Picture Post

This was a UK photojournalism magazine that had died before I was even born.

It lasted from 1938 to 1957, and was regarded as a thinking magazine, somewhat left of centre. For some strange reason, my parents thought it was rather good, and bemoaned its demise, hence the name ‘Picture Post‘ has always stuck with me.

So, here we have a picture post of 2015. Although hardly ground-breaking journalism, rather a pictorial review, to bring sunny cheer to a damp and drizzly start to the new year. At least drizzly here in Gib. All photos captioned. Well, most.


Work, snow, and the sensible ones hibernated.




Flat redec and garden invasions. Busy busy garden.


A quiet month.


Village romería. These are photos I never got round to posting. So. All. New. Original!


Pippa. No more else to say on that one. Bye bye beautiful boy.




Feria, evening walks and our new bank. And a 30th wedding anniversary but no pix of that. Or the pearls.


Jury service :( and evening pix


Ladder work. More night-time walks. And … the roof leaked.


Balmy nights. A walk up the back of town. A personal first – the beach after 18 months. An election. Less said.


A rag-tag mix. Just like the year.

Snowy gets the last word. Or the last photo.

Little Lord Fauntleroy?
Little Lord Fauntleroy?

86 comments on “Picture Post

  1. An enjoyabubble review showing that there is always SOMETHING going on, Animals are so much more sensible. When it is chilly, they snuggle up and snooze. When hot, they siesta in a cool spot.
    A shame it was Pippa’s time during the year.

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  2. A well chosen selection there, Kate, my recall of the bye ways and back doubles within the City walls would need an O/S map of minute detail to help a failing memory. A couple of random guesses. The Bar may have been the ‘Trocadero’ where in days of yore the dancing girls would twirl, stoutly encased in the most ridiculous costumes. ( approved for our avid eyes by the kill joys on t’ council 🙄)
    The vine trellises surrounded by the pretty flowers may be Alameda Gardens ( scene of of my courtin’ days). (Where my ardent advances were effectively repulsed on a regular basis and I quickly

    learnt the meaning of the hissed phrase “!Quedarte quieto!”)😟. Ahh! Happy days!

    I do recall Picture Post and seem to remember the copy which published a pic. of a sexy young French nymphette Bridgitte Bardot and my Father’s reaction to his 3 teenage sons, eyes devouring each and every pixel of that outstanding young lady’s generously displayed décolletage His Belfast accent never left him and the roar of “get that rag out of this house!”, still reverberates in my memory 😱
    Marjorie and I wish you and yours all the very best for 2016. Stay well and keep away from the gun emplacements !


    • El Cortijo is in Town Range, just past Convent Place. I’ll ask around and see if I can find out the history. It looks very old and authentic. I think it’s cheap as it’s usually busy.
      I think you mean this in the Alameda over the Dell?

      Full post here: https://everypicturetellsone.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/weekly-photo-challenge-today-2-the-dell/

      Anyway, there are captions on the piccies!

      It’s only the oldies who remember PP 😛

      Thank you, and the same to you and M.


      • I love that photo. It’s the light and the dark, particularly the shine on the beams overhead. Beautiful.

        You don’t have many of people. I wonder what happened to that bull, after: fiestas are all very well, but was it eyeing the church tower apprehensively?


        • Thanks Clare. I should really stagger up to the gardens again, I haven’t been in the last 18 months and I can certainly walk that far now.

          I suppose I don’t think of people when I think of my year, apart from random strangers at the romería. The animals are actually bueys, draught oxen. They go for a tidy sum too. One finca near us used to breed them, and then one day, they’d all gone and the place was closed up. Most odd. So no, it wasn’t expecting to be thrown off. They are big animals too. Dread to think how many people it would take to lift one. If that was even possible. Very gentle though.


  3. I remember the artichoke in your garden from earlier on this year and also the sad event. Is that what gout looks like, a swelling of just one foot? Looks painful. Hope this year will be a wonderful one for your family and Snowy!!!!!!!


    • There will be more on the artichoke front this month! The novel things one can grow in a warm climate.

      I think the foot is still swollen from the broken ankle. The gout is actually the small shiny red nodule just below the big toe. It’s crystals in that particular joint that cause the amazing pain.

      Thank you, and I wish you all the best too.


  4. Had a good look through the photos, Kate – gives me insight into your surroundings! Perhaps you could pass the camera to partner sometime, eh? ;) (that way, we’d get a gander at you!) Happy 30th, by the way! Sorry about Pippa – highs and lows, eh? Lots in between, too. .


