Stoned, smashed and easily bruised

Terrible pain in guts. Ouch.

Not being very bright off the mark, I put it down to stress. I put everything down to stress. It’s usually a good diagnosis.

A rather delicate rose-coloured shade of urine. No. Not stress.

Engage brain. Bad pain in the little tubey bit from kidney out through, plus pink bits = kidney stone.

‘Go! Now! To gin shop!’

And, some gin later, it was all over.


My neighbour over the road was the one who put us onto the gin pain reliever for kidney stones. Gin is cheap in Gib. Cheaper than Ibuprofen. And more effective. A bit like vodka for toothache (Smirnoff, blue, 40%).

I don’t like drinking spirits. I like kidney stones even less.

If it’s not kidney stones, it’s bruises.

I’ve always bruised easily.

At school, the medical doctor was suspicious. Why did I have so many bruises?

Climbing trees, playing outside, answered my mother glibly.


She forgot to say my father slapped and pinched me and pulled me down the staircase. It might have received more attention had I not had a heart murmur so off I went for ECGs and the bruising was forgotten.

These days, they come from the dogs who jump on me. Not from my partner. Or my long-gone dead dad.

But, when I’m bruised, I only go out at vampire light, because I am not an abused woman. I don’t want people to jump to conclusions that my partner hits me.

Even if I was an abused child.

Dogs, because, just … their bruising isn’t intentional.

But I’ve never been as abused as this dog. Please help if you can.

Just look at this poor dog
Just look at this poor dog

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91 comments on “Stoned, smashed and easily bruised

  1. That poor dog. Doing stuff like that should be illegal over there.

    Sorry to hear about your stones, though I like the idea of liquor to combat the pain. As far as the bruises go, tell people you get them from fighting crime.

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    • Thanks Sirius. Ironically, animal cruelty is supposedly illegal here. Ha ti ha.

      I tell you, gin beats ibuprofen every day. More to the point, it works better which is really odd.

      The bruises? Nah, I’ll stay inside during daylight. There isn’t much crime in Gib. Only smuggling.


  2. The gin was a surprise. So too were the bruises. If that is normal for you though, so be it. I suppose it is too hot to wear long pants or a sari? great pictures of your 4 legged friends – they look pretty laid back. That blurb on the mistreatment of the dogs was horrendous.Thanks for passing it along. Great post roughseas. Your Muscadet chilled on ice will be waiting for you tomorrow morning over at Mark Bialczak’s. See you there!


    • It was a surprise to me too. I hadn’t drunk it for years. But it seems to work. I’ve edited the post include a link back to an earlier one:
      which gives rather more detail.
      I don’t suppose I realised I bruise so easily. When I broke my ankle the consultant was busy bleating on about my bones, the worst in the western universe, and then started going on about my fragile skin. So, it would appear to be a clincal fact ;)
      Yeah, I could wear trousers. Easier to go out when it’s dark though :D
      As for the dogs, I wanted the contrast between my dogs and the state some of them are in. Same breed, different circumstances. So sad.
      Pleased to hear about the Muscadet. Especially as our local super seems to have run out, and no, I didn’t clear them out! I’ll be over shortly.

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  3. That sounds gruesome, roughseas. But glad you got the gin! Those dogs look big enough to give bruises, that’s for sure . . . They look pretty comfortable, curled up on the couch like that.
    Those pics on the bottom are horrible. What’s wrong with people?


    • Kidney stones are a unique experience. I’ve got a high pain threshold, not sure if that’s mental or physical, but me and painkillers no combina. So when I say kidney stones are painful, trust me, they are. While I spent all night moaning and not sleeping the first time it happened, someone else (wimpy man of course) rushed to A&E in the middle of the night. I think he thought he was dying.

      Snows and Tosc are the smallest dogs we’ve had. The top pic is deceptive, it’s the angle. There’s a facebook page called Podenco Friends Forever Sofas, just about sums up Podencos!

