For Your Eyes Only

Well, only if you are an atheist/agnostic. Although maybe if you aren’t you may be mildly interested in this fascinating categorisation of non-believers.

Are you an intellectual atheist? An activist? Or just plain apathetic?

These and more categories come from an interesting paper led by Christopher Silver, at The University of Tennessee.

Spotted on a link provided by consoled reader over on violetwisp’s blog.

If you don’t read the full link, here is the roughseas summary:

Intellectual Atheists/Agnostics

Like arguing the whole shebang about did this or did this not happen, quote documentary evidence, academic studies, archaeological evidence and love pointing out inconsistencies in religious works.

Activist Atheists/Agnostics

Busy bees who see the impact of religion on real life and try to lessen it’s impact thereon. They are busy on other ‘ism’ causes, eg feminism, humanism, LGBT issues, animal rights, environmentalism. Religion isn’t for them but these socio-political issues are.

Seeker Agnostics

These people live with uncertainty about life, the universe and religion, and they are happy with it. Open to ideas, evidence, and opinion, in their recognition that nothing is certain.


This is a black and white world. They consider religious views to be flawed, outdated, and detrimental. Anti-theists challenge religion, seeking to educate and change views, either at a personal level or more widely.


Hey, who cares about religion? It doesn’t exist, and it’s no part of my life. Described as apathetic and disinterested non-believers.

Ritual Atheist/Agnostic

Well we don’t believe but we like ceremony and tradition so we might go along with some of that because it’s comforting, interesting and nice. Or something like that.

Quiz time

So, where do you fit on the continuum? And, the good news is, you can tick more than one box. So here is a merry little poll. Most people I know seem to be a mix of intellectual and anti-theists. Bonus points for guessing what roughseas might be.

To end with … nothing to do with religion or lack of

Can anyone explain what this sentence means? Do we go into the garage on hands and knees in the dark? Or do you use plastic bags for hands and feet?

Most puzzled. Taken from a British newspaper.

If you have a garage store things in plastic bags if you use them with your hands and feet and cannot see inside.


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  1. I voted ‘seeker’ and was overjoyed that so many seem to fit my choice (three votes). Not an overwhelming endorsement but pointing in the right direction. I am not sure what the significance of cauliflower and capsicum is, perhaps by eating it, a better truth might be forthcoming.


    • I was surprised in a short time at the results. But is being in the majority necessarily a good thing? Poll only lasts a week :( pesky WP has changed these things so I have no control over that, but when it’s finished I’ll do a quick summary and compare with the official study results.

      Possibly. It was a good curry, I couldn’t be bothered to paste the recipe link. But one could ponder whether food is more or less important than religion … ?


    • I merely repeated the categories from the study. Supercilious would surely be a mix of intellectual (academic knowledge and occasional interest to engage and point out ignorant cretins) and non-theist, ie I just really have more important and more interesting things to do darling.

      Stop being so rigid and play the game. You could perfectly well have ticked those boxes quite happily, my soon to be gone neighbour :(


    • I’m happy to respect people ‘s beliefs. I live in a Jewish quarter so I’m well up on the holidays plus I learnt some Yiddish when I was young. I’ve done ritual because yes, it’s interesting for whatever reason, but not any more.


  2. Well, I just ticked one, Activist, because authoritarian religion has a huge impact where I live, so that’s at the top, and my primary reason for online discourse, but I could also fall into the category of Seeker a.k.a. a Possibilian as well as Intellectual, because I quote documentary evidence, academic studies, etc, and tend to point out inconsistencies in religious works which brings me back to Activist. :D


    • I would have said you were lots of boxes. Not that I box people. You are seeker? That’s a surprise. I would have said you were intellectual, activist, and anti-theist.

      And you know me as well as anyone so you must have been able to label (nice alliteration) me.


      • Well, I didn’t choose anti-theist because I don’t have a problem with religion unless it wants to get all up in my business and my vagina, legislate laws that affect the rights of others, harm children by teaching doctrines like hell, and are anti-human in general. I have no issue for people who have a quiet faith in god and enjoy fellowship with other non-toxic believers.


        • I think most non-believers have no issue with people who don’t stick their religion in your face, vagina or wherever. The problem is that the ones who do, make up a disproportionate minority and dominate the airwaves. It was ever thus I suppose. And then when you get legislation ie tax benefits and positive discrimination in favour of religion, it sticks in the craw somewhat. Oh for truly secular states. Ojalá.


