Gib changes

Well perhaps the most important change – if it happens – will be a change of government.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana has finally named the election date as Thursday, 8 December 2011.  So if you want to see a change – make sure you are in Gib on that day and make your vote count.

And if you are happy with the status quo, you know, lots of Gib people out of work, cross-border workers coming across the frontier willing to accept lower wages, an expensive new airport that won’t be accepting extra flights until the whole road/tunnel issue is sorted, etc etc etc – then hell, vote for the same party yet again.

This being election year, it is amazing, and I am sure totally co-incidental, how many  government projects suddenly seem to have got a rather rapid move on.

The beautification (so-called) of Europa Point.  The new children’s play areas and adult exercise parks that have sprung up all over the place.  The free bus services.  The development of the airport terminal. Government housing at Mid-Harbour.

The Coaling Island entrance to Mid-Harbour

We have a friend who was on the housing list for some nine years and was finally offered a flat there at just over £100 a month. Wow!  A new flat for £25 a week.  Unbelievable – especially when she was paying around £500 a month for not very good private rented accommodation.

I wandered down to take a closer look at the new development that is pretty well finished now – flower beds in place, the obligatory kiddies’ playground and adult exercise park, and the blocks have lots of bright shiny new names on them – although people started moving in months ago.

Children's playground, and behind, exercise park
Bright shiny smart new signs

It does look pretty impressive. It’s nicely done.  And, it’s right on the waterfront, so beautiful views across the Bahia de Algeciras.  Perhaps I should put my name on the list after all, although I am not really a new development sort of person.  I am more of an old scruffy (place) sort of person.

More smart looking blocks
Views across the bay - prime waterfront properties

There were no balconies that I could see, and the wind was blowing a gale – especially in the huge wind tunnels spaces between the tower blocks apartment buildings.  It reminded me of New Harbours.  I wondered what Mid-Harbour would look like in ten years time.  I decided not to go on the council house government housing list.

Windy and desolate - would you sit on those benches??
Rooke - isolated and trapped by government housing
Who would believe that water ran right up here a few years ago, and boats were moored there?

Oh and the number three bus route runs that way now too.  Because – some of the bus routes and timings have been altered as of the beginning of this month. All change.

All change on 8 December I wonder??

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