Having written about Señor Abusive and Señor Clueless I thought it would be good to redress the balance and write about PC Considerate.

There are a lot of road works at the moment in Main Street. Right now they have reached the bottom of our street. There is fencing between the roadworks and the narrow pavement.

Normally there is only just room for two people to pass closely and intimately on the pavement. Anyone who is in a rush, or who can’t be bothered to wait for the window-shoppers, tends to nip into the road.

The other day I wandered out of the block to go to the shops. I had timed it very badly. There was a QUEUE. There was a long queue to go through the barricaded crossing on my street.

I should have looked out of the window, but I was hardly expecting a queue.

Anyway I dutifully joined the end of the queue, this being Gibraltar, we do queue.

As I looked ahead to see what the delay was, I saw three people in wheelchairs. And ahead of them all was a police officer, making sure that everyone coming in the opposite direction stood aside, either in a shop doorway or next to the fencing so that the people in wheelchairs could move along the narrow pavement without impatient people barging into them or blocking their progress.

And when they had passed the roadworks, I saw one of the people in the wheelchairs shaking hands and thanking the police officer for his time.

So in these days of rush, rudeness and abusiveness it was nice to see such thoughtful behaviour.

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