          • Hiya, good to try and catch up. Could you and Arch please chat less when I am off line? Ta.

            In a way, you could probably post one link that said it all. In another, you would need to post so much, and blog comments don’t do it. We have to assume intelligence, and information. And, we don’t all have it. America affects the world. My interest is in Europe. I can’t influence America. Sadly. I see nice individuals and the same old system. Cynicism starts young in life, and by my age …

            I try to remain amazed by the nice people I meet on the street and on-line, and tell myself not everyone is Diriculous. Or Tiribulous.


          • Interesting . . . I might point out that whatever lies republicans spouted, they were no different than those in 2012.

            Also, saying the GOP won by lying implies addled-brained democrats fell for it.

            Perhaps a better excuse, as if an excuse is needed, is that democrats did not turn out in force as they had in previous elections. Hard to blame the GOP lies for that.

            As far as lies, without going into a discussion here, democrats themselves were distancing themselves from the president, often in none too-subtle ways.

            One can blame the GOP all they want, but here’s a sad truth about American politics. The extreme right will always vote straight GOP ticket, and the extreme left will always vote straight Democratic ticket.

            What you then have left are the people in the middle, a mix of conservatives and liberals who often are difficult to identify as strictly one of the other (it depends on the issue).

            The linked article has a very negative and disrespectful opinion of these people . . . it’s basically calling them stupid, saying they are easily taken in by lies. Further, it insults democrats as being incapable of coming up with their own well-crafted lies (something that can easily be countered).

            In other words, it’s an article not so much explaining what happened, but making excuses by blaming someone they don’t like. Gee, what a surprise.

            Things are not well here in the US political scene, but then, neither are they well in many other countries.

            One thing that does not help is to present an overly simplified “answer” that is nothing more than yet another thinly veiled attempt at not so much bringing adults to the discussion table, but to incite tribalism, generate mistrust, and ensure that no meaningful discussion can ever take place.

            For the record, here’s my take on the results . . . after a group of arrogant dicks control something for a while, people decide to let a different group of arrogant dicks have a go at it for a while. You can see the trend stretching back centuries.

            One good thing is that the current situation ensures minimal government action. While many would bemoan the situation, it is preferable to the clusterfuck of the past few years, or the clusterfuck of the previous administration.

            Meanwhile, this is what we should really worry about:


          • I am, then, at a loss to understand why it was presented as such.

            (insert appropriate emoticon here; I’m not an expert in either their use or deciphering their intended meaning when incorporated into the language)


          • American politics leave me befuddled. Suffice to say, that it is nice to believe a party might effect change, and then it doesn’t and disillusion sets in. That’s a general comment and NOT one about the US of A because some of us inhabit that tiny insignificant world outside there.

            The people in the middle are floating voters yes? The ones who need to be courted, and I confess I am one. Not because I don’t have a fixed se of ideals, I just need to decid on who presents the least worst policies.

            As an aside, can’t remember where I first read GOP. I had to look it up. See, the rest of us don’t actually spin in awe of America. Far from it, so your political abbreviations aren’t common knowledge to ignorant Europeans. I try and explain my abbreviations. In an international environment where Brits are criticised for faulty spelling, it would behove Americans to explain their quaint GOPs. Sorry. I digressed.

            Back on topic. Things are not well for a number of reasons. Greedy bankers/global companies, religious nutcases, and imperialism come to mind. One country does that very well. Care to take a guess?


          • Uh . . . Norway? Netherland? Russia? Estonia? England? US? . . . I give up; oh! . . . it’s China, isn’t it? I knew it!

            I used GOP because it had already been used. But, as a side benefit, you now know more than you did.

            I should clarify something . . . don’t mistake me for a nationalistic, flag-waving, my-country-right-or-wrong type of guy. Heck, I don’t even wave my guns around, preferring instead, concealed carry. If I could find a country run by people whose main priority was to both represent and protect the interests of their nationals AND do so in an ethical and responsible way relative to the rest of the world, I would be there in a shot with bells on my toes.

            I responded to the article because I get annoyed at simplified answers, and did not respond to what I considered either a patronizing and dismissive response, or an attempt to eschew responsibility for presenting, you know, just an opinion.

