In debted

A swift pass through the frontier, and we were on the road. An overcast day and an early start meant the journey was easier for us and the dogs in the back.

That morning Partner had met a neighbour who’d just finished a night shift and was dripping in sweat.

‘Air con,’ said Partner. ‘Turn it off in the car. Your body can’t cope with these drastic changes and you’ll probably end up with a cold.”

He continued, being a sabelotodo (know-it-all), ‘When I was in Darwin working in forty-odd degrees I avoided bars with air conditioning. Much better to stay in the same temperature. Air con means it feels even hotter when you leave that environment. I never had a vehicle with air con in Aus, just put the windows down.’

‘Thanks,’ said the neighbour, slightly bemused, wondering how many places Partner had lived in.

‘I lived all over Aus,’ said Partner, employing his mind-reading skills.

We arrived at the finca just after half nine. The sun had come out and it was roasty toasties. We said hello to next doors and shot inside.

In fact I shot into bed. Five o’clock starts don’t do it for me any more.

When I was gently awoken: ‘Get your idle arse off the bed,’ Partner was in a vile mood.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about the bill?’

Bill, what bill?

I picked up the Endesa (electricity company) notification and looked at it. Puzzled.

Dated 22 April. Um, we’re in August now. It referred to a bill dated 1 April of €25.77 which we hadn’t paid, and we were being advised our electricity would be cut off at the end of June. Which, clearly had not happened as the beer was still cold in the fridge.

One of my rather more anal characteristics is to keep paperwork. Especially bills. I keep them forever and a day. One never knows when some less than intelligent jobsworth is going to cock something up.

I went to my sophisticated filing system, ie papers thrown all over the place and immediately picked up said bill for April. Paid. (I was the sort of person at work who had the messiest desk ever but could always find everything. I was also undefeated as a child at Memory Game.)

So the bill had been paid, the electricity hadn’t been cut off, we didn’t need to apply for a new contract, and we weren’t going to be entered onto the register of debtors. In fact, we wouldn’t have been anyway, the debt notification was in the name of two or three owners previous. Despite the fact we originally went to the electricity company with the deeds to the house, they didn’t change the name of the contract holder, just the addressee. As though we were renting.

Wouldn’t you think if someone had the deeds to the house it would be reasonable for them to be the contract holder? So poor deceased old Roman was being threatened with going on the debtors’ list. I’m sure he’ll be worried.

But the mystery is, I hadn’t open the bill/debt notification/threat of cutting off the supply, before I fell into bed. Someone else had. It was also more than three months old. Where had it been? I am indebted to my neighbours or casual posties who opened it and finally chucked it in our letterbox.

And why is the electricity company threatening to cut someone off for €25? Because the bill is paid two days late? When all bills have been paid by us for the last fifteen years? We aren’t here all the time but we pay bills as soon as we come back.

What about poor Spaniards with no incomes who struggle to pay their bills? Do they get threatening letters too? This country has had major problems for years. When people can’t get jobs and are living on the breadline, being told their electricity will be cut off for being a day or more late for paying a bill doesn’t exactly help. It wasn’t even sent by registered post. Surely something as significant should be sent by recorded delivery?

It’s too hot to do anything. After pruning the wilting roses and wilting plumbago, I too wilted and went inside to fade away, and radiate, (guess the band, but Ark, you are banned from entering).

No air con, no fans. So that’s one reason our electricity bills are low. We try to use as little as possible, not just for cost, but for environmental reasons too.

And a tribute to El

Our cockerel has earned his spurs at teamwork -check out the size - bigger than his feet!
Our cockerel has earned his spurs at teamwork – check out the size – bigger than his feet!

He’s been our faithful cockerel for more than ten years. He died this week. When people tell you chickens have short lives, do not believe this.

Well-fed free-range chickens live for lots of years. Rescued chickens from battery farms don’t. I know, I’ve had both. The abused ones might get a few months of unknown freedom, but their horrid life takes its toll. Rapidly.

And why haven’t battery eggs been got rid of yet? Years ago it was meant to be 2000 and something. Now it seems to have disappeared into oblivion. Nasty evil practice.

Back to El. He came to us from Juan the Gitano.

No idea how Partner met Juan, but he did and they talked chickens. And Juan offered him a cockerel.

Next doors were horrified at Partner associating with a gitano. Juan and Partner even went to the bar together once.

