Gibraltar Summer Hours – a PSA

Summertime (cue music) and the summer hours are easy.

For those of you with failing memories, or the odd new reader, here are previous posts explaining summer hours:

The short version, should you not choose to read any or all of those, is that office and shop workers work less hours in summer for some inexplicable reason. Because it gets hot in air-conditioned offices I suppose. Naturally people working manually outside, in construction, street-sweeping, bar work, whatever, do not finish early and spend all afternoon/evening at the beach like the poor office workers.

As I am technically an office-at-home worker, I too will be on blogging summer hours. That means posts will be sporadic and intermittent, although I will try and visit those of you who are disciplined enough to continue churning out regular posts. Just don’t do it every day please as I do have domestic chores and paperwork to catch up on. Especially paperwork as our financial year ends this month … think Tax Return.

There is no picfest to end with as Halphone and Halpad are not communicating via their Halcloud. Despite me deleting hundreds of photos. Such a pain. Another reason for less posting.

I was going to disable comments, but sometimes when I read posts and can’t comment I find it frustrating. So here’s a summer poll. If you don’t feel like commenting at least play the poll game. You can answer as many options as you like.

Many thanks. Have a lovely summer for those of you in the north of the world. For the others, have a mellow winter.

PS Have made this post a summer sticky for those who might have missed this.

72 comments on “Gibraltar Summer Hours – a PSA

    • All sorts of chit flies in Gib. Believe me.

      Ironic you didn’t care. You did comment :D

      Interesting choice of record. Released in my birth month so unsurprisingly I don’t remember it. Although unless it was released on the last Friday of June, technically it was out before I was born :D

      I think that’s a better version than the more famous Happenings version.

      Anyway, I will be around, just don’t know when and where ;) as for summer, three months of boring bloody sun, day in, day out, has me lusting for clouds and rain :D

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  1. Something.
    (See, if you had blocked comments, that gem would have been lost to you!)
    (I put my vote in the wrong section, and it won’t let me change it. Grrrraaaghhh!)


  2. The comment-blocked blogs I visit tend to be polemical: one was dedicated to spewing hatred at gynephile trans women- all a load of perverts, apparently, only androphile trans women are really transsexual, according to this person. You would be scratching your head.

    I would be amazed at your stamina if you read all my blog, which now has over half a million words on it. Go to my reader and if the first few words grab you, read on. Still, you are one of my most reflective regular commenters.


    • I think the only one I visit is an animal rights one where the blog owner doesn’t want abuse and vitriol. Sad :(

      Equally sad that people churn out hating posts. The trans world is out of my remit, people are people, and I tend to look at these things in a simple fashion.

      I looked at your reader. You do write daily though … I dip and browse with daily writers. I do try and keep up to regular and long-standing visitors.

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  3. Enjoy your summertime. I know summer hours must be annoying for someone who wants to avail themselves of a truncated service during that period but from a beneficiary point of view it would be oh so lovely. No pics? I’ll just imagine your lovely terrace, your boys and everyone relaxing and having a good time.
    I think disabled comments are a simply tool, and value depends on the skill of the user… or abuser. Fortunately my experience has been only of bloggers who similar to yourself planned ahead when taking time out and didn’t want to leave commenters hanging -which is far worse form in my book than a polite note and disabled comments. But I love a poll :)

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    • It just strikes me as unfair that government office workers, and some, but not all shops, enjoy shorter hours, for the same money, whereas in construction, ie outside in the heat, doesn’t get any let-up. At A’s last firm, they did introduce summer hours some years ago (he wasn’t there) but, because it was an hourly rate, all the Spaniards complained because they lost money …

      I’ll try and do a pic post soon. I do try not to leave people waiting too long for replies, although an extended Spain break can play havoc. I think polls are fun too. And the results can be interesting, and definitely useful.

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  4. Enjoy your summer. I’ve been a lazy blogger of late but will soldier on as and when I’ve something to share. Summer’s only just getting going here and of course, that’ll come to a grinding halt during Wimbledon fortnight. Hurrah for the folding roof, at least.