            I get touchy about things because I have (optimistically) about another 20-25 years on this rock. I would prefer my time be spent worrying about prose and camera settings instead of politics, religion, wars, and all the lovely consequences of having people reproduce like deranged rabbits.

            I am fully aware of how the US is viewed around the world, and I am aware and angry at all their faults, and I am disheartened about all their self-inflicted problems (and don’t often keep quiet about it). I can also trace back history and find there are no shortage of villainous scumbags when it comes to how the human world got into the situation it finds itself in, and, surprise, they don’t all come from the U.S.

            I certainly don’t find an abundance of heroes in any of the European countries that now want to ride the righteousness zipline while pointing fingers.

            Business and monetary interests are incredibly interconnected the world over, and to point at one player as the scapegoat is surely more convenient than recognizing one’s own contribution to what is now a mess. However, putting things in perspective, humanity has ‘done this, been here’ before, with different players. I have no doubt they will continue in their well-established cycle, eventually with different players.

            Sadly, these periodic steps backward mainly hurt people who have little to no say so in the goings on.

            Hence my distaste with anyone who, wittingly or unwittingly, contributes to the misrepresentation of problems and in doing so, in my opinion – it is after all, just my opinion – impedes hope for progress.


          • Well I was surprised because I thought you were apolitical/cynical, and it did read like ‘I support the Repubs’ even down to the GOP term, which has a hint of nostalgia, and southern splendour, rather than overt racism, abuse of women’s rights and imposition of religious beliefs.

            If you are referring to Neuronotes links/brief comments, then she is never patronising or dismissive unless you are a religious nutcase. And she even does nicely first there too (unlike me, or probably you as well).

            Like you, I am saddened at my own country’s policies and government. If I liked it that much I might not have left. There is something about living n a country and seeing it petrify that saddens the soul.

            As regards to Amerca, however you choose to regard it, it is a world superpower, and bluntly, the world superpower, more or less. Mostly more.

            There are a lot of problems with that. American values are crap, selfish and financially motivated. I’m not talking individuals here, I mean corporate America. Most of the people I have contact with don’t buy into that. But sadly, most of America does. Hence your mid-term result for example.

            America is still a new country. The rest of us are not. At an individual level, if you feel cynical, how do you think Europe and Asia feel, watching this teenager flex its power and muscles? We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve done the colonising, imperial, asset stripping thing. Whether it was Ancient Rome, Greece, HRE, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, I’ve probably missed lads but you get the idea.

            The point is, though, Amerca currently calls the shots. And is calling the wrong shots. The rest of us are not powerful to oppose America. Simple huh?


          • Saying “America calls the shots” is a slight oversimplification as well.

            There is always quid pro quo, and as far as I can tell, there are no pristine countries out there whose hands are, be it viewed as ancient or current history, free from the stains of greed, self-interest, and questionable policies.

            I’ll repeat, again, I actively look for places where we might go and live that would either minimize or reduce my exposure to problems I see on the horizon. Unfortunately, the world is a lot smaller than it used to be, and the problems are global.

            Having said that, I still see the opportunity to “lose myself”, minimize exposure to people, and still retain amenities I desire, as greatest here in the US.

            25 years . . . give or take 5 or 10, is really not a long time, so I raise my voice where I think it matters, but my days of picking up the flag and waving it about as I charge up the hill . . . them days are gone.

            Meanwhile, I always vote locally, often vote nationally, but (despite people who maintain one or the other major party is better), I have no allegiance to any of them. There are some issues I care about (guns, abortion, equal rights for all people, the plight of many womens around the world, and children), but even then . . . 25 years +/-5/10. My concern has shifted to me and mine.

            Coincidentally, be it America or some other country, that seems the approach everyone is taking around the world. I hope it works out for them.

            As for neurotones, yes . . . just an opinion, one out of many. But, we choose what we spread, don’t we? Out of a multitude of opinions, many well reasoned, choosing one that says “they are lying bastards” is no better than the other side choosing one that says “they are cheating bastards” (just wrote about that, by the way).

            It annoys me because I expect better of people. Then again, I am used (somewhat) to disappointment.


          • Is it? I’m not so sure. From which perspective are you looking at it?

            No, there aren’t. My point, however, is that America is dirtying its hands where we have all been before.