Partner went up to see Juan to collect the cockerel. Juan wasn’t there. A suspicious looking woman approached the gate.

‘Hi, I’ve come to see Juan.’

‘What do you want?’

‘He’s giving me a cockerel.’

‘I’m his mother. Give me your hand.’

So he did.

‘Hmmm. OK, you’re a good man. He’s not here but I’ll tell him you called. Buenos días chico.’

Hellish difficult passing the gypsy test. But a few days later Juan turned up with El. Juan, Partner, and two of Juan’s gitano mates all trooped into the corral to take El to his new home.

Next doors were horrified again. Letting gippos into our corral?

Sometimes you have to trust people and take them on instinct. As Juan’s mother did.

A while later, we walked up the hillside. No trace of Juan’s home. Presumably illegal, built under tin chapas, it had just gone.

Juan, wherever you are, thanks for El. He’s been a cracking cockerel, and a great guard bird too, roo ti roo ti rooing at everyone.

We loved you El. And Juan, we liked you too.

Men’s talk

A new cockerel

Cockerel at last

In the interests of accuracy, I should point out that I wrote this three weeks ago, but have spent most of this month pleasantly but swelteringly offline. Summer hours you know.

Sunday snippets

Meanwhile, I spent an enjoyable few minutes browsing menus this morning courtesy of the Grauniad.

The first one was a catering college high-end culinary academy, (can’t bear that adjective high-end, ugh) Tante Marie in Woking. They cater for vegetarians. Right. So that would be why they were including Parmesan shavings in meals allegedly suitable for vegetarians. No wonder chefs are totally incompetent regarding basic vegetarian requirements.

High-end culinary preparation … herbs and chilli from the garden
High-end culinary preparation … herbs and chilli from the garden

How many times do I need to say this? Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian. Never was, never will be, because to be called Parmesan it must contain animal rennet. I helpfully emailed the high-end culinary academy, and even included a link to a Vegetarian Society approved Parmesan-style cheese, Bookham’s Twineham Grange. Nice roughseas. I’m sure they’ll send me a nice thank-you email.

Bookham's Twineham Grange
Bookham’s Twineham Grange

The next interesting one was The Pony and Trap in Chew Magna, complete with its Michelin star. They didn’t bother with v designations but did appear to have meat/fish/fowl free meals. And scoth eggs. Scoth? And ewe’s curd. That would be as opposed to ram’s curd presumably?

To Brit readers, have a lovely long weekend.

93 comments on “In debted

  1. That ended too soon. I will check the links later.
    Welcome back good friend. Beer or tea?
    Here they write in the bill one has 14 days to pay. There are no reminders. You will be disconnected without further notice. Then they changed to prepaid tariff. No billing. You purchase the amount you can. And to up whenever it runs low.
    Good day


    • Well, the linkies are more about El and Juan, so if there weren’t enough words here you can read my earlier succinct posts :D
      Off the beer. Weak black tea please :)
      Fourteen days??!!!! What if people go on holiday?
      Prepaid? Well more sensible in a way. Especially as they get your money in advance.
      When we have overpaid the water bills because sometimes the readings are estimated, they tell us we can claim it back. They never give it back though. Just keep taking it off subsequent bills. So we get a bill, go in to pay, and get told we don’t owe anything. Why not put that on the chuffing bill then? Aaaagh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘I lived all over Aus,’ said Partner, employing his mind-reading skills.

    I laughed out loud at that one. I spoke to a fellow who said that when he worked (outdoors) up in Darwin, he drank 10 litres of water a day and didn’t urinate. The humidity is that high, that his sweat did the trick. I cannot imagine that kind of heat. (It would be positively dreadful for a Bluenoser like me – we melted in the Whitsundays and we were on a catamaran on the water the whole time!)

    I learn something new every time I read your blog posts. . as always, your food looks delectable.

    Translation please – gippo?

    Oh, beautiful hibiscus blossom! – I’ve got two yellow ones on mine, which stayed alive while I was gone (obviously eldest daughter kept it watered) It lives in the house during winter but enjoys life on the verandah in the summertime.


