I am sad to say that our lovely big furry old dog is no longer with us.

Pippa went out yesterday morning, but during the day barely moved and struggled to get up. When he finally got up this morning, my partner took him to the vet.

Four and a half years ago, he had similar problems and we thought we’d seen the last of him, but our Spanish vet diagnosed tick disease, and with firocoxib for pain and doxycyclin as an antibiotic, he came through and was soon skipping around looking for cats to chase again.

He’s been with us eleven and a half years, since he found us wandering around the streets of our pueblo. Back then, we had our two dogs that had travelled down with us from the UK. Pippa had been on the streets for months apparently. He was too big for anyone to take in, so after a few meetings with the huge apprehensive dog, we took him home. Estimated age? Two, three, four, which puts him at 14/15 now.

We identified him as a cross GSD/husky, and apparently they are deliberately bred in parts of America, Pennsylvania I think, as one US tourist informed us when he bumped into Partner and Pippa.

He is the sweetest dog I have ever known. Gentle, undemanding, perfect with people, happy for strangers to hug him in the street, and good with other dogs.

When we took in Little Snowy two years ago, he was his ever patient self, as Snowy played puppyish games with the big old dog.

Saying goodbye is the one downside of sharing your life with animals. But in return, we get years of enrichment and unconditional love.

I’ve left comments open, after your views on my recent poll, but please note that if you do write, I won’t be answering. Please don’t send emails for the same reason. I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel like it, and for once, I’m rather lost for words.

60 comments on “Pippa

  1. I’m so sorry. It’s the hardest thing, saying goodbye to a pet, even when you know you’re doing the right thing. He sounds like a sweetheart and a lovely dog and you clearly gave him a full and happy life with you. At least you can console yourselves with that.

    All the best


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  2. I am really sorry Kate. I lost my previous guide dog, Drew in March 2011. It was wholly unexpected as she had seemed fine in the morning then, come the evening began to pass blood. She went down hill from there. Take care of yourselves, you and your partner. All the best to you both. Kevin

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  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. When we lost Kitty this year a friend told me to be thankful for the time we had together, whilst I fully understand the sentiment, I can’t help but feel there is never enough time with our furry friends. You, partner and Snowy will be in my thoughts. Hugs xxx

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  4. Sending much love to you both, so very sorry to hear this morning about dear Pippa…hoping that over time the wonderful memories you have together will be more abundant than the sadness and loss you must be feeling at the moment….I’m pretty sure that these wonderful creatures and the bond we have with them add so much richness to our lives it makes everything so worth while. All of us here in Glasgow are thinking of you xxx

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  5. Your news has totally floored me, feeling totally gutted for you.
    You gave him an amazing life when no one else wanted him, the hole he has left must be enormous. xxxx

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  6. I really do believe that dogs can and sometimes do reincarnate and return to much loved family. I have experienced it, without a doubt, so keep an eye open for his return :-)

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  7. Am sitting here in tears over the news. Thanks for letting us know. Will be thinking of you often over the next while, and praying for you as well. Huge hugs to you all.

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  8. So very sorry to hear your news, know how you feel, been there many times and it never gets easier. You have your happy memories to fall back on when the going gets tough and Snowy will help, he needs you to be strong for him. Pippa had a fantastic life and was lucky to be able to share it with you both, who knows what could have happened if you hadn’t rescued him off the streets, a very lucky boy. Take care, Ina xx

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  9. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I cried as I looked at his photos and could see that he was a much loved family member. He was such a handsome dog with a gentle face. I hope you realize that you gave him a wonderful life and I’m sure he was grateful that you and partner took him from the streets and gave him love and security. No dog could want for anything more.

    I hope you find comfort in treasured memories and having known Pippa’s love.

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  10. Dogs are the most wonderful animals – loving, kind-hearted, loyal. Losing a dog is as heartbreaking as losing any other member of the family. I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

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  11. Pippa was the first “internet friend” that Ralph had, and whenever I read Pippa’s blog, I always felt Ralph reading over my shoulder. I’m so sorry lovely Pippa is gone. Will now go away to cry for our lost loved ones. Wishing you and Partner and Snowy peace and comfort. Susan

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  12. Sad news indeed.
    I always find it helps to balance the sense of loss with a sense of gratitude for the times shared with lost four-footed friends.
    In the case of one of the kittens we took in it was a scant four months, but he was ‘special’, I’ve never forgotten him, and I remain grateful for every day of that short time.

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  13. So sorry to hear that awful news, Kate but you extended and improved his life by your open hearted adoption, we can all see how much he benefitted by being by your side. May I send my best and wish him and you a quiet ” Vaya con Dios, en paz y tranquildad “

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  14. So sorry to hear that awful news, Kate but you extended and improved his life by your open hearted adoption, we can all see how much he benefitted by being by your side. May I send my best and wish him and you a quiet ” Vaya con Dios, en paz y tranquilidad


  15. There are no words that can take away this kind of pain. I am crying now as well because Pippa was part of my life too. Thank you for sharing him and for loving him. He had the best years ever! Thinking of you and a ♥ Big Hug ♥ to you and Snowy. I know he is going to miss him too. <3

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  16. I’m really sorry you lost a member of your family. I see these and just about want to cry even though I barely know you and I don’t know your baby. Doesn’t matter. We form amazing bonds with dogs – it’s so hard to lose them. We have two and they’re our children through and through. I can’t imagine the pain once they’re gone. I hope you find some healing and peace knowing Snowy is looking over you.

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  17. Kate, my deepest commiserations to you. I almost feel like I knew him, through all the vignettes you’ve shared about him. I have tears in my eyes as I write. You must feel deeply, but you’ll always have fond memories. I think snowy will miss the great dog too. Will catch up with you later.

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  18. I feel like howling like a desolate wolf alone in an icy forest. Such a great hole in the universe. I am so sorry.
    It’s an odd thing about losing such a companion, you always feel if you turned around fast enough you’d catch a glimpse of them lingering – a shadow in the hall – a soft nudge/snuffle in the middle of the night, I sometimes feel they do watch for a period just to make sure you’re ok. Keeping a soft gentle paw near your soul for a bit.
    Good dog Pippa, old soul. We shall not forget.

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  19. oh Kate, i am so sorry. my blogging hiatus is still officially on, however Diana told me that you had posted about your wonderful big dog Pippa, and i didn’t want it to be so. so of course i had to come by and see your tribute and to let you know how very sorry i am to learn about your sad news.
    Pippa was the first dog in the virtual with whom i had fallen in love, and despite every animal in her or his turn being one of a kind, he was definitely that. it was such a delight to meet him through your words and images, and even in his own words on his blog. thank you for sharing his stories and encouraging everyone to open their hearts and homes to unwanted animals, and also for letting us know this sad news of your final farewell which came so unexpectedly.
    i am sure that he has left a huge gap behind for you and A, and for Snowy, too. my heart goes out to all of you. do take care. sending you lots of hugs and blessings.

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