculous demands, enjoying their strength in numbers. Praying loudly rather than shouting.

    Hasn’t Israel Airlines Ltd got experience of this, and better ways of sorting it? It being New Year, what did they think was going to happen?


    • I read it on the Guraduan I mean Gaurdiwn oh dear, Guardian, as well.

      Yes, it is very macho tribal culture. Horrible. Not good at all. Football hooligans is a nice one. Strict Jewish men = football yobbos.

      I don’t know what they thought. Maybe they should have laid on separate flights for men and women? A bit like you get female sleeper compartments or cabins? Wonder why it doesn’t happen on ‘planes?


  7. I wondered why El Al didn’t just shuffle all those men off the plane immediately, suggesting they private-charter another flight altogether. One that included an all-male crew, just to be sure no females were on board.


  8. Men like this are obsessed with sex and insecurities. They can’t even sit next to a woman without thinking that they want to fuck her. They don’t see a woman, they see a vagina and a sinful woman. In his article, Why Men Oppress Women, Steve Taylor writes:

    As the Jewish Testament of Reuben states:

    “Women are evil, my children…they use wiles and try to ensnare [man] by their charms…They lay plots in their hearts against men: by the way they adorn themselves they first lead their minds astray, and by a look they instil the poison, and then in the act itself they take them captive…So shun fornication, my children and command your wives and daughters not to adorn their heads and faces.”

    This is linked to the view — encouraged by religions — that instincts and sensual desires are base and sinful. Men associated themselves with the “purity” of the mind, and women with the “corruption” of the body. Since biological process like sex, menstruation, breast-feeding and even pregnancy were disgusting, women themselves disgusted them too.

    In connection with this, perhaps men have resented the sexual power that women have over them too. Feeling that sex was sinful, they were bound to feel animosity to the women who produced their sexual desires. In addition, women’s sexual power must have affronted their need for control. This meant that they couldn’t have the complete domination over women — and over their own bodies — that they craved. They might be able to force women to cover their bodies and faces and make them live like slaves, but any woman was capable of arousing powerful and uncontrollable sexual impulses inside them at any moment. The last 6000 years of man’s inhumanity to woman can partly be seen as a revenge for this.


    Here’s was the view of Augustine of Hippo, a.k.a. St. Augustine, who had a huge influence on Christianity:

    Augustine’s view of sexual feelings as sinful affected his view of women. For example he considered a man’s erection to be sinful, though involuntary, because it did not take place under his conscious control. His solution was to place controls on women to limit their ability to influence men.

    He believed that the serpent approached Eve because she was less rational and lacked self-control, while Adam’s choice to eat was viewed as an act of kindness so that Eve would not be left alone. Augustine believed sin entered the world because man (the spirit) did not exercise control over woman (the flesh).


    Btw, love the new theme.


    • In reverse order, thanks for the theme comment. You mentioned ages ago about the miserable nesting of 2011. I agreed but couldn’t find anything I liked. Hopefully this seems better on that, as well as deeper header pic and lotsa white space. Let me know of any glitches please, or where it doesn’t work.

      I read Augustine years ago (history degree), but yes, men get erections and want sex so therefore it is the fault of women. Of course! Hell, we are all just sitting here waiting to be shagged. What is it with some men? We don’t move on much, do we? :(


  9. Well, it is tough luck to sit next to a fat guy in a plane or a bus. One wants the journey to end before it begins. To complain about sitting next to a woman is absurd.


    • Ah, the missing u. Got it.
      So non u eh?

      Thanks for the theme comment, let me know of any probs. I can read the smallest print invented, but I loathe it from a design perspective. Don’t start me on that!


  10. An article appeared on Global Research recently, titled When Men-Only Roads in London are Okay, which told of a Jewish holiday procession where a sign was posted in Hebrew and English at the entrance to a certain London road requesting women to walk on only one side of the road (photo of sign included). One of the author’s central points (forgotten his name, sorry) was that if the sign had been in Arabic, this would have become front-page news and the subject of endless editorial comment about the lamentable machismo of Islam, but under the circumstances was largely ignored.

    Your citing of the Guardian article indicates that someone at least is willing to extend the observation beyond the Islamic version, but I think the point remains valid: Islamophobia has become sickeningly common, and is backed up by the mass murder of millions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, not to mention Pakistan and Yemen, committed by or funded by the US government-military-criminal-corporate establishment. The Muslims have become the new Jews, just as the US has become the new fascist superpower.