    • He exaggerated. Not Adelaide or Alice, but otherwise … In Darwin working in construction, they had beer provided all day! Bet that don’t happen now.
      It’s been so hot in Spain we’ve not eaten a single warm/hot meal. Everything has been cooked and chilled, or just cold – hence herbs and chillies.
      Gippo = gypsy. Also known as diddycoys and pikies.
      I adore hibiscus, those beautiful perfectly formed papery flowers are exquisite 🌺


  3. We think it’s hot here and it’s been high twenties most days for the last week – this morning, however, it’s 10 degrees and we still have all the windows and doors open, with just screens on. Love it! The chill of Fall is in the air, that’s for sure.


    • It was high twenties/early thirties in Spain but lower in Gib. Still warm though. I love autumn, I think 17 years of education left me with the feeling that it always brought something new as another different school/university year started. But it’s beautiful in nature too, especially with Indian summers.


  4. Arizona summers are brutal. So we keep tight tabs on the bills. I’m lucky, I guess, never had a disconnect notice or a disconnect. I lived in a mobile park that had family regular outages in summers though. Not great to be surprised and without power for hours at a time. Not in Arizona summers.


          • I just discovered what rennet is. It’s not even vegetarian because of the calf that has to be killed for its stomach. Disgusting


          • Lol. Sorry! Do you want a crash course in vegetarianism? I take it you are up on gelatin and isinglass? Cochineal?

            I don’t agree with the dairy industry anyway, but animal rennet? Eugh. It’s a serious problem with people assuming all cheese is vegetarian though when some eg Parmesan and Gorgonzola never are. And of course Parmesan is de rigeur in Italian restaurants.
            You don’t just get calf rennet, there is sheep and goat too, I think, from memory. Rip all their guts out to make ‘authentic’ cheese when there is a perfectly adequate non-animal option. I’ll never understand people.

            Liked by 1 person

  5. First off, putting high-end and Woking into the same equation is likely to end in tears. Second – I’m with your partner on the air conditioning front – can’t bear it, makes my eyes run, always opt for an open window. Third – even though we have heat tolerant skin (olivey, tans easily but we look jaundiced all winter), Son and I wilt very easily in the heat – and I’m only talking 25 degrees. Why anyone would choose to live somewhere hot is beyond us…
    Sorry about your cockerel – I have a friend who is very attached to hers, so I can almost imagine your pain.
    PS. Have you tried that memory game recently? I was always top as a kid, but now…and your work desk sounds just like the Hubs’ – with one exceptional difference – he can never find anything 


    • I had to look Woking up. Surrey = money to this northerner. Interesting list of ‘notable people’ according to wiki.
      I’m the same on air con. Went to office jobs in Sydney and it was bloody freezing. Had some sort of variant on the theme in the civil service and had a down draught on my shoulder! No. I don’t want that, thank you very much. Plus, there were loads of cases (ok maybe a few) of legionella when I was working for HSE. Oh no air con. Go away.
      I don’t care either way about weather. But he likes hot. I think it was growing up in south wales that did it.
      El has been a cracker for so many years. Need to tidy up the chicken shed and then source another one. We have a shower that backs onto the corral and every time we would go in he would doodle away. Miss him.
      No one to play with except Partner. I’d knock spots off him. Probably better playing it as patience, ie playing myself :D
      Desks. That’s where memory game comes in :) maybe Hubs wasn’t good at memory game?


  6. we’ve had some hot spells here too. hot for Vancouver – low 30’s, high 20’s. it’s cooler again today. i don’t mind.
    enjoyed your stories. the one about the electricity bill. how strange!
    even the one about your cockerel, El. sad to hear about your fine feathered friend. sounds like he had a great life with you.
    this reminds me of my parents’ hobby farm. they had quite a few chickens and a few roosters, as they are called in my corner of the planet. happy chickens, all of them. free range they are called officially, but they were outside all day and were only enclosed in their hutch for protection at night.
    and yes, they do live long lives. one chicken that became part of their entourage was one of a miniature variety that just showed up one day. they never found out where she had originally come from but she joined the ones outside and went into the hutch at night and she just stayed and never left.she was actually still laying when she came, and she was very friendly. sometimes they would let her nest when she became broody, and they would give her some eggs of larger chickens to sit on. once hatched, her offspring outgrew her soon enough, but she was an excellent mom.
    and long after she stopped laying, she was still around for many years. my parents loved her. my Dad said she was their pet. but they actually were good to all of their chickens, and all of their animals actually.
    one time when my favourite aunt from Germany came for a visit (Tante Ulla of course), she spent time at the farm. she and my mom were outside and this one hen came running up to them, blocking their path. she was not threatening them, but just standing there. my aunt asked, ‘what’s wrong with this hen?’
    ‘nothing is wrong with it,’ my mom explained. ‘she is just waiting for you to pick her up and stroke her and tell her what a good girl she is.’ and my aunt, who loved animals, did just that. and after her daily dose of cuddles, the hen proceeded to scamper off on a quest for some grubs or greens. too funny.
    but that’s how my parents farmed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Was she a bantam? Our best and strongest chickens were the smallest two we had. Jimena and Fearless. Jimena was a great layer, broody, mother, everything. Perfect chicken. Another one who lasted ten years or so. Perhaps our animals reflect us? And so your parents’ chickens reflected their attitude towards their animals.