      Spanish mentality of some people. Not all, as there are many rescues, fosterers, adopters etc. But to others, dogs are disposable consumables. And, they don’t even cost anything to buy. Just breed a few more, cos the sort of people that do this don’t spay, don’t neuter, and don’t even register their dogs, which is a legal requirement in our province where this poor dog comes from.


  4. A complex post and I don’t know what to reply to first. So maybe I’ll start with the rough bits – abuse of children and dogs. Makes me sad to hear.
    Then the dogs jumping on you – dogs do that, don’t they?
    Then the gin for kidney stones – I never knew. I’ve heard of olive oil and honey. Never gin. Can I mix it with tonic and a slice of lemon and some ice cubes? (Okay, sorry, it’s no laughing matter. I’m glad it helped and I will note this remedy. also the vodka for toothache.)
    Sending you a hug, for no reason. I just felt like sending you a hug from Canada.


      • I read your comment and was trying to count up the number of good Canadian blogging friends I have, I got to double figures and stopped. I couldn’t think of the same number of people elsewhere, maybe British expats? But Canadians just shot to the top of my list so easily.

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    • Abuse happens and I’m not prepared to ignore it all the time. I’m not flooding my blog with horrid pictures, but sometimes, I think we need to pull our heads out of the sand. I do what I can. All my dogs have been rescues, the last three directly off the street, and I’ve supported a number of rescue charities. I can’t volunteer as I’m too emotional to handle working at a shelter. And I’d be a failed fosterer. So that leaves my writing/PR skills. If I only make one person aware of the need to rescue or someone contributes a pound or a dollar, then it’s worthwhile. If all my followers contributed a £/$ that dog’s treatment would be paid for three or four times over.

      I’m not sure that Podencos distinguish between dogs and humans. I suspect they consider I am a malformed Podenco who looks unusual but is still part of the pack. So therefore I am fair game. And should be tough. Ha!

      I think I prefer G&T with lemon (freezer is broken, no ice) to honey and olive oil. But yeah, that’s how I take mine. Loads of tonic, with a splatter of gin on top. That way, I don’t drink too much gin if the glass is nearly full of tonic.

      As for the vodka, it was recommended to me by a dentist years ago when people used to be practical. Must be at least 40% I reckon. Don’t drink it, well, unless you want to. Basically use it neat as a mouthwash and spit out. Cheaper than mouthwash too. I recommended some years back to a dogblog friend who had had nasty oral surgery and nothing was killing the pain. She couldn’t believe how effective vodka (or whatever she used in the end) was.

      Hugs from Canada are always welcome.

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      • I certainly wouldn’t denigrate what you accomplish for abused animals through your writing and PR skills. We can all contribute in different ways. It’s just unfortunate that this sort of thing occurs in the first place. Very discouraging, really. But when I see your happy, healthy rescues, it gives hope.

        Glad the old kidney stone passed relatively quickly. Never had one, but I understand they are something awful.


        • I know it’s one way – apart from homing strays/rescues – that I can do something. As I say, if I achieve even a little tiny bit of awareness or help of some sort for any rescue, it’s worth it.

          A friend has recently published a book about her rescue cat. A number of other blogging friends (John, Kev, Paul) have committed to donating part of the sales money to animal charities, so I asked if she’d thought of doing that. She agreed it was a good idea, so now a local charity will benefit from a percentage of any sales :)

          It was minor in the kidney stone scheme of things. On a scale of evil it was probably 2/5 rather than 10/10.

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  5. Didn’t know gin was a pain reliever. I will keep a bottle at home just for such occasions.
    I only hope people capable of abusing dogs to that extent have no children!
    Be well friend


    • This was relatively minor. What’s bad are when they start in your back, at night, and you can virtually feel the stones travelling right through. Ugh. But thanks, I’m good now. Courtesy of Señor Larios (from Bubbles or Europa in Main St, cheapest, should you ever need to know).

