Gibraltar National Day 2007 – fireworks

I loved fireworks and Bonfire Night when I was little. And when I was big.

Then of course I married the Fair-Disliking partner who also turned out not to like fireworks too much either.

We missed half the New Year display over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney ‘cos he was snoozing away, deliberately trying to miss it, I think. The bit we did see was good.

Last night we decided to watch the fireworks for National Day. But we didn’t know where to go to watch them. Someone suggested we went onto the roof of our block.

He fell asleep. Hah. I’ve learned my lesson though and climbed up the stairs to find just one other person there. My neighbour opposite, whose husband was also asleep.

I don’t know whether I got shake on some of the pix because of it being dark and needing longer exposure time, or because I was simultaneously trying to watch the display, take the photos at the right time (not easy, I discovered, trying to guess exactly when a firework is going to explode into brilliant stars), and avoid falling over the edge of the roof.

It was pretty spectacular and the noise was amazing as every boom echoed right back off the Rock and reverberated round and round again.

Apparently there is a display for New Year’s Eve. So I’ve got until then to get a new camera. A Christmas present perhaps? Hint, Sleeping Partner?

Edited to add: Alternatively, perhaps I should have read the PDF manual before rushing up to the roof and discovered that there was a fireworks setting. I did wonder why the thinking camera kept telling me to change from the night-time one. Still, as it took me an hour to find it in the manual today I would have missed all the fireworks if I had looked last night. Better some pix than no pix.

4 comments on “Gibraltar National Day 2007 – fireworks

  1. Read the PDF? Don’t be daft.. no-one does that, now whee did I put th one for my PAS camera?Oh and I’m with the OH – hate fireworks (well I like th pretty colours but don’t like loud bangs)


  2. I’m a firewok lover big time!Always enjoy a good display & try to see Dreamingspires one around Nov 5th.Have never tried taking photo’s though, thought your last shot was fine. See my new camera has a firework setting, so will have to have a go this year!Blue


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