Spanish sojourn – Día de Andalucía


Freezing cold on the journey up from Gib to the finca, well relatively speaking, and snow on the sierras that line the eastern edge of La Axarquía, with the top of the high peak of Maroma nicely covered. We were still wearing shorts though. And down on the costa, the sun was shining nicely.

In the afternoon he took Snowy out for a walk. And came back with a snapped harness. Oh dear. These come from Dog Games in the UK. They are ideal because they come in three parts all of which come in different sizes so that each dog can get a perfectly fitted harness. Hence the name: Perfect Fit. Not so perfect when I’m in Spain with no internet to order a new part.

Even if I’d wanted to use roaming on the mobile to look up the site – internet usage just eats up the pounds, even worse than downloading large photos – I didn’t have enough money on Partner’s phone. I didn’t even have my phone. That had no credit on so I’d left it behind. ‘I’ll have a frugal week,’ I thought, ‘no emails.’ Lesson learned. Always top up your mobile.

With the help of a good UK-based friend, I wrote a short note, which she copied and pasted to the DG website for them to contact me.

Meanwhile, we pondered how to sort a makeshift harness. The material is too tough for domestic sewing needles. That was a non starter. Eventually Partner used some cord and soldered the ends. A temporary fix until we got back to Gib and hopefully collected the new one.

Sunday, 28 February – Día de Andalucía

It’s to mark the establishment of Andalucía as an autonomous community back in 1970 or 80 something.

In our pueblo, nothing happens. Years ago we were travelling through Almería and there were street parties in every village.

Taking Snowy out for a walk, Partner returned and entered our patio and shouted ‘I’ve got something for you. Come here! Now!’

Then I heard him say, ‘Good girl’. Me? Or … Good girl? Snowy’s a boy.

‘And bring some dog biscuits and treats.’

There, in our patio, was a timid-looking female Podenco. I gave her some biscuits. She scarfed them down. I gave her some more. She scarfed those too.

‘She followed us home. I couldn’t leave her,’ he said feebly. ‘It was only ’cos she was a Podenco.’

Yeah right and he’d have ignored every other stray dog wanting a home and a pack? As if.

‘She’s had pups,’ I said, looking at her distended nipples.

‘No,’ he said. A little later … ‘Oh, you could be right.’

Had she been thrown out after she’d given birth? Or before? At least she was thrown out, not killed.

After she’d eaten more biscuits in a few minutes than Snowy eats in a month (he likes to live on gourmet treats), she drank some water.

‘We’ll leave her in the patio tonight to see how she goes,’ he said. Fair enough, we’d done that with Snowy as a pup for his first few nights when he was peeing and pooing all over the place.

‘Let’s take them on the terrace,’ he decided.

We took them through the house and opened up the front door. But it started to mizzle, so while he was sorting the washing, I brought them both inside.

‘I’ll get one of the rugs for her,’ I said. (Pippa used to lie on his rug under the table. It was his den.) And she promptly went to lie on it.

Next we started to work out some sort of lead and harness. Podencos are similar to galgos and greyhounds with delicate long necks.

We’d kept chains from previous dogs, but that was the last thing we wanted to use. Pippa’s harness would fit two or three Podencos. We had a halti that Pippa didn’t like (and we don’t recommend them either), so we looked at that and managed to turn it into a harness for her. Result. A carabiner clip and some climbing webbing and she had a long lead too. Off we all went for a walk together.

‘I think we’ll leave her in the kitchen tonight. We can leave a light on in case there’s any mess.’

He took Snowy out again and I retrieved another rug and put it in the bedroom in case she wanted to join us. She did.

Our plans for the week – and month – were now totally up in the air.

Sporadic intermittent blogging service will be the norm for now. For those of you who celebrate Easter, have a lovely few days. For those of you who don’t, have a lovely few days too.

My temporary wifi office.