    • Are you still flipboarding? ’Twould be fun to do but does anyone look at them. Seems a bit like Pinterest.

      Ah, Wimbledon. I got nothing done in my youth for that fortnight. It’s oddly addictive. ‘I’ll just have a look, I’ll just watch a game, the next game, the set, I’ll watch the match out. I wonder who’s on next …’ even when you aren’t up on current players.


  5. As you know, I’m American, and getting used to restaurants not being open for a brief spell between lunch and dinner was a major adjustment. Oh and shops not opening until noon on Sundays. So summer hours baffle me. Wish I could work them, but I always seem to be taking on more and more projects even though my schedule is full. I’ve worked outside during the summers and I feel for the people who don’t get to enjoy the summer hours since I think they should be intended for them. How hard is it to work with the a/c going?


    • Do they open right through there? That’s a rarity in most of Europe. It’s quite funny getting used to different hours in different countries. Spain tends to be 1–4 and 8–whenever, although some in tourist places open earlier. It was a shock going next door to Portugal where they tend to do more old-style British hours.

      I’m not working them either, which is why it’s a good time to blog less. That’s the theory anyway. No a/c in my flat either, I just wear minimal clothing :D Luckily we don’t face South :)


  6. I hope you can squeeze in some beach and relaxation time, in between taxes, work, and fighting with the cloud. PS: I hate when blogs don’t have comments, how else will I a)get worked up and b)blather on? xoxo


    • I avoid the beach in summer! Too busy. I like it out of season when the weather is still good, the people aren’t there and little dog can run for miles.

      I try to get the balance right, too many years of being all work and no play.

      Oh good, I’m pleased to have suited someone by not disabling comments :) I think I just attract the lippy type ;)

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  7. I selected three answers and voted on your comment thingmebob

    Annoying when I want to say something
    OK occasionally but not all the time
    Silly when they are permanent, what’s the point of a comment free blog?

    What would have rattled my cage is if I couldn’t have commented on this one… That would have been unusually cruel, though… I probably would have laughed. :D

    Now get down to the beach with a cold beer and chill a while! …Go on then… git! :D

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    • You mean if I had left the poll but disallowed comments? Haha. That would have been funny. I must think up a wheeze like that specially for you :)

      Your voting choices were the most popular ones last time I looked. In all fairness if you ask for people’s opinions in a poll, it’s a bit mean not to let them have their say in comments, most people seem to like leaving a comment, so, there we go. I mean it would save me replying but blogging is a two way thing. You write a post, you reply to the comments.

      Don’t like sitting on the beach much. Beaches are for walking Podencos on, or rather taking Pods there for them to run around like a lunatic. The beer sounds a good idea though 🍻

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      • Ha, ha ha! I’m sure you’ll find a way. ;)

        I think comments are better than likes… I’ve disabled the likes and the sharing buttons on my other blog… just have the comments section.

        But for a blog like Indies… It’s all useful stuff to have. After all, it’s for promotional purposes.

        Ok, then git running on the beach. I’m sure pods will have no problem, towing you around by the leash :D

        Beer always sounds good… I’ll be able to have a bit now… love a cold one outside in the summer. :D

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        • Yeah, it’s very much blog dependent. When I did a poll about likes, most people didn’t seem to care. As my blogs are discussion focused, it seems pretty irrelevant. There are ways around clicking on like even when it’s not enabled :D

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          • I’ve noticed… I do it myself from reader, sometimes. Or from here… I’m currently going through my unread in the thingymewatsit. I believe you use it to see responses to comments etc. this way. Although I initially just go to my main comments section and respond.


          • Right. I think I understand that. Sort of :D

            I do likes from Reader, the little box thing at the top for comments, and sometimes from the WP app on the iPad. So many choices. So many likes and different routes. So much to do. So little time.