            Oddly I often used to want to go to Hawaii, or Fiji, or anywhere where life was simple and big government didn’t exist. No longer possible.

            Neuronotes, please. You may not agree but please don’t disrespect her by getting her name wrong.

            I’ve already said I thought you got an unfair deal over on Violet’s, but I don’t see that Victoria (NN) has said anything wrong, unfair, or unreasonable.

            So what if she didn’t want to engage in a long discussion? Her choice, her decision. Just as it is yours to do so. And, you did what I would do, write a longer comment as a post on my blog.


          • First of all, my sincere apology for getting the name wrong. I’m laying down and writing on my phone, and I did not notice the error. It was not my intent or desire to disrespect by getting the name wrong. As I said before, if it ever comes to it, it will be very clear when I drift into intentional disrespect (won’t happen).

            Second, it’s not the avoiding of discussion that irked me (yes, I get irked), it was what I considered a disingenuous dismissal of ‘it’s just an onion’. In probably wrong, as I often am, but it seemed an attempt to disengage herself from the content of what she linked.

            By that logic, I could link any one of many articles dismissing Europeans as a bunch of whining have-beens incapable of tying their own shoes, and then go all-like it’s just an opinion, like many other opinions and I’m just linking it; I didn’t mean anything by it.

            But that’s neither here or there. Like I said, I’m probably wrong, and will cast it from my mind.

            Note: I tried to be careful about what the autocorrect put in here, rereading everything, but if there are any big gaffes, sorry.


          • Tell me about lying down and writing. I’m so sorry about your evil leg, but I’ve had seven months of immobility … Been there done that.

            I honk you would find that NN is the last to back off from discussion, but although mine is a discussion blog, it tends to be light hearted rather than overly serious.

            Europeans are pretty useless right now. I wouldn’t disagree with that. That’s one point, but secondly, I think it is valid to link and say, here you go, it’s just a view, or whatever. TBH, an I depth discussion of American politics isn’t appropriate on my blog. People can go ahead if they want, but I know Jack shit about it, and you should also be aware that people on here criticise European leaders, Australian ones, Indian ones, South African ones, etc

            Great gaffe :)

            An onion for opinion. I’ve left, lightens the tone beautifully.


  3. First, I’ve recently converted to being an achuckleist, so no luck there. I read somewhere there is no such thing. The source was semi-reputable, so I’m leaning toward trusting them until I hear someone chuckle (and no, saying you did is not enough – need actual proof).

    Second, with regards to the type of atheist I am, it depends on the company. Call it my engineering training . . . pro-religious arguments are countered by equal and opposite counterarguments. At the far scale I am a vocal, militant, relentless, get-in-your-face atheist; at the other far end, I’m all “another idiot not worth my time”. My preferred state is squarely in the “is there any Nutella left?”

    As an aside, they don’t like me much at violetwisp (they are not unique), and as another aside, I don’t believe or like agnostics (I consider them dishonest). I contend no one can live as an agnostic, much like no one can live thinking that perhaps man can fly, but they are not sure.

    That’s my opinion, but, you know, many agnostics disagree with me, and are not bothered by the fact they are wrong.


    • You can be a chucklist so long as you don’t claim to chuckle words. That is truly unbelievable. Possibly verging on miraculous?

      I happen to be an anutellaist. I’m sure it’s there for some but I’ve never experienced it, or even been remotely interested in it.

      As for vi’s, it’s the sort of bar I drop in from time to time, don’t get thrown out, but don’t fit in with the regular crowd sitting around the bar. No idea why they looked at you oddly. Pack mentality v a disperser?

      Don’t you think a lot of agnostics are closet non-theists? They don’t see any evidence for it, aren’t interested enough to look for it either way because they just aren’t interested enough, but they don’t want to actually make the commitment of saying, ‘I don’t believe in that’. Don’t you dream about flying? I do. It’s a fine experience. Perhaps therefore agnostics dream about a god?

      Who would possibly disagree with you? :D


      • Anutellaist! . . . I’m not sure I should even converse with you, as the evidence for both the existence and incredible goodness that is Nutella is irrefutable!

        But, I understand; some people just won’t be lead to the path of bliss and contentment.

        As for agnostics, if you want to be bored beyond tears, this post ( extensively covers my thoughts on it (the extensive comments are also worth reading if one is leaning towards having an interest in the matter).

