Ho Ho Ho … or … What do you want for Christmas?

Hello Santa, fancy seeing you here. Ah, no chimney.
Hello Santa, fancy seeing you here. Ah, no chimney.
I gazed blankly at my neighbour (aged 60 plus) standing in my doorway dressed in a Santa outfit. In fact, he made quite a good Santa.

‘Er to be able to walk properly,’ which far and away transcended any desires for material goodies.

Disappointed with my answer, Santa glared and said, ‘Is he in?’

‘Yes, he’s in bed. Well, no he’s not, he’s lying down watching a film.’

Santa clearly wasn’t whistling Rudolph without seeing Partner, so I called him.

He dutifully requested two large blondes from Santa.

‘Why? Your missus isn’t blonde.’

‘She used to be.’ ‘I used to be.’ We spoke in unison.

‘But if not,’ he continued, ‘I’ll take Bev.’ (Santa’s wife, standing in the background, smiling at the idiocy.)

Were they just going out? No. They’d been out. He was dancing the conga from Casemates to the Piazza apparently. The things people do in Gib.

To continue with humour and what can Santa bring for Christmas, here is a great book which would make a fine present, as would the series. It actually made me laugh. Out loud. I started with a few snorts going through the book, but at the end I could not stop laughing. I re-read it again when Partner was out as he clearly thought I had lost the plot when I ended up resembling the laughing policeman.

Books rarely make me laugh. On that single achievement alone, it is a book with a difference. So, what book?

Cover of Few Are Chosen, with the very magic thimble
Cover of Few Are Chosen, with the very magic thimble

Few Are Chosen by MT McGuire

This is one of those books that defies pigeon-holing. Or, you can give it most of the labels under the sun. Part humour, satire, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, spec-fic, with gangsters and evil villains and a dash of romance thrown into the pot.

Some reviewers have compared MTM’s work to Pratchett, and while I’m not a Pratchett fan, I appreciate others are and it’s a lot to live up to.

It has imagination, quirkiness and great characters. That’s before we even get into the Snurds which look like flying Lotus Elans. Did I mention portal travel too? Unlike the Tardis you get to control where you are going. Unless the Tardis has jumped up a gear since the last time I saw Dr Who.

Maybe one of these for Christmas?
Maybe one of these for Christmas?

Quick quiz for car buffs. What two cars are the flying vehicles based on … ? (Clue, not Lotus Elans)

But, some insight into the book, no summary, as spoilers would, well, spoil it. Most of the story is set in K’Barth, which exists parallel to Earth. It has been occupied by Grongles with green faces, from the neighbouring Grongolia (of course).

K’Barthans are an easy-going lot who have a state religion called Nimmism. Unlike any current religion on earth, Nimmism consists of basically being nice to people and meeting up to enjoy a decent meal and chat. Sounds good eh? The Big Three could learn something from that.

The religious leader, the Architrave, is born into the role, but needs to be found. In this first book of the series, and subsequent ones, the Architrave hasn’t appeared. This is causing something of a problem as the evil Lord Vernon, a Grongle, is planning to install himself as Architrave and rule K’Barth (and Grongolia too, plus the rest of the universe). Lord Vernon is a fine baddie. Ruthless, intelligent, sadistic, and good-looking with it.

Truly evil villain
Truly evil villain

Our hero, is a non-hero. The Pan of Hamgee is a 21-year-old down and out, his family were taken away by the Grongolian Army and he’s ended up working for a gangster to survive. His one skill in life is escaping, which makes him not just a good getaway driver but the best in K’Barth.

He is a GBI, a Government Blacklisted Individual. He lives in fear of the Grongolian law and of his gangster boss, Big Merv. The Pan is totally adorable.

The reluctant hero
The reluctant hero

The Pan lodges above a pub, the Parrot and Screwdriver, run by a delightful pair of old dears, Gladys and Ada, who aren’t quite as innocent and dateless as they seem. Ada has a fine parrot, Humbert, who is a character in himself.

