White Gram Beans Laced with Onion Butter

Yet another dal…

White gram beans – 7oz approx
Cardamom pods – 2 black or 4 green
Bay leaves (2)
(Soya) milk

(half and half milk/water)

Wash, and soak gram beans. Book said for two hours so I soaked for one in boiling water. Worked perfectly well.

Cook with above ingredients for around an hour, or until ready.

Spice perfumed butter

Onion – 1
Garam masala
Black peppercorns – cracked.

OK. I missed out the cloves. Eight seemed vastly excessive and I have a garam masala with lots of cloves in anyway.

Otherwise, fry onion, add garlic, ginger (and cloves), then when ready add garam masala and cracked peppercorns to sizzle for a few seconds, and pour over dal.

I served it with basmati rice and:

Fragrant Tomato-Onion Sauce (see recipe in this section)

3 comments on “White Gram Beans Laced with Onion Butter

    • Hmm, it does look nice. Haven’t done that one for ages. I don’t have any soya milk though, so won’t be doing it today. Did a yummy curried cauliflower. I thought about you, it had chillies, cayenne and garlic. Had fennel and coriander too, but you could have missed those out I suppose.

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      • Never had any soya milk as well. Youngest and I are allergic to anything with soya in it, but I do love cauliflower. I would put in a little bit of chillies and cayenne and lots of garlic of course.. Fennel I like but not coriander. :D


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