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          • Agreed. :D That’s why it’s difficult to discuss exactly how one does what sometimes… too many bloody variations for doing the same thing. :D


  8. Your summers there looks so inviting. Love the photos on the other posts and glad to see you are doing better. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to ‘hop’ around like that. I bet you can’t wait to walk like a normal person again. :D

    Our government offices here have ‘summer hours’ all the time. LOL! They don’t like to work. I wouldn’t mind lazing at a beach now for sure.

    Re the disabling comments. It’s something I do now and then, especially when it’s a post where I think no comments are necessary. It’s quite irritating when you post something and some people leave comments that has nothing to do with the post or they leave short, abrupt comments. In that case I feel they could have just liked the post and moved on. On my blog I don’t care whether readers leave comments or not. I think sometimes some of them only leave comments to get you to visit them. Now that is more irritating.

    You are one of my most favourite bloggers and I love it when you visit, as you always take time to read my blog and you always leave intelligent and well thought out comments. Thank you for that Kate. You are much appreciated. :D

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    • I’ve got some photos from Spain that I’ve taken on the last couple of visits that I do want to post, it will just take time as I’ll have to post them to myself to get them on the iPad :(

      I think I’ve forgotten how to walk like a normal person!

      Our government offices have summer hours all the time too. They just get even shorter in summer :D

      I did think about you when I was considering disabling. And I do what others do, and usually find another post to comment on. So then I thought about disabling the whole blog :) And then I thought I’d ask people for their view. So open-minded me ;) I think the results of my poll and people’s comments have been interesting, and slightly surprising. But, as you know, we have different readers and most/all my readers leave longer, thoughtful comments, with many reading all the other comments as well as the post, and some returning to comment later. I don’t really attract the ‘soopah photos dahling’ crowd, probably because I don’t have soopah photos :D But I do find banal meaningless comments annoying from strangers, it’s clear there wouldn’t be any rapport anyway.

      And yours is one of my fave blogs. I was pleased to see you return. I’ve learned lots from your posts. As you know, I always read your links too. I figure if someone takes the time to add a link, or more, – and it does take time – that it’s for a reason, so it is courteous to look and read the link too. I don’t find it difficult to leave comments on the blogs I visit, but I visit selectively, and over time, we come to ‘know’ the blogowner better, so it becomes a more friendly, informal relationship anyway, which is often nice. Especially when people have dogs/like animals :) 🐾🐒 (no spider emoticon, can you believe it, I must complain!)

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      • That would be so lovely to see. As I don’t like travelling, I love to see photos of places I’ve grown to like and there where you live and the photos you take, are my favourites. Snowy and Pippa are on top of my list of course. :D

        There’s nothing wrong with your photos and I love seeing it. I used to compare mine to others and became depressed because other photos are taken with fancy cameras like Nikon/Canon and of course with macro lenses. Way too expensive for this ordinary housewife. Then I realised I am not taking photos to impress others. I do it for fun and because I love nature and everything in it. Also I love sharing the beauty we have around us and others like you do it as well, and that makes it more fun. Who cares if our photos are not ‘professional” ? Being blonde, I do need pictures to tell the story. LOL!

        I wouldn’t like it if your blog comments are disabled. Now and then maybe …. if you feel the post doesn’t warrant any comments, like I sometimes do – but you have a very interesting blog and I find I always have something to say – whether it’s about the boys, your yummy food or the beauty around you. And of course, it’s always good to hear if you are doing well. :D

        Thanks for seeing my blog as one of your favs. The feeling is mutual. :D

        I sometimes find it difficult to leave comments as some days I can’t concentrate and the words get all jumbled up in my head. It sucks. Especially if I want to say something and the minute I start typing, everything is gone. So frustrating.

        I totally agree and the best relationships I do have are online. Meeting people in real life isn’t something I like to do. We have a small, friendly circle and we would visit them sometimes, but we prefer staying at home.

        Oh yes, now you’re talking. Most of my visitors are animal lovers. One left a comment on my blog one day, saying that he ‘hates spiders’ and I deleted his comment and didn’t even go and visit his blog. To me it’s the same as saying ‘I hate dogs/cats’. Bleh! LOL!