Here’s an excerpt from the early chapters. The Pan has just, accidentally, set his gangster boss’s flat on fire, and is wondering where to run to now. But before he makes that decision, he goes for a pint at the Parrot and Screwdriver:

    Gladys and Ada didn’t like betraying their country but they didn’t like getting people killed either, so they contented themselves with entertaining the dregs of society. You knew where you were with the dregs of society, and they didn’t go murdering each other in public and bleeding all over the Parrot’s nice clean floors at the drop of a hat. They kept their affairs private and they didn’t ask any awkward questions about Gladys and Ada’s business either.
    Ada served The Pan that evening.
    “What will it be, dear?”
    “I’ll have a beer, please.”
    “Anything else, dear?”
    While Ada pulled a pint, he consulted the contents of his wallet. Hmm, could he run to a packet of crisps? Yes, if he made the second pint a half.
    “I’ll have a packet of crisps as well.”
    “Would you like any particular flavour?”
    Ah, the joy of simple decisions.
    “Salt and vinegar.”
    Surrounded by the relative normality of the pub he began to feel better. It was easy to pretend the accident in Big Merv’s flat hadn’t happened and delude himself that there was safety in a crowd. Big Merv’s henchmen could hardly barge in and kidnap him in front of everyone. Gladys and Ada wouldn’t stand for that.
    There was a sudden light pressure on his shoulder.
    “Bum!” said a harsh, parroty voice in his ear.

Few Are Chosen is free as an ebook, and the rest of the books in the series are cheap. You can read this book and the rest of the series on two levels, either as a wonderful surreal escape into another world, or to look at the parallels with our own world and the things that societies and people get wrong, and occasionally get right.

The author rates it as PG, with some light swearing. Last but not least, it’s garnered a number of awards:

  • The Awesome Indies Seal of Approval
  • Awarded The IndiePENdents Seal – ‘Well written, well edited, unknown books’
  • Runner-up in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards

Artwork from A Troubled Halved, portraits by MTM.

Link to MTM’s book site and you can download whichever format/site you prefer, there is a wide choice. And if you want to read her blog, here it is: MT McGuire Authorholic.

Great photo of times gone by...
Great photo of times gone by…
And, Kevin Cooper is offering a pre-Christmas deal on two of his books, Miedo, and The Wizard, The Girl, and The Unicorn’s Horn. More info, with the coupon code on Kev’s Blog. A good offer, Miedo for adults and The Wizard fantasy for children, teens, and young at heart adults.

76 comments on “Ho Ho Ho … or … What do you want for Christmas?

  1. The two cars are a Mercedes Benz. SLK .., and a Jaguar MK II If I win can you get Santa to put both in my stocking? Cheers!


      • Not read Rankin. I’m wondering if you and I have ever read any authors in common apart from you. I’ve read Ian Rankin though.

        But reading about him, it doesn’t sound like. Hard to say without reading. MTM has been compared not just to Pratchett, but also Rowling (not an accolade in my book), and Hitchhiker’s Guide. Probably others that I’ve forgotten. Anyway, truth is, I didn’t think of any other author, just enjoyed the book.

        Not saying on the cars yet, I’ll be surprised if anyone will get it totally right. Made Partner do the quiz. He didn’t get it either 😀 I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t known the answer. Advantage of being the quiz mistress.


  2. I have no idea about the cars, and the G.O. has gone to work but hmmm, I may put the K’Barthan Trilogy… there are 4 which led to brief consternation on my part, but anyway… on my Santa book list. My biggest decision: what to read while I’m holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The front car’s an easy one, the second isn’t. Yes, four books for a trilogy, although I think increasingly referred to now by the author as a series. You can always down the first anyway for free, but even the others are cheap. I suppose it’s a question of style. If the style and the imagination appeal, then they are eminently enjoyable. I’m just reading book two in the series tonight, having written about book one, I thought I’d chill with the next one.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m going with a jazzed up Lotus Elite and an older Rolls Silver Shadow and, while, in theory I’d love to own either, the fact is that neither would fare well here in NL. The sporty car would get its bottom beaten off in the many ruts, potholes and cracks our pavement gets in the numerous freeze-thaw cycles we see in the winter and the big old car, well, it would be a shame to subject such a glorious beast to the massive quantities of road salt we use here every year.
    I have the snow tyres installed on the car and, tomorrow, will bring the van to the garage to get the ones put on it. THAT one will hurt as the tyre valves on that one have the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors built right in to the valve (a very stupid way to do it, mind you). The blooming valves are costly–around $120 each–and I need tww as, after 5 years of use, they have hairline cracks in them.
    So–you just know what I want for Christmas. Yup–I want Santa to being me tyre valves, and e weeks early too.
    I’ve been (mostly) good after all…


    • Now, that is not good enough. You haven’t been doing photo research have you? But you comments about the sporty car reminded me of when we were driving my Renault 19, 16valve, sporty little number around Scotland and went down a steep ramp that didn’t combine too well with the low slung body … It was a lease car, and luckily we got out without major damage.