        While one might enjoy my incredibly brilliant writing, the wit and deep understanding of the human condition I possess, it is, as I said, a long read.

        My basic premise can be summarized so: agnostics are intellectual elitists. My opinion, and I welcome challenges, but be forewarned that 30+ years of challenges have done nothing but strengthen and shore up the base supporting my position.


    • “they don’t like me much at violetwisp” Not true. I simply questioned why you were goading people with clearly contrary views into discussion only to hurl insults at them and march off a self-declared superior-intellect huff. You had chosen to unfollow everything even before I made the remark. Everyone’s welcome!


      • We differ in the interpretation of events, and as I mentioned before, not worth my time discussing it . . . however, I can’t just let an accusation stand. The two or three fans I have in the world might get the wrong idea, and I can’t afford to lose any of them.

        I left because I found my effort in the discussion was not balanced by what I considered honest counter-argument. Many of your commenters just repeat the same stuff, without addressing specifics issues I raised raised questioning their arguments, and certainly not answering direct questions.

        I’m fairly wordy; I put a lot of time into my writing, and I take it seriously, be it an opinion or a discussion. If I notice my effort being dismissed without a cogent counterpoint being offered, I know it’s time to leave.

        As for insults . . . I’ll paraphrase Captain Mal; you don’t know me, violetwisp, so let me explain this once. Were I to hurls insults at anyone, they will be scathing, they will be merciless, and the target will know without any doubt they are being insulted. They will also have the opportunity to reply in kind.

        I do often use both humor and sarcasm in my arguments, usually to diffuse situations or make certain points. Someone not used to me might take offense. That can’t be helped. I start by assuming I am dealing with mature, self-assured individuals. I don’t see it as my responsibility to treat anyone with tenderness and kindness, with the possible exception of someone very young or with obvious mental issues or deficiency.

        As I recall, you specifically said I was not contributing anything to the discussion. Yes, you made the comment after I left, but it did nothing but reinforce my opinion that I had stumbled into the wrong place and the wrong crowd. Just so you don’t feel put out, I also unsubscribed from a number of the people who commented on your blog (which is how I had found your site and that particular post).

        You see, I thought I was contributing, with links, references, and everything.

        Following that interaction on your blog, I also went through my own subscription list removing any blog whose author openly professed belief in god, mentioned god being a part of their life, talked of spiritualism, or in any way shape or form led me to believe they were anything but rational thinking beings (I expect, but do not require it, that they drop me as well)

        For that, I am sure many will be eternally grateful for that blog post of yours, even if they do not know specifically of it.

        You cannot see my screen, but on the lower left of the bezel there is now a post-it. On it , in block letters, it says “NO MORE RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS”.

        Of course, I do comment on and opine on religion and religion’s influence in our lives . . . on my blog. What I mean by no more discussions is explained here:

        Roughseasinthemed, sorry for the detour to your post. If you want to trash it, feel free to do so (as if I had a say in the matter).


  4. I guess anyone would have guessed I’d fall into the anti-theist camp. I’d have you down as the intellectual Kate.
    I wasn’t sure whether we were dealing with two separate sentences here. The first one made sense in that no-one would crawl around a garage in the dark without protecting themselves from oil and other debris on the floor.
    The second piece, culled from a newspaper made no sense at all to me. A very badly constructed sentence. I’m not sure how you as an editor would have dealt with that.
    I hope progression with the foot is still going well and no more accidents or setbacks.
    Huge Hugs.


    • You always sound so moderate though. Maybe a bit of activism in there too as you are concerned about people’s rights?

      Nah, I’m def not intellectual. I could possibly dredge into the past of my history/archaeology degree which included religion and philosophy, but you need to enjoy the debate for the sake of it. I wouldn’t. It’s a bit like enjoying a discussion about how often it snows on the costa del sol in July and August and looking up weather records and relying on hearsay.

      I copied and pasted as it was. Sorry, I was unclear, the first comments were my ponderings about what on earth the newspaper sentence meant. I should probably move it to after the quotation. Me as an editor would have said ‘What the hell does this mean?’

      Foot so good so far. Thanks :)


  5. Hey, I am a bit of everything. I think religion divides rather than unites, fellas.
    To end with..nothing to do with religion. May be, the implication is it’s bout the individuality and no religion shouldn’t take it too personally, as they do most of the times.