      Stay cool. :)


  7. Terribly hot here in SW France, it’s been between 35C and 39C all of this week. Today was much cooler, a whopping 25C, it felt so fantastic to walk and roam outside without being too hot. Throughout all the heat doors and windows have remained firmly open, shutters being opened and closed to shield the sun.


    • Gosh that is warm. You’re Maritime aren’t you? We’ve had high thirties/early forties some odd summers but mostly we stay in high twenties/low thirties. Old houses were so sensibly built. Our shutters stay closed, we leave the kitchen door open for fresh air and no heat so it’s bearable. Mid afternoon is bad outside though, def siesta time.


  8. Here in Australia, even without using any electricity, one gets charged for all sorts of add ons. The solution is going solar with the latest battery back up and disconnect from the grid totally. It is coming. We too try and be frugal with power, mainly for environmental concerns. I must say though that as the bills come in lower and lower each time, it leaves me happy.
    Here many pensioners suffer cold as they can’t afford to heat sufficiently. A study pointed out that it is cold many suffer from rather than heat during summer.


    • Standing charges are quite high here too. Which is a nuisance. We looked into solar but it was quite expensive and at the time we didn’t think we would be where we are for so long as we’ve previously moved every few years. The council was giving grants but it was a dire convoluted process that was guaranteed to send you bananas.

      Cold? In summer?


    • Thanks C. I take no responsibility for these posts you know, they write themselves. I joke not. Which is why it’s anyone’s guess what ends up published. And thanks for reading the links. I wrote shorter posts back then. My dogblog had more readers/commenters though. When I moved to WP the situation reversed. Still, a change is (almost) as good as a rest and all that.

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  9. I don’t know how hot is hot in Gib but here in my parts the heat and humidity will kill you. I run 2 window units and my summer bill is over $200 as long as the units are running. I turn AC on when it hits about 80 degrees F.

    Love the story about your rooster. Chickens make wonderful pets. They loved to be stroked. Had some as pets when on the farm.


    • Gib isn’t too bad. It’s Spain where the heat kills – literally. We’re on the coast in Spain so not too bad but in inland Andalucía – cordoba, sevilla, granada – there are usually a few deaths in summer heatwaves. My neighbours have been sleeping on the roof for the whole of August as they just can’t cope with the hot nights. We have a window open but on still nights it’s of little use. I wake up every two or three hours to get a drink of cold water.

      I like chickens. And cockerels. Like all non-humans, they are so undemanding. A few greens, corn, water, some straw, a perch to roost on and they are happy little birds.

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  10. Blondie. Twineham grange is just down the road from where I grew up. They come to the farmers’ market in my parents’ town. Lovely stuff, made by Italians, wins prizes when pitched, blind, against Parmesan.




    • Well done. You can’t even have been in your teens. Oddly, in the house where I rented a room in my last year at university, the son, aged around nine, similar to you at the time ? had Parallel Lines so we borrowed it for most of the year. One of those albums I wish I’d bought. Mind you, Partner had it, and couldn’t recognise the words, not even when I sang it. In tune too.