    • Hi Carmen, not much chance of giving him the camera, I take better photos, even of me! 30th was a lazy day, the sort we enjoy :) Yeah, Pippa was a definite low. But he thoughtfully waited until a few days after our birthdays. Considerate to the last. The inbetween bits are what makes our daily life I guess.

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  5. what a full year you had! really enjoyed this photo retrospective of your last year, i think i may be inspired to create something similar over in my corner for one of the next posts, if that’s ok. will see how it goes. :)
    so nice to see good old Pippa again early on in the year, and then the June images…. a lovely tribute to a handsome, large boy i never met but had grown to love. how wonderful that he had such a good life in your home.
    that looks like a very sore foot. hope it has recovered, and if not yet completely, that it will be better soon.
    enjoyed the celebration in May. all those bright colours and fancy gowns!
    Jury duty! i somehow missed that story – i missed quite a bit while i was on hiatus. that reminds me of being selected to appear for jury duty, but i was not chosen to serve. it was a case of sexual assault, and the defense counsel was eliminating many of the women from the jury. the defense lawyer was allowed to eliminate something like 10 or 12 potential jurors without having to say why. and counsel for the prosecution was only able to eliminate 4 potential jurors before they had to start giving a reason why any others were being rejected.
    you are supposed to be unbiased, i know, but i remember the defendant looking quite smug, and when the defense counsel stared at me in a somewhat bemused, arrogant manner, i lost my cool and glared back. and i was eliminated immediately. while i was happy to be eliminated, it was at the same time annoying to see how the defendant was losing all jurors who may have felt any compassion for the victim.
    and of course, there is that last photo of Snowy. he looks so royal, the master of his domain, surveying his land from his garden throne. what’s not to love.
    here’s wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year. sending you hugs, cheers & blessings! and Timmy sends purrs.


  6. Nice mix of new and reposted pictures! And if the quantity is any indication of how busy you were, this varied tremendously throughout the year. Those caterpillars and bees look amazing! Pippa and Snowy both full of personality, and Partner really dependable. He reminds me of a couple of men I know — who can be counted on in a pinch, and are able to fix pretty much anything. And I love the looks of your Gib veggies! And of Gib itself, actually. One day I’d like to visit to see the pictures beyond the frames.

    Question for you: In the top left corner of Snowy’s Christmas present picture is small squarish thing with a little girl and a label of Mahou (?). What is that? A label? A mini book? For some reason it reminds me of something from my childhood, but not sure what.

    May 2016 be a good year for you all. And may the foot injury become a mere memory.


    • Thanks Diana :) I think my life in pictures seems to be veg, garden, dogs, walks and buildings. Could be worse :) Gib is odd. It’s easy to miss out on its unique atmosphere. Many people stay in Spain and miss out on the peace and tranquility of the evenings and nights when you can wander around at all hours. Some of the interesting streets are off the main drag.

      The small square thing is a drinks mat. Came free with a six pack of Mahou Cinco Estrella,ma good but rather strong Spanish beer. It’s probably about ten years old!

      Thank you, and I wish you the same.

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  7. What an engaging pictorial journey through your last year and I just loved so many of the photographs, especially the doggy ones. The very best to you and those around you, two and four-legged. Happy New Year.


    • Thank you Paul. I could have had a dog pic in every month, but I didn’t want to overdo it for non-dog people! And the same to you Paul, especially those gorgeous four-legged ones you have. A special hug for Pharoah.


  8. Drizzly? Deluge is a better word over here :) :)
    Thanks for the picture show. So much to like but I love a good broad bean and a romeria. Must try to be back for the May Day one :) All the best for 2016, Kate!


  9. What a great way to sum up your year. A picture speaks a thousand words – there’s the truth.

    So sorry that you lost Pippa, no words can help with that.

    After an unreasonable, unseasonable run of glorious sunny, mild days throughout December, we too now have drizzle punctuated with heavier showers. Hoping to avoid deluge, as our roof tends to give up rather easily when it feels threatened. :)

    Happy 2016 to you and yours.


  10. Your photo collections are much like mine: you (and I) are nowhere to be seen. In my case I’m the one always wielding the camera so that makes sense, but I’ve taken my girls on a couple of long-distance trips only to realize afterwards that there were no photographs of all of us together because I was on the other side of the camera.

    A very nice roundup of what, for you, was probably a bittersweet year. It’s always difficult when you lose a beloved pet. I hope you and yours have a very nice 2016.


    • I take better photos than him. He’s not into the opportunity, the frame, the image. As with many things in life, photography has become my department. Ay, it’s a few years since our last dog Prince died (2006), so it wasn’t easy. Good to have the little one to cheer us up. I hope you and your family have a good year too.

