1) This blog (and all my others) and everything on it is mine. I own the intellectual copyright to it, and I don’t expect anyone to steal my words or my photos. (Not sure why they would, but who knows). ETA someone did take a photo last year …

2) If you wish to quote something from here or use a photo on a non-profit making blog, please ask nicely, say that you will attribute me, and I may or may not say yes.

3) I don’t have advertising on any of my blogs because quite, frankly my dear, I think it looks appalling. [Apart from the free WordPress ones which I can do nothing about unless I pay to avoid them which I won’t.] I am afraid I put graphic design and ethics before money in this case. If you want me to advertise something and it fits in with my ethics and my principles then I will consider it. If you are extremely nice and I have known you for some time, I may consider free publicity (it helps if you have at least one dog or you are vegetarian or something like that).

4) Spam gets chucked in the bin. I don’t even know why people try. I have my spam net set to catch one url link, so that means that even regular commenters may end up in there – but the good news is, I do check it regularly and retrieve the good people, so comment away with your links if I know you, or just leave the h off the http link.

5) Otherwise I rarely bin/edit comments. I appreciate everyone who visits here and especially those who take the time to write something. I hope somewhere on roughseas (or clouds or Pippa’s or everypic or justlandrovers) you find something that interests you.

6) Guest blogging

If you want to write on my blog, fine by me, just send some text by email. No huge restrictions – you can post it to your blog and wherever else you want, your work, your intellectual copyright.

Spelling errors to be mutually corrected and agreed, and if you are north American you keep your spelling, otherwise I would prefer everything to be in English.

No limit on words, unless I have fallen asleep reading your text in which case it may not be the most exciting post ever.

There is a limit on length of paragraphs. They need to be SHORT.

Yes, VERY SHORT. Like this.

No homophobia, racism, anti-feminism, blah blah.

You get the right to edit your post and to reply to comments.

See how liberal I am?

And, nearly forgot – what to write about?

Anything really – Spain, Gib, being an ex-pat anywhere in the world, current affairs from your perspective, your view of anything I write about … and that could be gardens, geocaching, rehoming animals, cooking, – roughseas is your oyster.

I will obviously add a disclaimer saying that your views aren’t mine and how I appreciate you saving a couple of hours out of my day by writing for me.

7) Vice versa

I will also write for others if I like you. I would prefer to get paid for writing, but life isn’t always like that.

I’d appreciate the same sort of flexibility that I have suggested above.

Thank you for visiting roughseas and for reading.

45 comments on “T&Cs

  1. Hello, Roughseainthemed, this is Eugenio Fouz and would like to contact you via email. You´ve got mine on gravatar. I think you possibly could answer to some questions on Gib and Spain if you wanted. It would be interesting for me to learn about the feelings (personal opinions, of course) of someone living in Gibraltar. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards!


  2. Hi,

    I am currently organising a field trip to Gibraltar for 2nd and 3rd year Architecture students from Oxford Brookes University. I came across your blog and wondered whether you would be interested in attending the presentation of the work that they will be doing during the week, and giving your views on it. This will be on the morning of Sunday the 12th of January.




    • Hello Hugh.

      Yes that sounds very interesting and I will be around next weekend. Is their work solely architecture, or do they have a broader remit (ie are they aware of the history here which obv influences our architecture) ? Can you let me have a brief for what they are doing so I have an idea what to expect? Where is the presentation? And do you need other people to attend? either Gibraltarian, architects/construction, community members, people with an interest in history/heritage of Gib or whatever. I am sure people are always happy here to foster UK links.




      • Fantastic!

        Yes, they will be looking at a wider picture, and their project in Gibraltar stems from a news article (most from the Gibraltar Chronicle) that they have found. i can’t seem to find an email address for you, so could you email me at hughmcewen at gmail dot com and I will forward the brief. We are still arranging the presentation location (either in the hotel, or in a local venue) and will have it finalised when we arrive on the 8th.