        Nooooo! It’s totally unacceptable. They must make a spider emoticon! Please complain. :D


        • I took a zillion shots of our local Romeria, I think that caused the fallout between Halpad and Halphone. Not just the morning, but when they came back in the evening ie 9.30/10pm.

          I don’t compare, I just don’t want to pretend that I am a photo expert with my fancy lenses and knowledge of exposure and f stops and blah … I was quite up on it years ago when I had an SLR, but I’ve lost touch. And the iPhone takes good enough pix for the blog. Guess I’ll never get a fancy digiCanon :(

          Sometimes I think it might make it easier for people, if I write a short post about something, but people seem to want to comment, so I have to respect that, and reply. I don’t always comment immediately on blogs, or on every post. But I do try not to miss out on the ones I like. Of course WP’s little trick of arbitrarily unfollowing people doesn’t help so this week I found out I was no longer following my journalist pal Vishoo in India, luckily he visited and commented so I’ve rectified that :)

          We sound so similar. I don’t want people in my face. I love my home and my boys. One on the floor, one next to me, and the other is out.

          Why visit a blog to say you don’t like the subject of the blog? It’s hardly as though you blog about controversial topics. Either STFU or find something reasonable to say. It’s fairly obvious when people are animal-focused and saying I don’t like spiders/monkeys/dogs is just pathetic. So what? I’m not too keen on people.😈

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          • Sounds like you had fun and I can’t wait to see them. If I could, I would love to visit Spain and Gib one day. Maybe in my dreams, but for now I’ll be satisfied with your lovely shots. :D

            I feel the same way as you do and don’t care about the f-stops and exposure if someone asks about it. I know which settings on my camera works for which kinds of shots and that’s good enough for me. If I do get another camera, it will be another Fuji. I don’t care much for Canon or Nikon as I’ve looked at all of them and to go and buy an expensive camera and pay more for a macro lens that’s going to cost more than the camera, is really something I can’t afford. That will only happen if I win the lottery. LOL! I don’t take photos because I want to impress others. I love taking photos of these little critters and would not mind a macro lens, but for now this will have to do. It’s fun and it keeps me busy and more so when I can share it with people like you and others who like it too. :D

            You write such interesting and intelligent posts that we want to comment, because you do it in such a chatty way. Then we want to chat right back. LOL! So, don’t blame us. :D

            Yes, I noticed things like that do happen. Lucky you picked up on that. :D

            Oh, absolutely! As long as I am home and with all my boys, I am happy. I can chat like this but when someone comes and visit, I get irritated after half an hour. Then I want to do something else. I get bored very easily when I am around people. Funny thing is when i am alone or with the boys, that doesn’t happen. Strange? LOL!

            I totally agree. Some folks just want to push down their opinions and think we have to like it. Well, it’s my blog and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to. They can stay away for all I care. It is obvious for sure and yep, I’m not to keen on people as well, but you don’t hear us say that to those folks! LOL!


          • The Romeria was really about Partner making me walk down the village to try and exercise, and because I was interested, I lost the pain and the embarrassment of limping. Easier to limp in Spain. Lots of people do it.

            Yeah. Money is limited. I would like a flash camera, but I never did work out how to best use the canon digi. £750 keeps us going a few weeks. I couldn’t justify that unless I would get a return on it.

            Chatty. Hmm. Yeah. I do write with chatty in mind. And my regular readers. In India, France, Spain, Australia, NZ, SA, Kenya, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, UK (almost forgot that), and anywhere else, and our common interests, animals, birds, insects, freedom, civil rights, respect … I write primarily for me and what I think, but I do have my friends in my mind too. Internet friends are great. They never stay too long, don’t moan about your dogs (if they do they get dismissed) and you can chat at your leisure. Perfect solution huh? :)

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          • I love that Partner is looking so well after you. I know if you were alone, you wouldn’t do hat. LOL!

            Good to know. When I get old and start limping, I’ll come and live in Spain then. It’s settled. :D

            Seems it’s like that everywhere. I would love a DSLR with a macro lens. Around here we keep an eye out for specials and bargains.

