Red pepper and tomato soup

Quick red pepper and tomato soup
Courtesy of Fast and Fresh Vegetarian, Oded Schwarz


Put onion in pan with olive oil, or whatever you prefer, and let them soften. Add garlic if you like garlic.

Add red pimientos and cook until they soften too.

Add tomatoes.

Add stock.

Add anything else you fancy.

When you think it is ready enough, zap it up in a batadora. Simple huh? Also quite delicious.

The recipe I vaguely based it on called for celery, and naturally that morning, I had blithely walked past the celery in the supermarket aisle thinking I didn’t need it, or I could get it another day, or .. or … or

It also suggests adding orange – some to the soup, and a slice floating on top. Getting away from the simple here methinks.

Almost forgot, my recipe book that I didn’t follow, suggested using a tin of toms. And tabasco, but that is always on the table anyway so irrelevant.

But seriously, tomatoes, red peppers and onion are a great soup base. Always best to make more than you think you need.

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