        If you knew of any other people who might be interested, that would be fantastic – we already have Amy, from Brit on The Rock, attending.




  3. Do you have a “Subscribe” button somewhere? I’d love to follow your blog, but because I’m a bit of a ditz, I always forget to look at them unless I get an email reminder. Any chance of you popping in a “Subscribe” widget if there isn’t one already. Of if there is, and I’m too dopey to find it, tip me the wink where it is. :)


    • I normally follow blogs on the header thing where it says follow which is how I followed yours via your comment on Helen’s. I loathe email reminders! But if you really want a subscribe widget I’ll put one in for you!


        • Ha ha! I’ve clicked! Thank you. I tend to forget about blogs I’ve clicked on unless I get an email reminder. I’m not too bright. :D Looking forward to following yours.


          • I use a combination of reader and clicking on people who comment on mine. emails would be too easy to ignore :D but each to our own. I was intrigued by your comment on Helen’s re breakfast as it virtually reflected my thoughts too, ie pre and post vegetarian..


  4. That’s about the longest copyright page I’ve ever read, but I enjoyed it. For some reason, you captivate me by your style of writing and I just keep reading until I get to the end which is quite rare. I tend to speed read a lot, skip some and sometimes even just give up on an article…idk
    You’re a bad influence, Kate. ;)


    • How to make legalese interesting? Thanks though. I do speedy readies too. I give up when the paragraphs are too long ;) My attention just wanders. I’m wondering when will I get to the end of this turgid prose. It might actually be good, but when I see a long par to wade through, my heart sinks. Comes of being brought up as a trainee reporter with a rule that said an intro could be as short as 12 words, 20 ish was ok and definitely no more than 30.

      I was impressionable back then.

      Luckily for you I’m not going to be very influential at the mo, as I really have pesky tasks to get on with, although I would much prefer to continue being a bad influence.


    • Paperwork and figures to sort, vehicle pieces to wait for in Spain (that didn’t happen last week but should have), other business to sort. I’ll try and flit in and out to comment, just not enough time to post consistently right now. Although having said that, I’ll probably sneak off a few hours from ‘important work’ and post!


        • I’m cheating and have written a couple of posts over on my Clouds blog :D But I don’t post photos over there, and it doesn’t have such wide exposure so is easier to maintain. In the meantime I haven’t done many of the things I should have done :( Thanks Sunny.


          • Well, I never post as often as I should and I only have a handful of readers anyway, so you do what you have to do and post wherever you’re inspired to post. I’ll be watching for you.


  5. Hi
    I’ve just started a blog fiftyandhotblog.com. (don’t judge it by the name please)
    It’s taking some time refining it – I am still learning
    I noticed on an forum some years ago lol that you were interested in blogs by people who were 50 plus, thought you might want to take a look at mine


  6. Interesting post . . . I’ve done a few guest posts, but I don’t see the point of them . . . or is it to get noticed?

    I did write a few for One Cool Site, but that was to help her out (she’s only used one, so I presume the other one did not meet her needs). Unfortunately, I did get a bump in views because of the one she did post. I would rather have written it without a link to my blog, but it is what it is.

    Whoa! . . . that was a long paragraph . . . hope you made your way through it OK.

    By the way, do you know of any cool widgets I can add to the sidebar on my blog? I don’t think I have enough.

    Finally, as you are an editor and I write, I hope I did not fu . . . er . . . screw up any punctuation, grammar (are they the same?), or otherwise negatively impressed you with my lack of formal training for either.


    • It is to get noticed and maybe get more followers. In the book circuit, it’s with the anticipation of getting sales.

      She asked me to do one ages ago, but as she wanted to retain the copyright on my work, we agreed it wasn’t going to work out.

      I might have actually done it to help her out when she was ill but I’ve had too much on of late to keep up to my own blogs. I enjoyed her series of guest bloggers though, which is obviously how I found yours.

