One comment on “Vegetable recipes

  1. As I can’t see any recipes here, I thought I’d offer one:
    Cinnamon couscous with pistacchios & barberries
    Serves 4

    Enough couscous for 4
    1 Cinnamon stick
    pinch ground cumin
    boiling water – just enough to cover couscous
    quite a lot of dried barberries
    handful of flat-leaf parsely
    handful of raw pistacchios – chopped and oven roasted

    Place couscous, cinnamon stick, cumin, barberries in a serving bowl cover with boiling water. Cover ad leave for about ten minutes.
    Remove lid and cinnamon stick; fluff mixture and add parsley and pistacchios. Season to taste; lemon or lime juice optional.

    Serve straight away with roast vegetables — eg sweet potato, red onion, red & yellow capsicum and zucchini tossed in olive oil and dried fennel or fresh rosemary or dried oregano or whatever you fancy.

    Top with a dollop of sharp yoghurt.

    This is a bastardised version of a recipe from Vegetarian Bible by Margaret Barca.



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