            I love the way you write and it’s great to have blogfriends with similar interests.

            Internet friends are the best for sure and you said it all, and I do enjoy dismissing folks that moans about my doggie kids. This is their home. So yeah, a perfect solution indeed. :D


          • He’s had a long year of it, and he is right, I do need to practise walking more. Of course I got carried away and partway through the week both my knee and ankle started playing up. It’s very much slowly slowly, catchee monkee. No specials and bargains here :( Too small for that.

            Thank you. Even though you prefer films :D It’s funny a lot of your readers say, ‘great photos’ and little else, and yet there is more to great photos in your posts. There’s often a wealth of information either directly or on the links, yet few people comment on those. On my blog, some people (not all) write really thoughtful comments that take a long time to compose, and sometimes come back for seconds (or thirds!) and I really feel I should respond with the same amount of consideration. But, I can do it in my own time, and fit it around my boys and everything else. So a good solution all round.

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          • That doesn’t sound too good hon. Please be careful. I really wouldn’t like you to fall and hurt your hip or even worse. And listen to partner. LOL!

            Even though there aren’t any of that, it would be the perfect place. I would really not mind living there. :D

            It’s always great chatting with you and photos just spice it up a bit more. I’m forever thinking of the lovely salads you make and then I get hungry all over. Where are those teleporters when you need them? :P

            I know what you mean. Maybe they think that’s what I want to hear, which is not the case. Those shots that Vida takes of those little darlings are totally awesome, but it’s like you say – it’s a bit more than that. But most don’t like spiders, like we do and they do know they are not allowed to say nasty things about spiders, so I guess that’s all they can say. LOL! I can be very nasty when it comes to my spidey friends.

            Other than that, most doesn’t even go to the links provided. Maybe they don’t have time or unlimited bandwith like I do, so yeah … it doesn’t bother me much. I just don’t like abrupt and short comments – it shows me the reader thinks he/she is doing me a favour to visit. I don’t need favours. Then they can just as well stay away. :D

            Just like you I feel it doesn’t cost anything to be considerate, but well – sometimes life gets in the way. At least I have a few that I can count on one hand that are really interested, and that makes me happy. So, thank you. :D

            You are so right and nothing better than to make time for a friend. :D ♥


          • Yeah. It’s a fine balance. And mine isn’t very good these days lol! I know, shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes, but why not? :)

            Just about to make a salad for tea. I’ve had a pickle-making flurry so I’ve got lots of goodies to hand as well as normal fresh salad things.

            I’ve not actually looked at Vida’s. I should. I tend to focus on the blog I’m visiting though. Spiders are cool. They eat flies and they don’t harm us. Well, only Ark :D

            I think most people could visit links if they chose, it’s the cursory visit gesture isn’t it. Hi, I’ve been, now I’m gone. People know I visit links, even on comments, because I often mention them. I was reading a blog about the confed flag, no, not Ark’s, from someone in South Carolina, and his perspective was really interesting. He did a couple of posts about the murders so I ended up reading a long link about the murder of a 14-year old black youth back in the 50s. I reckon if you aren’t interested in the subject you should just move on.

            Life’s too short to waste our own time and that of other people.

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          • We are allowed to laugh at our own jokes, especially if no one else thinks it’s funny. LOL! And if we can’t laugh at ourselves, the world would be a sad place. :D

            Yum! I love anything that’s pickled. Damn those clever people who can’t make those teleports fast enough! :P

            Her website is plain and simple and gorgeous and so are her shots of the Jumping Spiders. It’s only them. She takes shots from the front and from the top and identify them. That’s what makes it so awesome. There are some that looks like little sheep. I so wish I could fine those. They are so adorable! :D

            Spiders are way cool for sure and yes, they do us a huge favour. As for Ark, I still think it was the missus. LOL!

            Well said and I only visit links if I am interested. Especially links that refer to older posts. It helps if I haven’t been blogging for quite a while. :D

            History and murders are not quite something that interests me. We have quite enough of that around here. It just upsets me because then I want to go on a killing spree. It’s terrible what people that call themselves humans can do to another and then they do the same to animals. Sometimes I just hate people.