      Sometimes I think animal abusers have at least one screw loose.

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  6. Ouch! And I thought I bruised easily. I’ve been told I have fine skin, which can be taken one of two ways. Appalling pictures of cruelty- but sad reminders of our inhumanity.


  7. Yikes! So sorry for the kidney stones. I have to say I like your neighbor’s remedy, and have used gin as a pain reliever on occasion, myself. The rest…I’ll never understand how and why people are so cruel to those who are most vulnerable; children, animals, anyone perceived as “weaker.” Gentle hugs and a tall G&T for you <3


    • They’re tolerable these days. With the gin. Not something I would have thought of, I’ll be honest. Hellish effective mind.

      Add older people to that list. (And not just because I am!) because they aren’t cuteor furry, they are past their sell-by date, they often get overlooked. V sad. Thanks, I might save the G&T for tomorrow and have a cold Pinot Grigio instead.

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  8. A most unexpected post. Sorry about what happened to you in your childhood. No child should have to experience that. I hate abuse of any form… but to children and animals, that could bring out the worst in me; ties me in knots.

    On a lighter note: Well now I’m educated on kidney stones and pain relief. Lol Seriously, I’m so ignorant when it comes to stuff like that… don’t have a clue! Like yourself I attribute just about everything to stress, but had I seen what you saw, I’d have panicked, checked the internet to make sure it wasn’t an emergency type deal, then made an appointment with doc. Knocking back gin… So much easier! :D :D :D


    • Oh that’s good, we don’t like to be too predictable :)
      As you know, what’s done is done. No point imagining it didn’t happen, and acknowledging it is better than hiding it. I’m not sure either parent saw any of it as abuse. Certainly the school doctor might have pursued it had she not been concentrating on the heart murmur.

      Funny how alcohol features in remedies. Whisky for sore throats/colds – I use the toddy ingedients, lemon, honey, hot water, without the whisky; brandy for stomach ache, can’t bear the stuff; vodka as mouthwash for anything oral; and the gin/kidney thing.

      I’ll do anything to avoid a medic. So a bottle of gin is well easy. I would need to be gushing buckets of blood – or unable to walk – before I went.

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  9. Gin was the remedy of choice in the pre NHS days…and it works!

    As to the cruelty to animals…it is taking all sorts of action to get a law against animal cruelty through the National Assembly here…all the bull baiters and cockfighters pulling strings for all they are worth – not to speak of some idiot putting up a clause to fine those who don’t pick up after their dogs, which i suspect to be a sabotage job. Still, it looks likely that we will finally have a law sometime this year.

    I bruise easily..and get some whoppers from the dogs when they are playing. Mark you, in a macho society – still, despite all the efforts of law and propaganda – Leo gets no dirty looks in public.

    However, when he shouted at me when I ran the luggage trolley into his ankles at the airport he was the butt of a whole crowd of men shouting at him to behave himself!


    • Drunk for a penny, dead drunk for tuppence?

      It’s powerful stuff. But still, if it works and I don’t end up on Gin Street, or even worse, Ibuprofen Street …

      We’ve got laws in Anadalucía. Doesn’t mean they are enforced. Still, I suppose getting them passed is a start and Seprona occasionally does something.

      I doubt people look at my legs these days. Who looks at a limping fifty-odd-year-old? But good to know I’m not the only bruiser.

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      • Don’t be so sure about the legs….
        Mother made radios used by the French and Dutch resistance during the war and a friend arranged a tour of local resistance sites, including the plain where the Lysanders would run in and take off almost immediately, transporting people and equipment from the U.K. to France and vice versa. As she was looking at the monument one of the old boys nudged another and said
        Not bad legs for her age.’
        Mother was in her seventies at the time…

        Gin Lane? More like the subsidised bars of the Houses of Parliament….

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  10. Your animals always look so comfortable, happy and at home. I think it speaks for itself. Live, survive and grow. Getting to know you better is certainly never dull. Sending lots of warm wishes from chilly RSA.