  6. Quakers use the word “non-theist” in a different way. From the deist/theist distinction- deists in the 17th and 18th centuries believed in a creator who had then withdrawn and taken no further part, being merely a primum mobile, theists believe in the God who takes a personal interest. So, non-theist means no God who numbers the hairs on my head.

    I would divide agnostics between thoughtful and uncaring- “Is there a God? don’t know, don’t care” as against having thought about the matter and considering the arguments decided one cannot know.

    That “intellectual atheist” sounds pretty anti-theist to me. Archaeologists in Israel will know David did not exist. Non-specialists taking a great interest in that and endlessly quoting articles about it- why would anyone do that?


    • Clare, I merely trotted out the definitions as given, so yours are an interesting corollary. But, also goes to show that one persons understanding of a word is not another’s.

      I think the intellectual ones just like debate for the sake of it, pursuing the academic debate rather than any strong views, although they may well hold those too.


  7. Great post darling and as for me, I don’t care for religion at all. I once was lost, but now I’m found. hahaha! I prefer being called a ‘Googlist’ but it seems we fall into the Non-Theists category. :D

    As for the sentence with no punctuation, I find it puzzling as well. I googled it and the first one on the list was : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – LOL!


    • “I prefer being called a ‘Googlist’”

      Amen, sister. For 40 years I prayed and prayed and prayed, but my questions were never answered until I bowed to the only god that ever answered most of my questions. Google. When ever I write OMG, it stands for Oh My Google. :D

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      • Well, it’s good that you see things like that. Even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to write a post about it even if I wanted to. LOL! You’re so good at this. :D

        hahahahaha! Sounds like we’re getting somewhere!

        By the way, also forgot to tell you that Cauliflower and Pepper shot is awesome! It looks so delicious! :D


        • I tend to follow links. Someone has taken the time to post them so I think it is courteous to read them, as is linking back to give credit.

          It was a very good recipe. I’ll be writing it up later but it was an excellent recipe from a blog.

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          • Same here but it depends on what kind of links. Like I said, I’m not really into these religious type of posts. Too much fighting. :lol:

            I agree with you. That is the proper way to do it. :D

            It looks like it. I absolutely love cauliflower, but unfortunately with my spastic colon I can’t eat much of these type of foods. :D


          • Well this wasn’t really a religious post, so I figured I could get away with it.

            Adding links is sooooo time consuming, but I think we should acknowledge each other in a post like this. Less so when it’s more informal.

            There are few veg I dislike. Lucky really, being vegetarian 😃

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          • You sure did. :D

            It sure is and it would be nice if everyone is as thoughtful as you are. :)

            Same here and good for you. :D ♥


          • Plenty of others who write smart posts about religion. Not my thing, but I found the dissection of non-believers (as one of your SA bloggers called us) an interesting one.

            I often forget and then feel so guilty that I haven’t included people so rush back to amend it.

            More than 20 years now Sonel. Just life really not eating animals.

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  8. Intellectual and Seeker.
    I am not at all religious, but some of the more popular bible stories, can easily fall into my theory of the earth being visited by an unknown force.
    If anyone has ever read Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken you will understand where I am coming from.
    On the other hand, nothing is written in stone, except perhaps the ten commandments with a laser beam. So I am still open to ideas.


    • Von Daniken (this from memory) got soundly discredited some years back, but his initial hypothesis itself is worthy of consideration; well updated by modern discoveries and investigations since VD’s day. Made him a bundle though, and who can disagree with that?

      The latest isn’t ‘space beings’ but ‘sophisticated earlier technology wiped out by natural catastrophe on a grand scale’.
      The discoveries in modern Turkey (Derinkuyu, Gobekli Tepe) and others around the world have backdated archeological ‘thought’ a fair bit. Right now Graham Hancock is taking a deep (pun~!) interest in Indonesian discoveries and digs, worthy of a Google …


  9. I suppose I am like being a royalist or not, what is the alternative.. I am neither on this, sitting on the fence one might say. My only point is that these people should stick within their own boundaries. Let people react/decide how they wish and not have it forever being pushed in their faces. It has its place. I can however feel that there might be a need if one has suffered near death situations… people do need to believe in something.. not for me.