      You do know widgets increase loading time and are distracting don’t you? That probably won’t bother you but it’s the reason I have none. So I am the last person to ask about widgets, well almost the last. Depends what sort you want. I find the one that posts up recent comments on blog posts is helpful to me on other peoples’ blogs as I can see which discussions have been updated.

      If you are thinking about logos to support something that’s different again. ‘Eat children not animals’ would be the sort of thing I would like but it would offend Junior’s mommy and daddy to bits.

      Punctuation is a very specific part of grammar which most authors seem to fu… er… screw up on. I live with someone who can’t spell, I’m actually very tolerant until it comes to authors wanting to charge money for books that are full of errors because they consider a) they can edit their own work and b) editors are a waste of money. Blogging doesn’t fall into that category.


        • Not me? It does lead to sense of humour probs with NA friends though. Half seem to think a boring slightly ironic comment is hilariously funny. The other half sulk off in tears if a little acid is allowed to appear. And, to be serious the internet compounds the problem. I dislike smilies but find I really have to use them to avoid offending porcelain skin.


        • I have a slightly different approach since I do not like smilies in the least, and do not use them; I rely on readers to figure out the difference from my serious game face and my just-having-fun face..

          I usually crack jokes, use sarcasm, or just plain have fun (unless it’s a serious discussion, say like the kind of bread one puts Nutella on). If the reader obviously does not get it, I double-check what I wrote by reading it out loud.

          If I’m satisfied the writing matches the intent (within the limitation that I know what I meant), I proceed to explain same.

          I’ll do that a few times, but if it continues to be a problem, I quietly drift away.

          Most of my readers know that if something of mine seems off when they read it, say for instance, making a comment about piles of rocks in one’s garden, it’s most likely sarcasm or worse yet, a poor attempt at a joke. I also stress that should be the first assumption.

          Them who don’t get it go off to visit other places.


          • I think it can be different when first engaging with someone on the internet. I had one reader who finally told me she was wary of writing a comment on my blog, read for ages before she commented. I am nice to people to start with, so I was somewhat saddened by that.

            I do agree with you, I don’t like smilies, that’s why, along with the like button, they aren’t enabled. I won’t even mention Nutella.

            My problem, or rather my readers’ problem, (whether by email or blogging), is that they start to assume sarcasm when none is intended… So normally unless I ‘know’ someone fairly well, ie a lot of blogging to and from and/or numerous emails (rare, I keep that to business and a couple of friends) I try and keep my comments straight.

            There are some people, whether or not we agree with each other’s views or not, with whom I can relax as we seem to have tuned into a remotely reasonable wavelength. Makes for a nice change.

            But others? I wrote something inoffensive (to me) on one blog, and got a snotty ‘I don’t like you’ in reply. Well, who gives a shit? Not me. Another one accused me of butting into a private conversation. On the internet on a public blog? FFS! Sometimes, we all need to lighten up, me included. Friday evening lecture over, and back to work after my beer and chat break.


    • You’re welcome. I read your review of Dylan’s via his blog which was I how I got to you. I’ve got his book but haven’t started it yet. Good review though.

      The blog is a mix, although since I broke my ankle last year and have been pretty immobile since, there has been more emphasis on books, writing, editing, but before that it was more broadly about life in Gib and Spain, with books chucked in occasionally, rather like recipes.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Dear Kate

    My name is Joe Pinzone and I’m casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We’d love to film in Gibraltar and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The expats on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. They must also speak English fluently and can be buyers or renters for their homes. If you’d like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7716 or skype me at joefromnyc. You can also email me at joepinzone@leopardusa.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Pinzone
    Casting Producer
    P: 212-231-7716
    Skype: Joefromnyc


  8. Hey Kate !! Good to know UR first name, anyway !! Saw something about e-mailing U…but didn’t see the e-mail address… I posted a reply to UR question on ARK’s blog, and he blew it out… I have a copy to UR question about the peace of the unbeliever…

    I would post it here, if U like ??


    Liked by 1 person

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