This section is undergoing a slight revamp.

All recipes now categorised under different headings with their own page. More clicks, but hopefully easier to read and sort depending on your interest.

Any feedback (haha, appalling pun) more than welcome.

I’ll keep adding to the pages as and when.

If there is a dual heading eg North Indian Salad Dressing, or Gazpacho, they will probably end up under national food headings, but if I am feeling enthusiastic, there may be a referral under a) dressings and b) soup. Hope that is clear enough.

Buen provecho.

10 comments on “Recipes

  1. I’m going to make the Indian salad dressing tomorrow, great combination of ingredients!
    I don’t know if “batadora” is an English word, but the Spanish word is bat-i-dora (you can’t get away from the pedants as easily as you thought).


    • It is seriously brilliant. I would say, don’t make it too rich and let the lemony garlicky spicy taste shine through.

      Thanks for the correction. There’s me trying to keep up to the religious dietary pedants and I get caught out on spelling! It’s how my neighbours said it and I have never looked it up – I’ll change it next time I add a few more recipes (which I need to do). Thanks again though :)


  2. Finally, something I can understand, or will, once you’ve revamped this section. I guess ignorance is no longer an excuse because I live in a place that is surrounded by water. There’s a thimble in my workbasket where I can fit in my what I know about what’s going on in Europe. Interesting but depressing. Hurry up with the recipe section, won’t you? :)


    • I should probably update this page as I have revamped it compared to what it was before :D

      If you hover over the page, you can see the sub-pages and the recipe titles within the sub-pages. They are all vegetarian incidentally.

      I knew very little about what was happening in terms of current affairs in Europe before I moved here although I was extremely up on UK politics.

      Reading other blogs also makes me more aware of what is happening elsewhere but it is a very skewed view. Somewhat like mine.


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