  10. Do we go into the garage on hands and knees in the dark? Or do you use plastic bags for hands and feet?

    It’s a silly analogy, but I’m guessing it means do you approach truth/task/whatever in a sanitised, gently-gently, “I like the cream” manner, or dive in regardless of the dirt and grime, willing to get dirty, and face reality for what it is.


    • That’s a bit clever John. But there again I pegged you for the intellectual atheist anyway.

      The sentence was added merely as light relief because I couldn’t understand it and I like to keep my readers on their writing toes. Trust you to link it with the main body. Nicely done though.


  11. I tried the poll on my phone but not sure if it went through. I’ve been everything except for Intellectual and Ritual at some point since deconversion. I’d like to think I’m Activist but I slip more and more into the Anti-theist camp through sheer frustration. You are so a Non-theist.


    • Can’t say about poll as it’s anonymous.

      I wd have said you do slip into intellectual mode as you often quote this that and the other. And surely having a blog largely for the debate of religious views would support that?

      Not saying what I think about self identifying until next post. Well except that I’m not intellectual :D


  12. I suppose I am every one of those at different times. There are times I’m very apathetic about the whole thing. But then if I get challenged intellectually I’ll take up the cause even if I’m woefully unprepared for the task and interject a whole lot of pseudo intellectualism . I am a seeker agnostic insofar as I’m not certain about the ‘theory of everything’ but I see no evidence for theism so here sits a non-theist. I am activist in the sense that I see the harm dogmatic authoritarianism and feel the need to do something besides just sit on my hands, which makes me seem anti-theist at times, but I could care less what someone believes as long as they’re not trying to foist it upon me or small children. I don’t care anything for any sort of preaching or sermons but I do like the pomp and circumstance, the long flowing gowns, and the organ music.


  13. Can anyone explain what this sentence means? Do we go into the garage on hands and knees in the dark? Or do you use plastic bags for hands and feet?

    Why are they going into the garage on all-fours?


    • I like the Aussie one: DGAFlyingF

      Normally I’d probably use DGARatsA

      After reading around some of the blogs which you have totally defollowed although now lurk on, I thought the definitions were mildly interesting and not too far off the mark.


  14. I chose agnostic and ritual agnostic. I sometimes like the traditional ceremony thing, but hardly ever bother with it. I tend to live and let live.

    People can believe what they want as long as it’s not extreme and they’re not trying to force it on me or anyone else. I can respect others beliefs and see why their faith would work for them… more on a psychological/sociological level than anything else. I’ve gone through some weird shit in my life and seen a lot of weird shit, so, I’m open-minded, but fuck me if dare to say I had any real answers… Truth is… I DON’T KNOW and neither does anyone else, not really. Everyone doubts their own faith at times. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.

    Does that sound like I chose the right ones? :)


  15. If you have a garage, [then] store things in plastic bags, [especially] if you use them [the things/items] with your hands and feet and cannot see inside.

    Re-worded: Any items inside your garage that requires you to use hands and feet and which you cannot see inside for venomous spiders, store inside a plastic bag.

    You also just increased my religious belief by a thousand fold (assuming John’s theory about fear is correct)! Spiders?! Really!?


    • Yeah but who opens plastic bags with their feet? And it could be that you can’t see inside the dark garage let alone the plastic bags. Your translation is much better but you have to admit it was a poorly constructed sentence.

      I’m not out to convert. I’ll have words with Mr Z if he is having that effect on people.


  16. Guess I’m a non-theist. To be honest I don’t give it much thought. I just know I’m not a believer and I really don’t care if others do or not. People are always surprised when they find out, since I hardly ever talk about it. If I really want to shock them I also add I five tattoos.


  17. Bugger … I fit all the categories. This leaves me in a quandary—a bit like when the US president (any of them, take your own pick) is asked:

    “Mr P, Sir, we’re on air for the next few seconds only I’m afraid, so please answer in one word, either yes or no … Sir, have you stopped targeting women and children yet?”

    And now to read the other comments …


  18. Oops … as for that sentence, it’s obvious, ennit? If you have a garage you can store fings in it—use plastic bags as containers ‘cos then even in the dark you can fondle the bags and by use of tactile appendages determine the contents thereof.

    (See? I speak modern edjicated literary excellence as good as the next dum dog …)


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