Olive paté (2) – green

No black olives in the house. Large jar of green olives.

Toyed with the idea of visiting the shop to buy olive paté. Why?

Well, the green olives are partido, that means split, but they still have the stone in, so would have to destone them.

Still, what else did I have to do?

Chucked enough in the batidora container that I thought might work for one person, one or two cloves of garlic, and one or two slices of lemon. Exactly the same as black olive paté.

I did wonder if the lemon and garlic might be too strong for green olives?

Added olive oil and whizzed it all up.

Put in dish and let chill.

It looked like fish paté not olive paté. Most ungreen. You remember, smoked salmon paté, smoked mackerel paté, kipper paté. Even the taste reminded me of fish paté.

Anyway, it was good and was demolished in two helpings. And the answer about the lemon and garlic? Definitely need both, and I still used extra lemon.

If you like salt you might want to add it, but if your olives are in brine I suspect it is unnecessary.

Cost – less than a quid. Cost of bought olive paté in Gib? Nearly four pounds for half as much…..

Now you know why I made it.

Green olive paté


Last time I made it I missed one stone when I was destoning the olives. Destroyed the batidora. Use stoned olives.

3 comments on “Olive paté (2) – green

  1. A large jar you said? Won’t last long with me in the vicinity! LOL! I do love the ones with the little red onions in it. Can’t remember what they call them now. A bit expensive here though. :D

    Lovely recipe! Thanks Kate. :D ♥


    • Bought a large jar in Spain last week but left them there. Really nice marinade with thyme and garlic, classic. Deeeeelicious. Red pimientos I think. We buy them in little packs here in Gib, about 50p each or something. Not made pâté with those, could try that maybe. I love simple easy fast recipes :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Love pimientos. A lady here makes the jam. It doesn’t last a day here.

        Same here. The simpler and faster, the better. :D


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