Managed to get my hands on the last two remaining ‘ready to eat now’ avocados in the supermarket. All the others were hard and seemed as though they would have taken a month of Sundays to ripen.

They were perfect. Sadly the dog broke the pestle and mortar recently in his haste to get to the bread rolls when I was out. Or maybe it was because he wanted to lick out the dressing in the mortar. Either way, I am pestle and mortarless.So the avocados were mashed up with a fork, with a couple of cloves of garlic, both lemon and lime juice, and cilantro/coriander. I left some chunky pieces of avocado in for texture really. I would have added a few grains of salt – if I’d had a pestle and mortar. I sprinkled a small amount of cayenne on the finished salsa.In the past I’ve added tomato, and/or onion, but I thought these two avocados were too perfect to adulterate. And like gazpacho, where I don’t bother adding chopped tomatoes, cucumber or onion, sometimes less is more.

7 comments on “Guacamole

    • I tend to like mine sharp, but yes, it’s a good idea, a bit like adding to the patés. I have to say though, that these two avocados were so perfect they might as well have been creamed avocados. If I’d been able to cream them with the pestle and mortar that is :D


  1. At least you owned a pestle and mortar. I’ve never even had one in my entire life. :lol: I always just use a fork or the potato masher. Avo’s are one of my most favourites. I will eat that all day every day. :D


    • Avos are sooooo expensive though. Even in Spain. When we’re lucky one of our neighbours gives us the fallen ones but he hasn’t done so for years :(

      Pestle and mortar? Use it loads. Mainly for crushing sea salt and peppercorns as grinders clog up with the humidity here. It’s one of the things I’ve learned to use in Spain. Pippa broke the last one here in Gib, I bought a cast iron one – that went rusty :(, then I found one in Spain, was grinding away and the mortar broke! Now I’m using an individual paella dish that doesn’t rust although it’s iron with the same pestle :D

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      • They sure are. Wish I can send you avo’s when your tree bear fruit next year. Around March/April. And some of them are huge! How do you send Avo’s by post anyways? Or how do you send them? LOL!

        Nope! Always wanted one but never got around to buying one. Not much of a pepper fan either. Just plain salt woman I am. Don’t like fancy herbs either. Salt, Garlic and Cayenne is what I mostly use in all my foods. :D


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