    Note the parallels: National Socialism/National Security, New European Order/New World Order, Vaterland/Homeland, Blitzkrieg/Shock and Awe, Leni Riefensthal/Kathryn Bigelow. None of this is accidental: George Bush’s grandfather was a big fan of Hitler and it was his father who proclaimed the NWO. The new NatSe scene is more hypocritical of course: they don’t wear comic opera military costumes and thump the podium nowadays, it’s all suits and ties and defending democracy and collateral damage and platitudes about healing the nation to create unity (code for wrapping us all up in the fasces), but the essence is unchanged: mass murder and destruction abroad, police state at home.

    I’ve strayed a bit from the theme, but it’s not too far away.


    • When I was researching this post, ok a bit grandiose, when I was reading around for it, I saw the No Women Allowed sign, which I think was on the same Jewish them. For once I decided to stick to one story, but it’s very redolent of apartheid. No Blacks Allowed. Imagine the fuss if the sign had said that.

      I didn’t know about Bush’s grandpa being a Hitler fan, but nothing would surprise me. I wrote ages ago about colonial and imperialism, coming to the same conclusion as you. While America rejoices that it threw off the colonial shackles of the Brits, it then goes out and does exactly the same thing. As you say, just wearing different clothes to do it in. The bottom line is the same. Invasion, killing local people, taking natural assets, putting in local governors. Just as in journalism nothing ever changes, neither does history. But why can’t people see it?


  11. I have nothing to say about the post, other than they should have made the bloke get out and walk.

    I don’t like the new theme. ( except for the red highlight) I have given it a go and think it sucks.


  12. Flying has become a nightmare even without sitting next to a man. What about sitting above a man? Some aeroplanes are double storey now, or is a floor in between a good enough space of separation?. I suppose banging your head towards a stone wall does that to you after a while.


  13. I could simply cut and paste most of my comment to Racism or Reality? into this comment… but this goes beyond that… sometimes people, things behave in ways that just don’t make sense. That’s the only way I can think about it without my mind refusing to accept the data in. I have to factor ridiculous into the equation.


  14. I had a flight delayed because a family of four from South American wanted to sit in three seats even though none of them were children. The flight attendants did their best to get them to sit in their assigned seats. It was a 15 minute battle. Most of us though felt sorry for them since it was obvious that they were just terrified and not trying to be difficult. Finally it was resolved and everyone arrived safe and sound. I hope their next flight wasn’t as traumatic.

    This situation in your blog sounds unbelievable. If it was so important to them why didn’t they buy their seats together or pay for the seat next to them instead of waiting for the last minute to put up a fight.


    • If there were four, why not get two seats together times two, if that makes sense?

      Maybe they got seats allocated at the airport? I thought you could pre-book seats in these advanced times. Gave them all a good excuse to point out how pure are Jewish men and how dirty women are. It’s a bad story because no one kicks up much of a fuss about it, thereby just showing how ingrained in society patriarchal values really are.


  15. I was astonished when I read about this. They behaved like infants. If that’s how they feel about it they shouldn’t fly.


  16. I’m far from perfect, but I guess I simply don’t have the time, energy or inclination to take part in overt racism/sexism/elitism/etc. I’ve got enough to do without purposefully demeaning others. I understand some of the reasons it happens, but can’t comprehend why anyone would think it’s OK. Seems like it would be a difficult way to go through life, with a chip on your shoulder so big that you need to flex your perceived “superiority” whenever given the chance.

    I’m fine with the new design, although your title breaks at an odd place, depending on which computer I’m using. Right now, it reads: “roughsea – sinthemed” Nothing like a little sin-themed rough sea, eh?


    • Perhaps the real problem is the religious indoctrination ie they don’t even consider sexism, it’s irrelevant because what really counts is the Book of Moses, or wherever they take their OT rules from (you can tell I’m not up on religion).

      Now a few people have mentioned it breaking at the D, giving roughseasintheme… I think I prefer sin the med though. I was thinking of making it roughseas, but no doubt on yours it would end up roughsea s. Can’t win huh? Thanks for that.


  17. Lucky for them I don’t like flying and if I did, they would be flying without wings. All it tells me is that people like this have no intelligence. They can’t think for themselves and just follow the silly beliefs the people before them had. So stupid!

    I love this theme. The text is big enough to read and I love the red line on the side that break up the comments. Just go and check how many levels deep are your threaded comments. You can see that under Settings – Discussions – Enable threaded (nested) comments (—) levels deep. I see some of the comments tend to line up on the side. :D


  18. Yes, good change, Kate. :) I like the dropped ‘d’ and bigger print. The print size is something that annoys me about mine but I don’t have time/energy to change right now.


    • Very funny re the dropped D. Doesn’t matter where I look at it, I get the full word. Seems to split differently on different computers for people.

      Thanks though Jo. I didn’t think font sizes were changeable unless you paid, and I’m not doing that!

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