Meanwhile …

I interrupt this blogging hiatus to announce … er, a blogging hiatus.

Life. Which, really means the Spanish electrical company Endesa.

If I ever get them sorted, I shall chronicle their antics here.

For those of you interested in more on the Gib/Spain Brexit issue (yes, you Col) there are draft posts, but no time to post.

And I May was the second year of Day of the Podenco.

Here is a podenco doing what podencos should do. Many thanks to all the people who donate to podenco rescues, rehome them, and raise awareness.

A podenco thing, and, albinos need protection from the sun

Last week, a Spaniard walked past our house and asked if Tosca was a macho because he wanted cachorros (puppies) for his bitch. Tosca and his dog were mirror images. Maybe his was a Tosca puppy? Who knows? But no, shithead. Do you not know how many puppies and dogs are killed and abandoned in Spain every year? And you want to add more to the list? Want puppies? Go to the pounds. Idiot. No, we didn’t say all that. Merely that Tosca was an hembra. Who happens to be spayed because, too many unwanted dogs. Repeat this a million times. It may sink in.

Tosca. Happy on her tiled floor. Poor girl must have had a horrid life before.

68 comments on “Meanwhile …

    • Hey Carmen. How’s it going?

      Just ain’t got time to blog. Although I may blog more often than you! Endesa is a nightmare. My only non-complaint is that an excuse to be incarcerated in Spain isn’t bad. Threats of being cut off for THEIR incompetenence is bad.

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  1. As the saying goes the more I see of people the more I love my dogs… And yes animals according to me have the same rights as people, maybe even more.


  2. Hello
    Well, I’m kind to animals but unfortunately I’m no dog lover and I appreciate with curiosity those who are. Not sure why, maybe cause we weren’t allowed growing up to have them. I do love my kitty though! I’m welcome anyway, right? Oh, I love kids, high tolerance for that. Good to see you.


  3. Drat, regarding the ability to post.
    I am blunt to the extent of sheer rudeness to those I know or meet who have bought puppies. Like water off ducks’ backs, or logic to the religious. They want purebred, and that’s what they want.
    Snowy looks like a kebab, skewered by the beach umbrella. Looks happy enough to be, though.

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    • Yeah, well, it ain’t going to stop just yet :(

      I’ve fallen out with people because of the same attitude as yours. Or rather, they have fallen out with me. FFS, how many animals are in rescues, killed every year because somebody wants a pedigree certificate? There are plenty of pure breeds in rescues anyway. We’ve had a labrador (could have paid extra for his papers), a GSD, and the two street podencos are pure too.

      Kebab. Haha. It’s cable-tied to the back of the chair. It would take a lot to skewer Snowy.


      • Ironically, some of the pedigree pedants are also militantly anti-racist, but cannot see that they are practising a form of racism in their pooch preferences. Yes, I suppose if Snowy were skewered he’d sit skewer.


  4. All the fancy clothes and poetry from their mouths cannot hide the bankruptcy of the souls of those who abuse animals for they are also the ones who sow misery on the poor, the elderly, the handicapped, and everyone else who is an “Other.” Good for you, Seas, good for you and the sweet dogs who live in your home.


  5. I’m glad you posted. I was becoming concerned at your silence, too. I’m looking forward to the stories that will come. In the meantime, enjoy your pups and the sunshine. So far we’ve had maybe two or three days of it here — with many rain days in between each.


  6. Hope you get it all sorted out soon. The dogs look very comfy and oh how lucky they are. Why people want to breed dogs anywhere is beyond me…there are so many that need homes. I would love to join Snowy…that looks like a very nice place to relax in the shade. Hugs for you and nose kisses for the sweeties.

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  7. Nothing is more loyal than a rescued dog. Yours certainly arrived at the perfect place – respect between and for all there. they do look comfy and happy.
    We used to get stopped when walking The German all the time by people interested in breeding. She is quite traditional looking: large, sturdy, and not bred to be crouched down in the tail end like many show Germans now (that is so ugly. Can’t stand it. Like they have bred/trained the quarter horses to walk around with their muzzles inches from the ground – so they can keep an eye on the cattle better – for the shows, not range worker. UGH) The German, with dignity, would motion for staff to hand them the number/website of the German rescue league…so many dogs in dire need. Sigh. At least we got the greyhound race park shut down near here., (Shiver. The fate of the ones who didn’t win – for years fosters were so busy making room until permanent homes could be found).
    All comes down to greed one way or the other?
    Hope the rest of your hiatus is more relaxing and enjoyable – been wondering how you were doing. (staying offline a bit here, but saw your post notification on email, so popped in. It’s the end of the tolerable temperature weather here, so trying to get Molly outside as much as possible)
    Paw waves to all!


  8. I do hope the neuter/spay message sinks in. I have 9 cats, all rescues and ferals. All are fixed. Sometimes people leave off dogs at one of the local grocery stores. Sometimes even livestock have been abandoned or dumped off in someone’s pasture.


    • It’s a long haul I think. I was so worried about Tosca’s spay op, but she was so perky afterwards! Came charging out from the recovery room, or whatever vets have, to see us, tail wagging. Sure puppies would be nice, but not when there are shelters full of them.


  9. I found your blog by chance and now I am hooked. I started reading about Gibraltar and Brexit. You paint a picture of daily life in your neck of the woods which I find most interesting.
    So thanks for this.


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