      Amazing it beats real Parmesan. Which is quite telling ie what’s the need for animal rennet? Morries in Gib stocked it briefly for a while. I agree it is great cheese. It was actually called (vegetarian) Parmesan back then but they’ve obviously changed that for labelling reasons I guess. That’s the only reason I knew about it having bought it once, or maybe twice before they stopped selling it :(

      Liked by 1 person

      • They fell out with their fellow who sells it into supermarkets. I think they have sorted a new seller. It should be in Waitrose again soon but not sure how many others. Parallel lines was the fourth album I bought aged 9? 10? Something like that. First two were Atom Heart Mother and The Hurting. :-)


        • Is there anything you don’t know? No WR in Gib :(
          You bought albums aged 9/10? I wasn’t allowed until my teens. You young uns.
          Reading a series right now that reminds me of K’b. Has flying ships though, not flying cars!
          Must check out that stupid just giving page. I’d clicked on it and then pffft no acknowledgement :( Bad page. 👿


  11. That post jumped around a bit. You’ve been busy. Who takes care of our plants when you aren’t there? Mine would all be dead if I left them. (They die even when I don’t…. I have two clematis, and in total I got one blossom this year. Not sure if I can blame the declining bee population or just my lousy gardening skills.)

    Your story about the bill and the threat reminded me of a phone call I got from my sister the other day. “Do you know anything about Mom’s Readers’ Digest subscription?” “Yes, I paid it a few days ago, over the phone. With the credit card. Why?” “I just found a letter for Mom that threatened her with a collection agency if she didn’t renew her subscription and pay what she owed.”

    Eh? (read that with a stunned, astounded accent — any kind you choose)

    I had never heard of someone being threatened with a collection agency for not extending their subscription to a magazine. Now that I know this is happening, I wonder how many seniors are being terrorized into paying for something they don’t really want. I asked my sister to save that threat. I want to follow up on that.

    As for your lovely cockerel, I am so sorry he’s no longer there to serenade you and protect your roost. 10 years is a long time, and the quiet must be quite deafening sometimes. Thanks for sharing the story of his arrival into your lives. How did he get along with the dogs?

    I have to admit to laughing at his picture. He did indeed have some pretty remarkable spurs, but I am puzzled by his head. It appears to be all comb. Gorgeous colouring!

    It’s far too hot here for me. (Today was an exception. Loved the cool.) We are having the roof replaced on our condo this summer, and were warned to keep all doors and windows closed from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday — from June to September! Ha! In what lifetime? In the summer my place gets to 30+ degrees — with windows and doors open and fans running. And I’m on the cool side of the building. For some reason the heat worsens in the evening. I’m on the 4th (top) floor, so it may have something to do with heat rising… My concession to the roofers’ request is to keep the cat below the roof overhang, and inside behind the screen door if the roofing is directly overhead. Otherwise she’s outside under a lawn chair until I have to leave; she wilts in the heat. When she comes in I turn an air purifier on for her. She sleeps under the slight breeze of cooler air it provides. When I’m home I use one of two fans — alternating them, because I have a deep distrust of the ability of the fans to keep me cool without overheating and starting a fire….

    Maybe I should blame the roofers for the lack of blossoms on my clematis. They may have traumatized the plants or the pollinators.

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    • José (89) waters them for me. We have a large water butt that we leave full for him. He concentrates on the veg and the flowers seem to survive. The lemon tree was looking ropey, but a swift prune and it’s burst forth with lots of new green shoots. Looks beaut. The windowsill plants in the flat seem to survive well enough too.
      Threatened? For a subscription? Through choice? Well worth a follow-up. Do let us know what happens.
      The dogs didn’t usually go in the corral although many years ago Pippa and Fearless had an encounter when she escaped out of the chicken area into the main area and we found a pile of feathers but no body. Then I discovered her hiding underneath a woodpile! No chicken lunch for Pippa that day. He was more successful with rats luckily. Not that he ate them. Just swung them around by their tail.
      Ah yes. Makes sense to keep doors and windows closed from June to Sept. So I would certainly blame roofing disruption on gardening lack of flowers.

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  12. Gas and electricity suppliers, the same the World over. Mind you, it’s the same company half the time. They’re all heart remembering the poor little shareholders dividends.
    Have a wonderful break in Spain.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Yeah. You’re right. One reason I gave up working in the private sector when we had a motivating (?) speech from our editor reminding us that making profits for shareholders was our priority. Oh. No. It. Wasn’t. Not mine at any rate.

      Fin. Spent most of August there though. It was nice.