    • I hope they do. They are a big part of my life. Even our cockerel is. Just a bit impractical to transport him back and forth across the frontier or we probably would. Mind you, he’s a good guard cockerel. He does crow at noises outside the finca. Top boy 🐓

      In RSA? Not goodbye in dubai? (Tasteless headline on one of the papers I worked on when someone was killed there. So it rhymed, but, still …)


  11. Wow, this was quite a post! Firstly, that poor dog……..don’t know how people can be so hellish cruel. They should be burned at the stake.
    Being an abused child is something one never quite forgets.
    Thanks for the gin tip(ple). If ever I get kidney stones, I’ll get tipsy on gin even though I can’t stand the taste. I bet the Queen Mother never suffered. :D


    • I’ll stick to long less impactful posts in future ;)

      Like anything, we put our past behind us. That way, maybe, just maybe, we stop having scary nightmares.
      Hung from trees, like they do to dogs, with their feet just able to touch the ground. That way they take longer to die. Just like the poor hunting dogs who haven’t ‘performed’ sufficiently well. Yuk.
      I don’t dislike gin. Just haven’t drunk it for a zillion years until my Gib neighbour recommended it. Bet Princess Margaret didn’t either.
      Did you hear the (reputedly true) story, we heard it via someone who was working in Saudi, about Prince Philip arriving there and saying, ‘where’s the fucking gin?’ It sounds fairly credible to me!

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  12. I started drinking a bit of gin after college. Seems like with sensible use, I could drink it and still manage to keep my head during business things. Guess it has several medicinal purposes? We’re all trying to stay healthy and out of ERs these days.
    Wlid playing dogs have put their share of bruises on me. You worry about it when you’re just before a yearly check up at the doc…these days they are supposed to report all sorts of suspicious things.
    Poor little dog. Rips you terribly to see things like that – and realize there are people walking among you that think that;s just fine. Everyone does what they are able to counteract it. Some volunteer, some cuddle and foster, some are able to donate – and some write (not everyone feels able to do that, but it’s critical.) Thanks for taking time to tap out a few notes for the pups…you just never know where the words will go and who they will stick to. Like messages in a bottle that find their way to shore.


    • My mother stopped drinking gin when she was pregnant. Never touched it again until I was around 18, which was when I started. Often had it with Pimms and lemonade and the usual fruit cocktail. Very nice. Works well at sending me to sleep too, beats sleeping tablets I guess.

      Glad I don’t have yearly check ups. I had more than enough of being tested and checked in hospital with the ankle. Blood pressure, temperature, whatever else, three times a day. Post op was even worse. Every fifteen minutes at first, then every half an hour. Slowed down during the night, but they still woke me up a few times.

      Who knows what helps? Many more Podencos in Gib these days. When we first got Snowy, the only other was a cross Poddy/water dog. Now the Pods are in double figures. Some way, some how, the message is slowly getting out about these poor dogs. It’s not cheap to rescue either. If you rehome a street dog like Tosca, it’s still €250 to jab, chip and spay. But if you rehome from a shelter you’re looking at a similar cost. I was looking at a local Spanish shelter, and was pleased to see the vets who spayed Toscy were involved with the shelter. The local police went into a flat in our county town. A one bed flat with 39 cats and 13 dogs. Unbelievable.