81 comments on “Spanish sojourn – Día de Andalucía

  1. Your temporary office looks almost identical to one down the block here. (except for the bull statue) Always amazing how different yet alike everywhere is.
    Seems a small spirit in desperate need has found you. She looks beautiful. Safe harbor found?
    You are right about regular needles and harnesses. Even our sail /boat needles and leather thimble pad weren’t too successful with Molly’s. If there’s a local sail maker or fisherman who does nets close by they might be able to help construct/ adapt something.
    Need to stop as you have limited internet. Happy spring – and happily found.


    • Haha! Temp offices from Texas to Andalucía!

      She’s a manipulative minx I think. But still, even they need homes.

      I looked at darning ones, upholstery ones, and just no way. Another solution was found. That didn’t involve sewing.

      Spring? It’s more like summer here 🌞

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  2. Lovely girl! Well done!!

    We rescued a huge girl two days ago who was only 50 meters away from Dutra, the main freeway connecting SP and Rio. She spent that night at the vet, and to my utter surprise, we had her adopted that very night. She’s now with a friend of ours and will be surveying her new country estate Saturday morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers John. Never any shortage of dogs to rescue eh? We homed Snowy via our vet, ie someone found him at the rubbish bin and Pedro put her in touch with us. Vets can be a good homing network. Glad she found a home so quickly, great news.

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  3. What an interesting post! Shorts and icy cold… hmmm… on a day like today, where we have snow and ice, shorts are out of the question, but how I wish….
    What a lovely story about the lost/abandoned dog. Says a lot when a family lets their week’s plans go astray so they can rescue a dog. Bravo, you two.
    And how interesting to see pix of the cafe that you have written of.
    Happy Easter weekend to you and yours.


    • Shorts are easy with sunshine and a wrapped up torso. Eventually trousers feel cluttered. But we are so not Canada!

      Flexibility is good. Why not use it to the advanatage of something that needs it? Thanks :)

      It’s actually a large bar/restaurant. Usually quiet when I visit :)

      The best thing about Easter is the peace and quiet.

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  4. She is such a great addition to the family and I am sure by now she and Snows are having lots of fun. I am so glad A found her, or did she find him? She is totally adorable! :D

    I don’t think I will be able to last that long without the internet. I won’t be able to watch my series/movies. My internet addiction is worse than my coffee addiction. LOL!

    Lovely temporary office. I absolutely adore the bull statue outside. What a beauty!

    Take care and lots of hugs to Snows and your new girl. ♥


    • Great addition? Hmm, on a good day. She’s a Podenco which means she is smart and manipulative.
      They do have fun. And, she def found him!
      Needs must. No internet is good discipline!
      I feel like the only customer in my temp office tonight. I buy a beer. Hit wifi and sit here for as long as.
      Snows and Toscy send you perky podenco hugs back.

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      • LOL! Well, of course she is and they are kids after all. :D

        I am sure they do and Snows must be in heaven. :D

        No thanks. If I don’t have internet I won’t be able to download my games and series and talk to my friends that live in my computer. That will me me sad.

        Your temp office sounds awesome. No people and beer with good wifi. What more can you ask for.

        Tell them thanks for all the hugs and give them lots of hugs and kisses from me as well. ♥


        • Actually they are kids, literally. Snowy isn’t three yet, and since we got her and she has got more confident she seems very young, so playful, so 2–3 at a guess. Twoish most likely. Imagine having your first litter before you are 14!!!

          I now have an image of friends who all jump out of your computer when you log in. ‘Hello Sonel!’ we all shout :D

          I sit away from the bar at a quiet table, typing away until I’m done. Then call at a shop for bread and any other essentials and back home. A fruitful trip.

          They are very affectionate, hugs and kisses are always welcome. And scratches, rubs and cuddles :D

          Liked by 1 person

          • They sure are and I’m not surprised at her confidence. She’s with roughseas after all. :D

            Well, in the older days young girls were married off at the age of 14. Guess they don’t think differently when it comes to these little furries.