      No snow tyres here, just chains for the Land Rover. Not that we need them as we don’t get snow on the coast and we don’t drive up to the Sierra Nevada where chains are obligatory on certain roads.

      I can just imagine you hanging up an early stocking and peeking in every day looking for two valves 😀❄️


  4. lol… love the santi-close story! ;) couple of blondes… why not? Can’t imagine you blonde, though. :D

    That’s a brilliant synopsis/overview of MTM’s book. Rather thorough. I really enjoyed it. I’m off to check it out on another platform so I can read the edited version. :D I love MT’s artwork.

    Wow! Thanks so much for the inclusion. I’m honoured and it’s greatly appreciated.

    Hey, where’s the rebloggywatsit?


    • Blonde: https://everypicturetellsone.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/not-rich-not-poor/

      We both agree that a review shouldn’t tell the story, rather, say what’s good/bad about a book. The trouble with Few though, is that part of what makes it so good is the setting, characters etc, and you have to talk about some of those to say why it is so good. We loves Lord Vernon, Precious Kevitses, we does. Not quite as much as darling Sméagol but he is such a delicious baddie. He’s almost a caricature, but it works.

      MT has her books widely available which is great. My preference is usually iBooks, (surprise) but I like Smashwords too. Not fond of B&N/nook, they need to be more user friendly. She’s got kobo and others too from memory.

      I like artwork, and her drawings are brill. I really like being able to add graphics to a review. Sounds silly as a book is about reading, but a review needs to capture something, so for people who don’t think visually (I do) I think it helps.

      You’re welcome. And as ever, your wish etc Precious. I’ll leave it on for a day or so, that should give you enough time.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I shall indeed, reblog… Wiz is now available on I-books and Kobo. I just did a post to let folks know

        I really, really love those photos. ;)

        gracious chica!


          • I don’t think she does. For myself, I’m not a huge fan and try to limit them… I have a couple of fans that reblog or pingback pretty much everything I do. It’s nice, but not something I would do myself. I am slowly drifting away from it and leaning more towards tweeting and face-f……Oops… booking lol… almost! Freudian slip, maybe? lol :D


          • I don’t think blogs full of reblogs are helpful, plus one of my gurus tells me it is detrimental to SEO rankings although I don’t lose sleep about that. I don’t mind turning it on by request. Otherwise …

            I haven’t got the appetite for tweeting or facing. And I’m not commenting on Freud after Victoria NeuroNotes correctly anticipated my comment about a Freudian remark so Freud is now banned from my comments repertoire.

            Liked by 2 people

          • I have had as many as six people reblog a post and I think it does raise the rating somewhat. But, that’s an overall thing. It really depends on the following of those who reblog. There are some that have hardly any following… this is not surprising when everything they post is a reblog. But for those, like myself, who don’t do it too frequently and have a decent following… that’s where it holds weight… I think.

            You had me laughing with that one. Who banns Freud? Damn! :D

            Liked by 1 person

          • I do 😀

            But I only ban myself from making obvious retorts. So it’s a qualified ban.

            I do read *some* reblogs, so I agree they can be helpful. Interaction is patchy though both on the originator and on the reblogger’s site, but if it helps anyone with exposure I’m happy to open it up on request from nagging Gollumses 😀

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  5. You have to get into Doctor Who, now with new targetable tardis. He knows where he is going, and usually when, too. He often does not seem to know what he will find there. Even though he is so powerful- Doctor points screwdriver, threat disappears- they manage to tell amusing and surprising stories.


    • Thanks Clare, I did wonder if it had changed somewhat in the last 40+ years since the black and white days. Partner actually watched some of the recent ones and thought they were good but before I could catch up BBC iplayer pegged that my ip was Gib and pulled the link. Nasty :( It’s a classic programme though, it’s good to see it still going and changing. I interviewed one of them once, Colin something, pretty chap with blond curly hair.


