North Indian Salad Dressing

North Indian Salad Dressing

This is a deliciously creamy garlicky dressing – if you don’t like garlic don’t even think of it. But if you don’t like garlic you probably don’t like Indian food. Unless, of course, you follow a Hindu Brahmin or Jain diet where onions/garlic are not used. Thought I had better add that before some pedant came back to point it out.

  • The original recipe calls for light sesame or veg oil, and double cream in equal parts.
  • Needless to state I don’t follow that. My choice of oil is virtually always Extra Virgin Olive (cold-pressed), and instead of double cream, I use either yoghurt or soya milk. Interestingly it doesn’t matter which you use, as you still get the same consistency due to the oil, so I actually prefer using the soya milk, the slightly bland taste means it doesn’t detract from the rest of the flavours.
  • Lemon juice – I used half a lemon the other day.
  • Garlic – well, however much you like, one or two cloves if you are making a small quantity.
  • Ginger – half a thumb say.
  • Ground cumin – up to a teaspoon.
  • The recipe adds a tablespoon of sugar, but I don’t even have any in the house because we just don’t like it. However – if you do, add some. I think a tablespoon is excessive though!
  • And salt.

Put ingredients in whizzy container, and whizz up. If you don’t like the consistency or the balance of flavours, then you can adjust. If it’s too thick add more soya milk, if it’s not thick enough add more oil etc etc

3 comments on “North Indian Salad Dressing

  1. Will definitely give this a go! Dressings make the salad and as I’m not a huge fan of salad-a great dressing helps!
    Oh and the no-onions and garlic diet I’ve even tried out for a while (although I’m not a Brahmin or Jain). It was part of a spiritual group I was part of for a while….come to think of it there were many indians….


    • I do like salad so a lot of the time, I just add lemon juice and maybe salt, pepper, and/or chillies/cayenne.

      But this one really complements Indian-style food. I do have asofoetida but I don’t think it is the same. Garlic has many healthy properties, so I won’t be giving it up in a hurry.

      The good thing about this dressing is that you can vary the quantities to suit your taste (as with most recipes). If you do try it, I hope you enjoy it.


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