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‘Get out of bed! Take photos!’

Gah. One thing that gets this idle person out of bed is the news hunt. He knows it always works.

And. It did.

Yesterday we received a rather sickly card from our illustrious chief minister.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!

Justine, Fabian, Sebastian and Oliver x

Yeah. Right, we thought ironically.

When there are all the black workers coming across the frontier.

This morning someone had delivered their own Christmas greetings to Picardo. Maybe they’d had a Christmas card too and it stuck in their gut.

So, Judas Picardo.

Judus (sic)
Judus (sic)

Yup, quite right. The GSLP promised jobs at the last election and it started off swimmingly, to go rapidly downhill.

This time they didn’t even promise jobs.

Partner has met a couple of people from his old firm recently who have got jobs as labourers. On a government scheme at £900 a month. If these jobs need doing why isn’t the construction firm paying the going rate? Why is the government paying half of that? So it costs a construction firm just over a hundred pounds a week to employ a labourer for 40 hours a week?

We need jobs not Casais building
We need jobs not Casais building

Casais, referred to on the graffiti, is a Portuguese company. This is the company that ships in workers from Portugal, gives them contracts in Portugal and changes the T&Cs when they get here. They employ a minimum number of locals who get the requisite minimum wage. This is the company who had an unsafe site where a friend had an accident and they reluctantly took him to hospital and threw him at the bottom of the steps when he couldn’t walk.

If a job isn’t Casais, it’s JBS (Gib joinery and building services) a quasi govt company. And who do they all employ for the most part? Not locals. Why not? Well, Spaniards don’t answer back for one thing. When the firm says jump, it’s not how high, or how far, it’s ‘would you like me to fly sir?’ JBS has actually laid off a number of locals. And retained Spaniards.

Walking past another job, run by Koala Bovis, they don’t finish until 6.30 pm. And what language are they all speaking? Spanish.

Yes Picardo. Indeed you are a Judas. And a hypocrite for wishing us a prosperous new year.

It was quiet at 7 am.

Dark and quiet
Dark and quiet

An hour later, and other people were interested in this message. People were actually stopping their cars to take photos.

Oh. The two locations are on the King’s Chapel, next to the Governor’s pad on Main Street, and on the administrative buildings for the Governor’s office. Nice choice.

King's Chapel
King’s Chapel

Do hope they didn’t get caught by CCTV :) It’s a message that needs saying.

You have a very merry Christmas too Fabian.

The Governor's place, c 8am
The Governor’s place, c 8am

92 comments on “Breaking news

  1. This is the same person who did some very clever work in two locations about the cctv in Main Street but not in places where it is actually needed. I recognise the handwriting. It does need to be said. Pretty amusing 😂


    • Really? I, or rather he, missed that. CCTV in Gib. Yeah. It’s not in the right places at all.
      Did you hear about the car window smashing rampage the other night? The police called Amco out to clean up, they were virtually following the two vehicles doing it, a black SUV and a car I think, but the police didn’t do anything! They had a field day/night at Europa and the police could just have driven through the new tunnel and met them.
      Partner said something on the lines of they are just tourist officers with a different uniform.
      He’s gone to the veg shop (near Ocean heights) but I’ll tell him what you said on his return.
      Can’t decide whether to do a GIB bank moan in the new year :D
      Have a very merry Amy :)


  2. Very interesting, roughseas. Our politicians have similar schemes to ensure that no one works on the big construction projects, but here we contend with companies, equipment and labourers being brought in from Cuba and Venezuela (although there may not be as many from there now since Maduro lost his position as president recently). Meanwhile, no one can get a job – unless they support the ruling party.

    Great job on the reporting, though! It’s good to know what’s going on in these smaller areas of the world, while Rome burns.

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    • Is ‘here’ Bequia? If so, that figures, as corruption fair tendering for contracts and legitimate (non) employment of locals, plus (not) respecting workers rights, seems to go hand in hand with small places.

      Thanks. While I’m not a graffiti fan, I think it’s an extremely pertinent and justified message. And as the government isn’t listening, why not publicise it?

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      • I was trying to be cryptic ;) But, yes, we’re still struggling through a hotly contested election that was stolen in the end. The opposition has evidence of wrongdoing and has filed with the court. There were non-violent protests going on that have been called off for the Christmas season. This “illegal” PM continues to thumb his nose at everyone, and his followers cannot see the truth that he has violated the rights of everyone in the country, not just the opposition party supporters, by fraudulently “winning” the election. So while all is quiet now we expect all hell to break loose over on the mainland when the 9000 jobs this guy promised for January do not materialize.