  6. They had a Santa run in London this past weekend, but I didn’t know about it. Around 4 p.m. I was sitting in a pub when all of a sudden twenty something santas walked in. At first I thought it was time to leave the pub. Then I figured out what was going on and had another drink.


    • Sounds like the same sort of thing. I looked this one up. It was a Rotary charity event. I suppose 20 or 30 people dressing up as Santas to run or dance around would be unacceptable without an excuse like charity. Shame in a way, that people need a reason to do something daft.


  7. The first car looks like a Mercedes sports, possibly a Gullwing. The second looks like the old S-Type Jaguar. I love the book cover, and the story sounds most entertaining. What on earth would your Partner want with two large blondes? :lol:


    • You in the states aren’t too hot on Brit cars :D you got the didn’t make it into production right, but not for the right car, if that makes sense. No-one else came up with the prototype concept so that was an interesting one. Answers up on next post.


  8. You’ve come over all colourful, Kate! I rather like it :) I wondered what the new Museum theme looked like. And I thought to be able to walk properly was a perfectly reasonable request. Hope Santa is kind to you!


    • Actually I’m not using it to its full image potential. Must bone up on that. Really I am just on the quest for a perfect theme and haven’t found one yet.

      Yes, I think so too. But still, a limp is an improvement on a few months back. I think I’m off his list, but I hope he visits you.


  9. Thanks for sharing. Your review is pretty snazzy, if I may say so.

    I’m also glad that you recognized MT’s books. She is a fine, fine writer, with a delightfully skewed sense of humour, and the Pan of Hamgee is one of the most likable, trouble-prone characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in Bookdom.
    I’m convinced that it’s just a matter of time before MT’s books are discovered and move into the big time.


    • Thank you. Snazzy courtesy of MT’s graphics.

      I agree. She is a terrific writer with a great imagination and wonderful laid-back SOH.

      If I was a fantasy/spec-fic lit agent, I’d snap her up. What’s not to like? Too quirky? It’s not a compliment because I’m not a Potter fan, but I think her books knock spots of JKs.

      She really does deserve wide recognition for her writing. I’ve only read the K’B series so I should check out the rest of her work. It’s just so easy to get addicted to The Pan, and I confess, Lord Vernon too.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. (Like the look here – the header suggests such nice sounds.)
    Thoughts of gull wing flew by, but husband will have to puzzle the rest.
    Apparently Molly wants to notify the squirrel on the bird feeder he is not the allowed squirrel….she knows her friends. There’s particular friendly squirrel that runs up about eye lever on tree trunks and eyeball to eye ball, they chirp and chat. Only this squirrel. She caught a mouse in flight from feeder to fence Sat. Firmly sent a message and no ER visit will help that one ( at least she kept it from making it to the palm and fronds hanging over the house so it didn’t run into the attic and die somewhere.) She a discerning hunter. Pippa would be proud.
    The book sounds great – Making time to read, so will go look for it. I appreciate the chance to read the first book in a series free – if it’s good, I usually end up with the series. That may be a bit lazy on my part as i don’t have waste time getting introduced to new characters/setting – and if done well, you do want to know what happens to them. You do write reviews that are objective but intrigue/tease enough to make people want to read them. (parrot as a character!) That’s a real skill
    The big jingle bell charity run was last weekend. Nice weather here means we have lots of races. The big party atmosphere motivates many to get out? We head the other way to local trails which are pretty empty right now.
    Hope the Good Fairy and Santa are listening and grant your Christmas wish.
    You’re in good company: all 3 of Houston’s football team have broken legs/badly injured knees – (2 different games). It’s the ho-ho-hobble season.(Not to be confused with the Hobbit seasonal movie releases)
    Paw waves and promise more focused comments next time!


    • Thanks. Maybe I should add a sea sound audio image?
      Just reminded me I’ve not posted the answers. Oh, well, come the new year. But yes, those gull wings did fly by.
      I think Snowy would like to learn. Just, fortunately a shortage of rats in Gibflat. Maybe let him loose in the corral. Mouse catching is well cool. So tiny. My boys like cats and rats.
      It’s a good book. I don’t recommend lightly. It’s not what I would have looked at, but once I read it I was hooked. I read the series, they’re pretty cheap too. I think first book free is a difficult one. Many authors put a lot of work into first book and to offer it free is tough, but if it leads to sales, guess it’s a must-do. Still a shame. Anyway. Nothing to lose.
      Downloaded one today for a review for another site. Both first and second books free. Be interested to see how it pans out, Christmas reading is good.
      Thanks again. There are too many rubbish reviews kicking around, that say nothing. If a story is good say why. If it’s bad say why. Not too difficult. This is good because it has great characters, imagination, humour, and even a plot, and such a good bad villain. Say no more.
      Avoid party party here. Searching for peace and tranquility. May need to help Santas wish with some exercising in Spain.
      Good to know. Just they probably got paid and were younger than me. Still, I’ll bask in reflected Ho-Ho-Houston glory.
      Zzzzzzs from my sleepy boys.


