Cauliflower not Cheese

Cauliflower cheese is such an easy meal.

It’s also just as tasty without cheese.

Lightly steam cauliflower. Place in baking dish, add sliced tomatoes, olives (I used queen olives stuffed with jalapenos) and parsley – lots of it.

Gently cook onions in olive oil and then make a white sauce with flour and soya milk and/or stock. Pour over cauli and bake in oven until it’s ready. Cook jacket potatoes at the same time to save on energy.

If you eat cheese, then add it to the sauce and/or sprinkle on top. Other variations are to add sliced mushrooms to the main dish, or top the cauliflower with breadcrumbs or ground nuts.

Cauliflower with a generous topping of tomatoes, olives and parsley

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