Cauliflower soup



• olive oil

• onion

• caulflower

• stock

• a few mixed dried herbs

Saute onion gently. Add cauliflower. Add stock, and dried herbs if required. Let simmer until cauli is done and whizz up.

Optional extras to add: I used an apple and some courgette in the soup in the pic, I figured the flavours were suitably complementary. He adds garlic.

Optional garnish: parsley, I would suggest, but not too much. Or chervil if you can find any.

A quick, simple and delicate flavoured soup.

It is particularly good for poor sick roughseas lying on their sick bed, when Partner needs to rustle something together to feed the invalid :)

We used the organic florets from Morrisons, but if I was using a whole cauli, I would add some of the green to add a different flavour.

caul soup

2 comments on “Cauliflower soup

  1. I’m not a vegetarian but I like you’ur site. England huh, I’m from Usa south I loved your olive pate, we are animals lovers just wished you had one picture of that dog! lol


    • Thanks Lee. I’m English but I live in Spain and Gibraltar. The olive pate is actually one of the most popular pages on this blog in terms of hits (although not in terms of comments). I might add something at some point about a mixed olive/veg/spices mix that I made last week.

      Here’s the dog, on both the header photo and another one lower down:


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