      • Oh if we could all get paid for injuries – we’d be rich. if that coffee table jumps out in front of me one more time…do hope you gain strength – it’s hard limping around after being so active all your life.
        We are pretty much out of the frantic rush here between the lake, the “old” part of the small town and away from the big roads and malls. Other than the house decoration battles, it’s calm. (Just ignore the newest inflatable: a reindeer with a hunter’s vest holding a rifle in a deer stand…or the 3 brand new garden hoes (with big red velevet bows under their “chins”) planted vertical in a group (It’s supposed to be a clever “Ho-Ho-Ho”…but wonder if some malcontent looking to be offended will insist it’s a “coded” racial message…jeesh people, lighten up.)
        Spain sounds good. There’s talk here of moving back into town to be closer to people and stuff like museums and places we like to go except the traffic to get there is just too difficult. BUt everytime we drive in, the noise, the traffic, and all the crowds are such a bother…and if I can’t get out and walk and see the sky, I’d be sad.
        But there’s this new venture I’d be interested in: a “studio” type building with all the expensive presses and equipment you could wish for to make engravings and prints. You buy time there to use the equipment. I did love making zinc plate engravings. I have my silk screens, but no room to use them here, so it’s pretty much impossible to print/sell my greeting cards. Realistically reestablishing myself in the market might be difficult at this point. Hallmark and the big companies did a pretty good job running small companies out of business.
        Free books are great for readers – not so much for authors. You should get paid for your efforts. Sadly with even the big authors giving away books, it makes it easier for publishers/marketing to say “you must prime the pump”. I would think the author’s vision (and amount of effort put into the book) would be important. If there’s a big series planned, it might be smart to get people hooked. Or if the author just pops out books like toast, getting people used to your style – maybe then. But for major writing “blood sweat and tears” efforts, how discouraging to be told, you must give it away free. Can’t imagine Harry Potter’s first being free.
        Oh, you’ve probably got stuff to do …Molly’s got to go run wild in the field with friends fora bit – cooler today with rain showing up end of tomorrow. She needs to run while she can – keeps her happy…and then she won’t ask me to run with her later….she’d really like a person who could keep up with her, but otherwise, she’s pretty content. Paw waves and hasta later


        • There are advantages to not being able to go outside and that is avoiding christmasification. I quite like the hoe hoe hoe, nice and corny. I like corny funny.
          I think establishing yourself as anything right now is difficult when folk are short of money and wanting the cheapest possible everything. Forget quality. Pile it high and sell it cheap seems to have won out. Unless you are a rich person in which case the cost of your handbag could feed a family for a year.
          I think most people with a series are now offering the first one free. Of course some are short. I read one yesterday at 80 pages. It’s hardly a book. Few Are Chosen is a full-length book which is the difference. Some authors offer free short stories so you can decide if they lke your style, as you say. Authors can’t win. And trad publishers are bringing down ebook prices now too making it even more competitive for new self-published authors.
          Always things to do, if it’s only cooking, washing-up and placating the Little Dog. I got those in the wrong order of priority. He’ll get Christmas at the gate with Big Dog so they will both be happy. Little Dog can bark all day long without annoying everyone in the block in Gib.
          Paw waves from us and hasta el año nuevo.

          Liked by 1 person

          • The hoes are fun. Another house had a pile of pine needles with a almost bare pine branch sticking out the middle with one shiny red ornament on it – just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas show…but they chickened out and removed it – put up rows of lights along the porch instead. The other was more fun. It amazing how nay authors survive considering how many books show up new each day.
            Find a nice spot and enjoy the holidays – no matter what the reason, it is nice to see more people smile right now…probably the fortification by eggnog or Christmas ale ( the local one better than their Halloween one….farmed that off on others after a sample) Paws waving through the fog!