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        • 9000 jobs? Wow. That’s a third of the total Gib population. Hey, we have minimal unemployment. Because a load of people are on government schemes and others don’t register for non-existant jobs. Yeah. Everyone’s in work. That’s why we had the graffiti.

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  3. I don’t trust fat politicians.

    Now, I’m serious here… I have a solution which you can take Mr Plumper. Some 80 odd years ago an economic experiment was conducted in the Austrian town of Wörgl. In the midst of the depression, they threw out the old economic system and deployed stamped notes, currency that depreciates over time, meaning, spend it or lose it. The experiment worked so well other towns adopted it. It worked so well, in fact, that it spurred the formation of the Austrian School of Economics (utter bastards) to make sure no one else ever tried it again…. thus protecting the banks.

    Read this, do your own research, and then walk into Mr. Plumper’s office with a determined smile on your face.


  4. Well, at least those who went about venting their spleens did something: Someone will have to be hired to clean the graffiti from the buildings, right?

    As for the card from the chief minister: I’m sure the funds for that bit of thinly veiled propaganda didn’t come from his own pocket. Instead of angering the locals with such idiocy why not use the funds to better the lives of residents? Why do political types always think everyone else loves them as much as they love themselves?

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  5. We have quite a decent President at the moment…though he’s tied down by the old gang of crooks whom he cannot dislodge by constitutional means.
    Jobs here are for Costa Ricans – in theory – but the coffee season sees an annual influx from Nicaragua and the pineapple and banana industries depend on illegal labour.
    I’m glad someone made their views known…


    • Well, come on down/west/up(?) to good old Southern California, a great place to practice your Spanish while trying to be waited upon at a fast food establishment. I understand that our dear President just signed us on for another “share the wealth” trade agreement that would change that picture to more of the Asian languages. Oh well. Feliz Anno Nuevo!


      • Actually, I really like that song. But no me hace falta practicar hablar español:) It’s bastante bien after casi fifteen years.
        Gracias. Igualmente. And in our village we just say, Feliz Año. No idea why! But in our village people are rumoured to have three toes too …


  6. Yea, the “:busturds.” Same thing here. All the construction workers are Mexican but a few Americans. It is pitiful when there are immigrants making more money than the citizens of any given country. I suspect a terrible downfall for many countries. It just can’t keep on this way.


  7. Oh my word – I had no idea! I went past the Convent at about noon and there were armed police and the pavement next to the graffiti had been cordoned off for no apparent reason- now I know why – wet paint! Thanks for making an early start to tell us about this. One question: how did you get a Christmas card from CM & family? We’re clearly off his list!!


    • It had been painted out well before then! A neighbour was out dogwalking last night and told us there was a police van there then. Another acquaintance told us that CCTV had caught it all.

      They send cards to all GSLP members. I’m thinking of sending it back. With a very, smart, comment.

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        • Not really. It’s so close to us and Partner is out early for dog walks.

          I was fed up with the cronyism of the Caruana régime, so voted GSLP. Now we have the cronyism of the GSD. Giblife. I split my vote this time. Next time I’ll prob vote GSD. And it wil be the same dance again. Maybe I should join the GSD. Another Xmas card? :)


  8. Let’s hope this voice was loud enough to be heard.Conscience won’t make the Government act but maybe the fesr of being the ex-Government will.
    xxx Massive Hugs Kate and the Welshman xxx


  9. In our part of the world we don’t deal with immigrants/migrants taking jobs as much as we do with “outsourcing” — meaning all the jobs that can be done elsewhere for cheaper are being sent elsewhere. For instance, when I worked for the phone company — about 15 years ago now — we used to be able to call tech support for help when our computers did what they shouldn’t. If we couldn’t get help over the phone, a techie would walk downstairs to help us. One day I called for help and ended up with someone in the Philippines. Turns out that the support position was outsourced without the techies upstairs knowing about this. That was just the tip of the iceberg, and many many jobs are no longer done here. Makes me a bit concerned for us as a nation of people who like to work (and can’t find any) as well as for our national security. The more jobs that are not done here, and the more secretive trade agreements that we get signed on to (this is for another comment at another time, perhaps) the more likely it is that our sovereignty will be undermined. Those who hold the purse strings of business have far too much clout in the world these days.

    Some politicians are trustworthy and persons of integrity. I could name a few of ours. And even those that aren’t may have entered politics with good intentions. Same with lawyers, and all the other classes of people mentioned in the above posts. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. The latter just make the news more often.

