Bolognaise sauce

Fancying something slightly different the other night, I decided on bolognaise sauce.

As it’s so long since I have done one, I had a quick internet search. I’ve got some vegetarian ‘mince’ which is perfectly tasty and has the added advantage that you don’t need much of it, so I can get a zillion meals out of one bag.My ingredients

extra virgin olive oil
onion – fresh ie green, or dried ie with brown skins
veggie mince
veggie stock (Vecon)
glass wine (I used white)
tomato puree/pureed tinned toms

It seems the classic recipe is to start with a sofrito, and then add cooked mince, stock, tomato puree and glass of wine. Herbs and seasoning if required.

The sofrito can be onion plus – as required – carrot and/or celery.

Didn’t have carrot, but I did have some navos (white turnips) and I had the celery. Sofrito duly made, frozen veggie mince was then added, plus the stock and glass of wine.

I don’t have tomato puree in stock these days as I don’t really use it much, but I usually have a tin of tomatoes so promptly opened one of those and whizzed up a small quantity and added it to the salsa.

And then let it all simmer. Apparently the idea is to have it like a ragout.

The only mistake – not making enough because it went down very well and there was only a spoonful left for my brunch the next day.

We had it with spaghetti, the other good options are linguine or tagaliatelle. Which reminds me, I really need to buy some more pasta next time I go shopping and then I can make it again.

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