          • You seem to go big on outdoor decorations in America. In the UK it is/ was the tree in the sitting room window so that everyone could compete for best dec tree :D

            The book thing is a nuisance. Lots of tat, but some real gems in there, and this is one. But how to sort wheat/chaff?

            Spain was our nice spot. And no fog at all.

            Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello everybody,

    I meant to blow in and say hello and thank you for a fabulous review but then I got flu and crawled under a rock for a week.

    So delighted to see Lord Vernon getting some love. Mwah hahaaargh. I am also really, really pleased and heartened by what you lovely people are saying about the characters and the books. I thank you, wholeheartedly.

    On the giving away for free front… I hummed and haaad about doing that for a long time. But when I finished Few I spent a year ‘building up a following’ giving away free short stories. I had about 7,000 downloads but I should think I can count the people who downloaded Few on the back of those with the fingers of one hand.

    However, after a year of sales at about 12 books a month in early 2012 Amazon did something to the algorithms and I went several months without selling a book at all. I had crept up to two or three books a month by the beginning of this year. I set up Few as perma free good and early, before the launch of the next book, thinking it would take a while. It took about two days and suddenly after a week, the second book started selling. I hadn’t achieved double figures of book sales in a month since 2011 and suddenly, there they were.

    If I could only persuade Bookbub to take my book I might up the anti. It’s all about visibility so when your book sells well for a long period it starts to appear higher up the lists where the normals who neither know nor care how the book is published may see it. However, it’s hard to convince Bookbub when they don’t have a humour section.

    Thank you for your support, those who’ve read my stuff and came here from my woofs or tweets. Thank you those of you who downloaded one. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing.

    Shall I unveil the truth about the cars? Kate…?




    • Hi flu-ridden MT

      Well, you know my views about the irresistible LV. But The Pan is equally gorgeous. And less scary. And who can resist Humbert?

      Thanks for the honest comments about the book sales. I think that’s really interesting. As Phil says, pain that you put so much into a book and give it away, but if you get more sales overall …

      BookBub has some serious rubbish on there. But one of my blogpals had her book listed last week, category was probably romance at a guess, can’t remember. Bookbub is American though. Humour, and especially British humour/satire is so not going to be best-selling. And yet why not? You’ve got great reviews for Few, it’s a real pain you can’t get wider coverage.

      Do you a deal in the new year. You can write a couple of pars about the cars and your inspiration for them, and I’ll do you a ‘how not to write a press release post’ or something on those lines. Yes?

      Because, we’re all winding down now … Christmas shutdown beckons.

      Thanks for the visit :)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lovely song, really enjoyed it. OK yes I sang too because the score was there :) on that basis alone I dcided to follow Shoreacres. Translation seemed good enough to me, don’t really do the translation thing as I forget words in both languages these days and just use whatever comes first. Cabalgata tonight for three kings so more festivities in the callé.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sigh. I know companies detest all the non-working holidays as non-productive in the world markets, but there’s something very nice about the world stopping to celebrate.
        All lights down, trees out. Valentines in stores ( and sales. sales. sale) here. Life loses luster when economies only adore buy, buy, buy.
        Glad you liked the song. Linda always posts unusual topics – she’s sailed on tall ships, does teak for a living now…was a missionary at one time – a long journey ago. She does manage to write the lay of the land well.


        • Cabalgata had mixed receptions here. I took poor photos out of the window so ditched them, Pippa stayed asleep, snowy did not like the music or the lights so barked at the window to tell them to hurry up and clear off. Cards down today. Festivo in Spain but a normal day in Gib so he shopped and worked this morning, I cleaned and this afternoon I’ll work. Just another week now …

          We tend to do things rather than buy things. Means so much more, and, costs less.

          Look forward to reading more from her. Thanks for the intro.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Three Kinds Day here means bakeries making king cakes with a crown in them….Mardi Gras style. (but did the tv personality really have to say “King Cakes are today’s hot tamales” Seriously? Such a rush to include view diversity or totally clueless clod?
            All pups ready to nap for a bit.


          • Not sure they have anything in Spain, not in my part of Spain anyway, the parade is quite small but at least they have real horses. The Kings in Gib come round on floats, it’s a very mechanised procession compared with the simple village one in Spain.

            Don’t you love TV personalities?

            Liked by 1 person

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