    I hate when the government works against its citizens. May this trend change, fast.

    Oh — and I like that you were so quick with that camera!

    Have a good Christmas, and a new year that brings much peace and joy in unexpected places.


    • Outsourcing. Yeah. Cheap labour at the expense of locals for corporate profit. Is that what you mean? No one seems to realise the oncosts to society of unemployment either. I am totally incompetent at dealing with call centres. My patience is zilch. I get more sense out of a parrot.

      But yes, money is well beating looking after local interests. The corporate is winning big time.

      I met one good politician in my youth. Not sure about any since, although I understand Canada does have a few ethical ones. Maybe I should emigrate? :D

      I used one decent lawyer who was great. Got struck off for tax evasion. Dead nice and ethical to his clients though.

      Ipad. Forced into it by bossy partner. Still, interesting to see. A little public show of dissension doesn’t go amiss.

      And the same to you Diana. May 2016 bring forth your blog ;)


      • Yes — to your first comments. Exactly what I mean.
        And call centers — Yes, no I am not a fan, either. My least favourite calls are from “Li” and involve callers telling me that my computer needs their help to restore its health.
        I have been mulling over the potential blog — and thinking I really need a new camera first. I have some lovely photos I can add to a post, but any recent ones I’ve taken have been really depressingly sad. If I knew how to add one here, I’d demonstrate. But perhaps that should be saved for the blog.


        • The problem with complaining about either immigrant workers or outsourcing is that one is accused of being rascist. Yet, local economies are decimated, people earn less, if any, money, and manufacturing and services are done thousands of miles away or cheap workers on the black earn less than the minimum wage. Where is the logic in that? Oh, silly me. More money for shareholders.

          To add a photo, it needs to be on the web somewhere and then you link to the actual url. If you look on Picture Post, I added a photo to a reply to Eddie. As for new camera, I rely on my iphone these days. It’s good enough for blogging, probably better than my ancient Canon digicam which needs endless battery charging to even take ten photos.

          You dont have to put photos on your blog!


          • No photos on a blog? That would be horrible. Visitors would have to depend on my writing skills (and ability to find interesting content), and I am pretty sure photos would only enhance my somewhat limited skills. And my writing skills would enhance my somewhat limited photography skills. At least that’s my hope.
            Since the only place online that I have posted any photos — so far — is facebook, I am not sure that I can post anything here yet. Perhaps this is a good thing.
            Oh — and I’ve seen some video shot on an iPhone 6 — and was stunned at how good the quality was. May have to figure out how to increase my income dramatically so that I can afford both a new camera and the roof replacement that is part of my life this year….
            Having said that … the blog is closer to starting than it was a week or so ago.


          • Much faster to publish a post though :)

            Mine is only a 5C, but the camera quality has increased with every new ‘release’. Compared with the iphone 3 there is a universe of difference in quality.
            Ah, roof replacement :( You need Partner :D
            Well, do hurry up. Kris and I have been waiting for years for this!


          • LOL! (literally :D)

            Love the photo — and didn’t see that ’til after the laugh. He is such a lovely dog.


    • There is hope for a change of leadership. We have just lived through a lot of years of democracy being badly undermined –and now have a change of leadership that has is so far demonstrating a reversal of many of the past decisions. For the first time in years we have real hope for change — and I am grateful! May you discover the same happening where you are.


  10. As you know, I’m a fan of wall commentary… it circumvents mainstream communication channels -susceptible to self-interested agendas- a little like the blogosphere. I’m happy you got and published pics, seeing as the graffiti was swiftly erased.

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  11. Clearly Fabian and his family are having a posh Christmas and by the looks of it, he is very prosperous. I wish the ones without jobs and money could be just as well off and not only on Christmas, but every day of the year. These politicians and government officials really suck.


          • Same here, unless it’s one that’s on my side and doesn’t cost me a cent. haha!

            Hell, you could have been very rich by now and defending me! :lol:


          • Lucky you and I am glad he was a nice man.

            No, I don’t think you would have been. You are too kind-hearted for that. You would have put all the animal and women abusers in jail and only rich enough to help those who don’t have money. :D


          • He was very sweet. He used to take me and his girlfriend out to lunch. Actually all three of us took it in turns to pay.
            That’s a pleasant thought. The gaols would be even more overcrowded than they are now though! There again I could have done company law, or conveyancing. Instead I can tell you all about the Roman empire. As one of my ancient history tutors sad ‘not the slightest bit of use!’