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  11. What a wonderful review in pictures of your 2015. Great pictures of Pippa and Snowy. So sorry about sweet Pippa. My Baby Boy had to go in 2015 too, still miss him. All the food looks so delicious and the fresh veggies oh, my so beautiful. Gorgeous plants and flowers. Wish my feet looked as good as those in the picture…yours? Hoping you have a super, wonderful year in 2016 sweet friend. Hugs and give Snowy nose kisses for us.


    • Thanks Mags. It’s always hard isn’t it? Yet, in their short lives they bring us so much love.

      The feet. Um, the swollen one was still the bad ankle plus gout!

      We wish you the same, kisses to you and Chancey.


      • I often seem to be last one at the ‘party’ with your posts – not that I am purposely avoiding you – and by the time I arrive everyone has said all the really interesting things including all the best adjectives.
        Just know that I enjoy your posts – even if I don’t speak proper English,


        • Time of posting? And when we are all online at different times?

          Maybe you should expand your adjectival directory? Although a few bloggers probably think it is overly colourful as is. ;)

          Thanks. Wrong side of the Pennines and all that, I guess. You have picked up Americanisms in SA. Just as I’ve picked up Spanishisms. ‘Proper’ English is for board papers and legalese. (And picky editors)


  12. It does seem like any additional words would be duplication. I’ve run across references to Picture Post. Must have been wonderful to have all those pictures to dream about then.
    Great captions. (cucumbers with artichoke salad, will have to remember that). For some reason I always like the red dresses with the dots – and the fringed shawls…I’ll move there if only to have those.
    Snowy is the Little Lord, indeed
    Pippa. A smile in tribute of a great one.


    • Perhaps I’ll return to posting loads of text if people are stuck for words! I think hearing my parents talk about it (and other deceased journals/papers) was the only time I as aware of it.
      The rest of the salad was greens and herbs from the garden, and some of the veg given to us from next doors, green cabbage, red cabbage and hinojo.
      Ah, the big dots. I’m not a fan of those. I posted a pic in a previous year of a woman with a fine dress and knee high flat boots. Sounds unlikely, but it was stunning. I’ll see if I can find it and add to this comment.
      My boys :)

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      • Somehow while those dresses might look comical other places, they are always perfect there…maybe the way the women carry them. Dots wouldn’t be my choice, but you have to admit it takes confidence. You have dresses with flounces, we have Neiman-Marcus rodeo garb in Feb…if I go, I’ll have to chronicle some of that.
        Hinojo? The rest looked familiar…if we get back to upper 60’s later this week, salad season will return instead of soups.
        Molly chasing birds trying to sun on fence – she’ll share, Snowy!


        • They are indeed perfect, and look totally natural. Only in Andalucía. While the large spots are traditional, there are some much more sophisticated designs. The dresses are a true work of art though. *Puts on dressmaking hat*

          Hinojo. Sorry. Forgot the English. Fennel. Some words come first in spanish without realising. Especially as the veg shops in Gib we use are Spanish speaking. They don’t have hinojo though!

          We eat salad all year round. Although supper was pasta and peas with fresh mint. Salad was at brunchtime.

          Molly. Do not encourage Snowy. So far, barking at seagulls on the roof opposite is his only temptation. NO Chasing!!

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  13. I loved the header. Such a contrast between the colourful statue and the sky. :D

    Just said to hubby on New Year that the days really went by so quickly. It felt like yesterday when we started with 2015 and now it’s 2016 already.

    I am going to comment on the photos instead. You know I do love your photo stories. They are always so amazing. You don’t have to reply to them. :D

    Just loved your shots and this is such a great post. Thanks for sharing. ♥

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  14. I enjoyed those photographs – things you posted about, things you didn’t…
    An aunt had a huge stash of Picture Post – kept us quiet while the adults gossiped.
    I’ve just heard on Gardeners’ Question Time of a redheaded globe artichoke…. supposedly from Italy -now I’d like to grow that!


  15. Nicely put together. I used to get Pictorial Knowledge magazine as a kid. That always stuck with me. Don’t know when they stopped doing that… sometime in the late seventies, I think.

    No need to tell you which pics I like best, but I did enjoy them all and I love those Spanish dresses. :)


      • I remember L&L used to get that too. PK was more like National Geographic. I thought it was better to be honest… still do. Needn’t go into Beano and Dandy… though I think most the ones I read where in the paper.

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  16. Interesting looking at a year in photos that tell the stories of our lives. My 2016 Instagram photos pretty much summed me up as street art, flowers, cats and food. I think your picture-post evokes a year well lived and enjoyed even with its ups & downs. I love the glimpses of place and the inspiration of food & garden but most of all the affection for your boys that clearly comes across.


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