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      • Vet costs for basic stuff is pretty high here, too – a couple of times a year the local SPCA and many little cities offer chips and rabies shots for $5.00 each which is a bargain. We haul RC cat out for the rabies just in case she manages to get out as this area of the country has far too many wild animals/mainly skunks that carry rabies. Molly gets check ups and shots as she is so social and love to play with other dogs. But that sticker shock cost has to be figured in the budget.
        I manage to avoid check ups except about every 3-4 years when our doc threatens not to renew a meds. Best to stay healthy and away from medical facilities – you can get sick in there! Also it seems Pharm is pushing so many drugs “for life”. Really prefer to deal with minor stuff without pills for every little thing. Diet and exercise take care of much.
        Now if the weather would only get cooler, both Molly and I would be able to get back to walking more. (If it makes you feel any better – my sliced ankle and healed broken toe still don’t feel back to normal/work the same. How annoying I’ll have to worry with that hiking. Grrrr. Sigh. No fun this getting older)


  13. I knew that gin was good for you,and now I have the proof!
    A long time ago I was playing rough stuff with my small daughter. She cracked her collar bone when she fell. At the hospital they asked how she did it (she was about 5). She pointed at me and said ‘daddy did it’. I expected to be arrested but we cleared it up before the police were called!


    • Hmm. I thought that was Guinness? I’m not a fan of spirits, seen too many people drink too much. But pain in kidneys? No question. Crack open the Larios. Only £5.40 in Gib although it was due to go up post Brexit and pound fall. Never let it be said I voted with self-interest in mind!

      My partner’s sister had a hell of an interrogation when her son fell down the stairs and they took him to A&E. Prob not a dissimilar time, say nearly 40 years ago? Although Richard didn’t say mummy/daddy did it!


        • I think I did too! Of course my dad was in the navy when the daily tot was the norm. Half the RN must have been pissed. Goodness knows how we won anything :D

          When I worked for the former CMO (beforehe was CMO), he banned alcohol at Christmas parties. Misery. The last party I went to before his Miserable Endictment was a riproaring one. I left early :D as did most senior managers, and got the metro home.

          What I liked about hospital with The Ankle was the soup and salad and fruit. But … drinking water all the time? I ended up peeing every two hours at night. :(


          • Good job Battle of Britain pilots didn’t get a tot of rum!
            In my last job a spoil sport wrote a staff behaviour policy which said no alcohol in a working day, not even a glass of wine at lunch time, so that was popular.


          • I’ve read a few BoB books and they seemed to have an intermittent alcohol policy. Not on the plane, but sometimes the night before. Usually loads the day after. Hardly surprising.

            When I worked in the civil service, our second set of offices had a flash new bar. And it was well popular. Off we all trooped up at lunchtime. Easier than going to a pub really. Sometimes I skipped it and went swimming.

            When my partner worked in Aus, they had chilled tinnies in a huge bin whenever they wanted. No accidents on site interestingly.


  14. I’m sorry to hear about the way your father was so rough with you. I know from some of my other blog friends that treatment like that can leave injuries worse than bruising.

    As to gin being good for us. I didn’t know that, but it give me an excuse to have some. Sadly, I don’t actually have any gin in the house, but perhaps a nice glass of wine would do instead.


    • No details. Just, if kidney stones start, and you will know if they do, reach for gin not ibuprofen. My first stones were without anything. The next lot I tried ibuprofen. Then the neighbour mentioned gin. So much more effective. How many more details? Take in glass, maybe with ice, lemon, tonic, to taste.

      No idea what the liver damage is :)


  15. I ditto the remark that there’s so much to comment on here. I will remember the gin cure and wonder if there were a lot of kidney stones around in earlier times, although gin was probably a lot safer than drinking the water.
    Abuse of any living thing is dreadful but despicable when it comes to children and being a dog lover, dogs as well. I’m sorry that you endured this abuse from your father and the conflicting emotions it must have produced. There is no excuse for that.
    Take care and all the best,


    • Life is how it is. I don’t want to be the classic gin woman, but kidney stones are hell. Ibuprofen failed so miserably the second time and the gin was like morphine. Well, not quite, but it did get rid of the pain.
      You know what they say, abuse gets perpetuated and both my parents were abused, although I guess back then it was ‘normal’.
      I do feel for all the dogs I can’t rescue. Wish I had the money and ground.
      I’d say enjoy the rest of your weekend but it’s nearly over where you are ! :)


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