            Liked by 1 person

          • He sounds like a real friend and yes, nothing wrong with making turns to pay. :D

            I bet it is and for sure. You would have made a great judge as well. Then you could send them to hang rather than sending them to jail where the taxpayer’s doesn’t have to pay. :lol:

            The Roman empire sounds fascinating. I always just see swords and roman buildings when I think of them. Still a very interesting subject. :D


          • I am sure you did and yes, that is a fact. I always think of Gladiator and it seems they were quite fierce those days. Not my cup of tea. I’ll rather go and sit in a Teepee and enjoy some herbal tea with an Indian elder. :D


  12. You got a Christmas card from the head guy and family? Now that’s different. (He does have some nice digs there)
    Love the midnight commentator. Although it’s probably really a serious No-No there.
    People all around are getting fed up with jobs’ promises and tax money being handed over to groups/areas to buy votes.
    (Oh, actually over the past year, immigrants flooding into TX are mainly from Central and South America – they just aren’t stopped at the Mexican border…often given free rides across by Mexican gov. who wants them to move on quickly)…. Colombia and Ecuador were big groups during the 90’s. We had the boat people and Vietnamese arrive here in the mid 70’s. Although Cubans have really once again started arriving in large numbers. The incoming crowds’ make-up varies over the years. It’s a giant UN mix in the Houston area – pretty much has been for a long time. Mild weather. Living costs were low – still lower than many places, but not like it was.
    Both in the US and in Europe it is in a real time of massive human migration. The outcome yet to be decided?)
    Strange days. Enjoy reading about your corner of the world.
    Happy New year. Hope there’s lots of adventures and thoughts to muse over …and some smiles. Hey, dogs! Always smiles when dogs around. Paw waves to Snowy.


    • We get a christmas card from the chief minister because we signed up as members of the political party. Think I’ll join the other party too (the GSD – so that’s in its favour to start with) to up my Xmas cards. Chief minister doesnt live in the nice house, that belongs to the Governor of Gibraltar. I must write about governors at some point.

      Immigration and migration is indeed weird. I’m concerned about the effect the black economy has on locals and the local monetary system when much of it gets shipped out to the person’s country of origin. It’s a one-way relationship. Nothing new, it’s always gone on, like Asians in UK sending money back to Pakistan or India.

      Happy new year to you and yours. Rough and tumbles with Molly and sedate paw waves to German when there. A tin for RC.

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      • I can’t get over you getting Christmas cards from any gov/political identity. Definitely sign up for both.
        I should have realized the Governor and Chief minister are not the same person. (Banging head against nonarchitecturally interesting wall).
        Remember all the previous/historical mass human migration? A nagging though keeps prodding me to review those – and note what and how the world changed with each – (and which influences survived).
        With the previously friendly border at the Rio Grande, money has always been sent back to Mexico. Now there’s a whole industry of companies who specialize in sending money all over Central and South America as well as Nigeria and other countries. SInce the 80’s there’s been lots of muttering about one sided with the greatest proportion of money earned being sent “home” and local money being spent as support ( school, social programs) on those who are not putting money into the system (working with stolen SS numbers or paid in cash under the table). Using all the benefits, demanding more, getting their kids/relatives lower in-state tuition for college here, and all the time planing to retire back “home” with a lump of money earned here.
        Some subdivisions are struggling, too. Areas designed/designated for single family dwellings (Keeps massive apts from building next door to you lowering property values and increasing crime) meant a set of some sort of parents, their children, and maybe a grandparent or two – new arrivals are used to packing in Grandparents, multiple grown children with their children and current spouses or partners, plus cousins, often grandchildren, and more. What does “single family” mean as a term? Rarely is anything said, but as the schools are funded by property tax (about what the house/land is valued for a sale), and a city and county services like water, garbage pick up, police funded by a home’s property taxes more than bought items’ sales taxes, schools and communities are finding more of their resources are being demanded with fewer putting money in the pot.
        So of course it gets political very quickly here as well as in the UK. And it’s not new. Constant morphing and change. Here anyway.
        Finally sun here and cool. Perfect. Now if Molly’s tummy issues clears. That I think is mainly due to being stuck – and bored- inside. We may have 2 days of sun. Best go make use of that. Cheers


        • Well, it is a small population.

          Migrations, invasions, emigrations, immigrations, are part of life. But, take, take, take, isn’t good :(

          Work for two or three years in Gib, pay off the Estonian mortgage and clear off back. Hmmm.

          Poor Molly. Snowy sends sleepy snoozzies.


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