Baked beans


(usually haricot, but any will do)

olive oil




mixed herbs

cayenne/pimiento/chilli etc if required

other alternatives – a dash of soya sauce, vinagre de Jerez, soya milk (NO! not all three)


Soak beans overnight. Cook following day in pressure cooker for 25-30 mins depending on beans and pressure cooker.

Cook onion, ginger and garlic in olive oil, then add tomatoes, herbs and bean stock, ie cooking water. When cooked, and cool, zap.

Add beans to finished sauce and warm up to put on toast.

Beans on toast of course
Beans on toast of course

Original posts about baked beans below should you wish to read more about the humble (baked) bean


6 comments on “Baked beans

  1. This looks delish! Thanks for sharing! :D

    I just love baked beans on toast. Makes me think of all the cowboy movies I’ve seen with Clint Eastwood in it. :lol:


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