Ajo Blanco

The full post about Ajo Blanco is here, but otherwise, here are the simple ingredients and the even simpler method.

• almonds – not a lot – this is what makes the soup rich
• olive oil – a few slurps
• water – to dilute
• salt }
• garlic } a gusto
• wine vinegar – again, a gusto
• grapes for garnish

Method. Whizz it all up together. Chill in freezer if nec, or in fridge. Keep in fridge and raid at random.

Serve well chilled, with ice cubes if you want, although my neighbours don’t normally bother with that.

As with gazpacho we serve it in a glass at home because although technically a soup, it’s treated as a refreshing drink in summer.

Ajo blanco - served in a glass
Ajo blanco – served in a glass

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