            Whahahaha! Of course you do! What did you think and your smiling and beautiful face are always there to greet me. :D

            Fruitful trip indeed. I will also prefer a table far away from the bar with a mug of beer and some salty snacks. I’ll watch you work. haha!

            That they always are, as loving and darling as they are. I don’t even mind the scratches and rubs and cuddles are also my favourites, so thank them for me and give them lots and lots more hugs and kisses. :D ♥


          • Hmmm. She’s just pushy. Unlike me. Yeah. Just useful breeders until they past their sell-by date.
            I’m not at the moment!
            No snacks. I ate before I came. Minimum expenditure here :D
            They are so affectionate, even if you tell them off. Now if only people …

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          • hahah! Yeah, very unlike you. ;)

            I don’t like breeders much, but for once I am glad that they let Tosca go and she landed up with you, A and Snows. That is the best home for her. :D

            Well, I want snacks and another beer. Thanks. Don’t be like that.

            That is a fact and I don’t mind any animal affection. Now, when it comes to people I am quite picky. :D

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  5. Shorts and ice is always a good combi. ⛄ Shame about the harness… you’ll soon get another, but OMG! My eyes watered as I read about, Toskey (It is Toskey, right?) Too right she ate a month’s worth of biscuits! What a beaut! (Come to uncle Kev, then bite Misery’s toes!) 😄

    Love your wi-fi station… So this is the temporary hang-out you’ve been talking about? Pobrecita! …want one! :D

    Seriously though, Kudos to A for letting Toskey follow him back and to you both for taking her in. She’ll bring blessings and joy in abundance! Oh and of course to Snowy for being such a sport. ;)


  6. She’s gorgeous, and has well and truly got her paws under the(Pippa)table.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was Pippa’s spirit sent her your way……

    “Hey, you beautiful little homeless girl, if you follow that man with the white Podenco, you’ll find a happy life, the same as I did many moons ago”

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  7. “Sporadic intermittent blogging service…” Me too but no gorgeous dog involved… although maybe one day. We’re home now from our travels and enjoying a quiet Easter – thank you. I’m glad you were able to share your dog news, it’s made me very happy ending pleased :)


  8. She looks absolutely beautiful and even content in that picture. I’m so glad my fellow Welshman took a walk at that time and that he had a very understanding you to come home to.
    I like the temporary internet office.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  9. Have a lovely Easter. More power to you for taking the cute dog along at home. For sure, the poor thing was abandoned. Glad to read a peek onto your life in Spain. We celebrated Holi in India yesterday and was fun. Btw, when is Tomatina, Spain answer to Holi!! Would love to be a part of it someday:)


  10. I love happy endings! She really is beautiful. I hope her pups are okay wherever they are.
    Does this mean you will have to contact that company again to order another harness?


  11. oh, how exciting is this! such wonderful news. it is great to hear of your newest family addition. congratulations to you all!
    i am used to cats moving in. Timmy is the first one we actually looked for – although we were looking for a younger one and a female at that. but he needed a home, so what do you do. i am sure your new girl must be very happy with you in your dog-friendly and safe home. how exciting is this!
    had a good, relatively quiet Easter. lovely weather here. it is most definitely spring. hoping to do a bit of travel shortly, but not too far and not too long.
    looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your beautiful girl – and of Snowy too, of course, once you are more fully connected again. do take care! here’s sending you hugs and Timmy sends purrs.
    thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Partner was interested in a bitch last time as we’ve never had one. I didn’t care. Anyway Snowy came up and we’d agreed on first come, first served. I think it’s much easier to take what comes. Saves all that silly choosing hassle. Plus rescue centres leave me weeping buckets.

      Beautiful girl decided to indulge in landscape gardening and playful biting today. Wifi interlude is a welcome rest!

      Hope you and Timmy and yours had a lovely Easter.

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