  13. Can’t abide air con either. Neither can my son . We get all hayfeverish-type symptoms and another reason we don’t enjoy traipsing around the local Malls in summer..
    Its beginning to warm up ‘nicely down here and my office is the most pleasant room in the house.
    In winter though … aah, the cold in my little enclave is brutal, which is why I cherish the summer months.,


    • I don’t usually get symptoms from it but there again as I avoid it like the plague, I can’t even remember spending any time in it. Shopping. Avoid that too. Especially malls.
      Whereas we on the other hand, are looking forward to Sept and a cooling down. Possibly even … rain! :)☔️
      Winter is nice here. I like it. Crops grow, we can sit outside and it’s not too hot to do anything. Summer is a write-off in Spain.

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  14. Bruce Springsteen ‘The River’. You were quite right to ban Ark from answering. :) That’s a very impressive cockerel. You can get vegetarian Parmesan made without rennet. Good job you keep all your bills. Hubby does the same, as there’s so much incompetence these days. I couldn’t live here in Florida without aircon. Everything would go mouldy, including me.


    • Nope. MT got it, see above. Ark actually featured it not too long ago which is why I banned him :D El was a cracker. Loved him. I cried that day.
      You can get veg Parm, hence my Twineham Grange link, again, see MT’s comment re them beating Parmesan denominazione or whatever it’s called. However it’s not that widely available. It ain’t here in Gib right now, so I’m willing to bet all Gib restaurants serving it aren’t using veg Parm. From reading around, US rules are less sticky re calling cheese ‘Parmesan’. Something to do with the EU apparently … ok, won’t go down that road again.
      I’ve finally theown out my UK bills! but I’ve still got all Spain and Gib ones.
      Yvonne from Texas says the same. I prefer fans, but have stopped using those.
      Mouldy old Sylvia eh? Like Mouldy Old Dough.

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  15. I never thought about how long farm long term chicken residents lived. They just wandered around with the biggest threat being hawks. Bantams were prized despite their size becasue they were very tough, able to take care of themselves, and pretty fearless. (Not big enough to really be considered dinner by farmers)
    Fall is coming – the sun is now coming in different windows. And at night it’s a bit cooler. FOr summer month we keep the blinds and drapes closed …until we get cabin fever then we open blinds/drapes a tiny bit on the non-sunny side. In August, companies are not allowed to disconnect power – deadly heat and moving 100 degree F (and high humidity) with fans really doesn’t help. There are programs for seniors and poor for free AC and subsidies for electric bills.
    Still we grew up without AC and houses were built differently. The things we did to stay cool: like wet wash rags on your face or a bit of ice/water in a pan for chilly feet. Of course everyone on the block reading quietly inside from 12-2:00. Parents loved those giant reading lists the schools sent home of mandatory books to be read before the next grade ( and they did discuss the books in class work)
    Stay cool!


    • Bantams are superb. Feisty little fowls. Many of my chickens were so old when they died they would have made a scrawny meal for non-veggies.

      Mostly everything closed during the day apart from the door. Keep sun out. Closed at night. Keep burglars out. Although Podencos might do that too.

      Water on wrists. No idea where I got that from. One neighbour said you could have ten showers a day and still end up sweating. Estamos en verano.


      • Oh, the old farm folks always said the veins ran closest to the surface on the wrists, so cool water there would cool the blood as it traveled around the body.
        The hurricane wandering across Florida and up the east coast is swirling winds from the N/NE this direction. We have fresh cool-ish breezes with little humidity. Molly is estatic we can be outside on the patio and take longer walks. (It’ll last about 30 seconds HA HA)
        I think Molly was started by the earthquake in Oklahoma this morning and jolted awake with a growl. It was felt states away – not caused by fracking, this is a rather active fault line there but usually doesn’t move this much. Always the unexpected shaking things up


  16. Fascinating story about the bird and local cultural beliefs. I wasn’t around last week, sorry if I missed you roughseas – you’ll have an explanation in my Sunday guest post over at Mark’s


  17. I agree with Partner regarding the aircon. I used to travel in an airconditioned bus to my work at the bubble bum factory. Stepping out the bus was like stepping into a furnace. And things didn’t get any better in the factory.


    • It’s in Gib and Spain on buses too. But actually with the sun coming through the glass, it is actually a benefit on long distance buses. Local ones, not so much. Cafes and sandwich bars in Sydney didn’t seem to bother much, but offices?! Freezing.


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