            Well said. Time is precious and I’d rather spend it with those who are interested and who cares. :D

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  9. Now that’s the picture of a rock.
    Summer must be here: solstice and you’re on summer hours.
    Actually here many companies to allow people to adjust hours: maybe work longer 4 days to have Friday off, flex hours (your choice- in early/late/ no lunch), alternate Fridays off and some allow more telecommuting. It makes contacting people a bit more difficult, but really seems to motivate people and everyone has more time away from the office in bigger chunks. July is the big vacation period where many many are gone from offices. Construction workers like roofers will show up and dawn and work until about 11 then leave until late afternoon – the heat is pretty deadly at times. Have to adjust for climate.
    I took last week off and traveled a bit up the East Coast. Dogs had to put up with untrained Staff who now realizes it’s not as easy as it looks. HA. So something accomplished? Won’t last long, I bet.
    Ankle healing enough to walk carefully with sturdy wrap/bandage….all that hopping was tiring and started hurting my hip/knees/ back. So for a couple of days I just sat and read.It’s better, but need to be careful not to rip it back open…or get trampled by overly enthusiastic dogs.
    Polls are fun – agree you could always just use those without opening comments (dedicated people will always find a way to leave comment)
    I’ve thought about saying something like “please comment in 8 words or less” for the summer, but I don’t know – that might be like calling someone up on the phone and saying “Hi, what’s new? Gotta go.”
    Enjoy the break. I may back things down, too – just depends what’s going on…
    Summers are busy. We do what we can.
    Paw waves to Snowy and Pippa. (and I’m still looking for a rescue service dog training possibility. Not good to let capable things go to waste.)


    • I love the light on the north face of the Rock first thing. It’s spectacular. Of course we’re driving past so it’s anyone’s guess whether I shoot lamp-posts or Rock sans lamp-posts. I think personal hours are so good for motivation. People need lives. Although, in many cases it is going the other way. But good stories are nice to hear. I work at home, and choose my hours. They are long and not cost-effective, but I have the advantages. Pros and cons.

      P&S say staff can never be truly trained. They always slip from time to time. Water dish. Food dish. Treat allocation. Appropriate dog space on floor, sofa and bed. But, they try so, dogs have to be patient with their failings.

      Hopping is hard. Although meant to be good for you as you age. Hmm.

      I’ve got such a resounding no to disabling comments I think I’m going to need a very good reason!

      Eight words or less? Think I’ll try that out when I visit yours ;)

      Snoozes from the boys. Snowy wants me to add he likes to be energetic but please don’t nominate him. He doesn’t like the sound of ‘training’. Hey, guess what. He was out today and a woman said ‘ven aquí chico’ so he did and jumped up. ‘Do you know what he is?’ asked Partner. ‘Of course. He’s a Podenco. Albino. I have one who is 17 years old. Fit as a lop too.’
      So, somewhere in Gib, snowy has an older brother :D

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      • Some blog’s communities simply can’t be resist commenting. Yours is one of those. (But the group is part of the fun to see who’s there and what’s going on) Wish there was an easy solution.
        The idea of Snowy having an older brother with a lovely owner made me smile. (And can see why people get attached to the rock. Presence. It has it.)


        • I think my readers/commenters are pretty friendly. I like that they feel happy to chat together. That’s nice. Becomes part blog part forum. But no need to moderate as all grown-up. Shame it’s not real life huh?

          Snows is not interested in older bro. Totally lying on me. Thinks I need a shower so helpfully licking me clean…

          I love the image of the Rock. We have a standing competition to spot it first when we drive back from Spain. Trouble is, we both know the exact spot where we can see it now :D

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  10. Summer hours are a thing in government service here as well. The work day is typically 8:30 to 4:30 but ends at 4 for most workers during July and August. That’s not the case in the private sector, though. My own take on the thing is that if all the work gets done in the allocated time then why not get outdoors and enjoy an extra half-hour in our all-too-short summer.


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